Futuremark Release 3DMark 11

Today, Futuremark released 3DMark 11, the latest in their long-running series of benchmarking software. 3DMark, as the name suggests, tends to be aimed towards benchmarking gaming PCs and provides users with a score that can be used to compare the relative performance of different systems for gaming. Futuremark has kindly provided us with press copy of 3DMark 11 Professional for a few days, so we can go through some of the features of the new software and reveal some of the first 3DMark11 scores. Unlike some previous versions, the 11 in 3DMark11 stands for ‘DirectX 11′ rather than ’2011′.

Features and Specifications

As stated, this is a DirectX11 benchmark, which means it will probably thrash even current bleeding edge hardware; in the sample tests below, frame rates were pretty low. As with previous versions, there will be be a free Basic Edition (no expiry date or run limits) and an Advanced Edition ($19.95 RRP, with some extra toys), as well as a Professional version (licensed for commercial use, coming in at a whopping $995). As well as a battery of tests and online results submission, 3DMark11 also features a demo mode (based on the ‘Deep Sea’ and ‘High Temple’ tests) with a soundtrack. While the Basic Edition only allows use of the ‘Performance’ preset (1280 x 720 resolution; scores are designated Pnnnn) the Advanced and Professional versions allow use of the Entry (1024 x 600 resolution; Ennnn) and Extreme (1920 x 1080 resolution; Xnnnn) presets, as well as custom settings.

The only really massive difference, to overclockers, in the Professional Edition is the Image Quality: this allows high quality renders of any given point in any test. Futuremark has kindly provided us with a Professional license, which should allow us to pick out image quality differences between cards, operating systems and drivers in the future.

The Tests

There are six tests: four test the graphics capability of the machine, one is a physics test designed to put the CPU through its paces and one tests the CPU and GPU for physics-related capability. Realistic physics is one of the major benefits of modern games, but do require some extra processing power to deal with properly.

The graphics tests all use a lot of post-processing to add various camera lens effects, such as altering the depth of field.

  1. Test 1 is heavy on light sources, shadows and volumetric lighting.
  2. Test 2 has some lights, and tessellation of many parts of the scene.
  3. Test 3 employs tessellation and some volumetric lighting and shadows.
  4. Test 4 also features tessellation and volumetric lighting but casts a large number of shadows.

The following YouTube videos are courtesy of Futuremark.

The two physics tests will stress different parts of the PC.

  1. The Physics Test deals with rigid-body physics on a large number of objects, at a fixed resolution. Eye-candy is kept to a minimum here.
  2. The Combined Test also tests the CPU with rigid-body physics calculations, but puts the GPU to use on volumetric lighting, tessellation, post-processing and soft-body physics-simulation.

As you can see, all of these tests will be particularly heavy on the GPU; only one test is really designed to assess your CPU. However, this is appropriate given the incredible capabilities of modern graphics chips. Although the minimum specifications suggest you need a 1.8 GHz dual-core CPU and 1 GB RAM you’re definitely going to need more horsepower, as our sample results below illustrate.

How Will Your Rig Perform?

Thanks to my colleague Jeremy (who has more computer hardware than your local store) we have some sample scores, on both Intel and AMD platforms.

Note: 3DMark11 apparently works best when run as ‘Administrator’, although the stability issues will probably be worked out in the first patch.

Pre-DirectX 11 Cards

These don’t work. The program will refuse point blank to start: below is what I was greeted with when trying to start 3DMark11 on my Lenovo ThinkPad W510 (nVidia Quadro FX880M).

