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frequency jumping
Shopping Help Needed
Techmas gifts?
Found this HILARIOUS (ex-gf revenge)
Official Under Your Christmas Tree Thread
Happy Holidays y'all!
A pint of bourbon and a quart of rum
Why do cellular data speeds vary so much regionally?
Star Trek v. Apple
Concealed carry for the wife
An electronics repair question (TV PSU)
Got some choices to make
Thanks to OCF for keeping it real
Spread the word. Stolen Truck with Dog inside.
How can I avoid taxes if I am shipping to myself internationally?
I want to lose some padding
Holiday blues? Life got you down?
The Usenets, they are a changing...
Christmas Minecraft Server Givaway
Official Christmas Tree thread !
The universe hates my GPUs.....
What Do You Want to Know?
R.I.P. Patrick Moore
Tales of a Chili Cook-off Judge
The end of the world!
For real STEAM finally? Steam lets you choose install drive per game.
anyone listen to rap/hip-hop?
back nearer to civilization
Google Play App charges tax
am I the only one that notices how slow OCF is at night ?
Hi-Speed Delta Electronics Fan Meet Pinky Toe. Pinky Toe Time To Die!
Pricing Office Equipment Installation and Configuration Services
Vent your creativity: Pic for new net meme
Oh the joys of christmas shopping...
The Website is down: IT geeks check this one out.
Whatever happened to BFG?
Would this increase my credit score
smashing electronics and computer parts
whats the best camera for ~200-250 on officemax.com?
odd ball POE Injector AD
Answering the important questions
Any weird sleepers out there ?
Brand New RAM :D
File-Sharing Lawsuits Come To Canada
Could it be Illegal to screen capture ?
thanks alot Google
Hector "Macho" Camacho Dies After Shooting
Ever appeal a grade in college ?
Found a hacked website
ITT things we want to do before we die
This is why you should be a considerate driver...
Funny Bitfenix Fail
Help me find the words..
No more Hostess
Sam Fisher getting slapped on the big screen....
is there such thing as a mugshot search engine?
Overclockers via the Terminal
Softening the water for dishwasher?
when you see the mouse on your screen "lock"
Virus software maker McAfee wanted for Murder
My Epic Wife: Nerd B-Day Party
anyone know were I can get pepsi clear
fuelly users assemble!
sweet FLCL is on blu ray
This drives me friggin crazy!!!
Tv repair ? LCD power supply
my girlfriend is awesome!
Foxconn Sees New Source Of Cheap Labor: The United States
NASAís Spot the Station service
Need Opinions On Picking An Email Address
motherboards.org you tube channel hijacking
I want this!!!!!!!!
theres a mini me :D
can someone tell me more about this song
Hurricane Sandy did me in..
We need more judges like this
Can someone help me with dB measurements
anyone here sell on ebay?
Death of PCs? No. Death of xbox!
Id like opinions on an ebay auction i listed
Dubstep by Blackmill
take a look at what I made
I need ideas of how to make money online.
crazy girlfriend mene (is that what I think it is)
Decisions... advice on servicing or selling a 2002 Hyunda Accent
Death of PC's Talk
Best facepalm ever!
Oi i need to stop looking at craigslist....
anyone use run of the mill search engine?
Prometheus Deleted Scenes(Blu Ray)
GPS questions
Schooling for unemployed?
OCZ shares nosedive after announcing "significant loss"
Not exactly sure how to go about this (home buying)
turn on and off the pc several times in order to boot it. Weird!
(8:35pm EST) Space X launching
Gasolene prices spike in California
I did not know cars had start up sounds
the most dumbest thing you have ever done in your life.
How to determine how much your are worth?
Turkey Assembly to Vote on Mandate for Military Action in Syria
Finding cheapest homeowners insurance?
Outsourcing mechanics, for airlines...
You know you are stupid when....
Forums not as active
People film/photograph every moment (rant)
im so cool thread.
Need PC cleaning advice
Nest, Do you have one? What you think aboot it?
name the OS above you
I need a cheap mp3 player with line in recording
Neptune in days and mars in hours
Come and join in the special relationship between UK and USA.
