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I wanted to destroy something beautiful.
Man has glasses permanently pierced into his nose
where do i find 3d screensavers
Room to Rent Add Help
I got a weird phone call last night...
Biking Trip
where to get music
Need help with car audio
Dumbest DEA agent on the planet (PG-13 rated)
Happy Birthday 9mmCensor!
is there a way to remove painted logos
3d animation
Free car or scam?
What's your motto?
US History Help.
SSS's favourite website
LOL=Post Count (slight 56k warning)
Need help buying digital camera >$300
Is the internet real?
Which college to go to? UCI, UCD, SLO
Forums help people become more knowledgable
i keep mising my favorite shows can i download them
Captains of Crush
Monster Jam!!!
Need a new car, which one?
So Sad
why are some people such jerks
Who hates the aol commercials?
Photo Websites?
Ebay selling tips/advice needed!
Men, Flowers, and our Masculinity
put or throw your glasses and contact lenses away!
Anyone else have bendy fingers?
wow.. this has to be the most SUCESSFULL sCaM EVER! www.savetoby.com
Reccomendation Please (Car Audio)
Happy St. Patty's Day last night? NOT!
Ok, all you cooks out there...
uptight Americans
it brought a tear to my eye,,
Very sad day. A fallen hero
Haunted War Boots on eBay?
The F-35?
i need a new avatar
Global Warming....do you believe ?
If you think the Hummer's large, get a load of GM's gargantuan Topkick, based on a du
Messing with Scientologist
a black hole (for 10 million, billion, billionths of a second)
A twist on the placebo effect
Riddles Anyone?
Some dude stole a car and ran into my car....
Online clothing outlets...
Anyone with a good Spring Break story???
In memory of our doggie...Poochbutt.
Would you use Monitoring software? Why?
What's wrong with my math?
Sin City
need help switching out stereo's in my 96 corolla
What happens when you drive for 35 miles on a highway with manual break on?
[NEWS] Gmail Goes Public
Cell Phones
Todays my B-day
H bomb....
Airbus A320 eeeerrrrkkk sound.
Music Bumperstickers - esp. Metal
more science stuff
Happy Pi day everybody!
guys with kids should consider this.. (ALL SHOULD READ)
I will be getting candadicy test for wavefront lasik soon! I am making a list of ques
Need to get in touch with an admin
Building Electromagnet for Physics Class
car audio amp repair
MySpace Group?
Whats so good about butterfly knives
hows this car
Is anyone else here in a local band or music group?
I don't have a sig.
Any lawyers here?
What is this song?
What do you do when you are bored
Legal age to buy stocks
Losing my hair, it sucks
Leave nothing by footprints
Fat!! need to lose it!
band name
Petals Around The Rose Puzzle
Finding primary school friend - possible?
Got myself a car!
I'm #### ****ed, some one stole my mp3 player!!!!
Vi Vi Vintage.........
Bidpay vs Paypal
Dental plans? worth it? which is best?
ipod help please
Hate the 1337!, love this
A Math type question that is impossible...
Check out my new Yo Yo!
overclock your shoes
Which one of these five cars would you go with?
three letter list of scrabble(or literati) words
People who have been or are in the Air Force [Read]
[NEWS] Sony tackles Apple's iPod shuffle
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Trailer on 3/10
Is the earth getting smaller?
So how do i cool a fishtank?
Wanna travel in time??
Not sure if I got fake pics or not.
MSN Teaches Parents 1337 Sp34k
And im back...
GReat Reading
Sysadmin Appreciation day!
Tsunami victems sueing US for not warning them. Greed or grief?
Rscheearch form Elingsh Uinervtisy.
93 olds cutlass cierra cd player
Beatles Argument (totally frivolous)
Social security
I think auto companies should create manuals for all the cars they produce.
From what I have found. People that drive manuals are better drivers than those with.
Electronics help
Why do people drive trucks and SUV's if they dont need them?
what is nt$
different foods
Oddly satisfying
Are YOU happy? Why so?
Mini System Skips
Stand up and take a bow
Gas up 25 c/g, how far can gas+car expense deduction be stretched on tax returns?
ATTN: Oregon, Washington and British Columbia Fiero Owners.
FIRE ! mesmerizing isn't it?
[Periocid Pondering] Exploration and where we should take it
Music selection by similarity.
Cars for under 4k?
Nikon D70 Auto Focus Help!
He made it!
quotes in sigs
Check out this skater
Overturned Death Penalty for teens
Check out my band!
Physics: tension of a rope
Another: My first car thread :D
Car audio - choosing a component set
Kudlow and Cramer
Mountain Bike trails in northern Ohio, southern MI
Geometry Help!
[NEWS] Bill Gates to Receive Honorary UK Knighthood
Any Cavers Out There?
Forex Scams
bus shelter ads
ampullae of Lorenzini
Sigh - kinda
Rofl Train!
no heat... what to do
Ford know it all's, I have a remote entry question for you!
What Happened to Language?
Just got in my first car accident...
Back after a while :D
Highest miles on a car?
What defines a computer expert?
