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Light sabers?
Area 51
determining pregnancy
whats with all the dudes with ram down their pants
A summer buisness
Need help removing door panel on my Caprice
E-commerce, shopping carts and all that good stuff
Once again, i crashed and burned
what program do you use?
What happen if you accidently walk out of the store with an item?
Do you think this is right?
Memorial Day
I got arrested tonight, what will happen with school?
I just Uninstalled Norton Internet Security
Attention Tech SUPPORT techs!
What can I do?
I got a Tattoo! What do you think?
Help me scheme! Dinner party plans.
Who am I?
Spell checker mod?
Nice weather and finally got off my butt:)
air powered car
idea of bring counter-suit against RIAA for infringing on consumer rights
The Longest Yard
Where are the classifieds?
how to get rid of...
fixing a hole on a car??
Enough with the Tsunami already!!
Tried to add some engine oil the other day... and look what happened
So, you think you can be a pervert and not pay for it?
Need some help cutting.
Paypal Problem?
Air Fest 2005 ( Willow Grove Naval Air Base)
Why anything digital cannot be copyrighted
What happened to Tech TV?
engine noises
Ontario + Lawyers
Why/how does water undergo sublimation/deposition at 1 atm?
9mm and the Police
Looking for a website on websites
Need something funny (movie)
Internet Fads
going to Canada
child(ren)? not for me! *very expensive*
is my amp dead
BitTorrent site shut down by FBI
Contact Lenses - Where and what you buy
Scam or not? I smell a phishing expedition...
Buying used car, selling old one...taxes?
Debate: sex ed in school
Are all girls like this?
my wrist hurts
Wahoo!!! Uni finished!!
Calling all Electro-chemists
ebay transaction q
Studying I.T.
What do you think of the season finale of 24?
Memorial Day, the true meaning
Help find the name of this movie!!!
fun little contest
can you figure this out?
Working out - What's better, less or more reps?
Intel Fan Boy Strikes
South Natomas Home Covered With Sheet Metal
SYSTM released today :)
Anyone mess with opaque projector optics?
So members are really strict or think everything is illegal.
Help me with my idea
Let's end Mail-in Rebates
Odd Job Networking
Pay Pal and Bank Account
Car Audio help...
Yesterday's Long Day.
Another Episode III parody:)
Staw Wars E3
Way to Amarillo spoof
Large Breed Dogs?!
Police detrector
Guitar Efects
Yay for a riot (sorta) at my school
Fido WAP and GRPS Settings
Where can I find cool computer clothing?
What were the 80s like?
Woot....Four Stars
getting subs this weekend
Derp .
High School class officer elections
i got fire today. :mad:
Speeding Tickets: Cops no longer have to show you they clocked you going over ?!
iPod Mini
Bank error in my favor, no YOU keep the money.
HONEST Revenge of the Sith Review!
oh crap, can i use this money?
Feeling the heat
Help! Cleaning gasoline stains
Math problem (Matlab)
The new Nintendo, FINALLY one company gets it right.
what if..
Tonight's the night!!
Anything I should know going into a sports clinic?
for all you honda haters!!!
Please help me choose a design.
Summer job is kicking my ass
[IDEAS] How to motivate your employees when...
Weightlifting...a few questions.
Once again i am astonished by the behavings of the female being.
I haven't been around for a while...
PSP forums?
What's some good cardio vacular exersice equpiment on the cheap?
Just got owned and need suggestions
Some insite into some stock (CNXT)
Longest Work Shifts?!?
History of Bittorrent?
Do people normally give stranger rides?
I just failed my music final. FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS!
Article in Milwaukee Journal about RIAA
Need help (I feel stupid for asking).
Got some new 400W Logitech THX Speakers for cheap NEED some Tunez!
Project help: Anyone own or know anyone who owns a business?
Medical/Pharmacy school
Cordless Phones & Headsets
If Airlines Sold Paint....
Ethics Test
Sadly true: The grasshopper and the Ant
Who has the best?!?
Gen. 3 Taurus Wagon. Aftermarket suspension components.
just got a yamaha v-star classic
You can have this job...If you write this poem?!!
Avoiding the news
the end of Star Trek
Any math majors out there?
infernal glyphs
Desktop Wallpaper?
help with a tough decision...
Xbox2 Preview Show On Mtv Tonight!!
Another database on the frontpage?
Sticky situation with a bank...
"Overclocking" one's brain....
Just fought and won my first sound battle :)
Quick Apology
Burned on Ebay
anyone in Europe who can verify this forme ?:)
Graduation Congratulations!
Need responses for Statistics Project: MP3/CD Purchases
Anyone else think Kingdom of Heaven was changing history?
Less horrifying.
Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
What's up with the vehicle breaking into?
Is love worth it?
Gauging interest before putting on sale
Save Your Sanity!(Dont Pick Up THe PHone!!)
Settle my argument: Turocharged Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo (Video)
Swiss Bank Account ?
Tatto Font...pic
Question for our legal knowitalls.
I have an unhealthy obsession
Belkin Tunecast II
Welcome to my world....
