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Astronomy: Black Holes, Universes, Stars
Can we stop hurricanes with dry ice, silver iodine, moisure absorbant, etc?
Possible to cool below absolute zero? Exceed lightspeed?
sliver/slvr phone & itunes
how much can i get for my xfx 6800gs?
Teletubbie: "I've Got a Gun!"
AMD XP1700+ Pictures with my 35mm SLR
so someone just found my pants...that i lost three years ago
Illegal Immigration
Wow, funniest thing I've ever seen.
OMG! How do you cancel a dell order?
Anyone here like/watch Farscape?
Methanal and isopopal "alcohol" dont call it "alcohol" anymore!
Overwhelming Disparity, would like some advice
Aim down?
1st week of baseball over
I had Quiznos Manager hit on me...ugh...
How do you tell someone they're going to fail?
Finish Line (Soooo tired)
The Razor V3 Cellphone.
Best way to make 400 - 500 bucks quick?
Sending items through post (tips)
Grey speaker carpet stuff???
So like today I got fired :(
I need some advice, should I fight or not?
Paypal Mobile is Official
She's pregnant!
tech speech topic?
New Fave tunes??
Do you guys think some people on XtremeSystems are unethical?
The scammage continues
Ebay issue
How many elements are in the universe?
painting balsa & project help
Shoe fixer
Rant about high mobile home lot fees which keep increasing
While your sitting there doing nothing, help save some lives.
Homemade lowgun darts anyone?
This is just plain SCARY
Investments - Favorite ETF
Flight tickets.
ants + motherboard = PSSSSHHHHHHHHH POP!
Flaming hot cheetos
What's your homepage?
Challenging Math Question
Man's Greatest Achievement (List)
Neat License plate!
My (former) job with the Red Green Show
g0dM@n Comic!!!
Speaking of hiking... has anyone climed a 13-er or higher?
Robot Body
Got RAM? Open this 58mb JPG / 442mb TIFF (link inside)
Just Got My Masters!
Funny read on HDTV, Blue-Ray vs HDDVD and DRM
Any hikers here?
C3PO shows whats possible if you let your inhibitions go
best energy drink?
Defaced By DOM
Website to Avoid. Rips you Off.
Whats some good jobs a 2 year college degree can give me
find an apartment online
Gators Roll!
Tattoo Help!
Does music selection have a strong correlation with behavior?
Power Outage.
Please take my Driving Survey!
eyestrain and frequent headaches
calling electrical engineers or anyone with electrical knowledge
Farting on adultswim
craaap beer question
course question
someone bought the best penthouse in USA for $45m!
Whats in your car / cd player / mp3 player?
Car wheel SNAPPED off!! I've never seen this happen before!
What song is this in the credits??
Anyone ever tried Sudoku?
Rant with a Captial R: The Inquirer
Wireless Extension Cords
Foreign Language(s)
Man Divorces Wife In Sleep
gotta love it
Baseball and steroids.
Funny? Or Sad? You be the judge!!!
Police Scanners
CGI in King Kong
The future of HDTV?
Survey Help Needed...
what makes colors the way they are? Why is green not red?
Deer Jerky? I wish...
simple chemistry help
My eBay account was just hacked!?!?!
kart update
Free to Air (FTA)
Quantum Devices
cool structures and landmarks
"artificial sun" nuclear fusion reactor
Alternative directions?
Online investing help needed...
X-Seed 4000 pyramid skyscaper to be 4km high! House up to 1m humans!
Paypal question...
Photographers, identify/value this camera:
Man to Hold Sign for his Crime
Accidentally bought bootleg? oh noes!
I am gonna be so pimp!
Boston Bruins Fans: Mike O'Connell Fired!
Who is your cell phone provider?
i will tell you all a story
Help in creating a Website
Stay Alive
Rudeness and Flying (Or: How People Shouldn't Behave)
Can companies not give you water?
had a car wreck
Music - what do you listen to?
