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NVIDIA GTX 580 Launch Round-Up

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The GTX580s are already listed for sale this morning at starting at $559.99.  The stock core runs at 772 MHz and shader clock at 1544 MHz, but for $20 more you can get a factory overclocked EVGA SuperClocked model running 797 MHz and 1594 MHz respectively. has the EVGA SuperClocked listed at $515 and the stock version at $499.

It is now officially announced by NVIDIA.

With the GeForce GTX 580, we increased the number of CUDA cores to 512 and cranked up the processor clock to 1.54GHz. Filtering for FP16 textures (commonly used in high dynamic range rendering) is now twice as fast. Z-cull, where invisible pixels are removed to avoid wasted shading, has been designed to be even more effective. The net result is that games on the GTX 580 run 15-20% faster than the GTX 480.

courtesy NVIDIA

courtesy NVIDIA

…and now the reviews are starting to roll in:

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated throughout the day.

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