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Circuit City
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This seem suspicious to anyone else?
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Corsair Ram
Made my own Labor Day Staples Sale, Staples will do all they can to not price match
ZZF and Provantage rant
Does corsair send back stuff via tracking?
Tankguys, great support!
Thank you DFI!!!
Newegg has a another Warehouse!
McMaster-Carr SUCKS!
Epson CS and fraud reporting.
Very helpful and friendly service from Petra
How do I return an RMA to newegg?
Mushkin rocks my socks!
help with boot disk 4 newbie
how can I overclock a pentium 4 2,66ghz?
I have returned finally!
92mm LED fans for good price?
help quick please
Dev Forum
subwoofer for pc
dsl isp
Chris Tom at amdzone.com
MGM DVD Settlement (If you bought a MGM DVD between 12/1/1998 -9/8/03 Read this!
OCZ Platinum Rev2 gone (from newegg)?
Ilo Dvd+r
Yate Loon fans - D12SL-12, D90SM-12
Newegg Lanfest 2k5
Earthlink DSL users - new lower rate
How does the PC vendor do it
Where is the best deal on the Dell 2405FPW right now?
GeForce 7950 GX2 On for "cheap"!! WhooHoo!
Jab-Tech.com rocks, He now offers a 8% discount to members in the Armed Forced.
Dell Tech support, awesome!
16 Zalman MFC2 In Stock
Newegg Business Account?
a question about BB on price matches?
OCZ/Newegg Problem.
Is this new for Newegg?
Olevia RMA
Great Mwave Experience
jab-tech Makes money on RMA
Dell bait and switch...
Great Customer Service!! MountainMods and Motherboard Pro
Anyone actually been to a PCClub lately?
Pay to return defective products to Newegg?
Pickup shipments enroute?
Seriously...what the hell is going on here?
Gateway is a joke
UltraHignEndComputers ?
B&H Photo Video GOOD!
Amazon is my new favorite online retailer
Newegg TN shipping
Axiontech.com SUCKS
ClubIt sucks big time
time for mass rmas-my experience so far
People who use Bill me later
What happened to tankguys website
DHL sucks!
My package started the trip wrong...
Newegg isnt fedex?
NewEgg Rocks
Wow, Buy.com - what a joke.
Whats up with tankguys
Reseller Ratings compare on Q6600
Does buy.com have phone customer support?
Anyone ever bought from these guys?
Newegg RMAs?
Fry's - bait-and-switch
Sager Laptops....
Q6600 for $339.99
Quick Warning About Sending via UPS and Fedex, All Should Read..
Shipping Question ( UPS usa to canada )
Wow ...
Best place surveillance cameras?
KWorld Rebates - STAY AWAY
You guys are always complaining UPS and Fedex sucks, so read this experience...
Newegg layout
Newegg - Paypal?
PCH cables
Zip Zoom Fly?
Concern about Newegg rebate...
Sprint Discount Tricks
Screwed By Performance-Pcs and Dangerden!
Fedex BUh-BUH
Never buy from SMKsuperstore.com/PCBoost
Who deals with Sidewinder computers?
Buy.com Horrible Customer Service
Bigfootcomputers is CLOSED!
rebate question.
dubai (UAE) shipping
My Exp with DHL and frys
NewEgg Chat Reps FTW
Staples likes to play hide the price tag now
Global Computer. B2B Division of Tiger Direct
Funny NEWEGG reviews
usps = cheap?
Screw UPS and Their Non Existant Customer Service
FYS and DHL?
Has anyone ever used http://www.shentech.com/ ?
Looking for Advise on an ebay problem
Newegg.... WTF
Best Buy says serial # is different but its not.
Chief Value shipping?
ASUS RMA = The worse RMA ever
Dell Return policy
What the HECK Newegg??
DHL/Dell and signature delivery
crucial RMA
Buy.com mailed a package that was opened
Paypal: Selling
vendors that suck.com
RMA Process; no number required?!?
I got carded at Walmart?
Newegg & E-Checks
Buy.com SUCKS (slightly unrelated to previous thread)
Buy a 8800GTX on ebay
Nexfan.com 1st time ordering most likely last time
coolerguys.com best service for cooling parts, period!
Vista Ultimate OEM 64-bit edition, buy 1 get 2 free :)
First Frozencpu.com experience -- Average/bad
Viewsonic's RMA department may be in need of a little repair itself
Post your ResellerRating for ZZF, it's slipping
Yeah Buy.com does suck...
There are many of these.. .but what is WITH the shipping industry?
HUGE Dissapointment From ASUS
Dell offering Ubuntu
Cingular Phone Insurance
newegg charging tax..
ZZF, holy moly
Walmart to sell Dell computers
Newegg warning
Atari and Digital River...
