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So my nephews are obsessed with this damn game. Everything is overpriced and it doesnt seem that cool but whatever. I was wondering if:

1)I can use the Wii base/attachment/stand for the PS3.

2)If not, can I just buy the PS3 game and stand separate? That way I wont have to pay for the three extra characters they already have.

I don't expect this to get a lot of replies, or any at all, but i figured i'd try anyway lol. Thanks!
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The PS3 and Wii are rather different in Size. Depends on your PS3 (which model? slim? or original?) but either way I doubt a wii stand will sit a PS3.. In fact I know it won't.

Yeah you should be able buy the stand/game separately.. I don't see why not?

I'm not actually sure what it is you're asking in number 2?

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i havent seen the game and the stand sold seperately anywhere.
and while the characters are independant of platform, i do not think that the stands are, i could be mistaken, but i do not know.

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