More Calc Help
Which Site is It?
Funny suspicious scammage email
Is there any interest in custom machined heatsinks?
Looking for Family Guy pics.
The Shield
Identity Theft Advice
Lost registration.......
Back after a long time of being dormant.
Why is it that some people sign off on thier posts?
Video I got of a 30 story building implosion last weekend...
Calculus Help [Optimization]
Worst in Hollywod: Vin Diesel,old ladies directing their own nude scenes, and more
Lord of the Rings: Book versus Movie.
$30 well spent?
Good news for all of you Futurama fans
I need a job/volunteering position
omg LMAO triumph the insult comic dog
Static shock and cars...
Need ideas for my new domain name!!!
buy teh pwnerers hair! (no i didn't mispell that)
If Microsoft Redesigned the iPod box...
How should I handle this?
3D render [56k=no]
ok, Gates needs to be kicked.
I hate storms
Looking for a Member Avatar, "Hammer Time - Cant touch this"
tom cruise kills scientology episode of South Park
DJ Irish mix downloads? anyone know?
possible to hook rf to composite?
"done by"
Some good news for a change. Nice possible job, drove by mobile homes
math help..ugh
Check out this illusion
So is anyone here from ashford, UK?
Recieved first big sponsorship (reworded)
something you dont see everyday..
Man Tries to Sue Himself
anyone watch Stella??!?!
Huge Scam !! Beware !!
A good idea.
Is it possible to make helium balloons last/float years?
how do you measure the speed of light(very good discussion)
Idea for a project in Sculpture class...any suggestions?
Dremel Users - How many saw bits have you broken?
Great Books
anyone shipped a hard drive to canada ?
Website for special silly putty....
can someone censor a song for me?
March Madness 2006
Any photography buffs here?
chef looses his voice
OMG is Florida planning to remove all mobile homes? Bad news for us! :(
Something funny that I saw today.
So, a friend told me.... (question)
Calculus Help
Queensr˙che Operation Mindcrime 2
Lawrence Storm
I need a VW Fast Mascot
Car with 189K miles worth 'buying'?
Must Brag About Date...
Purple horizontal lines on my Plasma TV??
arctan (1/2) + arctan (1/3) = arctan 1?
Odd posting on my group forum, wtf?
Yay for spring thread
Trying to put together a rig need help please
Car Speaker's Advice Needed!
EBay advice needed (AGAIN)
Paypal Questions
Alright people, Whats your favourite TV Shows?
need help with sig
We saw a black snake in our piato and dad netted it out
WoW accounts stolen?
Hard drive repair
paintball upgrade Q's
Why is there no way to block premium charges with cell phone carriers?
I met a sweet lady at work and got her number but its wrong?
New bank card - "tap n go" technology - is it safe?
Interested in Learning Violin or Viola, but not sure where to begin.
Espn screwup.
It's been a LONG while
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Anyone know where I can find a list of the top songs in Japan?
Rural PC users...
Withdrawal of college applications
My life isnt going well! I failed the A+ by a tiny margin
My Post Office
MSc degree
(semi)nanobalance scales possible? We have ultra microbalance now!
Is it possible to live on Venus and/or Mars?
Martial Arts-MMA/NHB
Record Set for Hottest Temperature on Earth: 3.6 Billion Degrees F in Lab
video compression software?
baby after fix?
Court Orders Fisherman to Apologize to Eagle
What do you guys do outside computers?
Wish me luck!
Full Xmen3 Trailor!!!!
Geek Squad
Anyone know where to get drum skins?
100K Honda
Why is Romania a hotbed for ebay scams?
I'm free!
good alarm clock?
L337 |{3y FF 3x73n510n
I caught a Fox.
which camera is better?
Opinion on High-Powered Green Lasers?
Battery for 2nd generation ipod?
anybody see UFC canada vs. usa ??
Anyone seen Cache (hidden)?
NC beats Duke
I saved some data. What do they owe me?
need some help with chat lingo
German movies.
