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I hate facebook.
Where were you 10 years ago?
Drug Co. CEO's wife found restrained and hung in home; No Foul Play
I know this is OC Forums..
Google+ invites COME AND GET'EM
Fell on peeed up floor last night.
Arrgh!!!! Ever misplaced something that YOU didn't misplace.
Any mechanics/auto painters?
Intravenous virus eyed as possible cancer treatment
Has anyone here worked for HP?
Are we born to run?
Federal Court upholding
Anyone live in/around Boston?
Another hurricane on the way☺
just dodged a phishing scam via phone
now that the storm is over....
Life sometimes...
2011-2012 Official NFL Thread
Speaking of hurricane names...
China on the rise
Hurricane Irene
Totally off-topic...please take 20 seconds to help!
So i just wanted to say Thanks
Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple.
Joey Vento dies at 71
Navy SEAL’s Dog Stands Guard One Last Time
My uncle loves technology video
AT&T Lies About Motives For Acquiring T-Mobile
Mobo socket tester
Who felt the Quake on the East Coast today.
Deaf man battling to join Army after auditing ROTC
Good ebooks on kindle?
General question about European clothing size ?
Any Good Underground music?
Bit coin mining
Improving my 3G
Pastafarian - New song (I don't share my music here very often)
Dutch install train station 'slides' to speed up movement
Computer Programmers
Woman’s yard sale to pay medical bills gets shut down
I know where i would like to retire now
Dentist from hell... what do I do?
so much Internet..too little time
Kuru Toga Drive
Completely dead battery vs. needing a charge
How can I get into instrumental music?
Problem Exporting HTML to Ebay
Favorite music
What is your measued Gas Mileage?
Some music to assuage a savage soul?
How do I reply to this?
Nissan 240SX Owners?
London calling - its riot season :/
T-Mobile shut off my SIM and gave away my phone number
Simple HTML pages - still needed?
So You Think You're Tough? Royal Marine Commando Quals
Smoking has health benefits?
Cartoonist Targeted With Criminal Probe For Mocking Police
anyone have experience with bikes and disc brakes?
Need help finding a new camera.
My cats are killers
2011 OCForums Fantasy Football Thread
Ben Barnanke tells all,,,,,
buy a used truck advice......
Buying a used motorcycle from NOT the `owner'
What should I eat tomorrow morning?
Anyone remember the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown?
FBI issues warns LE officials that criminals use PSN to communicate
Your most realistic/Scariest dreams?
Family harrassed by "hacker"
Website for finding used cars?
xbox addict dies from blood clot
Stereotypes by Country
N.A.S.A. deals huge blow to global warming
Ebayers buying up tons of processors.
An amusing list of ridiculous Audiophile products
Aquarium guys, I need some pointers
Computer chicks?
Time travel
US Debt in Dollar Bills
Banana Republic
Trane M Series Climate Changer Issues
Is 27 generally "young" for a guy?
Amy Winehouse dead at 27
Walk of Shame
How old is everyone here?
Oslo, Norway under attack
Ok even the thieves are polite here...
Ohio Cop threatens to execute driver over late CCW statement
Judging Knowledge in an Interview
So, it's 100F today, and it got me thinking...
December 24th, 1937
The Dark Knight Rises (Trailer)
Buying a new car
I'm HERE damnit... (and everyone knows who I am)
What are your best science and math jokes?
Was walking through the cemetery...
Shipping USA --> Argentina??
Most vents in house closed... do i need to worry about Evap. freezing?
Copa America
Listen to this!
Should parents lose custody of super obese kids?
overstock pricing fails
Medal of Honor for Army Ranger
Someone overclock my pain pills please.
Problem with a crying baby...
Help me guess the commercial
Internet "talkradio"
No more space shuttle.
USPS lost a package...what to do.
World War Z movie
9.936 uk pounds= 1x 2.5m hdmi cable.
Revelation: A Journal
Who wants 100M?
My next ride.
Paypal and StubHub. What a joke.
Charlie Sheen's former bosses to garnish $55,000 a month for child support
mold in my cars interior
My 2011 vacation
California - Amazon tax
Parents must pay for son kicking a ball into the street
Anger a Crow and It Will Never Forget Your Face
Site link issues?
Who has DirecTV??
very confused about certificats
Phone battery says 100% charge when it's not?
Violent Video Game law: Struck down
Family Issues
Dexter :: Season 6
Bioware Hacked!