No DirectX11 card? No 3DMark11 for you

No DirectX11 card? No 3DMark11 for you

AMD Hex-Core Build

  • CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 ‘Thuban’ 1100T  (overclocked)
  • Motherboard: Asus Crosshair IV Formula
  • RAM: 4 GB of G.Skill Flare DDR3-2000
  • GPU: Asus Matrix 5870 Platinum
CPU @ 4.0 GHz CPU @ 4.26 GHz
GPU @ 900 MHz / 1200 MHz P4433 P4444
GPU @ 975 MHz / 1225 MHz P4713 P4731

CPU at 4 GHz, GPU at stock

CPU at 4 GHz, GPU at stock

CPU at 4.26 GHz, GPU at stock

CPU at 4.26 GHz, GPU at stock

CPU at 4 GHz, 5870 overclocked

CPU at 4 GHz, GPU overclocked

CPU at 4.26 GHz, GPU overclocked

CPU at 4.26 GHz, GPU overclocked

Intel Quad-Core Build

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-870 (overclocked)
  • Motherboard: EVGA P55 FTW
  • RAM: 4GB of G.Skill DDR3-2400
  • GPU: AMD HD6870
CPU@ 4.0 GHz CPU @ 4.4 GHz
GPU @ 900 MHz/1050 MHz P4369 P4391
GPU @ 1025 MHz / 1175 MHz P4884 P4908

CPU at 4 GHz, GPU at stock

CPU at 4.4 GHz, GPU at stock

CPU at 4.4 GHz, GPU at stock

CPU at 4 GHz, GPU overclocked

CPU at 4 GHz, GPU overclocked

CPU at 4.4 GHz, GPU overclocked

CPU at 4.4 GHz, GPU overclocked


These sorts of benchmarks are intended to be valid for some time to come, so it’s no surprise that these two very up-to-date machines struggle with this initial version of 3DMark11. It will probably be one or two generations of cards (GT780 anyone?) before this benchmark becomes even close to trivial for hardware. The GPU influence on these scores is massive: a mere 25 MHz on the core and RAM (for a 5870) nets you ca. 300 3DMarks, and 125 MHz on the core and RAM on a 6870 scores an extra 500+ 3DMarks. In stark contrast, 5 to 10% extra CPU speed gets you only 10 – 30 extra 3DMarks. These are just preliminary runs, but I’m sure there will be a lot more trends emerging in the near future.

According to the published formulae, in order to hit 10,000 ‘P’ 3DMarks, you’ll need 40 FPS across the board, or 45 FPS in all graphics tests plus 35 FPS in the physics tests.

Clearly, our benching team will have to get their GTX580s and the like under some liquid nitrogen to see some boost in 3DMarks!

If you’ve downloaded and run 3DMark11 (and we hope you do), please post your score below (‘Leave a Comment’) along with your hardware specification.

- David

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EarthDog's Avatar
Sweet!!! Its here!

David's Avatar
Screenshots will be... delayed unfortunately.

Hokie had the hardware for the tests but didn't have time to write the article, so I wrote it. However, I didn't realise the FX880M isn't DirectX11....

If anyone wants to run it and grab some screenshots, send me them as png or jpeg ideally, and 800 pixels on the longest edge, to david [at] overclockers doot com I'll add them to the article and credit you appropriately.
David's Avatar
Updated with some YouTube videos that Futuremark have released.
Khemikal's Avatar
I so called this release date in this thread. Knew they would try to compete with the WoW:Cataclysm release.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
There are results screenshots in the article. You mean screenshots of the runs?
EarthDog's Avatar
Yes, screenshots of the benches. I know there are leaked ones from the preview, but, thats a nice thing to have for those that may not have seen it.

Thats like saying a new dragster is competing with Honda's minivan.

People playing games are not worried about the release of a benchmark. Just as most benchers could care less about the new release of WoW. Sure there is some crossover, but I just cant think of a way these would compete being such different applications.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
What's WoW?

I'll try & take a screenshot or two at lunch. Looking for anything specific?
EarthDog's Avatar
Just some in bench SS's are all anyone would be looking for I would imagine... something showing off the DX11 features where its used heavily? Iunno.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Ok, will see what I can do.

