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They say I can't get Dish or DirecTV?
To anybody with Blockbuster online or Netflix
Apple to fight iPhone "hacks"
Global Warming, Man Caused, or Natural?
Our School is a joke...
New Coffeemakers
Anybody ever used Amtrak in California?
Tax Problem - Any Suggestions?
Going to Quebec (City)
Most memorable/favorite/funny commercials?
Chili recipe
96 corola -->> 96 accord?
4chan is getting on my nerves
Brita Filters
Starwars Family Guy
Looking for some chill music
Troll of the Day
I forgot how awesome TCM is.
Saw IV
This weather is way off.
Does anyone else just have terrible luck with cells phones?
I'm DJing Internet Radio Tonight!
How to block the NEW pop-ups
Time to get healthy (again)
Ok this makes me mad!!! U.S. Helps Bring WiMax To Rural Vietnam
Live action movies for ROBOTECH and also VOLTRON!! (80's anime)
NewEgg's "Crack the Code" Sweepstakes
Physics puzzle
a good keyboard?(music)
Lucid Dreams
Want your opinion on a "feature" of the website I'm building
Need some advice for amazon
WOW (Canadian Dollar)
Opened my Roth IRA last week! Questions!
Fast food is GROSS
Ipod Touch
The world's fresh water supply.
who is the democratic leader?
Petition to upgrade BT to Fibre [UK]
thanks ocforums!
What Car should i get?
Stars Shots "The Update"
Verizon IN
Food for energy
Happy Birthday :-)
Your ancestry
YOU decide the outcome of the Bonds' ball
It _is_ illegal for employers to arbitrarily fine employees, correct?
Need math help
Robert Jordan RIP
Is aspartame addictive?
Developing Film
Beaner's Coffee is now Biggby Coffee!
Motorcyle Help?
The real Colin McRae thread RIP
Colin McRae is dead
Teenager thinks he's above the law
My I have permission to post a my blog?
time to clean?
UM vs. Notre Dame
Climb the hills of life...
Is my digital camera failing?
FM Reciever
First name vs. Professional title
Good House/GOA Station
Statistics for colleges and STDs
New 10x zoom camera time!
i don't get it, why can I not pick up the chicks?
Playlist Copyright, everyone is getting sued.
MS-DOS rap, yo YO yo, yo!
I think my new fish has strong awareness!
Water Powered cars?? Why none yet?
CN tower no longer world's tallest freestanding sturcture
Verizon phone or Vonage?
Freaking downright CREEPY (robopeople)
Home Media Center Advice.
Sweetest Cell Phone Mod Ever!
lost an $800 MO
best circuit design software out?
Eddie Belfour: Blackhawks' Greatest Goalie
Picture of the Day
Some legal advice needed
Charging Li-Ion batteries
help me figure out college. Im going nuts
Is anyone in the IB program?
Ya, so I didn't go to college...
WOW cool idea Tech Shop
History.com not working?
Best carrier for UK
Dominance property of integrals...?
thinking about buying an audi!
Any ladies in here?
Computer fan hovercraft
my bday!! on barcelona launch
Dirtbikes anyone?
look what i got for $100
Is R-22 cold by itself?
THE NFL 2007 Season Thread.. Everything NFL!
This is weird...
Dolphins vs Redskins
UFC: Anybody watch last night?
My brother got tazered!!!!
Places to buy Cologne ?
The Nerd Test (quiz)
Coffee Stunts Growth?
My crazy dog
Automotive Pictures
Roommate problem (again)
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Drinking Problem
Are you ready for some football?
House listeners thread :)
POGS who remembers them?
what the...
What Stress/Environment aka:Torture Testing Have You Done
Muscle anyone?
The search for Steve Fossett
(RIP) Luciano Pavarotti 1935-2007
DerekDRP fan club
B-52 mistakenly flies with nukes aboard
iPod Touch
Reporting a nasty pm to a mod?
Spooks? WUN? Tell me more
Need help with laundry
Electric shock
Does anyone own a Sony Ericsson W580i?
How to test MPG -- Best way
Horror movie fans/ survey for me please
Integration Help...
A.D.D or laziness?
