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How long should I wait?
Gigabyte replaces gpu fans
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Newegg shipping RAM in bubble envelopes...
ASRock tech support
distributel and Rogers service
Xoxide still kicking?
50 points to Amazon
Who says Neweggs CS is in the toilet?
Asus warranty support: Not good, not good at all
Jab-tech has bad customer service
PSU Vendor and Damaged Connected Equipment
Frozen CPU
NewEgg vs. Compbrick etition
Samsung Support = Horrible
Walmart Replacement - asurion
With Wirefly gone, are there any other options?
can i rma shappire cards if i bought them from ebay
Gigabyte RMA and how customer un-friendly they are
Newegg Order Cancellation does not work
ASUS RMA on my Maximus IV Gene-Z - Not going to debug because 'induced damage'
Newegg 2 day shipping..
Beware of Corsair online store
How is Asus's Turn around Time
Gigabyte's warranty questions
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2rd person return from amazon
We proudly offer what everyone else on earth has done for years!
New Egg Promo code not working
Newegg annoyance...
Prebuilt or custom build assistance please
Amazon Sales Tax
Western Digital RMA experience
anyone use empiredealsonline.com before????
Cooler Master Customer Service
newegg premiere
microcenter ink cartridge credit
Anyone done business with "IPS LED Monitors?"
Newegg Open Box Motherboard Experience
GSkill Lifetime RAM Warranty
Newegg Catch 22
Never shop at 1saleaday
UPS *@&#^
GELID Does NOT Honor Their Warranty
Why you can't trust all reviews online
nobetterdeals -- has anyone shopped here?
TheTechGeek -- Anyone Ever Shop There?
GSkill DDR2 RMA?
My Gripe about UPS
EVGA Support
Bizarre NewEgg Customer Service Experience
Corsair and UPS have me upset
'Green Monday'? ENOUGH ALREADY
Water cooling vendors
New Egg Loss Claim
Anyone heard of or tried Hover Hound app ?
The Sham that is Newegg's "Iron Egg Price Guarantee"
What Business Is A Good Alternative To Newegg?
PowerColor RMA - HD7950
Neweggs new Request Price "feature"
Neweggs new layout is incredibly terrible
RMA Rejected-End User Damage
Steam account sale violation of EULA
Cant cancel from Newegg
4+ weeks and no GPU back, RMA (HIS/Lexicorp)
RMA issues with Newegg
Newegg Hurt a Long Time Customer Lost Overnight Package Pre-Order GTA5
Overclockers UK RMA problems
EVGA B-Stock
Newegg and bad bad policy
1st Trip To Microcenter
Geeks.com closing for good...
Warranty Stickers?
Klipsch Customer Support
Pulling a fast one?
Newegg Preferred Account
EK Big thumbs down
ISP to avoid...Frontier Part 2!!!
NewEgg has a malicious JS?
Newegg "Package Delivery Intercept"
Sidewinder Computers - MIA?
Swiftech <3
Positive experience with ASUS RMA
Newegg.ca now has pick up
Fractal Design amazing support
Opinion on Toshiba HDDs?
Anyone still shop at Woot!?
Lian li cases & support
HIS Video Card RMA
XFX Support - What happened? Old accounts gone? How to contact now?
AVA Direct Review
horrible rma experience
Newegg EggXpert Help to Avoid Phish
My love of Newegg has officially come to an end.
Newegg Preferred account
Thoughts on Nerds on Site
Gamers and Enthusiasts tired of LAMEGG, CRAPAZON, Etc starting our own Company.
Newegg's Eggxpert Review Program
Newegg not issuing a return for an unopened Windows box.
Trying to play nice with wrong information
Newegg problems
I got an Asus Maximus II Gene from 3B Tech and it has a broken pin!
pls help to talk to HP.....
Never Settle Bundle still being advertised?
ASUS Xonar_Xense: RMA Issues
NewEgg never again... (Correction: UPS problem)
Amazon Prime video no available through browser?
Adobe Creative Suite 6 Versus WordPress
Zotac USA - very nice
+1 to Amazon gift card purchasing, screw a few other places
Is there an XFX rep?
SONY VAIO support/RMA in EU
Amazon collecting state tax grrrr
Experience with Sidewinder Computers
We have a Sidewinder Rep here?
