NVIDIA GTX 680 - Image Courtesy Tweaktown

NVIDIA Launches GEFORCE GTX 680, aka Kepler

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Good morning faithful readers! While we truly wish we had a review for you today (and indeed were promised we would have a card pre-launch at CES so we could bring you one), we are unfortunately left holding the short end of the stick today. That’s ok though, we’re working our hardest to get a partner card for you ASAP and have already been in talks about future, non-reference versions coming up this spring.

NVIDIA GTX 680 - Image Courtesy Tweaktown

NVIDIA GTX 680 - Image Courtesy Tweaktown

From an accidental posting of GTX 680’s at Newegg last night, it seems the price will range from $500 to $535, depending on brand. This undercuts some models of AMD’s HD 7970 by a decent margin (Newegg list) and a lot of indicators show it out-performing the 7970 and falling just shy of the dual-GPU HD 6990. This is a good thing for everybody; with any luck we’ll have a price war and in the end consumers will win out. Better GPUs for cheaper? Yes please!

We’ve been told we’ll have a card very soon and rest assured we’ll bring you a review as soon as we can. Until then, have a look at some reviews published this morning.

If you do make the plunge (which you can now do at Newegg as of ~9:20AM EST), you will of course need the latest drivers. NVIDIA has come through with driver version 301.10, which is WHQL-signed.

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– Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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