For anyone who saw this post and had no idea what we were talking about, the front page article is now visible to the public. I blame David.
splat's Avatar
david was snorting noxious fumes in the lab again this morning...messed everything up.
jevery's Avatar
I'm having trouble with my install (Advanced). It's only using one of my cards and I'm getting framerates of only 5-6 FPS. Tryed Vantage to see if it is running on both cards normally and it's now full of artifacts. Crysis Warhead is still running as always 50-55 FPS and loading both cards normally. What's up

Edit, Word at Futuremark's forum is that nobody's able to get SLI to work.
Mr Alpha's Avatar
Got P4523 on my Core 2 Quad@2740 and 5970@850/1100. But what I really wanna know is when do we get games that look like that?
EarthDog's Avatar
I have to go DL that on my lunch now... And I wasnt ready to pay $20 for it yet.... But im dieing to try it!
David's Avatar
Sorry guys, I'm having a 'fail at life' day. Really.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Ask, and ye shall receive. Here are screenshots of all six tests, in the order they come when benching.

Graphics Test 1

Graphics Test 2

Graphics Test 3

Graphics Test 4

Physics Test (CPU only)

Combined Test (Physics on CPU, with the rest on the GPU)

Now, these can be made a lot prettier. This is the way they appear with the Performance preset; went with that since it's how most people will see it.
EarthDog's Avatar
That is still sheshy! Thanks Hokie!
MattNo5ss's Avatar
It looks good even on performance. I'll have to just settle with watching videos of the bench I guess...
jevery's Avatar
Thanks, but my security software is blocking that link (Malicious website blocked). Apparently a few have got SLI to work with Quadro drivers (?), but they won't install on my system (Hardware not supported message)
cold.nut's Avatar
yay it's here
Tokae's Avatar
Is there an official thread for scores for this? Id like to see how everyone is making out with '11
EarthDog's Avatar
I can kick one off if you'd like. Though I still have to update the 05 and 06 threads I started...
Tokae's Avatar
Hah! I think it would be neat to see how peoples systems fare for the grand release.. Just had a friend with a stock clocked 920 and an ati 5970 get a P6713... I will have to wait until I get home ;(
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Just post a few in here. Screenshots or verification links, take your pick. I'll *TRY* to update the OP with user-submitted results.
Tokae's Avatar
This test is death to current hardware! Nice!

Weird also that 10.10 drivers are not supported? I may revert back to 10.9.
EarthDog's Avatar


Stock CPU (3.3GHz) no HT, GPU @ 775/1550/1800.

EDIT: Scaling for CPU and HT sucks. I raised my clocks to 4Ghz, added HT, bumped GPU up 25 on core, and scored only 280 more points. Bumped GPU up again (825) and scores another 200 or so. Sitting at 5528 now with this 470.


Bleh 5636 @ 850/1700/1800. Thats all shes got on air captain! Hurry up benching station so this little heater can get under water!
Woomack's Avatar

What can I say ( at least about basic version ) is that test is ugly, short and I was expecting something better ...
Using physx won't change score ( I got 1 mark difference after turning off physx on my card ), all based on direct compute so better for rankings. Still it's better to use physx, why ? ... because it's not using cpu so much in last tests and at least I had to lower cpu clock a bit so it wouldn't crash ( seems like it's not using multi cores in most tests except physics but I didn't have time check all ).
EarthDog's Avatar
Potential warning after installing this and running SLI...


Tokae's Avatar
I cant believe the difference in the results between a 470 and a 5870. Its like over 500 marks! I guess its time to start shopping around for a new card!
EarthDog's Avatar
Dont go by sythetic performance, go by game performance.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Unless you are a benchmarker.

OP updated with results. Preliminarily, seems the generational difference from C2Q to i7 (and Thuban) -and thus either double the threads or 50% more cores- does make a difference, even if higher clocks don't help all that much.

EDIT - To make things easier for whichever mod edits the OP, only the top score will be listed. Thanks!
EarthDog's Avatar
Word...but I was answersing Tokae more than being a generic statement.

To the contrary...sort of.

The jump I made from 3.3Ghz no HT to 4Ghz w/HT (and a 25 core clock speed increase on the 470), net me about 280 points. When I jumped another 25 core and left it as is, I jumped 150 points. So 700Mhz of clock speed and HT was good for 100 points.

EDIT: Now I realize that is wholly unscientific and probably not right, but one would think such a drastic difference would net a bit more than 2%...

