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Alienware 04VWF2 X58

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Alienware 04VWF2 X58


right now I have my Core i7 920 overclocked to 3.33ghz, at 166.66 x 20. There is an overclocking section built in that allows for the adjustment of certain voltages, RAM overclocking, and changing the BUS Speed. However there is no way to change the voltage on the CPU from the standard in BIOS. I was wondering if there is anyway around this. Or if I am wasting my time.

Thank you,

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Power Supply: Corsair 850W
Monitor: Hannspree 28" & Samsung 23"

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Well, thats wierd because you seem to be able to adjust QPI and IOH voltages but only display the CPU Voltage.

Obviously its auto-volting so you can try going higher and see what it does. Id bump the QPI to 1.22-1.26v, leave the IOH, and bump the bclock and see what she does. Be careful and monitor the vcore in CPUz while you stress test. It might scale OK with auto voltage you never know.

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