The program frozen
An interesting video on time sharing.
anyone want to explain this email to me
How I lost 15 lbs. in under two months
Funny Movie Pause
Saying good bye
Just got setup as an Indie Games Dev
another day, another jackrabbit
iPhone 5......no WOW! factor....
Who is Lucas Lehmer an what does he want with my CPU?
it's back
Any software for Music
iGoogle - What are you switching to?
Polishing dull Headlights...Worth the effort?
The Mixed drinks thread
Free online education
parental controls that cannot be hacked by 10 year olds
Advice Wanted: Two Roads Diverged... Or Was It Three?
Un/Under insured motorist insurance
Red Stag Black Cherry
so that's what bit me
Free alternative to FireDaemon
Motorcycle riders, what do you think about this bike?
An observation about classical musicians.
Remember this?
Anyone use Kickstarter?
Solar car battery charger
Some one that knows about old houses, question (pic included)
Why the hell would this happen?
funny names for cheap knock off sodas.
Just had a crazy thought.
ohio is not so safe anymore
Hunkering down for a hurricane
online storage options
Empire State Building shootings (Legal not political)
so, who lives really close to a fry's?
Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Dead at 82
Interesting read on frame rate
Decent universal remote
Train guy's this ones for you
Inspiring story
So this is political!!
Am I over-worrying?
Question about Ebay
Looking for a gun safe
Rebates, good or bad?
Man, I'm sick of Craigslist scammers
Why no native tech support?
Brammo Electric Motorcycles, what do you think of them?
Was I too harsh?
Any European OCF'ers?
120v-160v case fans!? lol
Mars Panorama Photo
"Can store 50 million bytes"!!!!!!! Storage in the 1960's (Pics)
Big oops for Google
Has Apple really invented anything?
Who DOES NOT own a smart phone?
The quest for three 6930s
2012 OCForums Fantasy Football league thread
Formula 1
Anyone a NHRA fan?
Mars Curiosity lands TONIGHT!
Applying for College...any thoughts on these?
Got me a new (Free) 32" TV
Small Amount of Water under Pergo Floor
how much is the CPU/GPU heatsink/ cooler industry worth ?
its freaking raining in oklahoma
Selling all of my computer related stuff for physical therapy- need some advice
Kidz say the derndest thangs
Canada: more July tornadoes than US
Teenager issued with harassment warning over tweets sent to Tom Daley
How Much of a Geek are You?
Looking for a dishwasher.
Who produces their own products ? ?
Another Military Q - National Guard
Advice on buying a TV (Costco)
is it safe to buy a used computer from the xoticpc.com forums?
Maybe he should have used a Tamale?
Green IT Proposal
i want to take a computer class for college but which one?
Is Paypal E-Check Reliable?
Anyone have experience with Capital One Auto loans? + Best $16.5k new car
buying bank owned / REO quick Q
Download RAM!
Gym people?
Nostalgic Gaming
Overclocking Benefits
Boy, when it rains, it effing pours...
Conscious Rap
Annnnnnd I thought Gymkhana was good..
The Batman Massacre
Huge batman spoiler
Virgin Mobile
Is college really worth it?
Help with a logo
Anybody had this happen to them on E-Bay lately? Nigerians?
What is Your PC's Name?
Any HVAC Experts?
Sunspot Auroras Headed Our Way
Traveling, Overclockers is Fair and Balanced
Best Buy Private Auction
This made me giggle! :D
Who offers manual transmission car lessons?
Well I think it is quitting time for today!
DDR3 = dance dance revolution 3
A song by me with some BF3 gameplay M416
DO you think that the nexus 7 will have a shortage and sell out?
spiderman. anyone else see it. it was awesome!!!!
Interesting thing I noticed about Newegg...
Beau Geste In Eurocup Championships
[ ITTSB.EU ] New website about profesional multimeter reviews.
VOIP questions
how much do you think i could get for my desktop?
Gunshots or fireworks occured outside my house about 30 minutes ago
Weird Scam??
Oh how I love parking tickets...
Google's new firearm policy
Iron Maiden 2012 Maiden England Tour
Free 1yr Maxim Subscription
NWS has a new homepage!
Protocol for cable co to access cable box?
Coil Gun
help with car, 01 1.8L Sentra
Paintball + GoPro Hero 2 = My latest creation
Google IO conference
Accidentally shipped something to the wrong address - anything I can do?
