Leaked GTX 590 Slide (Courtesy XtremeSystems.org)

GTX 590 Design and Specs Leaked

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Today, members at XtremeSystems have posted slides containing the specifications and design of NVIDIA’s newest dual-GPU graphics card, the GTX 590. These slides are rumored to be from a NVIDIA partner presentation.

These slides present a card with 3 GB of DDR5 memory and dual-vapor chamber heatsink (similar to the HD 6990’s cooling). One neat feature is the removable cover of the heatsink, which allows for easy cleaning and re-application of TIM. Other notable features include a 12-layer, 2 oz. copper PCB, 10-phase GPU power supply and an onboard PCIE x16 bridge chip.

Leaked GTX 590 Slide (Courtesy XtremeSystems.org)

Leaked GTX 590 Slide (Courtesy XtremeSystems.org)

Later, a slide showing the GTX 590 specs was posted:

Leaked GTX 590 Specs Slide (Courtesy XtremeSystems.org)

Leaked GTX 590 Specs Slide (Courtesy XtremeSystems.org)

This card is NVIDIA’s response to the latest HD 6990 card from AMD. Let’s compare the HD 6990 and the rumored GTX 590 specs side by side to see how they stack up:

GPU HD 6990 GTX 590
GPGPU Technology 3072 ALU Stream Processors 1024 CUDA Cores
Memory 4 GB DDR5 3 GB DDR5
Power Connectors Dual 8-Pin Dual 8-Pin
TDP 375 – 450 W 365 W
Length 12.5″ 11″

The real test will be head to head performance, which will have to wait until the GTX 590 is released, likely before the end of the month. Stay tuned for more details as they come in.

Matt Ring (mdcomp)

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  1. That price is probably close to right, its almost what you would pay for 2 580s..

    I wonder if you could use a 590 and 580 together for some tri-sli action, man that would be sweet.. but if not.. well at least you could have 580 sli and still be able to use a good soundcard :)
    *sigh*... this is at least the third (few posts back, Giga) ultra-enthusiast GPU I've seen that comes in a fruity tackle box or briefcase instead of a normal box. So ridiculous. I'm not a console gamer buying Halo so I can get the doll- I mean action figure with it. Just saying. Take $18 off the GPU and keep the fake atache case.


    Nice card though. Needs a bigger fan.
    I hope that price is inflated otherwise I will have to rethink ordering two of these things. . . .

    2 x 590 + Water Blocks = vanishing wallet. . . .
    612Mhz??? EW!

    This thing better OC to at least 900. Do you hear me Nvidia? Melt some wires and kick the 6990 to the curb where it belongs with the other garbage. :santa2:

    Or just make a card that needs 4x 8 pin power. It's not like we don't have the connectors.


    Here's a guy with 4x 480. He's probably gone to 580 now. On the SR2.

    I am getting tired of your fanboy acts. Seriously, stop while your hole ain't that deep. Being a fanboy is being a troll.
    HaVoK C89



    Daaannnggg thats straight up rediculous lol :screwy: But AWESOME!!:clap:


    ridiculous also

    4x 580. SICK plexi case. Loses points for having a 980x on a RIIIE rather than 2 of them on an SR2 but still a cool guy.

    I think it's Portuguese. I understood this and that.

    And yes! It runs Crysis :P. Probably at about 250fps.