Intel Upcoming 9-series Chipset Won’t Support Haswell

Website Xbit Labs reports that upcoming Intel chipsets for mainstream desktop processors will implement support for yet-unnamed “Haswell Refresh” CPU and future Broadwell parts. Other information leaked points to the fact that those new chipsets will not support current Haswell processors, thus effectively making the 8-series motherboard a single generation products with no upgrade path.


According to documents found by website VR-Zone, the upcoming silicon from Intel will have slightly different power specifications. Although Z97 and its cutdown little brothers will be using the same socket 1150 as current Z87 boards, those differences in power requirements will make the new boards backwards incompatible with Haswell chips. We can also assume that current 4000-series Core “i” processors won’t be able to run in 9-series motherboards, ultimately sealing all upgrade paths for both processors and motherboards of current generation.

The motherboards based on Intel’s 9-series chipset are expected to support both upcoming “Haswell Refresh” chips that are set to show up in mid-2014, as well as codename Broadwell parts which will likely be released some time in 2015. The new board will feature the new SATA Express interface for data transfers of up to 16Gb/s. Broadwell is also expected to support DDR4 memory.

Source: Xbit Labs

- dostov

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Blaylock's Avatar
Wow! That was a short lived platform.
cullam3n's Avatar
Good thing my 3570K is doing me just fine at the current moment.
ninjacore's Avatar
So many people who skipped 3rd gen are grinding their teeth right now.

Albeit, by the time most people who bought 4th gen are ready to upgrade, they would likely be going to a new platform anyway.

dudleycpa's Avatar
One can feel the anger, outrage, disbelief in this...... if (and this is an if) Haswell is a "one and done" - it is hard to imagine how Intel can be so short sighted.

The only possible saying grace is that maybe, just maybe, "haswell refresh" be it "broadwell" or what ever it may be called. Might be sooooooo gooooood that one may find it in one's heart, mind and wallet to forgive Intel.

Then again that is somewhat doubtful?!?!?!?
Bobnova's Avatar
How is it short sighted? To be short sighted it has to cause problems for Intel, not us.
Anybody remember 1156? P55?

Yet again yall ate confusing "this sucks for me" with "this is a bad business decision".
This won't hurt Intel in the slightest, or they wouldn't do it.
Don't forget how extremely revolutionary Haswell is! It might not be in performance, but in design it's bleeding edge and then some. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that the chipset/socket/pinout needs to be changed.

Who's going to switch to AMD and lose what, 25% performance? More? Over this? Not me. Probably not you, either.
dudleycpa's Avatar
Yes, yes you make an excellent point. The fact of the matter is that it must violate one of the overclockers laws (know your upgrade path).

Haswell really truly is a "laptop part" and is a marvel of modern engineering. It is somewhat unfortunate that it may have a somewhat short life cycle.

I firmly believe that most forum members have pockets so deep that most of them won't really care. I get that. It just somewhat of a let down.

Again - VR Zone is a source (IIRC they reported this as well) it does get confusing
tungureanu's Avatar
The good thing is, when steamroller comes, i can just replace the CPU. :P
glussier's Avatar
You can keep dreaming, it doesn't hurt anybody. The fact is that no one knows if there will be something new released for the am3+ Platform. The only thing you can be sure of, is that you can upgrade to one of the 2 fx 9xxx cpus.
Bobnova's Avatar
Everything I've heard points to Steamroller being AM4.
BigHeadClan's Avatar
Compatability issues because power draw is to low? Higher, sure that makes sense but not so much lower.

Could they be planning to future proof their systems with the implementation of graphene into motherboards coming up? Which would be cool and set Intel up nicely, that stuff is the wounder material of this decade.
ratbuddy's Avatar
Same socket but incompatible? That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Asides from that, my 2500k is still doing just fine. I think hardware is way ahead of software at this point.
ninjacore's Avatar
You can blame last-gen consoles for that
Bobnova's Avatar
Hardware has been ahead of software, for the most part, for over a decade.

