NVIDIA GTX 580 Launch Round-Up

The GTX580s are already listed for sale this morning at Newegg.com starting at $559.99.  The stock core runs at 772 MHz and shader clock at 1544 MHz, but for $20 more you can get a factory overclocked EVGA SuperClocked model running 797 MHz and 1594 MHz respectively.  Mwave.com has the EVGA SuperClocked listed at $515 and the stock version at $499.

It is now officially announced by NVIDIA.

With the GeForce GTX 580, we increased the number of CUDA cores to 512 and cranked up the processor clock to 1.54GHz. Filtering for FP16 textures (commonly used in high dynamic range rendering) is now twice as fast. Z-cull, where invisible pixels are removed to avoid wasted shading, has been designed to be even more effective. The net result is that games on the GTX 580 run 15-20% faster than the GTX 480.

courtesy NVIDIA

courtesy NVIDIA

…and now the reviews are starting to roll in:

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated throughout the day.

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Loo's Avatar
Nothing special really according to me
The funniest fact is that 5970 is still faster in most tests...
ratbuddy's Avatar
5970 is a dual GPU card. The "funniest fact" is that the 580 actually beats it in many games and costs much less.
Loo's Avatar
It is a dual card but it is a wayyyy too old card too. It's not more expensive, the pricing is the same as gtx580...

So the ones who own a 5970 for a year already, they actually have no need to update because the fastest card today is actually not faster than the one that is a year old... regardless the number of GPUs...

I just expected the jump to be much bigger... not half an inch, that's it.
Slash621's Avatar
anybody know when a 560 gtx is going to come out? I'm thinking of stretching my 4850 just a little bit longer to wait.
ratbuddy's Avatar
Yeah, they'd be crazy not to bring it down now that there's competition. Shame they were able to milk people for so long.
don'tknow's Avatar
The 5970 is a bit unfair as a comparison since it's dual-GPU. And it is still better in most games, not the other way around. The GTX580 is a little better in some games. There are tons of false results across various review sites showing that the GTX580 is 'much better' than the HD5970 in a lot of games because they aren't using the proper drivers and/or crossfire profiles; notice how close the 5870 is to the 5970 in those tests (and in some, the 5970 is even lower), meaning crossfire isn't working right.

It was meant to beat the 480 and 5870 by significant margins with a more power-efficient design, and for the most part it does that. Average ~20% more performance than the 480 and ~30% more than the 5870 at high resolutions with AA.
Badbonji's Avatar
The HD6870 CF and GTX580 SLI both scale very well, and sometimes perfectly which is good to see. I feel that the HD6870 has impressed me more though, as the GTX580 as expected still uses quite a fair bit of power, I was hoping for a larger drop. I think the HD6990 will be quite a big step from the GTX580(if that is what it will be called) as the HD5970 can keep up with it.
xoke's Avatar
Well, I was wrong, it's not a paper launch and I was right...this is what the GTX 480 was supposed to be. My personal opinion...this is an optimized/reworked/corrected 480. Fast card though.
jobrien2001's Avatar
LOL @ $550. What a joke. Ill Wait for a price drop and for the new ATI cards. Too steep for me.
tyl998's Avatar
I wonder how much faster the 580 is compared to 2 460s in SLI? If the performance is similar, then I wonder which would use less power and generate less heat?
xoke's Avatar
Well, two GTX 460s in SLI are about 0-15% faster than a single GTX 480. The GTX 580 looks to be 10-15% faster than a single GTX 480. So I would call that one a wash. Two 460s in SLI = one 580. Mind you thats real rough estimate, games, system configurations, driver updates notwithstanding.

As far as heat and power go I have no clue, neither of which affect my scores on HWbot.
tyl998's Avatar
So if performance is about the same, then one can also look at the 100 to 180 dollar gap in pricing between the two options. But then you can't really upgrade the 460 SLI incrementally...
Shinjo's Avatar
oh..if two 460s SLI can perform equal to 580 does, I will go for two 460s SLI...I am so impressed by the windforce cooler by GIGABYTE. Begin to save more money
thobel's Avatar
Now I need Ek to hurry up with the new Blocks!
Darkwand's Avatar
Well the 580 might actually show up as a dual card itself as the Fermi architecture is "fixed" the 295 was the latest dual card from Nvidia wasn't it
don'tknow's Avatar
NV was planning a dual-GPU card using 2x GTX 460's or 470's, something like that... but the last we heard of that was months ago. They seem to have waited to finalize the fermi architecture before doing it (most likely due to TDP limitations of the GT400's architecture), so their dual-GPU fermi will be probably 2x cut-down versions of the 580.

Really not seeing how they won't at least attempt to make a dual-GPU version, since the upcoming release of the HD 6970 is also going to have a dual-GPU version (the 6990) in Q1 next year... and just the 6970 itself is looking to be very strong competition for the GTX580.
Zantal's Avatar
Does anybody know if there is any chance gpu and mem placement (+ other things) is the same as the gtx480?
I have a dream! not to change waterblocks XD

(stupid question i know . . .)

crap they added some voltage controls -.-
although rest of the layout is identical

mmmmm i foresee, BRICOLAGE!
xoke's Avatar
If that happened I would be amazed. It is colder than a 480, they did fix some stuff...but it's still one hot son of a gun. Probably too hot to for an SLI sandwich card in my opinion.
BenF's Avatar
The new card seems pretty nice but the $500 price tag is a bit too much for me. Hopefully the prices will drop in the next few months when I hope to buy a new card.
D33PJackal's Avatar
It might. If the Cayman proves to be a real answer to the 580 we could see a little dip.
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