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Microsoft is not that evil and open source kills jobs
Look at this EVO VIII!!!!
I Need a battery for a Motorola T730
my first day at work
Fwd: Good Article
Question for older members on vinyl
Mercedes Benz Unimog
Keep or sell 98 VW Beetle?
Hi, I'm daba, and I'm a computer-addict.
which Job
Whats the name of this joe walsh song?
Trucker Hats = "So 5 Minutes Ago"
Adding a Signature Error....
VERY annoying that people dont respond
Becoming a foster family...
Dust Storms!
Spider vs Snake
how much should i pay for a new truck?
I need to learn math in 2 days
spider experts help identify this
Movie piracy on Internet called an epidemic
Some of you may have seen this trick before, what's the answer?
10 stitches
web hosting, which one?
a good drum set.
Letter to School Board
Propose me a good movie
Heliocentric Model
Where can I find trendy America?
Any Day/Swing traders out there?
Anyone here enjoy House music?
Nascar Nextel & Busch Time Trials in Joliet, Illinois
any easy to cook meals?
See Thru Concrete
The New M5
Wife's new ride....
Girls and their Drama: How can i sell it??
Koalas face extinction
So I just got home from the hospital....
mach 3.8
Whats this bump?
i asked a question about fashion in general and thread is closed?
A good joke for the new day
The Butterfly Effect
anyone good with electronics?
Lloyd banks-Hunger for more
haha, Funny Lego Spiderman video
sweat wristbands
Friend + Business = no no
Think its possible to add more RAM to N64 other than expansion pack?
Auto insurance help/questions
Transformers.. More then meets the eye
holy flying monkies flame thrower!!!
favorite song of all time
Where do YOU work?
Define Trance...what most call techno
Last person you knew...
What is going on with my Red Sox
Preshott Computer And Grill
w00t! 1,000 posts in 2 months lmao
What do you think of ocforums Lottery? UK ONLY
OCforums is packed today! w00t!
Ghettoe stuff I've made... (pics)
Math folks, need some help here (Cubic dimensions)
Marlon Brando dies at age 80
free gmail invite
linksys.com = Hax!
Running shoes
My Savage
hardocp article on rc planes?
Happy Canada Day!!!
Any Metallica Fans here?
YAY 750 Posts!
88 Oldsmobile Cutlass with overdrive transmission
search your user name time
Supprised this isn't posted yet, FIREWORKS!!!
Electronic Gurus... double checking...
HUGE changes in the solar system
Spider-Man 2
The Funny Picture Thread
What's in upstate NY?
Real Networks ***RANT***
This is so F'ed up.
Bill Clinton: My Life
Me and my Bad luck with girls...
Best Picture Gallery
Got this in an email
Typical OC'er
Tom Knapp
Any TechTV fans out there?
Canada Votes!
need all members support
Got me a New Hat....
Bums and Street beggars
PS2 modchipping
Ebay sellers reply
So I think I my neighbor backed up into my car. How do I approach this? (Large pics)
This is for all you Drag racing Fan Sad day in the sport
Calling all Tuner boys
Christina Milian is HOT
i cant find the classifieds
Free IPOD!!!
Need help with a PS2
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
How close have you come to quitting this hobby?
I'm buying my first home! Need help with reward programs from the Mortgage.
Check out this car I drew
Car Stereo Question
Best public toilet ever
More women confusion...
clear out old cell phones
My Baby Girl
Working at staples
Some idiots I know
verizon ringtones
saw spiderman 2 last night
Budget Program
Saw gas for $1.55 a gallon today
Old thread
I hate Bell Canada
Final Fantasy Advent Children
In need of some ingenuity
Driving far alone :(
I was in a bad mood, so I made a comic...
ahh how do I fix paranoia. regarding g/f
I Need Help!
Dirt Bike/Trials bikes enthusiasts
woohoo! Got our tower stuff up (pic's)
I need some advice! Please help!
Anyone know anything about air con (R22 and R410A)?
H2O2 + GoCart = Madness
blower on a boat....
Looks like...
Spam... On my cell phone?
Commerical Spaceflight Begins!!!
My Precious Car!!!! Ahhhh
Supercharge or Nitrous?
I See You
sound system
Did [H]ardforums get [H]acked...?
Summer work woes...
Torn Rotator disc???
Building a Pneumatic air cannon. Question about PVC diameters
my truck (vid)
Happy Fathers Day!
Bert Rutan is ready...
grade 10 math help
Favorite energy drink
End of another School year
Best place for cheap high-end home theater cables
LiL Smoker : Warning 56K'ers
Car issues
Noni Juice
Missing Missile?
