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Finally broke through a roadblock on my AMD 955

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I dont know, thats your call. My 4.0 Ghz settings just did the same thing, ran for 3.5 hrs and then crashed while I was asleep. Personally, I am comfortable with this as a stable overclock. The vDroop over the night must have been far to low for the core to be stable under constant hammering from prime. It has to give the right answer an aweful many times without being wrong once.

On another note: I cant get my computer to read ANY NB settings higher then 10xNBmulti by 250 ref. clock = 2500. The HT can go to 2750 sometimes, but even with the NB set to 2750, in AOD it will read 2500. Something is wrong, and I feel like I could get higher with more NB speed.

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Originally Posted by DrJack55 View Post
Crashed after about an hour of Prime 95. Should I increase my CPU NB to 1.2? I can tell I'm close, problem is I don't want to go too much higher in temp than the 56c it would hit every now and again.
1.20v is fine for the cpuNB VID on an X4. Safe range according to AMD is 1.175-1.250v for that chip. It will, however, increase the core temp, hopefully you'll still be stable there ...
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