ASUS Launches New ROG Motherboards, GPUs & more at Computex 2014


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…well, after Christmas and CES — Computex 2014 in Tapei is now underway. Although we wish we had the financial means to bring it to you live (there is always next year!), we’re excited to pass along some product announcements from some of your favorite manufacturers. Up first, we have a variety of products from ASUS, specifically part of their ROG family. Read More

GIGABYTE Launches Full Range of New 9 Series Motherboards


GIGABYTE is wasting little time bringing a full slate of motherboards featuring the new Z97 and H97 chipset to market. The popular G1 Gaming and Ultra Durable series lead the pack with no less than ten and twelve offerings respectively. Two Super Overclocking (SOC) boards and three Black Edition boards will also be released. Read More

ASUS Announces Upcoming Chipset Motherboard Lineup

The New Maximus VII Ranger

Ahead of the official launch day for Intel’s upcoming chipset release, we have some news to share regarding ASUS motherboard offerings designed around this new chipset. We’re limited to talking about ASUS specific features here as not to break our NDA with Intel. With that in mind, we’ll share what we can! Read More

MSI Shows Future Intel Chipset Motherboard (Preview inside!)


As we know, Intel has an upcoming chipset release on the horizon and with this new lineup inevitably comes some new boards from their partners. You may have already seen the ASUS lineup that Lvcoyote posted and I am here to show you the board I have in hand… the MSI MPower MAX AC. At this time the preview will really be at a very high level as the official release date is a bit into the future, but it should still be enough to get you thinking about making your next motherboard purchase based around Intel’s future chipset. On to the board!!! Read More

Intel Upcoming 9-series Chipset Won't Support Haswell


Website Xbit Labs reports that upcoming Intel chipsets for mainstream desktop processors will implement support for yet-unnamed “Haswell Refresh” CPU and future Broadwell parts. Other information leaked points to the fact that those new chipsets will not support current Haswell processors, thus effectively making the 8-series motherboards single generation products with no upgrade path. Read More

Gigabyte Presents its Range of FM2+ Motherboards for Kaveri APUs

Gigabyte F2A88X-UP4 Motherboard - Image Courtesy Gigabyte

Three weeks ago, we reported that Asus was launching the first two FM2+ motherboards for upcoming AMD APUs. Today, it is Gigabyte’s turn to introduce its lineup of FM2+ motherboards for upcoming Kaveri chips. The Taiwanese manufacturer announces not a mere two boards though, but a full range of 7 products. Read More

Non-Z Chipset Overclocking? Not so Fast Says Intel

Intel Z87 Chipset - Image Courtesy

Just a few weeks ago we reported that motherboard manufacturers had found a BIOS exploit to allow overclocking of the latest Haswell processors on “non-Z” motherboards. This week, Intel is reportedly working on a CPU microcode update that will put an end to this added bonus for B85 and H87 products. Read More

ASUS Releases First FM2+ Motherboards

Asus A88XM-A Motherboard - Image Courtesy Asus

Top-tier motherboard manufacturer, ASUS has released to market the first two products to support upcoming Kaveri APUs from AMD, confirming new features in the process. The new motherboards are poetically named A55BM-A/USB3 and A88XM-A and are based on AMD current A55 chipset and new A88X chipset, respectively. Read More

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