Hi Folks!
when to call 911 and not waste their time
Anyome know what song this is?
TV repair
House on fire!
Does ink poisoning exist?
Spring Break Plans?
fixing a cracked LCD on a camera
My books for school? help, haha
Any ham radio operators around?
different octane levels?
what happen to the trade section?
Anybody a fan of Phil Hendrie?
Feeling Smart?
I found this inspiring...
what's that one site?
what is UPS sonic air? Delivery faster than sound?
Magnet question
Does anyone worry more about parent's future than your own?
So I just got an RC heli......
Members who are "oncall" with your jobs
Check out these subs for my new project
Yeah Diet :)
Sacramento Storm
Just started working...got a question on rights
Old news but scary nonetheless
Does intelligence = wealth?
80s hiphop/electro record sampling kraftwerk?
Opening your own business...
got a giant NesQuik constainer... what should i do with it?
Q for paint ballers
how to ship a complete golf set
Looking for a electronic thesaurus and dictionary
OCForums Personal Charity Initiative
Dark Angel Season 3
Creative Zen Micro - 6GB
who is Buffalo Bill
buying stock online?
LAmbo Murcielago LP640
friend wrecked his bike
Anyone going to this show?
Anyone speak latin?
whats up with fedex & package
overclockers.com is trading at 90.00 :D
First time doing taxes, want to get my money that was withheld back...
I think ive screwed myself over... credit
AP English Project: Star Wars meets Hamlet Funneh!!
This kid must have been beaten in Quake 4, by the Gaming Grandma
Messed up on taxes, help!!!
Correct tire pressure?
What do you hate to shop for most?
DAB Radios
What's involved in shipping to Canada?
2007 Koenigsegg CCX
Stupid paypal phishing email
Anyone have "Buyers Remorse"?
new clutch every 100k?
The best day today,
Locked up Creativity
anime collection
Auto 4 door older cars with good hwy economy?
Need Some Legal Advice!
Ebay Car Parts?
OH **** this is funny!!
Any former or current Saab owners?
Any Luthier's in the house?
Ever have mail take REAL long?
chest/shoulder pain
I was just thinking
New York Visit ... need some help
people that are smart w/ playstation
do sapphires still have value?
need some help idnentfying a song
documents to go to canada?
Calculus, a little bit of help please...
DaVinchi Code "movie trailer"
OK yes need EBay help quick please
Over There?......Where?
Black. White.
Buying Movie Memorabilia:)
Payback is hell....
Having problems sleeping
This is a great idea made better...
5 Blades Now...Discuss
Comouter addiction
Almost Killed In A Wreak Today (This is you pay attn while driving)
Stock Video/Film Footage???
FRAGILE!!!!!! RTFB=B is for box
Credit scores... Should I close out old credit cards?
They should have sent a poet.
Question for the Mathematicians here...
breaking the addiciton
Won $2k GC .... What Now?
Magic Cards worth anything?
So, the new motor went into the Legend this weekend *some pics*
From one extreme to the other...just for fun
Moving Again
The 5 Minute Cooking Show
NBC's Olympic video quality,,,,,
Nerf guns? & adults?
Bug guard on or off?
Major snow storm, east coast 99% no school..
VP Cheney accidently shoots lawyer
Ooooog...can this do this?
Is Texas the new California or Florida?
what is heatware?
In the process of getting my GED.
hiddenpassageway.com -Company offers to make secret passages in your home
What exactly is the classified section?
Car Advice
17 year old girl sentenced to death!
Engine Revving and Max speed
Honeymoon Suggestions?
A movie called equilibrium
yay 20 gallons of water on the carpet...
Are there adapters for cell phones to connect them to fax machines?
Parade of Nations Music
so I filled out a job application at publix
ARG...my fater might go to prison...
Business Cards
Suing a very large Corporation.
Where does all the helium come from?
Why do YOU bother getting up?
crossing the border
Any (past or present) Legend of the Five Rings players here?