Saitek Customer service
holy crap sandisk tech support ><
WTF, US based Lite On site is down and I just got a DVD unit from NewEgg
Bad Hyundai CS experience
PC Gamer: Apparently its a challenge to give me a working copy
Favorite Online Retailers. . . Post them here
Anyone from the UK? Need help re postage services
Absolutely APPALLED at ewiz/abit
Another awful Newegg frontpage redesign (not a repost)
Price Error/Misprint
Silverstone.. Disappointing yet Excellent service
Kaanza.com = bait & switch R US
danger den rocks!!
Coolsleeves Back in Stock!
Newegg Rush Order Fee is now $3.99
Newegg: where exactly do they ship?
Paypal fraud, Advise please
Dell and the "Panel Lottery"
Mini-props to Petras
Anyone have a newegg decoder ring?
another ebay story...
Looks like Newegg is stocking up on misinformed products (slienx)
Newegg new website design
Dell = junk ?
Newegg Preferred Account
Logitech Email address?
Retailers in Cleveland or Pittsburgh
Is Compusa GOB??
Zip Zoom Fly
Pleasant experience with Apevia
Razer support...
Logitech does it again!
I got this from "NEWEGG"???
Good US Computer Parts Stores that Ship To CANADA?
huge mistake-usps
What's your oldest Newegg invoice?!?
Another Geek Squad Moment
Newegg is for Puns.
NewEgg and "Best Match" - WTH??!?
Rebate/RMA Question
NewEgg.com now has a forum!!! Eggxpert Beta!!
Props to NZXT
NO More AGP cards at newegg
newegg cancellation?
Another Geek Squad moment, brought to you by Vipersfate!
Clubit vs Newegg
Microsoft's ActiveSync Stinks
Thanks Crucial.
Corsair ram MADE IT!!!!
What are some good WC sites?
Newegg CS
Has D-Tek Customs Went Down Hill??
where are the wootoffs?
Horrible Customer Service: Altec Lansing
Best Prices in town? Monoprice
SVC website down?
Never purchase anything from
Kingston knows how to do it
Petra's knows how to treat a customer!
Newegg- From Order To Shipment in 90 Minutes
Newegg Dedicated Sales Assistant? Am I that special?
Best place to buy Laptop batteries
Logitech Customer Service
Great Experiance from Mwave.
MWAVE excellence
Microcenter PM's with Newegg and TD (Processor Only)
MSI did me right
annoyed with OCZ rebate
CompUSA evidently doesnt care anymore
Thermalright A+
Dell Small Bussiness
If someone leaves me pos feadback on ebay, can they come back and change it?
ASUS Motherboard RMA
more reasons to not use BB geekcrap
Two thumbs up for Petra's
COMP USA is closing its doors
EVGA customer satisfaction is a BIG LIE!!
Why I love dremel, and why you should too.
kudos to jab-tech
One of my rebates Invalid Purchase Date?
GigaFast -- valid rebate wont supply funds?
UPS!!!!! [Rant]
Best Buy prices
usps insurance claim
Interesting page on tiger direct
Does the picture count as part of the description on ebay?
freakin' ClubIT
Circuit City Rebates are a scam.
WTF FedEx does not take cash?
ZipZoomfly is TERRIBLE!!
Samsung Harddrive Support
Newegg Question - Have you done this?
Newegg & Paypal Questions
First Impression of iRobot's customer service
Zip Zoom Fly Lies Blatantly
Anyone familiar with FedEx's damage claim policy?
Antec Customer Support is Excellent
Expedia.com [rant]
-SSS?- Help about Performance PC's
Paypal trouble!
Geil RMA process. I am sick of them
Message from fleabay
Computer store
Another Cheap D/L Software Scam Site
Zipzoomfly Question
Caution Mountain Mod products...
M$ attempts to buy off Wikipedia editor.
Gamegiants.net? verify this site for us :D
OnRebate and Tiger Direct --SISTER companies.
NEW EGG- going in the toilet
Pinnacle Studio 10.5 and moviebox usb
Mwave has vista OEM
D-Link support
oh gold support(dell) how I love thee let me count the ways
Newegg PS3 Combo.
McMaster = Greater than Newegg.
PSA: SVC.com Super Saver Shipping is
Were you wondering where FifthUnit.com went? If so I have thine answers.
Viewsonic Warranty :(
Newegg in Europe
Best Buy and the Geek Squad (OMG)
Kudos to Corsair RMA
How much costs asus commando?
logitech support
Symantec BS!!!
DeepDiscountDVD.com -- I think they stole my credit card #!!!
For people who dislike Paypal
Newegg & International Ordering
Can you say price gouging?
Newegg and Paypal
Anyone know how long it takes EVGA to ship out an RMA?
open box motherboard from the egg
rma, service
Thinking about getting a laptop, but...
My first time buying from Xoxide.com
Warranty for raptor
I didn't really like compusa until the other day.
Newegg.com - Are we seeing a new trend here?
I guess with NewEgg, next-day air isn't next-day air
Newegg A++++
is this wendor reputable?
