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Calling all Benchmarking Team members: there is a new Inter-Forum Challenge between OCForums and forums!

The objective of this friendly competition is to gain as many HWBOT ‘boints’ (team boints) as possible between June 7th, 8 AM GMT and June 21st, 8 AM GMT.  There are no restrictions on hardware or cooling and all HWBOT supported benchmarks can be used. The winning team is the one with the greatest increase in their total score as recorded 10 minutes before the contest starts and 10 minutes after it ends.

All official bench members registered to OCForums and Benchtec teams can participate. If you would like to join to help out in this friendly boint-adding competition and are not currently a member, please see the Official Signup thread for details as well as the Benchmarking Buffet article to get you started. Go get ’em OCForums!


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  1. congrats to benchtek, and to all of my teammates that put the effort to keep them in check. this was fun, and there are no losers here. both teams full of winners
    Nice job OCF and BenchTec!! :thup: I wish I could have gotten some frozen 980x 3D runs in, we might have been able to span that 168 point difference... next time. Great effort by both teams though.
    comps over now and here are the final positions

    as you can see both teams have made great progress moving up the rankings

    with ocforums moving 2x places to 18th

    benchtec moving 1x place

    points gained= ocforums 748

    .....................benctec 916

    thanks to all that took part this has been a great way to meet new friends

    and help our teams move up the rankings and i look forward to the rematch

    full size image

    well we held 3rd for 10h then TaPaKaH from ocx dumped a 1000 points

    bumped us back to 4th

    tbh we have been playing the "hare and tortoise" with all the other teams for years

    collecting points that are not easy to take from us

    they can run for now but we will catch up
    just submitted 103 points. About 218 during the last 2 weeks. its :beer::beer: thirtyl

    benchtec + 809

    Ocf +754

    its gona be close
    I feel like i should say something about your world cup team :P

    lol there is nothing you could say about our world cup team that would offended me

    they are unlikely to be allowed to re-enter the country atm
    Strong push bazx! You guys are ~200 points ahead!

    well we have been 200 behind since the start

    might make it to 3rd for the day if ocx dont wake up:D