NZXT Phantom Case Giveaway Winner


Thanks to everyone who entered the NZXT giveaway! In total, we had a quite impressive 266 entries!

There were three pretty cool prizes provided by NZXT.  Two sleeved LED kits and a white Phantom case. Winning numbers produced by were 102, 185, and 30… To determine our winners we then matched those numbers up to post IDs on the replies to the announcement article. Let’s meet our winners!

Congratulations to our first place winner Sh4un, who will be receiving the much sought-after Phantom case in the mail soon!

Runners up who take home the sleeved LED kit are Just A Nickname and Galganaban!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned… Our next contest will be announced soon!

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David's Avatar
Congrats guys
Grnfinger's Avatar
congrats to the winners
Just a nickname's Avatar
Thanks a lot!

More led in my case
Black C5 Z06's Avatar
Many congrats to all winners!
Prime's Avatar
Wow i cant believe i won something, awesome Its cause I complained isnt it? lol
Dooms101's Avatar
I don't think I've seen the case winner before... the other two I have cool contest! Thanks NZXT for making it possible, too bad I didn't win. Oh well xD
Just a nickname's Avatar
Let's try to complain:

The winning numbers are 102, 185 and 30 (me).

If we pick the numbers from the lowest to the highest... I should be teh grand winner

Dooms101's Avatar
So I am guessing the winning numbers correspond to the poster number and not the post number? That way post count in this thread has no effect when >1.
JPC's Avatar
Congrats! Enjoy your loot!
sh4un's Avatar
Thx sooo much to Overclockers, and NZXT
Tokae's Avatar
Congrats Yes!

That case looks not only good, it looks like its laid out internally really well!
MIDI's Avatar
as a result of the contest i actually ordered one for my next build..I will post pics once im done..congrats to all winners!
deweylee's Avatar
ITNinja's Avatar
Congrats to the lucky winners
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