Intro to Folding@Home and Team 32

Folding@Home is the world’s largest distributed computing project. We work to discover the shape of critical proteins in our body as they arrange themselves, or “fold”, into their working shape. It’s quite amazing!

Every disease you can think of affects us by damaging proteins in our body: muscles, nerves, bone, blood, organs – they’re all made from proteins. The proteins must fold right, in order to work right. Think of a key with the wrong shape. Not only does it not work, it might very well stop a good lock, or another key, from working. That’s how it is with our proteins.

Science has been trying to study these complicated marvels for generations but, doing it by hand is very slow work. Wouldn’t it be great if we could harness the laws of physics and the power of our computers? Perhaps run some sophisticated protein folding simulations and speed up all this research?

Today, Folding at Home brings together the power of hundreds of thousands of computers, all around the world. Together, we’re stronger and faster than any supercomputer.

Our team helps it’s members run the folding programs more productively. We have a lot of fun with the points we earn, but it’s the data for the biologists at Stanford’s Folding @ Home lab that’s important. We are searching for critical data, which will be used to fight our most serious diseases – we are folding for cures.

The team (Team 32) is one of the top teams in the world and a very helpful and friendly group. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you were to join with us in this worthwhile effort?

We have folding@home mentors to help out newcomers. If you post in our forum and ask for one, they’ll all be scrambling to help you out. That’s rather amazing, also. They’ll help match you with a folding program, that’s well suited to your system’s hardware, operating system, and usage.

My handle is Adak, my teammates and I, will be delighted to help you join in the fun – and help find the cures.

Our folding forum:

For More Info: Stanford University Folding@Home

- Adak



I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Here's a link for those interested, to see how stats are reported for the work we do for the folding@home project:

Watching your production increase and pass by teammates can be a bit addictive.
Surferseth's Avatar
Nice Artice Adak! Helps explain the complexities of folding in a simple, clear, and straightforward way.

I believe your missing a d here "doing it by han[d] is very slow work"
harlam357's Avatar
Very nice write up! Great work Adak!
Jolly-Swagman's Avatar
Great write up Adak, well done and informative for newcomers to folding@home,
Adak's Avatar
Didn't you know that the Han Dynasty started Folding@Home, but their abacuses were *so* very slow!

Thanks for the proofread, Surferseth. The missing "d" is a copy/paste error, only. It's not missing in the actual article.

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
It was missing in the actual article, until I fixed it thanks to surferseth's comment.
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It's not on my original copy.
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Great job at summarizing!

Don't forget to mention F@H is not just on PCs but also thigs like the Playstation 3.
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Nice write-up Adak!
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Thanks everyone.
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Awesome article Adak! I'm going to have to use that analogy in the future

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