College Help!
swallowed aluminium can tab
NBA Playoffs
I'm in Europe!
Civil War Books?
Presbyopia at 23? Need undercorrection to see from near
What to do with this jerks miniDV tape (has ripoff of my movie)
Help me choose a watch!
iv never seen so many people on 1 vehicle
Sony Ericsson
I need help started my fish tank....
Custom Stealthed Fence light Mod..
Help me choose a body kit for my 00 Civic :(
someone help with a pic
Do you hate shaving? Does it hurt? Read on.
Classical Guitar
Making avatar
ODD trend i am seeing on the forums
Do I need another computer?
comfortable computer chair?
Great, I failed my math final.
someone just broke into my truck...
My first official hour of flight instruction!
I canNOT deal with this in the fall...
Parental Advice
The current trend to say BLAH BLAH BLAH.
[Music] Any guys here into hardstyle (NOT: hardcore)
Legendre series
CompUSA employees
My new car -1989 Caprice Brougham [4MB pics!!!]
Passed my A+
how to transfer files etc from phone to pc
Do you miss high school?
anybody else here really enjoy the deep dark night????
Whats wrong with the world today?
Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth
WGTE Special
I'm tired of people telling others to search.
Zero Tolerance: Yay or Nay
This jack*** just hit me.
XXX2 = Hitman 2
some advice...
another finger in your food? this time its real!
Could I possibly supercharge a car with a leaf blower?
Funny bug report post!!
These Damn Chat threads
No Fear[MX Gear]
so i was walking home from school...
This is what I think of DELL
My gf's stereo says "w00x"... thought it was funny...
Beer: Good for your brain.
How can I check exactly how many posts I have made?
So What did you guys think of the Re-Premier of Family Guy?
white trash sledding?
Engineers, Physicists help me out
Is Your Son A Computer Hacker?
To buy or not to buy
rate the avatar above you
Good rock groups outside of the US
My School Getting Sued for $100 Million
Washing clothes...
Ex-smokers.. Help? :(
Is there a relationship between computers and depression
Biology Project Due Monday, I NEED help.
If you've made a 3-d model image or animation, post here!
I got suckered, but all is well.
Funny grammar error...
Do you find it weird that we have evolved?
The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Thread
what should i get (motorcycle)
Hello from Southwest Asia!
Spyware on your TV !?!?!?!?
Are we getting closer to online televison ?
home work help
I'm drunk
Loss of near vision with contacts(and glasses)
Fraud What?? (Man 1, Bank 0)
Fan Made Short Stars Wars Film
Run D.M.C. - It's Tricky
What Song Is This?
Anyone have a car with heated windsheild wipers? Cracked windsheild?
GRR! Credit Card Payment Went Missing!
NEW Firefly Movie:@ Serenity...
Government buying back old cars
Who else suffers from anxiety? or had?
Any fishermen?
My NEW SIG rockzorz? or suckzorz?
I may have found a new favorite drink
Stupid doctor :(
So theyre trying to outlaw standard TV in ohio, and go HD ..BY LAW
Xelibri Advert
Sites for find a job
Do ya think a regimental excersize routine will help depression?
bluesy tune, give me an idea
Microsoft just pushed my last button...
s10 swap
Online Biz?
MX518 Impressions
Life Ambitions
What would you do?
Car Stereo install
Hilarious qoute about Happy Hardcore from http://www.di.fm/edmguide/edmguide.html
well its official
What to see while in DC?
I finished my webpage
Building a water distiller
Do they make higher capacity batteries for cell phones?
Digital Camera Media
Family Guy Season 4
Oooh A Ford Question
i think i just got banned!
What kind of watch do you have?
Stomach pain
Trouble with caring
A Priori, Empirical, Analytic, Synthetic
Who prefers homebrews??? mmhhh????
People need to learn
can you open this website?
Learning languages while walking home from school
jamster OR get out of my tv visual spam!
Anyone into RC trucks/cars?
the TWO IN ONE topic extravanganza!!!
where does ypur user-name come from
Hahaha. Kid steals teacher's laptop for exam.
Anyone know about BlitzSafe?
Switching O/D on and off?
Revenge of the Sith
What job should i get into?
Best Norcent DVD Player (or better deal)? *Help*
Aftermarket Sunroofs
[NEWS] Prison terms on tap for 'prerelease' pirates
Need to Decide on College Study, I AM stuck.
Favorite Hard Alternative Rock bands
This is an interesting case...
Looking for PHP/MySQL Idea
How many of you do some form of martial arts?
Math help requested...probability.
MORE sleep problems!
My company drives me crazy!!!
Ultimate drinking game, Drinking War
Time, meh.
LN2 Ideas...
The Clapper
Are you over 35 and a low myope considering lasik? Think again!
The Myth
Mileage on a motorcycle
Prescribing anti-depressants to children
Question about car-radio adapters
In the midst of moving and need a delivery
Anybody ever feel like.....zzzzzzzzz
How does car insurance work?
Does Dianetics really work???
Kingdom of heaven
what do you guys think?
Contact lense doesnt go in eye, eyeball to small?
Should i?
