New Benchmark and Competition: CatZilla!

There’s a new challenger in the world of 3D benchmarking! It’s from a little (un?) known company called Allbenchmark. As the name suggests, it involves a cat. A rather large cat, at that. Want to know more? Keep reading!

What It Is, Where To Get It

First off there is an official trailer.

The basic theme is a deserted city ravaged by some sort of cat flu biohazard. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, it also seems to make cats rather….. big. And give them eye-lasers. And give them a bad attitude. (Though to be fair, I’ve yet to meet an entirely black cat that didn’t have a bad attitude and/or desire for eye-lasers).

Allbenchmark’s goal is said to be making a benchmark that tests your entire system from a gaming perspective. Not just the GPU, not just the CPU, not even just the GPU and the CPU, but the whole operation. This isn’t exactly a new concept, Futuremark’s “PCMark” benchmarks have been around for a long time. That said the PCMark series tests your system for a wide variety of not-at-all-related-to-gaming things (text editing benchmark, anybody?). CatZilla takes a different tact, including not just GPU rendering and a CPU test, but also some game-related GPU bits and a storage test that checks how long it takes the benchmark to load.

The controls are nice and simple. There are four presets labeled with various cat sizes representing the various resolutions, as well as a Custom selection if you want to set things up in non-standard ways.

I’m not going to go into a ton of detail as to what happens visually in CatZilla as I’d much prefer you download it and try it yourself by clicking this link. I will say that it has a refreshingly realistic CPU Physics test, a test that actually looks modern for a change!

The Fun Part

I absolutely love the concept of a modern 3D benchmark that isn’t part of the 3DMark series. They’ve held the reigns on the entire market for so long, it’s refreshing to have another option. So refreshing that I couldn’t help myself and am throwing a competition based on it!

This competition is open to all forum members, if you’re interested and are not a member it’s time to register and join us! The prizes are limited, but it will be good fun.

The Rules

The rules are simple, run the benchmark on Tiger settings (1080p), when you get the completion window open up CPUz’s CPU and Memory tabs as well as GPUz, take a screenshot, and post it in the competition thread. Please use this background: Background Download Link.

Any number of GPUs, any CPU/GPU/Memory clocks, any cooling, this is a wide open free for all.

The competition will end when the International Date Line (West) reaches 2013, that’s UTC -12, or 5am Pacific time on Jan. 1st 2013 if you prefer.

The prize for the highest score is a volt modded (by me) GeForce 7300 LE 128MB DDR2 GPU. If the competition gets more than ten submissions, I will add a random draw prize of some sort, that prize is as-yet unknown. Knowing me, probably another volt modded GPU. Maybe a pile of older CPUs. Who knows? Not me.

One important thing! This is a BETA benchmark, if you can find a way to cheat, lie, steal, hack, or anything else your way to a higher score please let me know how you did it (with a results screenshot) via PM. This information will be given to the benchmark authors to help prevent it in the future. If a few exploits are discovered, I’ll likely add a random draw prize for that too, so have at it.

This is what your screenshot should look like (you don’t have to use pink window borders):

The discussion thread for this competition is here: Competition Thread.

Have fun!

– Ed Smith / Bobnova / Benching Team Leader

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Bobnova's Avatar
One of the things I like about CatZilla is the pricing. Basic functionality is free, saving multiple results and such (something you usually have to pay $15-$25 for) costs a whopping $4.
Below is a SS of the ordering page (link), showing the features for the prices.


I'm also fond of cats.

To go straight to the competition:
MattNo5ss's Avatar
My first thought after running the bench...
Ashe: "White cat... I choose you!"
So far, I like the bench. It's entertaining even though I despise dubstep, and it doesn't take very long to run.
txus.palacios's Avatar
It crashes on me... My system is Prime95 24h stable and 3DMark11 Xtreme 12h stable. But, just as soon as the CATZILLA loading screen shows up, it dies with an "ALLBenchmark.exe has stopped working..." screen
hokiealumnus's Avatar
***NOTE*** In a couple of hours, AllBenchmark is going to publish an update to the Catzilla bench. You can NOT update from inside the bench, they wanted the initial download to be light, so the auto-updater isn't implemented. We'll need to re-download it (and then re-run it...beta testing FTW!). They weren't specific other than to state it would be "ready in a couple of hours".
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Save your BIOS settings in a profile, then put everything at default and then trying running it to see if it's crashing regardless.
Bobnova's Avatar
I found that mine crashed like that when I ran out of RAM.
It needs ~600MB free. Page file not included.
txus.palacios's Avatar
6GB free.

Set everything to default bar the XMP profile. No luck.
Bobnova's Avatar
Set that to default too.
Load optimized defaults and run with it.

What OS?
Bobnova's Avatar
New version seems to score a bit higher.
txus.palacios's Avatar
No luck, everything default, RAM at 1333MHz (default), XMP off.
EDIT: Windows 8 right now.
EarthDog's Avatar
Its not made for W8...I dont think..

EDIT: It does... was reading an old post about it.
Tien Lung's Avatar

It says the Catalyst drivers (which I just updated, and read as 11-8-2012 release date in ALLBENCH) are "critically' out of date. As such the run button is dead; won't even let my try to run it. Anything else DX11 runs just fine.
Bobnova's Avatar
What OS are you on, Tien?
peanutbudder's Avatar
So, Sli does not seem to work for me at all.

I get 4161 points with a single card and only 3786 in Sli....
dejo's Avatar
ya, my daily spanking. Best I could do was 5800 on the gtx480
Bobnova's Avatar
I'm going to give my 580 a whirl at some point here out of curiosity.

I think RAM / timings is much more key than usual, also IMC.
peanutbudder's Avatar
Is anyone else having issues with sli/cf setups? I am just curious why it did worse with sli enabled.
Bobnova's Avatar
I know some are. I believe there's a specific type of SLI (grab Nvidia Inspector) that works.
Tien Lung's Avatar
Whatever the case, this thing is obviously no where near ready for release.
Alaric's Avatar
What does the lowest score win ? (384) Some sympathy ? LOL
pan1cattack's Avatar
I'm having trouble launching it... It gets to the loading screen, loads for a few seconds, and then freezes. When I go to the task manager to see what's up, it crashes. Any ideas? System is in sig.
peanutbudder's Avatar
Really, I mean really... spammers!
NoMonitor's Avatar
Yuck; on 720p I only registered 6739 on my MSI 2GB GTX 560ti at stock clock.
dtrunk's Avatar
lower the overclock on your gpu? you on beta15?
snitchkilla's Avatar
how do you enable sli in the benchmark??
Bobnova's Avatar
Set the SLI mode to AFR2. You may need to use Nvidia Inspector to do so.
That should do it.
Stewart@MSD's Avatar
I love this benchmark personally, such a lovely change from the usual stuff, and its HARD on my machine, in fact, If I push it too far it will actually tip my machine to well over 1.1KW and only Aida 64 has ever done that. 3DM11 never exceeds 900w.

It runs really well on mine... get benching guys.

peanutbudder's Avatar

My lights flicker in my apartment when I first start folding@home and I'm only drawing 535watts. 1 1kw would probably blow the wires or at least blow the fuse.
Alaric's Avatar
Got it to 508 by taking my card and tweaking it till it Hz!
Weeko's Avatar
I can only run the Kitty test ,But here is mine not to bad for a first run
with a old system my stock 1055t and my gtx 260 with a oc
still all new to this stuff
Beret's Avatar
Hey! This benchmark just go over beta phase and now its official 1.0 relase. Did you tested it yet? They added also feature like game titles validations vs tested PC’s. Here is info about this relase:
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