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most embarrasing moments
Home computer in the year 2004
anyone working as a Best Buy PC Technician?
Got Screwed By Suxuki Credit
205 mph! 140 over spd Limit!
Community college SUCKS.
My College Paper Question
What is your favorite movie that takes place where YOU live?
just some goofyness - link
techblowouts.com - any experience with this on-line vendor?
How did you evolve into computers?
Marching band
So Strange
SE T616 owners(Or cell phone enthusiasts)
Questions about Schoolwork and Females
Moped/Scooter in Toronto Canada?
Radar detector
Wishing our gulf coast members well
Grand Opening
History of the computer…?
Ivan pics from Montgomery,AL
I just got raped (figuratively).
I think i have chrons....
new record for florida?
Need some pointers on buying a bike.
RIP Indian Larry 04/28/1949-08/30/2004
TCWO - gone
I started chewing again!
Hidden Weapon Permit
WHOO, my work is having a computer sale!!
Marvel VS TCG
Grateful Dead?
Got a new charger...
Computer Taxation
Reparations for African Americans
What is the criteria for a custom rank?
Paypal question
Dial-Up Users Beware!
The Most Depressing Thread Ever?
I'm in Rapid City South Dakota (Ellsworth AFB) for 2 weeks...any suggestions?
JoT? Where be ye?
Any math experts here
Saw a sneak preview for Sky Captain
Reasons For & Against Evolution
RIAA Going too far?
rc people, check out this plane
possiblitys question
Quick Question About 120 Gallon Tank center bracket
Might move to canada
Spiderman! Batman! Who's next?
White Noise...
Internet on Phone
Who knows alot about bigscreen TVs?
Car question for you guys...
I ran 17 miles!!! What have YOU done today??
World Wind
Jacksonville wins it ! WOOO!
HDD MP3 Players... which should i get?
OMG this is AWSOME!!!!!!!!! Jet-man.com
Question on possible car upgrades
Xtremesystems.org hacked?
question on shipping a computer
Fun with rental cars
college football
Did you know the mascot for Firefox isnīt a fox?
Police Scanners - Streaming Audio?
anyone ever feel like you don't know what you're going to do with your future...?
Name that Song!
Any glamour pics of you or your girlfriend?
akiba-pc.com hacked also
new OT law revoked
any fox body mustang buffs ?
Star Wars Trilogy Out on DVD Soon
Mr. President visits my campus
How to weld or soldier my computer chair
term for...
The most amazing Girl I Wish I Never Met
Ivan The Terrible
Why can't i catch the Front Side Bus?
Loud speaker
How many Sq Feet?
Hot or Not
Silversinksam. yay
wierd video cameras i found...what are the meant for?
Gmail invites
Delaware has highest rate of AP students in the NATION! I'll tell you why:cry:
Snow At Myu School!!!!
Tube Guitar Amps
In Solidarity With The Beslan School Seige Victims
My recently purchased Third-gen Rx-7
motor skooters
Pictures from Japan Trip (lots of pics 56k warning)
Frosh: What the hell!?!?!
Pictures from a hike
ok this is BULL :rant:
Gmail users - what are your thoughts so far?
Looking for Phone and Service.
the livestrong bracelet, plastic?
Streaming Live Wev Cams Across the Globe
How to make a buisness plan ???
Are you happy/have you got what you wanted and/or expected out of life?
woohoo new comp!!
Ever heard of Excel? The Phone Company
This is a weird request...
So my mom says I can have her 350HP '94 MKIV Twin Turbo Supra...
what are some good movies to rent?
Posting And You
Internation shipping with UPS - contact name?
Anyone know of a good camping spot/State Park in SW Michigan?
Ebay policy question?
CHeck out my new remix of Jay Z's "99 Problems"
Post your fall classes.
Well, it's been awhile...
What's the best thing to eat b4 school?
favorite t.v. shows
Need help with 10th grade Geometry!!! I can't find the formula
Hurricane Frances
Bah, why is my water heater flashing a red light?
Has anyone here ever instaled thier own Hardwood Floor?
Back to school, UGH
Apartment utility problems...thoughts/experiences?
Credit card scam. You should read!
Advice on a new car, 40-50K range
Cologne who wears it?
Gmail invites
Need HELP installing Juno "Dial up" ISP in Windows XP with multiple accounts.
Why would I recognise this song?
Just got a new car....what mods should I do first?
I like to cook but im young
Interesting facts about presidents
Other than your PC, what other cool things have you built?
Silver Bandaids = No
How Do You Sell Cemetery Plots?
Manufacturer pronunciation
About NCAA rules - This is the way to tell someone off...
Guidelines to Posting :p
Olympic Rant
US Mens Basketball Team
The single greatest product ever.
need some music vids!!!!
Dave Matthews Bombs Tourists
i wanna crawl under a rock
Neat flash.
I Graduated From High School!!!!!!!!!!
My apartment is getting bombed tomorrow..
finally got a cell phone and all my calls drop
Help Wanted-Web design and support
Driving a Standard!
free virtual stock exchange
Can someone please find a video of the USA Women winning the Volleyball Gold?