Autozone zero tolerance policy
Caution to eBay sellers
Msi rma?
Info about Newegg.
FrozenCPU and TigerDirect?
Has Anyone Used www.need-shop.com ?
Seagate customer service
dang newegg
Receive a $10 prepaid card by mail from EVGA!
ISP to avoid...Frontier
ebay ripoffs
Lease your video cards by the month ?
Newegg DOA return shipping??
Sapphire RMA
Since when does UPS deliver with catapults?
WTH happened to Newegg?
I need advice on a computer for sell
Directron.com fubar
what happened to pay pal?
Patriot RMA Service
EVGA's-Vid cards
Anybody ever hear or deal with Rilla?
MSI Support.
Tisk tisk,newegg and evga (it worked out pretty easily in the end)
My experience with 1saleaday
petrastechshop.com still around?
Newegg ((selling returned as new?)
Corsair, Honesty???
Newegg Comes Through
Bitdefender - Auto Renewal Nightmare
Microsoft - Believe it or Not - Outstanding Customer Service Experience
Embassy Suites banner ad
Newegg is currently updating
Best shop in Belgium/NL?
[SOLVED] Heatware.com has been down
What happened with Gskill site?! (gskill.com domain expired)
Micro center???
My Local Microcenter Closed!
Acronis True Image FAIL
Ocz rma?
Newegg RMA inspector damged
+1 For The Home Depot
Local place to purchase liquid cooling system
Nzxt. great customer service
Problem with ASUS Warranty Service (courtesy Fry's)
what company gives you the biggest bang for your buck with gaming laptops?
newegg crashes firefox, chrome, and 8. and i dont know why
Is Kingston HyperX a quality company?
i need a list of websites that dont charge california sales tax
Tips on stacking Promo Codes + Combo Deal @ Newegg
Newegg vs. Amazon -- FIGHT!
SVC compucycle
Newegg does it again !!
Sure looks like a scam
Done with EVGA.
what was your First Newegg Purchace.
Paying Via Paypal on newegg.
Asus Strikes Again: Month and a Half MINIMUM laptop repair
I think XFX is lying hardcore to their customers....
Amazon vendors price gouging on asus gtx 670 top
MSI Unprofessional
MSI regrets
Looking for domain/website hosting
NCIXus.com not good...again
How's HIS Video Cards?
Poor bandwidth on Leadtek GT430 graphic card
Western Digital RMA
Newegg falling from grace
Frustrating experience with Lenovo. 6+ repairs and no solution
UPS weird tracking info
Best Pc parts website
Just When I was about to Trash NewEgg...
Amazon Pc Components
Newegg RMA Shinanigans
Microcenter's 1 CPU limit question
tigerdirect.com Vs Newegg.com
+1 thinkgeek
Newegg doesn't allow refunds for hard drives?
Newegg.ca IN CANADA VS NCIX.com
How extensively have you used Newegg?
West coast vendors
Dell - Unwanted pre-installed software refund?
Newegg+paypal "Order Verification"
FrozenCPU - A review from a walk-in customer
Quick Best Buy lol
One tripping newegg
One more reason to ditch PayPal
Asus RMA for repairs under warranty, or lack thereof
Your choice? (4 choices, pick only 1)
price drop 12 hours after ordering from scan
Amazon slow to process/ship
Dreamhost dropping the ball after years of decent service
RMA Thru Brand Companies
I <3 Microcenter!
Antec, good stuff but bad service
UPS sucks. Use USPS!
Big thumbs up for Swiftech
Tiger Direct makes no sense
Costco charging tax on pre-sale amounts
Recent Performance-Pcs experiance...
thinking of going msi wondering about their rma
Comcast and their ridiculous bloatware...
any place still selling Chieftec Dragon Full Towers?
Antec cust. service
A little Pissed at Newegg.
Fairly disappointed by Gigabyte.
Fry's Electronics
do you guys/gals noticed this
New Z68s from ASUS?
Newegg...(New Build/Customer Service)
USPS failing to deliver a package?
OCZ RMA experience
gigabyte contact?
Have you ordered from Dimastech?
FrozenCPU - Any Good?
did digikey just rob me in shipping!?!?
Positive - Newegg Advanced RMA
tiger direct, never again
Brands that you will never buy from again
Secondipity? Anyone bought?