Early 90s techno question
quick limit problem
Project Jet Kart 2.0
My house was burgeled!! :(
Chupacabra Found!!
What should Derek's next hobby be?
Need help narrowing down my term paper topic
Installing a Switch for a Car
Mitsubishi XD300U connect to hd source?
Your dream vehicle
Loosing weight fast but safe way?
FR2-LE and NT4 for recording nature sounds
Help me build a simple photo editing rig
Zune Spy Shots
What would your super power be if you could choose only 1?
Building a trebuchet?
Officially a daddy!
So Im getting My gun LIc soon what should I get ?
Where to Download Old TV Shows?
Buying a camera in three days for college. Photo people needed
Chase and new security :YAY:
How about A PhotoGraphic Scavenger Hunt?
Astronomy Question
I'm curious
Looking for a TV
Smart financial management
To those who own stock/have owned stock!
Need Someone Who is Good With Math
Weeds is back on! And Dexter is coming!
I think I found my El Camio (and you can edit your title!!)
Need help finding an old comic book from the 1990s
Compartmentalization of Universities--wow
Calling any and all car audio gurus!
"Thank You" cards for the troops
"Battle of the brains" tv show... (Intelligence tests)
Speeding ticket advice
Lunar Eclipse
Russians develop revolutionary triple core processor.
The Sun.
Looking for a new phone
Does anyone have a G4?
Photoshop this pic plz!
Need advice ASAP on whether to buy this car.
The Future (w/ Robots) is Gonna Suck!
+1 for gates :(
AT&T Yanks 'Fewest Dropped Calls' Campaign
Rob Zombie's Halloween
How much debt do you have, minus school loans.
How much is a paintball gun like this worth?
Proposal Project
Look at the mess I have to clean up (lightning struck tree)
Solve Quatric Equation with Matrix/Matrices
Now im ****ed, Getting fraud emails for my BofA Account :(
Good place to sell coin collection at?
Westinghouse Recertified's (good deals?)
Nikon new release
Student Loans, whats your debt ?
Which Film.
Physics the speed of light and getting there
If mods didn't run the forum, this is what we would be like! *NSFW!*
Options for investing $500 or so, looking at some stocks.
I need Help!!
The moon.
add 1 more distribution center for Blockbuster
If you have a dog please read this.
MACRO Photography - Let's see what you got!
Upgrade = MORE adds????
[NEWS] Paramount ditches Blu-ray
Congratulations to our newest Senior Member: Skyhook
YAY... I got a new computer !!
Too many stickies!
Breadfan's a Mod?
Willing LAN'ers
DVD MP3 Set Top Player
Stress Testing
Whose the 'coolest' ocforums member?
Question about FedEx/UPS and their shipping
making mini-fridge with heatsinks and a pelt
Motherboard backplate help!!
A+ certificate exam difficult?
Thinkin of getting a dreamcast. what cool non-DC things can it do?
All Hallow's Eve is here. Show off your pumpkin!
Microsoft pisses me off
So what do you have left?
Abit slowly going bankrupt??
Creative zen xtra + file transfer?
[NEWS] More On PS3 and Xbox 2
Bad overclock?
[NEWS] PS3 to be unveiled next week… to a handful of Sony execs... / The PS3 at E3
Looking for a Host.
Imported SNES games? (Super famicom)
New Section for Parts Advice?
Where is the best place for a MCSE online certification?
Do you guys like the new newegg look?
How do you do a POLL
what do the admins do?
let me get this straight?( xbox live)
Invision power board CSS Question
East Coast Lan
sick and tired of pre-orders
Keeper and his family need your help! PLEASE READ!
Sasser Worm creator gets off easy!
Who has OCForums as his homepage?
Seagate is buying Maxtor
Video players, iPod video and such and such
Default sounds from AIM?
xbox 360 on 2007fpw
Who's getting Dead Rising for Xbox 360!?!?!
How long is too long too wait for shipping
Microsofts Ipod Killer : Meet Zune
Recommend me a good Soldering Iron for less than ~$40
PS3...This is how to void your warranty.(Disassembly video)
Will Apple replace my Mini if the battery is dying?
