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What video card for a 1440p display? Am I CPU bound?

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What video card for a 1440p display? Am I CPU bound?

I am going to be upgrading to a new 27" 1440p display here and I am going to upgrade my card to help mitigate the extra power I will need. I have been reading here that more Vram is better for the higher resolutions so I was looking at the 7970. My only concern is whether I have enough CPU power to make that card worth while. Current setup below in my signature is accurate except for my CPU is running at 4.4 at 1.35v (my chip was a total dud =( ).

TL;DR I don't want to buy a card my current CPU can't fully utilize and I need your expert help.

Thanks much.

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You have a greate cpu, and a great overclock you should not have anypromblems with your cpu bottlenecking . From what ive read and heard from friends is bottlenecking usually occurs when mixing dated cpus with new video cards, like a core 2 with a titain
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Yep, your CPU will be just fine and a 7970 will skate through that resolution

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