Fishing thread 2011
Final Space Shuttle Launch, Atlantis, STS-135, July 8 2011
Good place to get recommendations which books to get for elementary school kid
Man robs bank for $1, so he can get medical attention in prison.
You ever say to your self man i see this pic before but where?
R.I.P. Ryan Dunn
LA school district bans chocolate milk
help remember a web address....?
well my neighbors hate me
Electrostatic Washable Filters?
We finally have a summer..I think
Wifes cancer costs Husbands job
WE WANT THE CUP! Go Bruins Go!
CNN covering the debates
Just want your opinion please people. cheers
Question on car troubles (again)...
Scratched Car Door, what to do?
Shopping channels? :D
21 bodies found with warning notes in western Mexico
Quitting the Smokes: A log.
Friday afternoon slump
Got a wonderful email from Amazon today
Why does my new avatar seem nakedish?
Gun law looking better for NC gun owners
Theaters and the "customer"
How badly does Sony suck?
Rant about preparing for a "behavioral interview"
Seedbox recommendations?
So I was at the Comic stand yesterday.
buying bulk contact lenses
Do you roll your own AMMO?
Some blimps are just better off dead...
Ford v/s Lambo Funny
Simple circuits question
12v deep cycle batteries: charging via alternator?
Florida Gov signs law requiring welfare recipients to take drug test
So I built a Rubens' Tube (flaming spectrum analyzer)
Tim's Nvidia Analogy
I never win anything... Today that bad luck has changed!
Church fined $100 per branch for excessive tree pruning.
OCF classic car thread.
He just fell off the curb...
Deer: 0 minivan: 0 tow truck operator: 1
Netflix down?
Phtography Question
Any ideas what this is?
Senate panel OKs controversial antipiracy bill
Infrared satellite survey reveals 17 lost pyramids
The wife wants me to shave my head
Chinese prisoners forced to harvest gold
well im......
Which point and shoot?
HIND MI-24 Helicopters Bring Death to Hmong in Dien Bien
Joplin Missouri
Email issues
Texting driver kills woman, gets 30 days in jail
Bored and reading General Discussion?
I just thought this was interesting
So what instruments do yall play
WHat song will you never get over
Should I go to ITT Technical Institute?
Ultra high def tv
Bike thief revenge
RIP Macho Man - aka Randy Savage....
Health activists want to sack the world’s best-known clown
Mobile phones and prepaid SIMs in Europe?
The wife has cut me off
Further testing of LightSquared's system in NV
I have the address you guys can send your money and computers to for may 21st !
Well we all saw this coming...
Portal 2 offensive?
Pearl Jam - Alpine Valley WI... 9/3-4/11
ugly wedding hat on eBay for charity
Teen turns in lost money, city keeps it
Is this a sign of things to come for Amerika?
tech podcasts?
Is Bing the new AOL?
Smoking is sexy
So bin Laden capture is being questioned as not legal?
Better or worse for credit history?
Change the test if you cant pass it...
PSA Dont let the kidz alone in the bathroom
Saw something unusual, any idea?
Flash Robs
Too good to be true?
Radar detector suggestion needed
Going to Boston
Looking for a car that can...
iRobot Create: Anyone used one?
Bunny under shed? Chew up shed. Kill bunny.
Visiting D.C.
Weather.com seems to have jumped the shark!
The Life...
guys i need help
Trump has Trumped himself.
Osama Bin Laden is dead.
Heatware feedback. How do u do it?
Investigation help
Apple lied about not tracking with iPhone/iPad on purpose?
Kid needs your help
Math Maclaurin Series Help
Looking at masters programs.
Has mythbusters lost it?
What do you listen to at work?
Am I about to get a Tornado here???!!!
My town is gone...
Need a laser printer scanner fax combo
Is this plagiarism and/or is it acceptable as senior college level writing?
Help me pick a photo service
Game of Thrones
Enjoying online porn at the public library
Decent online college's?
OCF Thread of Broken Dreams
Feeling Down and ticked
Why are we limited on fueling cost?
Californian - So you voted Brown in, happy?
New Egg Rebates
32" LCD TV for $50 at Walmart...
Mexico wants to sue US Gun Makers
sooo ive been teribad
Don't get pulled over in Michigan with a smartphone...
Not feeling well, and annoyed...
Strongest energy drink?
Anyone else watching OCZ stock today?