EBAY - Warning; 3rd party access allowed!
way ouf of the agp / prescott mess?
XBox Question
ATTN: Private Sale Forum Admins and Moderators
Vista? Yeah I'll pass..
Wireless earbuds
I am desperate for help with OpenOffice
Plea to the mods
Yeah Buy.com does suck...
Modding gone wrong....
Seriously...what the hell is going on here?
Simply math problem..can't get it
Need help finding a GOOD AT&T cell phone
Unlock RAZR from Cingular to use with Verizon - Possible
Canon EOS 40D due September! w00t!
They still make these? LMAO!
Superbad: I really liked this movie!
Trek Novels.. Which ones should I buy?
Need some help regarding potbelly pigs
Need new Media Player
Alarm Clock that actually wakes you
(Online?) Softare to keep track of books
Get rid of cigarette smoke smell out of leather?
Top 5 Albums That Changed The Way You Hear Music
Looking for somebody
181 Trapped and Feared Dead in Chinese Mine..
Jimmy Justice is the man !
Happy 25th CD (compact Disc)!
Could this be the future of communication ?
Which cell phone?
WOW i think these ppl need to pick a new spot to stand
Trapt Miners
My telescope
Congrats to those who passed AS / A Levels today
Any Active/Ex Miltary That Can Help with VA Stuff?
Halo 3: Mountan Dew Game Fuel
LOL @ Netflix - you gotta love computers
new UFO Footage -- Real or good CGI?
Before you go volunteering...
business help please
My first cell phone, couple of questions about service (Verizon)
Question about Mobile Phone reception.
iPod+car audio setup
O M G!: $65Billion Lawsuit Against M Vick.. He Bought Missles for Iran! LOL
Sleeping Issues
Need to GAIN weight
Man sues Mcdonald's over cheese
Investing and Buying Houses
Turn debt into wealth / debt free forever
Best Ad Ever
Which Digital SLR ?
My First Car Accident.
need help finding an old post
Ok so am I screwed now?
Preservatives, anyone?
College Time....sweet...
"The Company" TV Series any good?
There was a blue member...
Odd headphone question -- did I kill them?
Tonights Meteor Shower
Know where to find cheap yet effective motorcycle jackets/helmets?
Cousin's wedding
Automotive undercoating in maine
Want to go to college...questions.
Digital Camcorders
If you owned a TV station, what would it be like?
C ya later 50 cent
Moterola Razer v3 (GSM) total rip off...
What degree would this be?
Bigger Wheels?
Chilton or Haynes repair manual?
Linear Algebra Self Study Help
Rip Tony Wilson
Man, do people ever learn !?
CRAZy ! must watch
Completely awesome video
Your 5 All Time Favorite Villains "they can be real or fake"
Blocking phone numbers
Thick clear coat of something (crafts)
Starting College - Business major
Stock Market is going down quick
Important Announcement [Now Updated]
Overclockers UK is banning members who post at overcockers. Discuss.
Anyone seen Hot Rod?
UK fake TV 'scandals.'
Assignments help
Ultrasonic Youth Deterrent - Seriously?
Shuttle Launch 6:36pm EST 8-8-07
The Wikipedia Game.
Stickas action figures?
Booking a flight to vegas
Ants & Roaches, Help!
Rebuilding the 35W bridge
New Battery technology
What big screen TV do you own: Plasma? LCD? DLP?
Bourne Ultimatum
Does anybody own one of those memory foam mattresses?
Know any family or friends in Iowa?
When photography meets kick'n IT
Wood Floor Refinishing
True patriot!
Cell phone watch
Large butterfly valves
Dog Beds
Can you compare $100 from costco to how ever much at somewhere else?
This is why you don't listen to newegg reviews
Secondary Jobs
Sine Function (graphing)
Your thoughts on HQ pics?
Iron Man trailer out... It actually looks pretty good
What's up with the new Black & Milds?
New Friend Arrived Today and he's 4ft Long (HQ PIC)
Yeah buying a :""GOOD"" car :d
new DSLR PICs. Dog friendly
Got a strange hobby?
Good GPS
"Last Post" site bug?