EDIT2: See post 28 for actual details. Apparently Im tired as all get out and butchering my numbers.
Tokae's Avatar
I definitely do! But I still cannot help it that I like to run these tests and see how my hardware fares. When are the 6990's due out? :O
m0r7if3r's Avatar
Limited availabilty before christmas, full launch early 2011
Tokae's Avatar

That had to be the fastest reply I have ever witnessed! Nice!
m0r7if3r's Avatar
Hah, you musta posted at just the right time
OhEmGeeZ's Avatar
My highest Score so far:

Q9300 @ 3.33 ghz
Evga 460 @ 900/1800/2200
jevery's Avatar
Yea, that's my highest score with an i7-950 and two of your cards
Plus, now Vantage is corrupted.
TomPC3's Avatar
3Dmark11 needs a little massaging,

1. Does not recognize SLI with 260.99 drivers.
2. Does not recognize independent PhysX card.
3. Fubars Vantage......

Score for now....

vixro's Avatar
Let me OC my cpu a bit more and my card a bit more so the 5870 doesn't look like a slouch (because it isn't a slouch).
EarthDog's Avatar
What a polished terd that 580 is!!!

ANyhoo on the SLI issue...



Really, dont worry about overclocking the CPU...
KonaKona's Avatar
GJ, futuremark!

When heaven is added to the list of scoring benches at the bot, I'll have to make some submissions.
EarthDog's Avatar
Until then, drink milk.

EDIT: Grrrrrrr Woomack... killing me on that 470 man!!! THat 920 core is huge. Vmodded (bios and OCP)? water?
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Why is Brolloks' score on par with OhEmGeeZ's score? Brolloks has a 4.5GHz Hex with a GTX580, even if CPU doesn't matter, that OCed GTX460 can't be on par with a GTX580...
EarthDog's Avatar
Thats the 1M question bro......
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Something is definitely messed up there. No way that's what his rig should be scoring. I was worried about drivers but those are the latest. Maybe try a reinstall?

EDIT - It's looking like he should be around 10,000. There appears to be a beta driver b/c high scorers are using a different version that's not FM approved.
EarthDog's Avatar
My runs were on 260.99's... try those. I havent tried the newest.

EDIT: Woo was also on 260.99
macklin01's Avatar
Very nice.

Somewhat off-topic, but how long has FutureMark used such blantant branding? (The msi submersibles and antec jeeps, in this case.) Is the branding present in the paid licensed software as well?
EarthDog's Avatar
Its there in paid too. Its the first one I recall
KonaKona's Avatar
Since vantage IIRC.

Coincidentally 06 was the last tolerable 3dmark.
dejo's Avatar
Ed, I scored 7000 and change with my 580 and the 5640 at 4ghz. not sure what is going on with yours, but I would check your settings. has to be something going on
dejo's Avatar
here is a screen of my run. but notice that that 19multi drops to 18 under load
EarthDog's Avatar
LOL @ GPU clock speeds. You know GPUz has a 4.9 version out right?
Tokae's Avatar
I had a copy of 3dmark05 (I think) and Sapphire logos are found throughout that one..
Tokae's Avatar
Not a slouch no, but when is comes to tessellation, which this test seems to evaluate heavily, our 5870's will fall behind. Time to sell and get a 69xx
m0r7if3r's Avatar
ATi claims that heavy tesslation will never be used in real world applications, so they didn't optimize the architecture for tesslation, consequentially, they get blown out of the water on stuff like this where there actually is heavy tesslation.
Tokae's Avatar
Hmm I didn't know that! I guess we will have to wait and see what games are like in a year or 2 from now. I still want a higher score though!
m0r7if3r's Avatar
Yea, it'll be interesting to see who got it right, though nvidia does have pretty heavy influence with the TWIMTBP program...though AMD did launch the Gaming Evolved program, I haven't seen anything out of that yet and nvidia is well established with theirs.
Brolloks's Avatar
Will try the older drivers and see if it improves anything, Dejo have you tried the 263 drivers?
m0r7if3r's Avatar
wait, 263? Where are these available from? latest driver I see from big green is 260.99
Woomack's Avatar
Modded bios + ocp + water but core 900-910MHz , above 915MHz driver is resetting and it's on about 3rd test while temps are ~52-55*C ( read from afterburner ).
Stock GTX580 should have score near 6k or at least I saw many 5800-6100.