Room Decorated Colours
water damage what to do in house
drivers licence, Maine.
Anyone else think mainstream music totally sucks?
O look a new way of advertisement!
Digging up old posts...Good ? bad? Dont care?
The "blind spot" of Wisconsin drivers...
Need Advice for college
how much does a gallon of gas weigh(lbs)
I'm going to be a dad
buying a TV, are best buy open box items a good idea?
Just wanted to say I'm back and in full throttle
Absolute best website EVER (Second to maddox.xmission.com)
Exorcist: The Beginning
Creatine... To all nerds out there, what do you think?
Wooooo!! South Africa win Tri-Nations rugby cup!!!
The Dream Team at the olympics...
New overtime laws
Mini Bus...
Got a cool pic
Post your pets
Might get in really bad trouble
Petition for university
Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Painting my room
Dell Outlet had such a great deal, I HAD to buy this one...
Moving to Europe...
Bye for now :(
Help Me Find A Bank That Doesnt Suck
I'm sick of it all.
I am getting engaged :)
how to clean paintballs of cement
Lan Party before school starts
Do you think people can REALLY change?
The Screen Savers on G4suck...
Going to MEPS processing for the navy tomorrow.
Going away to school, any advice?
Any Aussies on the boards?
what do you use for school: messenger bag or backpack
Pink Floyd and "THE WALL ALBUMN"
I got me a new job!!!
I need relationship advice!!!
This is for all you nitro fans
Mountain Dew Pitch Black
Hello everyone, whats new?
Hobbies collide.
who says geeks can't get girls?
Is a 3.0 unwieghted gpa any good?
Logo for teh hair
car audio help
what does the M series have over the regualar(cars, BMW)
new job
Cat + ceiling fan
Anyone watch Aliens VS. Predator ?
Petition for new smiley
Place to stay in LA for 1/2 year. HELP !!!
Auto insurance question
its august 14th...what were you doing last year w/o power?
OC I have a puzzle
Motorbike Test
Something odd...
The Interview
Hurray for Hurricanes!
Toys R US is ganna go outa buisness...
What I've learned
Why do we exist?
WHAT DO YOU DO ( the pictorial)
Gasoline Additives
Does anyone here have a website where thye can host my pics.
caught by supposedly MGM for copyright laws
Sleep Aid
I am the King of my Pants!
car engines
how would you polish this?
Who here play's tennis??
Cigars anyone?
Off Topic - I need information about Digital TV 'filters' or 'descramblers'
8/4/04 lottery
Any idea for new forum?
35mm Camera Sites
Cool music video
Well.. here's an update.
D00d I have a Doom 3 Avatar!
Which digital camcorder to buy?
what do you think?
Green Jigpu...
What to get: a cool gift for a chef
A little Canadian pride
man what where they thinking
I need a vacation.
August 3, 2004 crop formation - a mirror image of the Aztec God, Xochipilli
Anime for teens
Gone Flat...
New bed?
What's this itty-bitty fork for?
Need help coaching Peewee football
A pause for the BOS/NYY debaters of late;
How to sell a watch?
Eternal - The Poem
The World is a pathetic place
Guess this mugshot...
arizona residents with performance cars avoid this place.
Trip Hop & Acid Jazz
I need help with my own biz ( artistic)
Best Sifi books
I got the NEED for SPEED!
What's with ARS Open Forum Soapbox---Im staying away
University course echeduling
50 meg email account
I need your help to study
Welcome to Green, Oni.
My Car's bumper just broke!!
Whats going on with Penny Arcade?
Geek Ratio of O/C Forums members
Preserving Petals
how do i get A+ certified?
Nomar Trade to the Cubs
"You have ordered 1 Ticket to: Pixies"
Paypal class action?
talk about me!
I Hate SBC
What shoul I write?
ear surgery anyone?
I know.
I'm going to see Modest Mouse on the eigth!!
Any good Martial arts
Help a girl out with a quick car question, please?!! Thanks!
Radar Contact: Any other Controllers out there?
CD protectors that go on the CD themeselves
Can anyone translate the Japanese? on this sword?
Finders Keepers losers weepers
Does anyone wanna buy me Doom3 for my Bday ?
Overclockers REcord
Msn Plus
New Window
New Car: What to get under 20g's
Looking for a Job!
Redbull really does give you wings
Cell Phone Thread
I just learned a new Suicide!
what should i do?
Pay Pal Classaction payout...
what is this veggie?
Nature's Ratio, PHI = 1.6
Fenco clutch kits?
ET's: Extra Terrestials, are they real?
What to do....
DMV laws, utter maddness
Of all the women in the world, they pick this one, Dell & Gateway, the both of them
pen tricks
Napoleon Dynamite
watching the democratic convention
What do Computer Nerds do...
Bwah-ha-ha Amazon's recommendations stink!
Doesnt publix have that coin dropoff thing? Or am i confused?
