MIAHALLEN's Benching Setup

MIAHALLEN Reaches Top 10 on HWBOT

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Last night, one of the world’s best overclockers, our very own MIAHALLEN, hosted a live benching session. Despite some insulation and condensation issues with his Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 motherboard, he still managed to crack the top 10 on hwbot.org! Those who watched, like myself, learned some valuable tricks along the way. MIAHALLEN narrated his session and answered viewer questions live while benching. Tune in next time to see how the experts benchmark.

Congratulations MIAHALLEN!

Here are some photos and screen-shots from last night:

MIAHALLEN - 3DMark Vantage Screenshot

MIAHALLEN - Screenshot #1

MIAHALLEN - Screenshot #2

MIAHALLEN - Screenshot #2

MIAHALLEN's Benching Setup

MIAHALLEN's Benching Setup

MIAHALLEN Top 10 on Hwbot

MIAHALLEN Top 10 on Hwbot

(All images courtesy MIAHALLEN)

Honorable mention to Bobnova, who also posted some impressive scores during his live benching session last night.

Congratulations! Keep up the great work!


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  1. I swear the first time I saw Miahallen I thought he was a virus!

    He just came up with this ridiculously detailed review of... I think it was the 9800GTX+ or some other video card. Complete with hi-resolution pictures.

    I almost reported him as a bot but his pictures were so good!

    that was really good mia

    i have never seen anything like that it was sick and your scores were awesome

    i also like how you hang your gpu on the wall :P
    super work from a great guy. Not many are willing to offer up the help and dedication that Miah does. Congrats on the placement at the bot, all well earned.