about drivers I was reading somewhere that latest betas are fixing most problems with sli and other things but sometimes are weird visual effects

most beta drivers for nvidia are on guru3d
Brolloks's Avatar
So HT is useless with this bench or what?
m0r7if3r's Avatar
580 only drivers
Woomack's Avatar
Seems like even multi cores are useless for most tests. I'm making scores on i7 920/950 like others on 980x.
Other thing, for nvidia better use physx on so it won't keep your cpu under full load in last tests and will let you oc cpu higher ( at least works for me ). Seems like there is some difference between 2 and 4 cores but almost nothing with more cores and ht seems useless.
Brolloks's Avatar
Interesting, I guess it is about time we have a more GPU based benchmark as both Vantage and 3DM06 is too much core dependent.

Looks like 1366 platform definitely has the upper hand on others
Woomack's Avatar
too many problems with this benchmark so far , possible that patches will change something but hard to say now
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Looks like the generational difference (from C2Q to i7) is much more important that the extra 4x threads HT gives you. Thubans fair better than C2Q. No one has submitted an i7 / 5870 result yet, so I'm not sure how it will compare. Judging from my 6870 result, I'd say there would be at least some improvement.
Ross's Avatar
Sapphire is plastered all over the boat in GT1 of 3DVantage.

I downloaded 3D11 on Monday and still haven't had time to get around to benching it
Brolloks's Avatar
I must be doing wrong, even the 920/5870 sucks
5870 at 950/1300
920 is at 4.2 Ghz

EarthDog's Avatar
Do you have AA/AF manually on in NVCP?

Do you have the advanced version? If so, go to the advanced tab and press the performance button and make sure you disable the audio and demo so its only the 6 benches.

Is PhysX enabled on the card?
dejo's Avatar
Edmund, that was with the 263.09 drivers. but the bench is pretty wacky. I reran at the 18x multi and score dropped way down.
Brolloks's Avatar
These are the settings
EarthDog's Avatar
App controlled or ON? Leave it app controlled in NVCP... (unless I misunderstood). I doubt this will resolve it as mine was plug any play for my scores really. GL!
dejo's Avatar
my run was actually with the 262.99 drivers that futuremark says are not approved nor is the l5640 an approved cpu
Bobnova's Avatar
Approved cpu!?

Brolloks's Avatar
Figured it out
W3680 at 4.5 Ghz
GTX 580 at 910
TomPC3's Avatar
Got SLI going this evening.....
dejo's Avatar
Ed, what did you have to change to get it to come around?

and my card wont run the same settings as vantage.
Brolloks's Avatar
It did not like increased PCIE at all, had it at 104, lowered it to 100 and ran OK, yeah I cannot do 950 like on Vantage either
dejo's Avatar
I never could do vantage at 950 all mine would do is about 935 or sometimes 940 and then 2250 on mem but 3d11 I have to stop mem at 2230. but whats wierd is that I ran my 3d11 runs with pci at 115
Brolloks's Avatar
HD 5870 (1000/1200) and i7-920 at 4.2 Ghz
P5044 3DMarks
vixro's Avatar
You score is low I think for the 920 and your cpu clocks.

With Brolloks posting a similar system you should be more in the 4800-5000 range.

My score was only 43xx partly because I had all of my apps still open, including anti-virus and other cpu related programs. A couple more runs on a clean system and no oc on my 5870 (875/1225) put me closer to 4400 @ 3.6ghz.
m0r7if3r's Avatar
man...just watching this bench (frickin finals...keepin me from benchin) I can tell it's gonna take some time to get it hammered down. Wonder if the bot will adopt it or not...
thobel's Avatar
I7 980 @ 4.4GHz GTX 480 Tri Sli @ 905/2200 ----- P15384 Score

lolwut's Avatar


i7 920 @ 4ghz / Radeon 5870 900/1300
Woomack's Avatar

single GTX470@915/2060MHz , i7 950@4.2GHz
260.99 driver / all auto settings with performance profile
sandyduff's Avatar
Does anyone else have problems running the physics test...?