AMD is saddled with a lot of stuff they no longer use on the AM3 socket. DDR2 support for instance. VID for Brisbanes for another example. Tons of stuff it doesn't use that is actively consuming socket space.
Going to a new socket clears all that up and allows planning for the future instead of thrashing around trying to make an outdated socket function with a cutting edge CPU.

AMD could do with a bit of Intel style advancement at this point.
trekky's Avatar
meh this will not affect me at all im planning getting a nedw computer After I pay off my school loans and im still have a year left of school
so im thinking 3 years will be upgrade time unless I can run into some cash

but AMD NEEDS a new socket
and as for intel it happens AMD did it with the 9xx (ish)
tungureanu's Avatar
Tbh i would be angry if AMD kills of the FX line(i don`t really think they will since it`s ~30% of their cpu sales). If they can make an Axx chip as fast as a ivy/haswell chip i could forgive them sort-of...

+1 to bob>>>"AMD could do with a bit of Intel style advancement at this point."
boanerges57's Avatar
This is typical intel. designed in obsolescence. the last time intel had a socket last any reasonable time was the early days when pentiums shared the same socket as the outgoing 486. just look at the plethora of sockets over the last few years. I often try to wait and only upgrade every other generation at best. Whereas my server has a motherboard i bought in 2009 that i can put a vishera based FX cpu in right now if i wanted to. my linux machine has an am2+ motherboard and can fit a 125w phenom II. I think that motherboard is from 2007 or early 08. my intel system does not have quite the same "lifespan" (yeah the performance is a little better in general, but its probably the last intel system i will have for a long time).
glussier's Avatar
Forget about 2007 to 2009, we are in2013. Look at Ams's apu, they change socket at every cpu generstion.

The more cpu companies integrate into their cpus, the more we will see new chipsets and motherboards.

I don't care much about this, when I purchase a new cpu, I like to get the latest motherboard/chipset to go with it.
Janus67's Avatar
Can't say I'm overly surprised. Isn't broadwell supposed to support DDR4, or am I a generation ahead?
dudleycpa's Avatar
Rumor has it that Haswell-E will support DD4. Late 2014 time frame. - We are not one hundred percent convinced. I remember reading broadwell "alleged" cancellation in early june of this year. Time will tell!
Bobnova's Avatar
Haswell-E and Broadwell will be DDR4 almost certainly.
That's from what I've read out and around, and based on my interview with Micron at CES.
dudleycpa's Avatar
Thanks for your update Bob! Schedule is still Q4 2014? Which might be January 2015 (before we know what is what and who is who?)
Bobnova's Avatar
Based on what they said at CES (which was january of this year, so it has been a bit), "server stuff" was getting DDR4 late this year, with "desktop" DDR4 coming towards the middle/end of 2014.
LGA2011 and whatever socket Haswell-E is on are a semi-server platform, generally included in "server stuff" but not always.
It's possible that DDR4 got pushed up to the Haswell refresh, which would explain the new socket.
dostov's Avatar
At this point, with current information available (rumors, really), I think we can expect the first consumer oriented platform with support for DDR4 to be Haswell-E in H2 2014 and then for mainstream with Broadwell in 2015.

Haswell Refresh should show up before Haswell-E so I'm thinking it is unlikely HR will be the first to have DDR4 as normally it would be the more expensive platform. But eh! Who knows really?
dudleycpa's Avatar
Interesting - it would seem that we are thinking along the same "time-line".

Which makes one wonder if Haswell "refresh" get DDR4 (this is a mighty big IF) - might that possibly be around this time of year? Maybe, just maybe August/September 2014?

I know that there is something "wrong" with this time-line!
Bobnova's Avatar
I'd be fairly surprised if Haswell2 was DDR4, it could happen, but I think the socket change is more likely to be due to making the onboard VRMs work better.
dudleycpa's Avatar
Much thanks! That certainly would make sense. Considering it is a "multi-purpose" type CPU.
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