Grrrrrrr my cat is so freaking stubborn
Free stuff is the best stuff !!
So who are the women?
Sour Cream + Nacho Cheese Doritos = :D
I love puppies
Teleportation with ATOMS breakthrough!
Chronicles of Riddick *spoilers*
Help, Custom Automotive Prom Chip burning
never fly airtran
Am i obligated to pay him back? Ebay Question
Hotness in Seatle!
why is there shortages of stuff?
Looking for a wris****ch
Any One Know Any Good Music Forums?
Knock off Sunglasses... Beware!
French Questions
IAD - Internet Addiction Disorder?
I just saw the BEST anime
A (kind of) anime thread
Signing up for the army.
(Moral) Question about Friends.
Cell phone
Another Troll bites the dust
Weird finds on customers computers
Nitro rc cars
Makes you appreciate things a little more.
Polyphonic ringtones sound horrible!
Free websites for Bank Forclosures?
Whats your monthly mortgage payment?
Football UEFA European championship '04
I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What was the first concert you attended?
name change please
A very very sad story...
"Miracle Fix" Has anyone seen this?
Need some help with girl(s)
Arggg!!! Never Post A Message At Gamefaqs!!!
Getting a new car CD player from Best Buy...
Blind spot mirrors (where to put them?)
Tips on buying a car for dirt cheap
Bubba Ho-tep
Forum question...
Ghost in the Shell season 2!
Can you believe this???
Learning Guitar
Calling old school nerds
Confused I am!
this is the definition of a good g/f
A Drunken mistake. . .or not??
Want to make a Keychain,What should I use?
Help with philosophical questions
Football? Badgers?
Concert ~ Burning Brides/A Perfect Circle
Guess the breed of my Dog *pics*
Examples of water used with Electricity
LOL I am so stupid
ray charles died today....
Remember those OLD board games.
I hope you guys can help.
whats your opinion waste of $ (3k machine for 10min a day)
Leader ship whos who?
The ORKUT home of OC Forums
TI-89 and SAT II Math
The Rap/Hip-hop music suggestion thread
How are Jeep Grand Cherokees?
I wonder what 1,000,067,088,384,000,000 pennies look like.
ok.. sorry if this is a dumb Q.. :)
Mechancial Enginneering? MBA? Supply Chain? I can't choose a major.
What would you do if your Best Man Dropped out of your Wedding?
How much would it take for you to kill a PUPPY with your BARE HANDS?
Sympathy for a man at his wits end.
picture request: Bubba Ho-tep
Wow, its been awhile.
Where is it?
Where do you live and how does it affect your oc'n?!
fried rice
Any AAU Baseball Players Out There?
What for dinner.
I smell smoke in San Diego!
The Y2k Bug Strikes Again
Comic Strip Lovers
Buy a big screen HDTV new or used.
Badass Business card ideas
English paper help
Dremel usage question
A moment of slience if you would
Q & A: Gas Cost in Your Area
The office doggie challange
Powering MP3 Jukebox in the car
Shots o' My Blazer
HDTV Tuners
its my birthday soon:D
Insomnia anyone?
McLaren F1 LM spotten in Tampa.
My Rig (As Requested By Sun_Tzu(###))
Sandblasting Costs?
Missed My Fedex Package!!!!!
So I have this bag of human hair...
The Dark Tower part VI, Stephen King
Enron Was Part Of The Cali Energy Crisis
Laying Down The Law On Ebay
r/c cars
a more "technical" forum?
50 facts that should change the world
How do you recieve money with paypal?
Ebay help...
Official Paintball gun thread...
Going To Toronto
Xbox dimensions?
What did you get in the mail
What should I do?
Search feature changed on OCforums - Can't search posts
exacaliberpc paying with paypal, when they run a credit report....
Hobbies, other than O/Cing
I hate people!!! Pt.3
For all the "nice" guys out there...
anyone here tried online dating?
Price quote on painting a room?
How can I view all of my posts ???
So what type of car do you drive?
The Day After Tommorrow
Moviing choices conflicting...
I also hate people
The ONLY Summer movie I'm excited about
Argh, need a tux
I can't find any of my posts
invisible mode?
Arlington Washington Fiero Meet
Gun forums?
What are some ways to make quick cash?
Is the search engine active?
New Skin
How do you connect to the internet? 56K/DSL/Cable
Summer Home Jobs
Phish broken up?
Any Xtreme Mountain Bikers or Rock Climbers?
Blazer + Deer = KabooM!!!
well i need to get some new CDS
I Hate People!!!!!
Need help on a Bill Gates essay...
NAVY questions concerning my sister.