I get through all the graphics tests no problem but after it loads the first physics test, the screen just goes blank and nothing happens... I've tried downclocking my cpu slightly, turning off HT, bumping vcore a notch... nothing works....

Fixed... oddly enough it was a driver issue, updated to 10.11 and can run the cpu tests while overclocked... but the dreaded overclocked GPU dual screen flicker is back!! C'mon AMD!!




Increased to 4GHz, P7891... not a very big jump... 5970 is at 900/1200


Bumped my core clock to 950MHz and got a bigger jump... P8329 (i7 920@4GHz with HT on, 5970 @950MHz core and 1200MHz RAM)

Angry's Avatar
Athlon II 630 X4 @ 3.3ghz DDR3 @ 1500 w/ 5770 = 2325
Athlon II 620 x4 @ 3.2ghz DDR2 @ 1000 w/ 5830 = 2653

Just playing with it, and a system I built for a family member.

Oc'ed my 5830 to 900/1200 and got 2856.

Man, too bad I cant crossfire the 5770 with my 5830 for a bit of more fun.
Hardass's Avatar
I7 950 @4.4 GTX 480 @ 880/2000
cold.nut's Avatar
need 3DMark 11!

christmas presents put me all out of my money
EarthDog's Avatar
Benching the other free ones to get your 10 in are free!!!
cold.nut's Avatar
don't tempt me Earth..

nah, pot comes in for christmas. so christmas break i will officially join!
eva2000's Avatar
Interesting no cpu scaling and no tri-crossfire scaling yet it seems

First time retail 980X 3013A489 clocks with single HD5870 at 4.0Ghz vs 4.2Ghz @1025/1263 - 6pts diff LOL

2x HD5870 CFX

Tried 3x HD5870 @1000/1250 at 4.2ghz first

Extreme Preset
dejo's Avatar
very nice Eva. been a while since I seen you around. how ya been.
lolwut's Avatar
When benching, 3dmark11 shows (on the results page) my GPU is running at idle speed (157/300).

Is this hindering my score? or did that only show up on the report and not effect the benchmark itself?

If it shouldnt be that way, what setting do i change?
Fr@kt@L's Avatar

i7 960 on 4.2 ghz,
matrix platinum + xfx 5870 crossfire 900/1200
**** my xfx 5870 is downgrade my platinum matrix :-(
with itracker2 i can hit stable 1000 gpu on matrix but i can not use itracker because freezing pc with mi xfx in crossfire
i try msi afterburner but can not put voltage to card and i also in msi after... enabled unoficial overvoltage but not function
what can i do to overclock these to card with one soft ?
any advice is welcome, please send private message thanx
EarthDog's Avatar
It usually reports gpus speeds wrong.

Why dont you leave aferburner up and run the bench. Then you can look at the graph of the clockspeeds of the card while you were benching. I would bet good money they are just wrong. But double check to confirm, it should only take a second.
Badbonji's Avatar

Core i7 965 @ 4GHz
HD5970 @ 900/1100MHz

Hmm, makes me feel like my system is slow again
spiritedandy's Avatar
patch fix for errors

Demi post #63


yay might be able to play now

edit yay i can play but not after the above it did work but then another error showe up easier to restore

spiritedandy's Avatar
could not attatch to last post sigh dont flame ill get used to posting again dam memory not pc mine !!

anyhow pic to boot
Badbonji's Avatar
Overclock that gpu some more! Should be able to score the same / higher than me with that 980x also :P
spiritedandy's Avatar
Badbonji tried little harder

off to bed now up 21 hrs zzzz
Daleon's Avatar

i7 920 @ 4.0
GTX 580 @ stock (772/2004)
eva2000's Avatar

hey dejo.. been busy with work and medical health issues for family and myself but all cleared now

better scaling now


Seebs's Avatar
LOL.... You guys have super scores...
I'm almost ashamed of posting mine

