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Motherboard keeps blowing every few months :(

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Motherboard keeps blowing every few months :(


My dad has 2 PCs both having this weird issue .. - the motherboard keeps blowing - either a capacitor blows or some chip burns etc .. He gets it fixed from a local store but 3 months and its again blown .. happened atleast 3-4 times now.

I dont think its an issue with the motherboard really .. one of the 2 PCs is one that i used for 2 yrs at my home without a single issue ..

My guess is the air at his house .. he stays close to the sea .. about a mile inland and I think its the humid air thats the culprit .. he doesnt have an AC in the computer room .. besides the motherboard the Power supply blows too sometimes .. not as frequent though. From your experiences do you think my guess is right ? Could there be other reasons .. and if this is the cause then do you good folks have some ideas to fix/workaround this annoying problem?

Many Thanks,
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My only suggestion, if it even is a humidity issue, is a Dehumidifier in that room.


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+1 EarthDog. Also I would suggest him checking to see if he has dirty power at his home, how old is the house?

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get a UPS power supply to keep the power going in your pc clean

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He should probably look into a UPS, sound like a power issue.

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get a UPS system, even if it's just for the comp and not the monitors, that should help about 90%. I dont think it's really the humidity, i used to live in Ocean City NJ, about 2 miles from the beach and never had an issue with any computers or what not. It's probably dirty power due to the wiring degrading from the salt air, not humidity.

Putting a UPS would be best bet. a Dehumidifier probably dont do much good, it's the Salt in the air that causes issues.

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