My Successful Flight of an "Anti-Gravity" Lifter
[NEWS] Bill Gates Proclaims US High Schools Obsolete
first car :)
Ln2 in NYC sewers?!
need help with some math....
i need a creadit card can some one help me
Star Wars Televison Series
Sean Connery on Star Trek Enterprise
Next or Upcoming Technology Trend?
How to disposed of a Siemens M35i mobile phone
Dang ... awsome internet radio
High School
Elec. Engrs. graduating in May
Most users ever online was 993, 09-14-03 at 03:40 AM
Long or short hair?
[Periodic Pondering]Today's Culture
[NEWS] No swipe CC"s and no signing for $25 or less..
Any straight oc'ers?
Any gay OCers?
Star Wars Episode 3 Pictures / spoilers
No Failure Schools?
I just got owned
The ethics of drug research
Classic Cars Rotting Away...many pics (linked)
Current topics in science series: #1
running help.
A Snowy Day, by ME
How often do you...
New Maxim: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Artificial intelligence
Toyota Camry Vs. FedEx Truck (results are discouraging!)
The Gradient Function
Snowboarding help
Poll: Create a BenchMark socre Area
[Periodic Pondering] What is your view on today's society and culture?
[Periodic Ponderings] What do you want to have a discussion about?
International Rescue
How fast can one write a 15 page research paper?
My latest hobby
General Chat Reloaded
Job...I walked off today.
Choicepoint... 110,000 Identities Nationwide Compromised
We don't care about Paris Hilton
Enter the Haggis
Dividing by zero, including zero divide by zero
Any Punk'rs here?
Monty Python on Broadway!
Cell phone hacks?
Omfg Watch This
Have you guys seen this?
Need help getting a gift!
Couldja, wouldja?
Posting and YOU (basic guide to forum posting)
Hunger for TV-Shows
Dragons are coming!
ARGH! Dust! In my MP3 Player
The new MX-5 is out.(Miata)
Serious Car Trouble
Can't Eat anything lately...
Stuck between a rock and a hard place
[NEWS] The death of an American icon
Does computing pay well?
My bank account is $340 short
Apple you make my blood boil
Train layout wiring
Want a Pizza? Order from Everquest2!
Allways Depressed
Reaction Speeds.
Lan party
Resident Evil 4 - WOW!!!
Michelin Reinventing the wheel with the "tweel"
[NEWS] Blockbuster sued over late fees
I am sorry
My little *cough* collection...
Little girl with two heads! Also gender confusion
Driver Training: The O/C Solution?
man boobies
just got back
Compiling list of music providers
Question for physicists?
Major Woot!!!!
People suck
micr050ph7 h31p5 p4r3n75 und3r574nd 1337
Newegg has a new website - go check it out
slashdot down?
MTV's Randy of the Redwoods...
Help with logo design.
motivation problem
Math question from today's midterm driving me up the WALL!
Security Problems browsing these forums?
Hockey coming back?
Freaky O_o
Chinese Translators
free drugs in canada.
I just saw 'Cellular'
What does this phrase mean: 'i'm gonna fix your little red wagon'
which mod/admin do i go to?
Philosophical Question
anyone big on ebay here
Another girl thread... this one is different...
Twelve Angry Men Essay
Tell the computer nerd enough about girls that he doesn't need to know about them.
some "ricers" are just dumb...
Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK etc.)
Questions for those who live in Finland
Happy Birthday Crash893!
Happy birthday weapon!
Crazy Fly By!
Loosing your car !!
Need the Handyman's Help
[NEWS] Images of Ocean Floor Show Effects of Tsunami
I have to know what i want to be! but i dont
EVO vs Murcielargo??
Jammin' Riffs
HDTV Flickers
what do u use superglue for?
WTF, is wrong with people these days??!!!!
Need help with my back!
Savage Funk (more driving musak)
Natural Disasters - Mother Earth Getting Back To Us?
DIY paintball bombs?
I'm sick, need your help.
You there, at the computer: pay attention
Does anyone remember BBS's
Globalization: Your thoughts?
finally a job but alas more problems
The govt wants to make mini black holes.
Ok what is this ?
Musical Instruments Forum
My teacher crushed my dreams
Saltwater Aquariums
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Selling Comp
Model Cars/Trucks?
photoshop boredness
I have a Christian question?
Tachometer Installation
who is your favourite music artist?
What is Indie Rock?
Whats that site...
O/C 24 Watchers (The Fox Show)| Discussion Thread
Tom Leykis fans?
Airsoft anyone
Just had quite the scare with my cat :(
Youre Welcome! - Weird word
automotive forum
Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome
Xeno's fool-proof guide to getting a chick, unless your an idiot
Interpretation of a furry friend
how many terabytes for every MP3?
Why i love my truck.....
Napster v. iTunes
Euler Program for TI-86
For those who saw Alone in the Dark & HotD
where i've been the last couple of weeks
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Arugh damn A+...
Restaurant, wine order shock: ramble
Fighting Acne
So, who's still around that I'll remember?
1987 Mazda 626 and 89 Mercury Tracer Questions
anyone have tmj?
CO2 canisters for firing a ping pong ball?
Help! How do you make histogram in excel??