I got one of those Neon Guitars from spencers. Cant get it to lite.
were to get a decent straight razor
Look! I borrowed a new car!
looking for a chevelle
I, Robot
WearYELLOW LiveSTRONG Band - Wristband in support of cancer research
Senseless HoHo Destruction
Lets discuss why I'm a jerk
Blah ideas stolen again
mp3 vs itunes aac?
Date suggestions
For those of us that listen to National Public Radio, this is more than very funny
What luck....
Look at What I found
which song do u like the most?
Ricky Williams Retired
My Brothers pictures.
Those Clear Plastic things inside wallets...
Anyone Ever got a Patent? Invention?
Movie Combinations
Contact within 20 years
Anime Recomendations
New words on the new Transformers movie
Camcorder Advice, MiniDV
Thinning fish in pond
does guitar center/sam ash sell SINGLE bass strings????
need a license to help out?
who has a 1998-2000+ Vw passat
List of common liquid viscosity?
Homeless people...
oh how i love fiber.....
Pocket Bikes
Energy drink round-up! Whats your favoriute?
Happy Birthday :P
2012, Again.
2nd interview
You want impresive? Mercedes SL65 AMG!
oil on mars?
Competetive Swimmin
Oh look, I got a new car.
Driving Test
Nightwish in Seattle
Studyin :(
OWL Bums
A Band name...
fellow glowstick dancers (a.k.a rave dancing)
how do you wash/wax/polish your car?
Merrimack College
Anyone at NC State?
sorry for my inpatient
Does anyone else love ...
Haunted Castle - IMAX - 3d
how do i get a list of cell phone carriers?
More Math Help
Got something on your mind? Let it out!
WHY! why can't I have a girl for a friend..
Paradox Help?
los lonely boys
Turning the tables on Nigeria's e-mail conmen
Microsoft is not that evil and open source kills jobs
Look at this EVO VIII!!!!
I Need a battery for a Motorola T730
my first day at work
Fwd: Good Article
Question for older members on vinyl
Mercedes Benz Unimog
Keep or sell 98 VW Beetle?
Hi, I'm daba, and I'm a computer-addict.
which Job
Whats the name of this joe walsh song?
Trucker Hats = "So 5 Minutes Ago"
Adding a Signature Error....
VERY annoying that people dont respond
Becoming a foster family...
Dust Storms!
Spider vs Snake
how much should i pay for a new truck?
I need to learn math in 2 days
spider experts help identify this
Movie piracy on Internet called an epidemic
Some of you may have seen this trick before, what's the answer?
10 stitches
web hosting, which one?
a good drum set.
Letter to School Board
Propose me a good movie
Heliocentric Model
Where can I find trendy America?
Any Day/Swing traders out there?
Anyone here enjoy House music?
Nascar Nextel & Busch Time Trials in Joliet, Illinois
any easy to cook meals?
See Thru Concrete
The New M5
Wife's new ride....
Girls and their Drama: How can i sell it??
Koalas face extinction
So I just got home from the hospital....
mach 3.8
Whats this bump?
i asked a question about fashion in general and thread is closed?
A good joke for the new day
The Butterfly Effect
anyone good with electronics?
Lloyd banks-Hunger for more
haha, Funny Lego Spiderman video
sweat wristbands
Friend + Business = no no
Think its possible to add more RAM to N64 other than expansion pack?
Auto insurance help/questions
Transformers.. More then meets the eye
holy flying monkies flame thrower!!!
favorite song of all time
Where do YOU work?
Define Trance...what most call techno
Last person you knew...
What is going on with my Red Sox
Preshott Computer And Grill
w00t! 1,000 posts in 2 months lmao
What do you think of ocforums Lottery? UK ONLY
OCforums is packed today! w00t!
Ghettoe stuff I've made... (pics)
Math folks, need some help here (Cubic dimensions)
Marlon Brando dies at age 80
free gmail invite
linksys.com = Hax!
Running shoes
My Savage
hardocp article on rc planes?
Happy Canada Day!!!
Any Metallica Fans here?
YAY 750 Posts!
88 Oldsmobile Cutlass with overdrive transmission
search your user name time
Supprised this isn't posted yet, FIREWORKS!!!
Electronic Gurus... double checking...
HUGE changes in the solar system
Spider-Man 2
The Funny Picture Thread
What's in upstate NY?
Real Networks ***RANT***
This is so F'ed up.
Bill Clinton: My Life
Me and my Bad luck with girls...
Best Picture Gallery
Got this in an email
Typical OC'er
Tom Knapp
Any TechTV fans out there?
Canada Votes!
need all members support
Got me a New Hat....
Bums and Street beggars
PS2 modchipping
Ebay sellers reply
So I think I my neighbor backed up into my car. How do I approach this? (Large pics)
This is for all you Drag racing Fan Sad day in the sport
Calling all Tuner boys
Christina Milian is HOT
i cant find the classifieds
Free IPOD!!!
Need help with a PS2
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
How close have you come to quitting this hobby?
I'm buying my first home! Need help with reward programs from the Mortgage.
Check out this car I drew
Car Stereo Question
Best public toilet ever
More women confusion...
clear out old cell phones