Prepare for Brood X!
The Shield...
Math & Physics Help
Yay! Its my Birthday :D
OK, so who bought "The Subliminal Verses"
The Power of Lightning...
Stereo hookup in a Civic...
[H]ard OCP user stats.
Geometry exam, I'm worried!
Job Applications
Modern Day Packaging *Rant*
What are candid pics of political figures called?
body building
Hot or Not?
Anyone wanna give me $65,100?
MP3 Player
any other singers/performers here?
i need a chemist to help me disprove some dum@#ery
I dont know about u but im ready for summer.
Catwoman rips off The Crow
A Perfect Circle Consert
Have severe fatigue? Read here
We had a blast!
Never underestimate the gamer
Fainting Goat Video its is too funny
Please identify this song!
Ejection Seat
Favorite alcohol?
Episode III Commentary
school exzam
Where do you work?
I can't believe people clean themselfs,worship in this
My New Toy
Are You Insane??? Lets Have a Discussion.
World's Toughest Riddle
Why/how is there a 5-6ft deep hole in my backyard?
anything to cure insomnia...
Grad Gifts
Andy Kaufman is alive!!!
Perfect Game
Leisure chairs
Username, Avatar.
Why? This isn't a support forum!
Looking for new car
My new job
Can I get a females opionon please?
a question about a girl...
"G and C"
Selling online sucks!
2 Weeks Notice
I need help choosing a domain name
Essay help, real quick please!
Willy Wanka foils all my parents teachings!
1,888 miles per gallon!!!!
Anyone know about Foreclosures?
WHATS the BEst digi cam
Sound Insulation.
Interesting school project
you know those free mag subscriptions?
The new mustang? [poll]
best ninja turtle
Gas price related...
Boots to a prom???
Buba Hotep
the miami area
UFO? Lights over Mexico city!
funny ebay auction again
Post cars/bikes you have owned and their mods/times
iPod's Dirty Secret
Just to clarify.. No politics please.
Latest hightech ship.... And I found a flaw in it already!!
Summer jobs for college students
Q: Which continent is Canada on???
Happy Birthday SpeeDj
Alittle game for the bored...
Car Audio Question
RC videos
anyone been on accutane?
I want to move to America.
Solid car advice needed...
Have It Your Way
Help me make my resume!
entrepreneurial ideas
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, bananna phone!
Costa Rica - the life!
any debaters in this forum?
How do i change color's i nmy sig and make text smaller ?
Even More Physics Stuff
Can you tell if it's moving?
Teen Jobs...
you know what makes me really angry?
Happy B-Day SSS
Solar Equations
Hello my name is Carmen
need help on a shipping and payment matter for pc parts.
What happned over at extremesystems forums ! ?
Photoshoping images help
intel stuffed toys
The Fifth Hope!
Electrical engineers.
Earlier Post
My New Car
Just when you think this type of thing can't happen *BOOM*
Ice Hockey worldcup!
rap song question
Why is the Mona Lisa fading?
george forman grill
good laugh
Career Decissions
Anyone work(ed) for Best Buy?
Gas Prices
Weather in MA... wow
SR year of HS
anyone got a link to the zapruder (sp) film?
i just cooked like 4 potatoes and a half a package of sausage....
alcoholics and overclocking?
The why on paper sizes
My New toy
Car Question
Half Life 2 WinHEC Demo Unleashed
Microsoft's answer to Lindows - Minux!!!
Advanced Placement English Lit. and Composition
Personal gender perspective... What's yours?
The Infamous Taxi Whistle!
Info on HAARP
New d12 cd? like it or not?
Bomb Blasts In Athens
GPS installation
AP tests
how are you gentlemen?
jamming signals
college sucks...
I sometimes wonder
just an update
New Job
Does call forwarding work with cell phones?
Mold in water purification pitcher, help?
Anyone going to E3 this year?
Can someone translate this?
NBA on ABC. Is it in HD this Sunday?
Finally got my G1
So there is this girl..
ethics....what would you do?
i need help writing a resume
That Penguin Game
Wire capicators into car system for louder speakers?
More Stupid physics problems
Car Audio Faceplate with a Small Audio Connection For Ipod?
post your g/f-wife pics
Car Problems: Clunk + Grind...
Large tv, picture messed at top?
does anybody here play dungeons & Dragons?
Greetings from Basrah......
hw help in acceleration/velocity stuff.
What exactly am I, in college?
man, this is so stupid
Help Finding an instruction manual
Color Question
@md0Cer = color blind?
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Money Orders
Let's Discuss relationships
Comets ahoy!
funny maranda rights
ok to dream?
My new ride