Can you buy pistols off the net?
Trying to get a portfolio going...
My new favorite show... Venture bros.
Does your employer rip you off? Fight back, it works.
About : little sleep and being "fine" Read plz :)
Star Trek: Enterprise CANCELLED!
I need a job!
Picture of famous "rockers", how they looked when they were younger
I'm depressed...again
Insurgents playing with dolls... how embarrassing!
texas holdem poker?
remote car starters
No Apache for me :(
Rant - My Astronomy Prof
The Problem with this World
Anyone else dislike Simon from American Idol?
Time to boogie... or not...
[NEWS] U.S. Kids Don't Understand First Amendment
Tough being a geek, isn't it?
Tunnel out a hill
Debate: Religion in schools
Valentines Day - Idea thread??
Red Cross will no longer engage in new fundraising after Jan 26th - Tsunami relief
What do you drive?
Valentines Day
Poor Guy
Which Simpsons character do you think will reveal they're gay?
UPDATE: ATTN: All snowboarders, need some help.
I voted in the iraqi out-of-country free elections!
I think I was just scammed
2 Fast 2 Furious
Instead of cracking down on people that download music.....
What are your experiences with carpal tunnel?
This or That?
Abit's FTP has been hacked!!!
Hello Kitty to the max.
That "Hello Kitty" stuff...
Pinched a nerve in sholder !!
HAHA! underground mock election for my school
Post Your Playlist :D!!!
Cell Phone Modifiying
ughhh best way to stop gambling?
I need some creative help, fast!
Water Softeners... help!
Car or armored truck?
Wow, haven't felt this way about a girl in a while.
High population forums for sale/trade?
[NEWS] Identity theft Happens Predominantly Offline
Any keen astronomers?
Are you a fellow...
Night time pictures
hurray for me
Speeding tickets
Got a new toy today
Online Music store that isn't musiciansfriend?
Are you technically sleeping if you just lay there?
Something Interesting: Wooden Mirror
Anyone want to make $38K/month? Read here.
I don't know what to say
Oops....I got mauled...again....lol
Is Zip22's glass full of Martini's or Margaritas?
Is there any way to thread pipe with a dremel?
Death Thread
Anyone watch 24 ?
Constantine (New Movie - Feb 18)
Poor taste by NYC radio station HOT 97
crap. need a new car
Internet minority (how old are you?)
Nooooooooooooooooooo !!!
I'll miss you Johnny Carson.
Need some suggestions on opening a business.
How do you take marker off of paper?
If you haven't already, replace the Anode in your water heater!!!!
Crap It's Cold
Ruthless Mod's (and good times)
Bank/Checking Account at 15 years?
Where's the blood?
Johnny Carson Dies at Age 79
Recharging Alkaline batteries...
shotgun rules
Weather has been going buckwild lately
Which HDTV? Big sale
Wanna put a camera in a spud gun projectile..how ?
Just got my mixtapes hosted, check 'em out!
Question for those in NYC...
Poetry.com emails?
What Ever Happend To Neo Planet!!!
Music Tastes Geek Theory
New song by Noah Neiman: Hands in the Air
Where to go in Tokyo and Hong Kong
See-thru death ray has been invented...Frech & Saudis are interrested!
When do all the business quarters start and end?
good topic for a business paper?
Not to be rude but um..
Disc Jockey
IT offshore; anyone?
Freaky Stuff
Motorcycle forums.
Anyone into aviation? B747-400 @ rev. thrust + wet runway =spray
Any way to fix my coaxial cable?
Couldn't People Forge Heatware?
calc help
Recessed Lighting Question
question for fellow guitar players
to make matters worse thread
The Boogiemen are back! hehe
Bad news for yall
disney quiz thread! click me!
Spawn or not to spawn?
Help with college financial aid (out of state, Florida)
Service Similar to Launch
Need advice on my major..
New Game album is HOT!
Selling video games in the Classifieds
Sleeping Issues/Insomnia Poll
Stargate SG1
a deep void inside me.
Question about camcorder lenses and filters
The Official "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker" Thread
NFL Playoffs
This guy is a scumbag
I'm confined to a wheelchair for the next week. It's eye opening.
i got a rank!!!
Boycott - Molson
any one wanna get me up to date?
10 best cars of the 1990s.
Wish i had this car...
Whats the Hoopla about?
How many bike riders are here?
Thinking about Super Computers
Trance[]Control Fans
Battlestar Galactica
real actual question
Guys, i did it... I got a "B" in Ap english!!
FAMILY GUY new episodes start Sunday 9/8c on FOX
How do you know when you're in love?
Latest addition to my Dorm
Filing Small Business Taxes? *confused*
....I think I can make your life easier
Check out the emotions and fun (keyboarding)
How Do I Sell Stocks that I have
problems with teacher
Well...It's official, i'm single again!
Help building a community.
Berkeley Students, or Californians
GD = Not for hardware or vendor discussions!
Ebay Fees! Outrageous Increase!!!
I'm Taking Donations For this Jeep
Paul McCartney at super bowl
Anyone here have a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering?
anyone know anything about engraving?
hey guys need some help with biology