HP through Amazon.com
Avoid Newegg.com gift cards at all cost.
Microcenter: Nightmare and sweet dreams
Trying to do an Advance RMA through Western Digital
LF a deal on SSD (promo code, etc)
Best Buy predicted to go out of business
Newegg not too shabby
Is this how Asus does business???
Buying from NCIX in the US
Nan's Gaming Gear - Good Stuff
Newegg sells "private" toys now
Shipping Vendors: Handle with Care
NewEgg Taking Over Two Weeks To Ship Now
FrozenCPU, I am pleased
Very Pleased with Logitech
Newegg Issue - No Trust
Canon Direct - Positive Experience
Microcenter - a so-so deal
CrazyPC.com, reputable dealer?
MicroCenter - Awesome Deal Working With Me
Advice on getting Asus REM/replacement mobo?
PLEXTOR PX-128M2S from newegg = LITE-ON LAT-128M2S?
HD prices may be going down sooner
Kingston Rebate Timline
what is wrong with the capital region in new york?
ChiefValue any good?
justorderonline.com? ok? bad?
ASUS ROG RMA time...?
Minor Issue vs Restitution?
Do I have any course of action to take with Newegg?
Amazon Kindle customer service is awesome!!!
UPS and Shipping (methods of shipping)
Why is Newegg.com starting to suck?
Newegg rebate
Heads up: Shoprunner
Server Colo Suggestions
NewEgg pricing debacle... [rant=on]
NCIX or MicroCenter
Another Newegg Rant
AAA Accessories through Vendio
I sometimes wonder how companies survive
Problem with Newegg - Received 3 dead cards
Great new resource - http://www.outletpc.com/
Place to get bulk cable sleeving?
Newegg Returns Advice?
Anyone dealt with Asrock RMA?
Newegg declining
Cheapest place to get Windows 7?
So what does it mean when it says -Bulk on a item a amazon.com?
Super Talent RMA
Bite me, OCZ
OCZ RMA is an absolute joke
Does Newegg Have A Set Time For Open Box Items?
NETGEAR RMA (WNDR3700) Have you had any luck?
Sapphire RMA --- A Joke!
Supplies for shipping computer parts? Recom.?
Newegg's tracking better than UPS's
Anybody have any experience with MSI RMAs?
Newegg going downhill
Busy day?
Crappy service lol GV-N460OCfor $24.96
Gigabyte Support????
Newegg has a new warehouse?
Monoprice Tracking Number
since when does newegg limit the quantity of computer items?
Question of non recieved items
As Flames Roar out my ears , i will never buy anything again :-)
Where can I find the ocz vertex 3 120gb max iops?
Toshiba - Leading Crappy Innovation
Repetitive/irrelevant Information in OCZ RMA process
Newegg has no return policy?
Not too happy with USPS
Chase & Amazon Thumbs Down
Dumb RMA question
Oh, you ordered via 3 day? And there's a weekend?
XFX GPU Warranty Service Awesome!
Which place exports parts to NZ?
Newegg Will-Call Service
UPS + Fractal Design = bummer
Monoprice - Order Issue
Fry's shipping..
NewEgg: bait and switch?
Walmart and Computer Componets
Gateway Support SUX
CrazyPC does live on?
@ Lamptron/Spawne32 - Re: Fan Controllers
Outstanding service from Lenovo
Buy from Newegg while living in Europe. Ship to USA.
Best Buy Refund Check Issue
Newegg Return policy
Walmart return policy really suck
title removed (trolling)
great experience with EVGA RMA x2
ASUS RMA Stuck in Transit
Western Digital - New Passport Drives
Another WIN at frys service desk
CentralComputer/PC Mall
Newegg live chat gone?
Newegg, UPS lost package
FutureMark , malware
Need distributor in Europe, suggestions?
Razer Stuff
HP Business Support
Newegg and Cell Phones
A recent discussion with fedex, after an overnighted package was not delived
Cheap online stores in EU/Shipping to EU?
getting commission on ebay scam???
Heatware site ...
Cheap domain renewals?
Newegg and the OCZ SSD problems
Ordering direct through Antec--Not a good idea at the moment.
Very frustrated at newegg for potentially questionable advertising practices.
ASUS RMA sucks
How to ship computer parts?
