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ThermalTake Big Typhoon VX and socket 1155

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ThermalTake Big Typhoon VX and socket 1155

Good Day OCf,
I have a quick question regarding this heatsink vs the stock intel? Would a socket 1156 bracket work with a 1155 board?Would this cpu be more beneficial vs the stock intel. Im not sure the gram weight of the intel, but this hs is 822g which in my 45nm quad days was more than sufficient...This used to be the king of the air cooled market years would it fair today? Thanks all for ur responses and thoughts ...Cheers!


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That'd beat the intel sink by a LOT, and 1155 uses the same heatsinks as 1156, so if it supports 1156 it supports 1155.

The Big Typhoon coolers are very good, they don't beat the modern top end stuff, but they were built for 130w P4 cpus and so do a good job on 130w i7s and such.
I like mine a lot.

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The Big Typhoon can't match the current crop of high-end air coolers, but it is still a good cooler and will be several factors better than the Intel HSF.

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Cooling Discussion of fans, heatsinks, thermal pastes and putting it all together to keep your rig cool
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