P1542 --->

What else would anyone expect from a sub $500 setup!!!!
eva2000's Avatar
3dmark11 = 13,868 http://3dmark.com/3dm11/151436

lack of psu power holding me back full report at
OnDborder's Avatar
4 5870's??
No need for a heater for that room..
m0r7if3r's Avatar
could be pixelation, but I count 6 5800 gpus in there, 2/ 5900 and then 2 individual 5800's
Evochuck's Avatar
P3284 - 955Be @ 3.40 GHz | GTX 460 @ stock
Woomack's Avatar
P6197 http://3dmark.com/3dm11/125068
GTX470@ 920/2100, i7 950@4.2GHz and I think it's max on my cooling
eva2000's Avatar
Guys it's 4x gpus, single hd5970 + 2x hd5870

sorted my psu issues by adding 2nd psu http://i4memory.com/f54/my-first-ret...70/#post138699

14,619 http://3dmark.com/3dm11/164326

EarthDog's Avatar
Soon I will be attempting to break that... soon. No vmods, on air and I can run this at 850, so I would imagine with higher volts and water I can bang on 920...

Great score!
hokiealumnus's Avatar
I'm aware there are lots of scores to add...will get to them when/if I have time. If anyone else with a green name happens upon the thread and wants to add scores, I won't argue.
IgnitedX's Avatar
Well here's mine I died a little on the inside when I saw the 9 FPS on the 4th graphics test http://3dmark.com/3dm11/171417
Woomack's Avatar
Thanks ... my card never saw air ... I just put waterblock when I unpacked it . I don't think that you need water for 900+ as I saw some scores on air just not stock cooler in closed case Outdoor oc during winter ftw
One day I forgot to change gpu clock after benching ( usually I'm keeping this card underclocked ) and was working @900/2030MHz for about 2 days without problems but anything higher need better cooling and maybe more voltage. I see almost no difference from ~1.17 to 1.212V so I think I need better cooling at this point.
EarthDog's Avatar
I cant believe your memory clocks. Are those on stock volts? I swaer I start to get artifacts at 900Mhz...
Woomack's Avatar
There is 2100 even in 3DM link ... I don't remember exactly if my version was OC or UD but Gigabyte with standard nvidia cooler ( will check when I back home ), both versions are the same so it's not really important but as Gigabyte said, both have better quality memory and some other parts ( you can see some more resistors etc on pcb than in reference models ). I only made ocp mod and all other things in bios.

Edit: checked I have OC version
cold.nut's Avatar

great stuff eva
Fr@kt@L's Avatar
fuuh, eva, Christmas coming, give me your rig :-) is too much power in your case :-)
very nice
EarthDog's Avatar
Yeah... thobel, you need to join the benching team man... I like your spirit!
m0r7if3r's Avatar
lol, seriously, I was about to say we should take it to the octagon, but then I realized he wasn't a team member.
thobel's Avatar
So I went and installed all the old 3dmark software to bench for hwbot etc. non of them work (I think since 3dmark 11) any idea's?
EarthDog's Avatar
What errors are you getting?
thobel's Avatar
for 3dmark 06 said open al dll something missing. I uninstalled them all after that. I was all ready to spend the time doing the zillion hours to get all the crap listed on hwbot that day lol
EarthDog's Avatar
Its just 10 benches, and shouldnt take you more than 2 hours really...
thobel's Avatar
Yeah once i get new system up and running I'll do it. No point on a system thats moving to backup status in 1-2 weeks
EarthDog's Avatar
the point is to just get it done and get on the team so you can get your access to our super secret lair and information... LOL!