Ant Robot
NY calls red rover, kickball and freezetag too dangerous
Europe's debt crisis
Could the EU start to rupture?
overclocking ur brain
makers of TV show 'Zodiac Island' learn that cloud computing sucks
How little sleep can you get away with?
Tornado or two down the road
Bye to online poker for US players.. for now..
Think you've got it bad? Watch 'Kimjongilia'; a documentary on North Korea
Do you have the (golf)balls to get your golfball out of THIS water hazard?
old house wiring finally bites me
48÷2(9+3) = ????
Fukushima Daiichi workers offered $5k per day
Happy Birthday LutaWicasa
A little observation on the quality of consumer goods.
Selling my RAM to a Nigerian - looks like fun
Glued to a toilet seat at Walmart...
Thermal throttling
king of pointless posts is back! ( warning pointless )
Inspiration for Jaba the Hutt character discovered:
New kind of car engine gets 3.5 times more fuel efficiency
I don't believe in the death penalty but...
AT&T to start capping their DSL customers!
Ever wondered WHY Windows is the dominant operating system?
Tron DVD and BD out now
Thinking of starting computer build/repair service
Top 10 Aircraft Fly-Bys
Job Proposal rejection (ALL Kinds of crazy!!)
maybe you heard, my cousin died yesterday
So I just recently got an M91/30 Mosin...
Craigs List Post
Fighting in MMA
What's new?
question regarding legal action
Carwash/Coin Laundry bans dirty vehicles and dirty clothes... No really.
1 Sys Admin + More and More users
Lost my laptop over the weekend. What to do?
Anybody with a subscription to The New Yorker?
Talk about a comfortable gaming / work setup
car amplifier issue, need suggestions
Need Help Starting A Computer Repair Service
Looking for outdoor light bulb need suggestion
RIAA request for trillions is absurd says judge
My situation. A rant of sorts.
Leaving out previous employer information?
Truck Stereo Suggestion
Where do people buy beer in New Jersey?
Syfy...what happened?
Considering a career in Science?
A tale of selling a chair on craigslist.
Any home A/C techs around?
Buy a car?
Does anybody here know bicycles?
AT&T to buy T-Mobile
Let Me Rant For A Minute lol
What kind of gun do you own?!
Anyone heard of, enjoy Black Ambient music?
Inflation... or something threw me a curve
Need Help on my Outline!
Tron Lives trailer
Visa taking on PayPal in personal payments game
Broke meh back!
Angry rant
what should i get for my new droid phone?
D.O.C. Workers: Is it really that bad?
Investment Formula Question (Math)
So, apparently Japan deserved it?
Bath Salts
AMC ETX movie experience
House from animated film "UP" stolen from Dido video?
Any mountian bikers here? I need some help
Installing new Deck into car..
Do you encounter computer illiterates?
8.9 rattles Japan
Little problem with deer
Ice Fishing help!
If you have a T-Mobile account - try this
need to vent a little
Receiving a check...address missing a digit?
Massive die-off of fish Redondo Beach, CA
Massive home power consumption increase?
Any teachers here or parents?
Help with an Ebay transaction
Questions for an electrical engineer...
Barcelona Rally 2011 -need your help guys!
Computer Repair Prices
March Madness!!
Charlie Sheen may have lost his mind... Watch...
Thundercats are Back!!
Bluray Software?
USPS is faster than speed of light...
Ft. Hood at it again...
The situation in the middle east
Car radio wiring help needed
Funny Screen Shots
Distributel drops the ball...
Need your Chemistry Expertise David
French Fry Recipes!
Can anyone run a carfax for me?
Labor Unions
Homeowner forecloses on Wells Fargo
All Your Base Are Belong to Us .... is 10!
Where to get the best rate for exchanging US Dollars to Mexican Pesos?
Anyone in forum from Nebraska or Iowa..Moving
Oh Apple...
Teacher strikes nerve with 'lazy whiners' blog
time to move up a little
Watson on Jeapordy!
Jury scam
You know you're a techie when...
Digital TV cable tuner questions
Southern CA HOV/Carpool lane question.
Google forcing to link Youtube accounts.
Going back to college at age 41
iPod virus infected car, caused $282 in repair
new build with burning smell yeahhhh
Where are your priorities?
yuma arizona
WikiLeaks Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
No natural gas in certain parts of New Mexico, possibility of blackouts...
The people 1. CRTC 0.
