Impromptu Benching Party Streaming Live

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Update: This session ended Friday morning, February 4th. Currently showing on Overclockers Live are recordings from the Liquid Nitrogen benchmarking party held November 2010.

Watch Hokiealumnus, mdcomp, I.M.O.G., EnablingWolf, Ghost_Recon88, and splat benching LN2 live right now. Click here to join in the chat and check out other Overclockers’ videos!

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  1. EarthDog
    LOL, Mt. St. Brawny you had going on there Im surprised never caught on fire!! haha! :)


    I just lol'd and got a strange look from about 30 people while waiting for my next class.
    The trick to it really is to hold the torch outside the pot and aim at the walls. Works wonders on the F1EE if you don't have the extension on since it's a solid piece...alas, the extension was on, so you guys got stuck doing it the slow way.
    I was using my experience from plumbing. Not the first time I torched next to easy flammable items.

    Now the almost lighting the basement lid alight... That was me being tipsy.

    Hence, why I kept saying 'Map Gas' (MAPP Gas). It would of given no downer out of air poofs. Since it has the ability to retain combustion, without the need for external O. I used it like Oxy-Acetylene torches for larger, harder brazing in plumbing.

    I should of brought my heat setup. If I knew it would of been needed. It would of been there. Striker and all.
    mdcomp and ghost seemed less ethanol infused than I. Beer powered Enablingwolf was running on experience. The Gentleman Jack toast, toasted me.


    My wife told me about when I did something in the pot... Looked up and made an om nom nom face.

    She was the first hit, and thought everyone seen her... After the first hello wave.
    Yes, that's very true; and as who seemed to be the most sober, you made an excellent torch man!

    LOL I was very tipsy! It was my age and experience drinking, that made me appear less drunk. non-withstanding almost setting the basement lid on fire.

    We all worked as a team and sort of did what what was needed as we seen it happen. Even if we were tipsy. That is teamwork at its finest.

    Oh, and IMOG's gal was totally awesome as was his neighbors. We were having a really good time and the dB was not low for the time frames.
    What was cool. We seemed to all mesh and fall into a role as it was needed.

    Sober and cherry picked parts... It would of been record breaking time. :D Cherry picked parts, being the important thing here.
    It was definitely a lot of fun meeting you guys and trying to beat the crap out of that 1100T. Sorry the chip was such a failure; would have been nice to have something to brag about when we got done! I hear IMOG had some good successes with the 1090T after I went to sleep though.

    All of these guys are top notch. I knew it going into this, but meeting you all in person just drove the point home. Big thanks to ghost_recon88 for double-checking my insulation and making sure I didn't do anything stupid. LN2 really is a different ballgame from DICE, crappy chip notwithstanding.

    Thankfully the frost king plus a little eraser and dielectric grease made for a solid combination. Even after thawing the pot and swapping CPUs we didn't have moisture problems.
    it was a great weekend and a pleasure to meet you guys. Thanks again to IMOG for hosting. I learned a bunch watching Hokie fail and definitely caught the cold bug. Late night is definitely hazy but i also remember a couple gems. Glad ghost_recon88 and Enablingwolf made it out.
    Come on now. If you come to Cleveland. You HAVE to try a Great Lakes Company beer. :D They have some really good Lagers. Usually I do not prefer lagers, but they are pretty darn good. the Dormunder is a Golden Lager.

    Since the fellers had a duplicate six, of the same I got. It was even better. Glad the fellers enjoyed it. I took a guess they were Lager or Pilsner drinkers. So I opted to not get any Ale or whatnot.

    I .. Almost opted to get some custom craft brew from down the street. Fresh brewed too. Would of been hard to find what was tasty to everyone. When in doubt, get Great Lakes.
    Dortmunder Gold

    Yes, it was a tasty variety of brew. If you can, try the Holy Moses White Ale. Not as strong tasting as the gold, but it has a nice mellow taste.
    I'm a decently experienced video editor (comes with web does graphics work...keep an eye open for the new benching team background on the bot :D)...can't do postprocessing worth crap, but I can totally cut clips together and ll.
    Well, there is some good footage. Some of it is just... well.. :shrug:

    Plus I don't think he knows how to edit video. Not that hard with modern software. I did understand why he stepped up to edit it though. :D I am a smart alec, so I would rather not do the editing.

    Him smiling and looking over .. Barbra Streisand music comes in..