Up to you. The first benches are just to get in the door. They dont need to break records or score boints.
thobel's Avatar
yeah i think 3dmark 11 broke the other 3d marks so new system I'll bench on old ones before I install 3dmark 11
EarthDog's Avatar
It breaks vantage, that I heard. Not any others. And I think thats on in SLI too...
thobel's Avatar
yeah could be the quadro drivers and sli fix needed for 11 that busts the old ones also
eva2000's Avatar
maybe i will eventually hehe

finally, broke 15k 3dmark11 with HD5970 + 2x HD5870 http://i4memory.com/f54/my-first-ret...70/#post138789

3dmark11 = 15,049 http://3dmark.com/3dm11/189647

i7 980X @4.7ghz
HD5970@995/1297 + 2xHD5870 @1030/1282
Asus P6T6 WS Revolution
HX1000 + OP1200

Powermate measured 785 watts from HX1000 psu, so ~340-350w from OP1200 = 1,135 watts for system

thobel's Avatar
Your getting close I'm gonna have to stop gaming and get back to oc'ing

great score though
EarthDog's Avatar
Hey someone with some crossfired ATI cards put Cat 10.5a CAP4 on and watch the magic happen with your scores. I bet a 4k point loss for eva when using the newest cats...

I wonder if thats a bug or just Crossfire doing its thing in the 10.5's though...
spiritedandy's Avatar
i can only use 10.5 in cf all other drivers dont work cap4 did nothing for me sorry
doz's Avatar

i7-750 @ 4ghz
Asus 5850 @ 986/1181

I gained over 1000 marks just from the overclock on the video card (stock clocks in 5850 yielded P3739)!
Masta7100's Avatar

p4492, q9550 - 3.6ghz, 6950 2gb, Stock
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Sorry all, i just haven't had time to sift through and update the OP. On a positive note, I received an email this morning from Futuremark and the first bug-fix is out! (Bold part added by me for emphasis.)

EarthDog's Avatar

Jeremy, I can go ahead and start an 'official' type thread for this like the other 3D's...
dejo's Avatar
there are also new builds for all futuremark benches other than 01. and you will need them to submit any results.
EarthDog's Avatar
Greaaaaaat. More updates to them? When did that come out? I just ran 06 and vantage last night... or did you mean at hwbot?
hokiealumnus's Avatar
If you want to take it on, I wouldn't argue. Time has not been kind enough to allow updating this thing as I had hoped. I'd move the posts from here to there, but they would show up before your OP because of their time/date stamp.
EarthDog's Avatar
Started. And I will get them over to the thread somehow...

Any chance, when you have a moment, you want to link it up to the first post?
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Any clue where these are? Can't seem to find them at futuremark.
dejo's Avatar
they are builds 1901 for all the earlier ones. I tried to submit with earlier versions and it told me they are incompatible. could be different now as it was during the rebuild at futuremark
dejo's Avatar
I had one saved from a few weeks ago and tried to submit again just now and this is what it says.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Very odd. The versions they point you to are the same ones that were released in February. Maybe their new ORB is screwy?
dejo's Avatar
I hadnt updated mine in quite some time, as I had them on a drive that I always have for benching, just freshen the os's and leave the apps.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Oh, gotcha. Yep, they were all mass-updated in February of this year.
Brolloks's Avatar
Struggled a bit with the 5970 but decided to flash it with a solid OC profile and it has awoken the beast

5970 - 900/1200 (stock is 725/1100)
SeanOMatic's Avatar

Man, good job with that 5970. Glad it worked out for you, I was worried this morning!
Brolloks's Avatar
Got it up to 950 still with same voltage, card is a beast
SeanOMatic's Avatar
Now that's what I like to hear.

Deal of the year!
Woomack's Avatar
I'm wrong or I see Corsair ram in your link
SeanOMatic's Avatar
No, I have a set of Corsair XMS 1600 8GB in this system for now. I swap RAM in and out of my systems a lot for evaluation reasons.

1kingd2's Avatar
3dmark11 run.
EarthDog's Avatar
Is that crossfire 58xx series I presume?
m0r7if3r's Avatar
Yep, last line of gpuz
EarthDog's Avatar
Im so used to seeing hwbot where people use the dropdown...
1kingd2's Avatar

Yeah, I tried to look for 3DMark11 on HWbot did not see a place for a submission, am I missing something?
EarthDog's Avatar
Its not hwbot.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Bump from the depths. 3DMark 11 has just received an update. Download it here, or say yes when prompted next time you run it. Just don't go cold before you run it again.

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