Geometry ot Trig question
What is reality? Awesome Youtube Film.
Please keep my girlfriend in your prayers
34,000-Year-Old Organisms Found Buried Alive!
Extreme Cooling....Blizzard style
Egypt. What do you think?
Video piracy- do you download?
Who saw Saturday Night Live last night?
Dishwasher soap suggestion needed
The speed-of-light space travel nerd discussion
A commercial from 1977. If only we could go back in time and warn them...
Woman blames P. Diddy for 9/11, sues for 1 trillion dollars
Medical bills
Life without a cable TV subscription
Technical writing books......
Ripped off on Craigslist - Need Advice
Let's have a moment of silence for the victims of the Russian Terrorist attack
Magic Jack as an only landline phone
Online Store/Financial Services
Earth will have 2 sunsą by 2012˛
New phone (toy) how good is it.
[PSA] Chase Phishing russian site/hacker/theif
Snow emergency!
Australian troops warned against using too much Viagra
Able to sell CPU cycles similar to distributed computing?
China GDP up 10% in 2010 due to consumption
Watch for my gf for Valentine's day...this any good?
Applying for the same job twice
Defiantly vs Definitely
A portion of Asus' website is prejudice of Internet Explorer!
Money order?
BP and Russia in Arctic oil deal
Any 3d modelers here?
Complaing? = YOU GOT OWNED!
Recoverying photos cellphone
Looking to buy a storm trooper helmet.
Missouri House to address drug testing for welfare recipients
355 die in Brazil slides, survivors relate horrors
Holy snowly
Okay government gone nuts. Guess this is overreaction.
Anyone with a Biology or Geology background?
Major Record Labels screwing over artists
Police state anyone?
Appling for a job...when to tell the boss man?
Pyros out there?
Decom Tech
Obama Administration Reportedly Plans to Create Internet ID for All Americans
Toy Traders!
Shooting rampage could affect timing of shuttle mission
Motorcycle guys! A question!
How much do you pay for gas/electric?
What is the cheapest cellur service with and without a contract?
Buoys strung on border canal to prevent drownings
Magnatune, unlike others, pays artists
shipping question
Wow; this kid got game. (Basketball)
Mah TV dun poopted out on meh, i needs a new one
Publishing Server
Happeeee New Year
Ok. D-Bag cooking neighbor has crossed the line
Can anyone identify the source of this spam?
Gas/water kit for vehicles?
New To Archery, Any Advice?
I want my laser tank!!
California law will soon require fingerprints for ammo purchases
What to do with a GPS?
google maps
Decriminilization cannot work (sarcasm)
Which SLR lens should I get?
Lost Christmas Video, Help me Fix it please..
***DRUEL*** OMG Boxing day sale at my local PC shop
D-Bag neighbor in building... need advice..
Merry Christmas Everyone!
looking for a good rifle
MegaUpload not afraid of RIAA/MPAA
water filter
*may be offensive to some* Jesus action figure
"Google" 2.3 trillion dollars
Anybody into Aquariums?
Music, whatever you like.
Network Neutrality
Behold the statue of tackiness
Scientists developing E.Coli bacteria that stores, encrypts data
Football has turned into the biggest ***** sport!
Interesting story on cannibalism
You think you can't dance?
Tron Legacy
American Arrogance
Store owner defends himself and kills 3 suspects
Dodge car transmission question
Question about Mobile Chargers....
I need a new vaccuum
Man makes PERFECT Back To The Future DeLorean copy. Even has correct V. Plate
Things that actually make you feel better whan you are sick.
In the market to buy an Assault Rifle
Call display for free???
Pull-Up bar, made by me!
45 minutes of slow-mo shuttle launch & technicals [Very cool!]
Could anyone here into anime help me find out what series this is?
Extending Tax Cuts
Man charged with "lynching" for filming Police Misconduct
Man skills
Why our judicial system is all out of wack..
rebrand American currency
Mechanical engineering problem
Freddie Mac vs. IRS or how i learned to stop hating the banking system
USPS prices?
Superimposing Realistic 3d Vector Arrows.
First Time Home Buyer
Money as debt, cool videos.
Americas second most violent city to lay off half of police force
Woman Claims rights to use the sun, will start charging soon.
LCD 42inch FLAT vs Sony Trinitron 37inch tube
NASA Finds New Life thread
Raise taxes please
trust this or no? e-mail response for a rental house