Website typos... glargg.
Has anyone encountered this Before
Advice on museums etc. to take a 7-year-old to in New York City and Philadelphia
Well... took The Boy fishing today...
Anyone remember this ??
i need a scale that is accurate down to the miligram
Microsoft IE commercial
Need some new books to read (mobi)
What kind of phone do you have?
Printing Facebook Messages ?!?
Pacer.gov - Legal Records
Is it possible to get bitcoins with a credit card?
Crystal reports documentation tool
Job Opportunity
Recent Website Hacks
Just a Rules reminder to those who frequent GD
Help with wording please
What should I do about my car?
Underground Racing's Latest Monster..
Overclockers Youtube Community! CHECK THIS THREAD!!!!
Just found the perfect complement to my Halloween costume
Just found the best thing ever...
Do games demand more from CPU than GPU ?
Who else hates their job?
String of vicious Kangaroo attacks
anyone make money selling avon online?
Good Morning !!
anyone else sad?
places to volunteer
Need help finding a data sheet for a personal project
Computex Taipei
House owners -- looking to purchase
usb gadgets?
How Does Buying/Selling Websites Work?
dell having a laugh or a blunder?
anyone going to warped tour this year?
Refurb Experiences?
help with time lapse with Nikon Coolpix s8000
(5/22 7:30am) SpaceX Dragon docking with ISS very soon!
You know whats the perfect mouse for this forum?
Cloud Gaming = Death of Consumer-Based GPU's?
Car insurance claim issue
Podcasts or YouTube Channels?
To sell, or not to Sell
How much do you pay on car insurance?
Self running generator, free energy.
I kept thinking that 7770 seemed familiar...
2012-06-5,6 Venus solar transit
Anandtech & Chess.
Engineering Career Advice?
This tree outside my window...
Got a annular solor eclipse this Sunday.
Banking System
Trig question
Nursing BSN (Bachelor's) REQUIRED for entry level nursing
Rat Zapper?
Where does a guy go to get a good deal on stuff these days?
got a dilemma need some advice
Well, now I'm broke.
Streaming software
Is an Associates degree enough?
anyone ever used onlineexpert
FBI confiscates server, returns and powers up same server
Giorgio Tsoukalos Apperication Thread!
My other hobby
It was about time! (New Car)
Should OC forums become more like Facebook?
Are you Left Brained, Right Brained, or both?
UK Review websites/General Tech
In the Spring, a Man's Mind Turns to...
Is this rude?
Good four horsemen of the apocalpse book
Couple queestions about home theater project-what would you prefer?
project mancave
Lost a backpack full of electronics in Oakland/San Fran. Any ideas?
CB Radio Suggestion
Tale of a Hero
Sunday- only night I watch TV!
Avengers was the best
Watch out for facebook!
Latest specs on the iPhone 5....It's a popsicle!
Gonna take a night off
RIP Junior Seau
Anyone from NJ, near Asbury Park?!
The Dark Knight Rises - Trailer #3
Derrick Rose torn ACL
overclock results database
Xavier Reign
Lawn ornaments?
Your Favorite Programming Language ?
Women say the darndest things
Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
Where's the best place to sell a single gold ring?
The Space Race! Cold War! Propaganda!
Can you de-flavor vodka?
You know you are an overclocker when....
Is this camera lens fungus?
Can you edit this Wallpaper?
Feeling a little down lately...
PNG Converter
Anyone ever work in a Foundry?
How can I aquire a email address?
How would you look for article writers for a web site?
Groceries - Buy in bulk or as needed?
car key finder
The Dvorak Layout Challenge - Are you l33t enough?
Seriously Bubba?
Car maintenance: What, When and How Often?
Has anyone bought a foreclosed property recently?
What is my rated MPG, how do I identify the engine?
If you need to go in for surgery, don't watch a YouTube video on the procedure
Job decision with less than 24 hours to choose
Going to San Antonio.... what are good restaurants to go to?
Need help ciphering linkin park message!
Pay For Movie Download Sites
Mechanics...I need help
State Vehicle Modification Laws
My ride / excuse for inactivity on OCF
Harrrrgh... I wove wis medicine!
Do you ever feel like your world should be falling apart?
Best PC Magazine??
Conditioner for leather car seats, Reccomendations?