Land Walker
Where do you buy diapers in bulk? +Useful diaper size & other info for future parents
Car people, check this out...
rate the avatar above you
Sleep deprivation...
What to do?
Spy on Area 51
the ultimate 4x4 engine swap..
Buying Refurbished Items
help building a sub box for my car
Forget street racing, it's all about the DUI!
Comic Strip
I've asked the prince of sealand if he will make me an admiral.
I've got my Star Wars tickets!!!
Credit Card Options...To get or not to get?
I hate sleezy people like this...
How long until the big take over?
How is this possible?!?!?!
We should go back to horses for transportation
Any pilots in the house?
anyone good with a 3D program?
acetone in gastank
tiger direct returns??
good debate topics?
This is sad but funny at the same time
All you calculus fanatics, help me with this optmization problem!
Is it legal to build a computer and sell it?
Shakespeares Julius Caesar.....
What body type are you?
how often do you throw out old comp stuff
Like my new avater?
Anyone else believe SUV's and Trucks are to blame for the rise in gas prices.
Periodic Pondering - shard style
Will car covers scratch paint?
Help w/ thermo problem, please...
This is really cool
where should i draw the line?
the future
Looking to Save money at the Pump, turn to performance mods.
Gas is cheap!
Did you name your computer?
Creative way to ask someone to prom?
Cheaper GAS!!!!!!!!!! E85, Ethanol fuels.
Anyone's car require premium fuel? Besides Mine.
Foot injury. Looks fine, wierd things happening.
doing taxes onlin?
Gas prices thread...again
Calling anyone who has the transition glasses/lenses...
Overclock your toothbrush!
His kung-fu is VERY strong!!!
UK astronomers use really big words to describe new telescopes
Pain in my arm
64 = 65?
Spammer in the Slammer!
The Masters 2005
Can anyone make me a banner
No more office romance
my friends band
If life were accompanied by music...
What is the fastest 3 series?
Tornado fuel saver
Motorola RAZR owners
Where are you posting from?
Paypal Copycat? I'm 99% Sure. Check this out... BEWARE!!!
Is he for real? 20/6 vision, can see 200fps and in total darkness!
math help
Who all rides dirt bikes?
What to guess on math tests?
Who here likes Science fiction? Book recommendations needed!
Spamming Parking Lots
Ebay Troll gets 1.25 more years than what the prosecutor requested
I tend to be late on these things but...real Mechwarrior!
Weird Foot Muscle
Street Racing...
Provacative Prom Dress?
Radio Broadcast from home
Film School
Politics In Canada in the 1920's
Worth going to california for NYLF?
My newer glasses are now too strong! need weaker ones!
As relates to moderating and how you can help
nation youth leadership forum on technology?
[Period Ponderings] Growing Up
RIP Mitch Hedberg
Geometer's Sketchpad
Integra......new headers or new audio?
Revenge of the Sith
I'm going to have to leave you for a while.
Pool Debate
Jeremy Soule
I Am 21 !
Contact lenses, their benefits and risks
Looking for an old link......
Online store to hear products?(Auto)
Need opinion on if this is a potential scam.
So are you all being affected
software construction research
car troubles
Good Car Insurance Companys?
Best april=fools files.
Politics, religion, wars, the president, and racial discussion all inside here
I need to find a ACOG TA31 for my M-16 in 3 weeks...help please
April Fools!
Illah goes to Miami
is it just me or?
Story time ...rolling story
Rice? I think not...
zee goggles
Sword of truth
Turn On South Park On Comedy Central Right Now! Lol
Trusted Brands and untrusted brands
Looking for an article...
Looking for a new bike
The Screen Savers replacement :D
Natural Disasters
Amusing THG article
My friend died.
Mental Disorder Stigma
Got a new job
How did you find out the Easter Bunny is not real?
Some people are just...ugh...
MSN Radio vs Launchcast
What a great night...
Lonely in Tucson
credit card questions
Funny Thing About Books in School I Realized
theforumisdown.com is gone?
Electrical Problems In House - Help!
Website Opinions
Whatsort of effect does 30,000 calories have on you?
ever heard of Preople?
My first tattoo.
Cambodian Adoptions
Wendy's brings new meaning to the term FINGER FOOD
Most Efficient Shave
Speakable and Unspeakable things in your professional/academic life
What cartoon is this?
What is your home CPU index?
Toyota Prius Discussion
Diagnosed with umbilical hernia:(
How not to go insane over my spring break? I need a hug...
What suppliments do you guys take?
why kill so manyinnocent threads?
Scientists Recover Tissue From T. Rex
What is your favorite ceral ?
anyone from knoxville?
Hotel Rwanda
Official Cool Things To Do with ordinary things
(thread)killing spree
O/C Forum's Offical Darwin Award Thread
Halarious Windows Mobile 2005 Picture!
Ukraine pulling troops out of brain-dead chick's room....
should i retake a class if i get a D?
Funniest thread ever!!!
Clutch help
@ what RPM do you shift gears?
Older Women
I wanted to destroy something beautiful.
Man has glasses permanently pierced into his nose