Circuit City won't validate coupon
Newegg and Pay later
Newegg Tax
Has anyone done business with chumbo.com?
any Ipod nano deal people ?
Eastbay (not computer related - sporting good's retailer)
woot.com had PS3's, wow!!!
shipping company for shipping a computer
soyo rebate system
question about newegg shipping
Striker Extreme $256.00 from the EGG!!!-Open Box
Any ideas on if this website is legit?
Globalwinusa. Help pls.
paypal $20 off $50 purchase
Has any one else had problems with dell recently ?
blockbuster online ROCKS!
SSS verify this site for us!!
A Crucial Holiday Read...100% True
Directron users
Dell Preferred Account (DPA) Question
Think geek quiestion!
vovalso legit?
Novia Tajo
I love newegg.com but lordy
Has anyone ever had to deal with SilverStone?
ZipZoomFly - a thumbs down order
Rebate Question
Newegg Defenders
Good service from Antec
Do we have an OCZ Rep?
is direction.com reputable?
Antec Rebates *Thumbs way down*
Wicked Lasers
R.I.P. Monarch Computer
Excellent Support from Konica-Minolta
Newegg and paypal
Not a problem, more of an annoyance with UPS
How do you reprint a USPS Shipping label?
Please, if you are thinking of buying an Asus... Dont.
Newegg customer service
Question about Monarch Computers for those that received their systems
Using Dell Components in other systems
Scam e-mail?
Fedex Saturday Delivery?
Mercado Store: does this look legit
Your thoughts: my latest ebay purchase
NCIX best shipping ever!
Quick question about dell
EBAY - Warning; 3rd party access allowed!
newegg and shipping
Black Friday / Cyber Monday - Newegg
what happend to monarchcomputer.com website
Sapphire/ATI outsourcing RMA's?? Weird response to RMA request.
Kudos for Petras Tech Shop
XPS 700 Owners.... Dell Caught With Their Pants Down !!
MyAopen is great!
International shops?
Accepts PP and no cali tax?
Dell pull DVD RW question
Who ships to Austrailia
TankGuys...Whats the deal?
I hate to do this to Petra's Tech Shop but...
Paypal Rebates
newegg does refund upon price change before package arrive
You gotta love Jab-Tech.com
any??? good store
nearly 3 months, Monarch still owes me
stay away from Dreamhost
Arita (Ritek/Ridata) Rebates UNRELIABLE
Tax at Newegg?
Somebody blew up PayPal!
gateway to offer x6800 factory OC
Killer NIC....... Not So Killer ?? Bigfoot Lays a NewEgg ?
Know Your E-Tailer - The complete list
Paypal temporarily down??
Monarch CSR
Best place to buy in smaller bulk qauntities?
Newegg Payapl wierd symbols
Schools laptop program-Gateway
Is Customer Service Dead in America?
Monarch CSR helped you? Please post here!
Monarch Computers Owes me more than $2000
Crosair XMS2 RMA???
FOR RMA Who pays for postage?
how good
anyone used thenerds.net?
Firefold.com any experience with this company?
FedEx does it again (GOOD!)
UPS shipping via Newegg
RMA question
Refurb Retailers?
Fedex Next Day Air
Paypal woes
Why Does FedEx Rip Me Off ??
Newegg Pricing
What happened to Cutting Edge Case Mods?
evga cs
Bogus Newegg spam
limited eddition?
Newegg good and bad
eBay question
Monarch rep for YOU! (Monarch Rep gave up and left the building)
Apple Computers
Best Vendors & Price Comparisons
How accurate is "tracking"
newegg overnight shipping not available
RMA ed ASUS Motherboard
Fry's is rediculous plus a microcenter problem
Cooltechnia Shipping.
RMA With OCZ A+++
FrozenCPU, Never Do Business With
www.geeks.com Just an information thread for your amusement
If package comes and your not home????
Wal-Mart Price Matching Policy
Ewiz 3700+ E6 Vs E4 CPU's. $76, $74. Have one? DOUBLE CHECK!
New Egg RMA
adata SD flinksy?
Team Group RMA troubles
Just got my 2 rebates thanks to WD and Newegg
Good Sites?
Newegg + Fedex, Its Back!
Monarchcomputer = LIAR
Powercomm = piece of junk!
Good online retailer that sells Apple stuff
newegg shipping
New Egg Shipping
Anyone that has Issues with Monarch Computer Read This !!
BestBuy security SUCKS..
Reviews on overclockers.de & no2noise
UPS is cheesing me off!
onthewebmall.com? Legit?
ZipZoomFly verification problem (rant)
Anitec reliable?
USPS...what a mess
Washington DC Computer stores
Blockbuster Online DVD
what's the deal with rebates?
(resolved)eBay problem
Newegg RAM RMA help
Seagate RMA = Th3 Pwn!
NewEgg Saturday?
Dell rolls out AMD
NewEgg's New GUI ???
Performance PC's
hmm outpost.com
Vendor Question about RMA?