Anyone own an MG Midget?
What's the deal with flash mobs?
Another Titanic film? Oh why?
College Decisions
April Fool ??
Replacement Car Dilemma
Google Quest Maps [April fools]
Game of Thrones S2 starts tomorrow....
Post count?
New here
Megamillions Lottery
Anyone in the NYC/LI area?
best buy 13.99 for 3ft cat-5e cable
IP Address Question
Best Buy implodes
Who else thinks Monster Energy would make a good shampoo?
Acer or ASUS NVIDIA Tegra 2 Tab (Mainly for Books)
Is your girlfriend having a bad day ?
Help I need some OC team input
Overclockers Lanyard
Help with coolant leak on my stratus
certification questions
I picked the wrong time of the year to be broke... :(
Eerie sunrise
Graphene super caps to replace batteries someday
Pirate Bay vs. Hollywood
Ruger SR9C or Sig P250 subcompact
Toyota Camry A/C button flashing? Repair it for $13.99 instead of $1200
Solitary Vacations
In Case We Needed More Evidence That Apple Zealots Aren't The Sharpest Tools In
How much do you pay for electricity?
Amazing choreography....
I.M.O.G. - Here's to you
Engineers ahoy!
A little dose of daily humor
can i talk to anyone privately whose experienced hairloss?
Glock 17 or M9?
2012 NCAA Basketball Tourney Bracket competition
Funny new e-mail scam.
Just built a search engine for used cars
I need a reliable Wall-Mount
Sexist washing instructions on pants
Enlighten me - MegaUpload Discuss
So, what do you do with the REST of your free time?
Price of jeans skyrocketed while quality is down, alternatives to Levi's?
Customer service help...
Does Anyone Have Any Experience Buying/Selling Websites?
I'm going to the oncologist later today. I can't sleep!
Binary Addition - First Cin?
my non-pc hobby [bit of a 56k nono]
People who post stuff that is too small to read
Why a Star Trek warp drive would be immensely destructive
Instant CSI anyone?
What would happen if i saw lightening ten feet away?
How can I get that person to shut up? Well use this:
Republic Wireless
Fun facts: eBay lifetime selling totals
Chinese airlines paying american pilots more than american airlines..
When is the Daytona 500 going to start
Image Shack - Moving my hosting to G+
Quick who has 27 pounds of melted butter???
Question about the private selection
Brick wall patched badly
CS:GO Survey
Guy dies couchsurfing. Friends call it 'accident'
Quick article/infographic in Forbes about Steam
How do I deal with this?
Anybody else have unauthorized activity on a debit or credit card lately?
Unable to sell items
Ebooks: Would you buy one about building a PC or overclocking?
Did XS get hacked?
Warning to General Discussion Users - Post in the Proper Section
Respect for the Men & Women everywere
little brother playing a FFDP cover DRUMS
Help me find a book name
Interpol accused after journalist arrested over Muhammad tweet
Thank you to a boss for a recommendation
Spotted BSOD On TV Station
RIP Whitney Houston
Baldness and attraction?
Why did EVERY university suddenly get a facebook memes page?
"4 wheel drive? It has 4 wheels!"
LN2 Store?
This is pretty awesome
Dog issues and the vetrenarian is on drugs.
IT Guy answers his daughter's Facebook rant with STYLE!
Stupid math question.
A Friend Wanted Me to Share This
WTF is This!?
IRS and my new battle
Emergency 911 service FAIL!!!!!!!!!
Internet Piracy Poll !! School Research
Darn technology!
Internet Piracy Poll !! School Research
Best software to pull moveis off my older vid cam
What age are you? (2012 poll)
help me name this movie
Using Tor and privoxy?
First Build
Fake Intel CPU strikes back...
Do you know who invented yoga pants?
Japanese art and music - where is it?
The Colbert SUPER PAC raises over a 1 million dollars
CEO of Micron dies in plane crash at 51
New parts
Burn large ISO to DVD-R??
Hyphenated Americans
Electronics help ???
Batman Arkham City DRM
New addition to the family
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (animated short)
Do you have real life friends with the same PC interest/knowledge?
Dusty house?
DMCA exemption is about to expire!
HELP!!! Please...
Awesome joke
PC "friends" wild wild claims