Post your Tuxes!
who needs coffee when you got this!(56k death)
Get paid for online surveying?..
Flash Gordon returns 8/10/07!!!
Media mole outted at DefCon
Electric Stove
How is this a scam
Did I reverse my window motor direction?
It's been 6 months today...
Photo's :D
Shavers need help. ( sensitive skin )
Anooying paypal, help?
Dish or DirectTV for HDTV
voltage converter/dremmel question
Your Favourite (not so recent) Sci-Fi Cartoons
Bridge falls into the Mississippi River
Credit card scam by mail
Free anual credit report
Need a good camera $300 tops
My new baby
Need a good mobile soldering iron
So this is how the AMD dual core works eh?
Anyone Got Any Fat Free Shake Recipes? (DIET)
What is the funniest computer prank that you have ever done?
Comicon and Great News ( SpaceBalls )
Good coffee maker
Obey me for i am your leader
can i cash someone elses check?
Game over... yet?!
A Lasik Thread
Great Movie Suggestions?
Photos from Kenya
Graduation Thank You card questions
Has anyone noticed "Sci-Fi" movies have been hijacked by insane cheesy action plots?
I'm pretty sure Miss Lebanon is coming to my house next saturday...
Holiday Photos
I bought a radar gun, heh heh heh :D
Verizon wireless billing.
Funyn documentary about the intarwebs!
Studying Help/Techniques. Whats yours?
Simpsons Movie.
Thar She Blows, My Van is Dead?
Anyone used Zecco?
Mazda 3
Getting a head start with classes?
Bringing knives from overseas back into the US?
Another meaning for the Yen symbol?
Funny video about overclocking . . .
United States of America Personal Information Regulating Agency
Thinking about getting A+ Certificate
Don't know what to do with car...
How bout tha Qui
US Navy or Coast Guard?
Who owns a 3rd Gen TL?
How fast do you type?
Need help with Chemistry
Any Boat Owners Out There
How many thread subscriptions do you have?
Anyone good with CSS / Wordpress?
Anyone here know NYC well?
Weekly World News to cease publication
Deploying in 2 months, I need a Knife!
Just need to rant/ask for advice
Advice for a new small business owner?
Anyone else having trouble with yahoo?
amazing stuff
Chase Freedom Card (Any good?)
If you were asked to dream up new tech
I drew a "Simpsons" cartoon version of myself... Check it out. =)
Best Ebay Purchase EVER!!!
Need Directions: People in UK
Eating the mezcal worm/larvae?
ups and downs of superglue.
What do you do when bored while burning trash?
1700 feet done. 500 to go. Best view ever?
Road trip
car stereo install help
Does anyone have any telescopes if so
Howto: Enter Casino even if your not old enough
Finding friends......
More holes in my head
Well here is my cat thread
Any advice keeping cats off your car?
'Going Rate' for webdesign
Cat advice
My goal is to lose some weight.
Need a job, can't get one
There are some real scumbags in this world
How much do you pay for cable/satellite?
The Unofficial Upcoming-Movies-to-Watch-for Thread
Finally...A song about "myspace" and 5'3 overweight ppl :D
Torching a cat
Cracked cellphone screen
Credit Card
Why is computering/OC'ing/tooling mostly a guy thing?
Energy Drinks
Average Posts per day gone since i got a job
My first starshot!
Whats an Air Cooler?
Splinter Cell Movie
picture of every kind of bullet
Dirtbikers Piru track TODAY
X-Files movie...
Michael Vick is a filth-bag, in BIG trouble (sickening)
Curiosity question flight sims ( hardware )
My first experience with a some what bad trader on OCForums
20,400% increase in the cap!
airtran vs spirit
Getting depressed again...
What would happen if you broke through the earth's crust into the mantle?
Yahoo my nbew telescope.
New dog, doesn't like me
Farcry Film 2008 (It's new to me!)
Buying A Used Car
Harry Potter leaked!
Favorite Type of Music / Band Thread
Don't Believe Everything on the Net?
Best/Cheapest way to travel
uxcell.com cell phones?
going to florida at the begining of august
Freindship? What the heck is that?