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New System - 1.6A (getting one tomorrow - Maybe) P4t533-c

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New System - 1.6A (getting one tomorrow - Maybe) P4t533-c

I am planning on getting some stuff tomorrow at the local PC show. I am getting the 1.6a with the idea of OCing it to over 2.2ghz (thats the goal). I have a AMD XP1900 (OC'ed to 2100) & I really miss having an intel setup.

This is what I am thinking of getting:

Asus P4T533-C Motherboard
P4 1.6A Processor
Processor fan (I am not sure what to get)
MAXTOR Quiet Drive 60GB 7200RPM

& a few other do dads. Any ideas on if this looks good enough to OC it?

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Looks pretty good, although I'm partial to my Abit TH7-II. With good cooling, you should be able to OC that puppy up to at least 2.4 gig. As for CPU coolers, the Alpha PAL8942 and the Swiftech MCX 478 are hard to beat.

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Looks pretty good to me, also look at the AK-478 heatsink as well. The ones batboy mentioned are also great options. The alpha does require a higher cfm fan to effiecntly opperate. IF you are going for quite look at the AK-478, if it performance then look at the alpaha and the swifty and some 800 80cfm delta fans.

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You should be okay to reach your goal and most likely surpass it with the right cooling. My Alpha PAL8942 keeps me running a cool 36c idle, 41c under full load. Also, buy good ram. I am running corsair ddr not rambus but I hear that samsung is making some very overclockable rdram. Good luck!
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