What would you do?
Share Your Account?
shuffle replacement?
New episodes of Top Gear back on discovery tonight
If Your Check Engine Light Is On (OBD II)
Anybody hold funds in Paypal and recieve dividents
Persistent Headaches
Speaking of SATs, ACTs, etc
A weird problem...
Bah! fed up with engineers!
What do I have?
Life, love, people
There might be a number of people losing access to this room soon
Your opinions on life, love, and people.
Classic Film Studies Class: NEED HELP, CREATIVE PEOPLE
green laser pointers
Human Bottle Rocket
help me find the name of this movie
Beware Of Paypal/email Scam
Card sold via Ebay busted?
Community Chest: You received money from a banking error
Iran to hold contest for Holocaust drawings
Man Gets Over A Year in Jail for Marriage to 14-Year-Old
My Grandmother
Got my SAT scores back, disapointed
tips for a wide receiver
Some cool free music for you!
Very cool birds eye aerial photos
olympus SP-500uz or fuji f10
jeffree star
Anyone Still Like Motown Music?
Movies Out By End of 2008
Depressed and for a good reason.
ISO's? - camera
Humans ever born
canon 16.7mp EOS-1ds- any good?
What does it take to get into a top university?
World Champs!!!
Come visit my home page
super bowl commercial's
Worthless product of the week award goes to...
Hi guys
Lost in Translation
90# on the telephone READ THIS *****
Valentine's gifts - Massage items... where to buy?
Winter isn't over yet
Dateline NBC Predators III
Establishing credit?
Apple: Sued by Tiger Direct!
Apple: Sued for Potential Hearing Loss from iPod
What's this computer worth?
Prepare to laugh harder than ever.
fight club
Evolution, thoughts and debates
Concentration Problems
A little bit of a mess i'm in...
Death Of Over The Air TV!!!!
Any advice for a starting investor?
Need stock aerial footage...
Today is my 17th birthday.
sick, messing with ears?
ok a valentines day question
PSA: Why you should wear your helmet.
audio splitting
Some *dundundun* Calculus Help
Awesome animation
need help w/my tuner!
What to do?
Wasted Printer Paper? What to do?
Looking for Opinions: Wheels for my car
Myspace Help
Graphing Calculator help. (Sin waves)
Doing a school fundraiser. School Jerseys. Need a good place to get them made
Business/Consumer Ethical reports
Just started on Accutane
Family Guy Episode 73
Best Buy dumps Mail-in-Rebate
What film is this?
More Physics
SBC's screwy ADSL, can it be had for under $49.99?
What do they do with new cars that don't sell?
Car Help once again please?
Another example of how not to post on the internet.
What is this Song? The Greatest Myster Of Internet Song Finding
racist / bigoted drawings, US experiences?
What's the best radar detector?
Have house and real estate prices dropped yet?
ever want to see whats going on inside a jet engine combustion chamber?
dealer after-market options?
Air rifles and pistols
What Comedy show am I thinking of?
[NEWS] Cingular Patents the Emoticon?
xtremesystems.com forum down?
Just wondering if I'm the only one...
just got a ticket..for my HEADLIGHTS
nervous feeling when speaking in class... bleh
Can someon please explain all the different ways to get your coffee?
I Want One So Bad
And this my friends...is why I love computers
alcohol commercial song
Sunflower Seeds
Where would you buy gas locking caps?
for all that like a BIG FAT HOAX
Juniper Networks stock at 2 year low today
Robert Sheckley Dies
What is the AMD font?
Moving soon, and I still have incoming packages
rims and tire size
I'm in pain
Car Accident
Preemptive Satisfaction (and FVI IV Release)
We got bored...
Fry's can rot
Someone finally figured out Boys are Boys and not defective girls.
Splinter cell gear
sale of OEM software question
front wheel drive manual tranny fluid check
Moisture Buildup in oil pan?
cell phone
Canada's new government