Antec RMA not going so well
Frys price match = Win
Package Stuck in Houston
Insignia Infocast 8, or how to screw up a Chumby...
Perks to living in CA
Microcenter, selling the same drive for 2 prices
For the first time NewEgg let me down!
Gigabyte RMA question.
Antec has monkeys working in packaging...
Why does Newegg use DHL
Really dissapointed with harmon kardon
Newegg warranty advice
PayPal Not Letting Me Send Money....
Tiger Direct Back Order Experience?
Anyone dealt with XFX warranty?
[Solved] My first and last purchase at Xoxide...RIP Yate Loon's.
So sad that I have to go to three different vendors for simple things...
Newegg Memory RMA Question
Digikey.com A+
HP online support... what the...?
Not happy with Dell's lack of information
Amazon pricing bouncing up and down.
First order from newegg went well.
Newegg Falsely Advertising (RANT)
Bill Me Later? Has Anyone Used It?
First and last order with TigerDirect
Western Digital?
Cyberlink Fails In Customer Support - Again
Steam - where's support?
Mushkin Bargain Bin PSUs, terrible!
-Amaon, Shipping update for your Amazon.com order
Themaltake Warranty
TigerDirect and the incompatible packages!
Looking for someone to convert digital tape to DVD
Newegg RMA Q
Newegg: screwy rma and how they fixed it
Extremely weird case with shopping from Newegg
Newegg broken...Did I get a used/returned unit?
Disappointed in Newegg
Beware of Trendnet rebates
Newegg Cyber Monday "Deals"
MicroCenter Price Match
UPS\NewEgg is squared away
Newegg is torquing my shorts
Kind of annoyed at NE...
MSI rma
UPS - Three Strikes and You're Out!
Looks like West Lebanon NH Best Buy may stop selling Corsair PSUs forever!
LG pulling a fast one?
First Community bank blocks Newegg.com
Black Friday deals
Dell chat support
[rant] UPS fails at delivery
Intel RMA
Ordered 3 items from Newegg, 3 separate shipment...
OCZ RMA (Like Wooh)
Razer Naga. Big let down
[Finally Resolved] Another Amazon.com fail...
Amazon Shipping Guarantee
screw comcast
Mail In Rebates
Galaxy RMA (GTX 470) 8/10...
Kaspersky and rebateaccess for rebates
US shop sells Acer netbook and ships internationally?
Any Good PC Shops/Retailers in LA ?
Zip Zoom Fly Done?
Best Buy... Lost our business...
Over priced much...? Play.com
Buying Open Box from Newegg?
Gigabyte RMA
My first bad experience with Newegg
PNY Rebates - good news
And if THAT wasn't enough... Now THE ECA!
Does Newegg make exceptions for the 30-day return limit?
Amazon: Seller Beware
Opinion on newegg issue
Thumbs up to Newegg.
Koolance Customer Service
USPS... gotta love them
Newegg Password Reset Scam
ramada inn, continental airlines, and orbitz
Who calls this the proper way to ship equipment?
Anyone else have slow USPS delivery from EK direct
Monoprice surprised me...
FrozenCPU impresses once again!
NewEgg Preffered vs Bill Me Later
Western Digital (Bad experience)
Asus out of warranty repair
Newegg shoot themselves in the foot.. again.
BFG Stops RMA and Warranty Support
Verified by Visa and Newegg
Seagate Warranty Qs
XFX Experience (AWESOME)
(Newegg) Incompatible ac adapter
Bulk Memory Buy
Asus Customer Service and RMA is HORRIBLE!
UPS is now amazing in my mind
12" hardbound book in a 7" letterbox
+1 Logitech Customer Support
Recommendations for laptops (using MacBook Pro as a benchmark)
Verizon Rant...
MSI RMA sucks now...
Lost package advice...
[O/C] Vendor Spotlight #1: Who You Calling Crazy?
Performance PC's
Cooler master hacked?
EVGA really screwed me.
Sumsung RMA Service - Awesome!
Sennheiser headset safe to buy from Asia on eBay?
BFG and RMA'd video cards you need Proof of Purchase...
Bing quitting cashback program soon
Newegg Redesign
Dell commits bait and switch? What do you think?
Sweetwater- Pro Audio
[Resolved]Newegg gift card horror story