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Is technology making us dumb and lazy?
So I got the radiator replaced in my Bravada and...
Carrying things in your pockets
I made the front page @ Rock Store Photo!
Going to net only, no TV
New medical condition?
Porn virus publishes web history online!
bike wheels
Zune HD hacked, as well as previous Zune models.
Shipping to UK fron US
Wife needs new Spiffy phone on T-Mobile
Boy Kills Dad After Getting Keyboard Taken Away
some peopel are born to be crazy it seems...
Going to Ibiza,Spain this year....
99 blazer, sounds like rear axle is locking up while driving
Early termination of a cellular contract
Timing chain
Stop the voices in your head wear a AFDB!
$35 a week for food budget?
Best friend is an alcoholic
Hobby thread!!!!
Joyless soul-sucking existence
Mad @ AT&T - Have Question
so off the charts you just cant make this up!
USbanks in PA?
Engine Oil
Time Warner is ticking me off - A whole lot
Check out my YouTube channel
Getting better at guitar
Im Back
Advice/opinions on my education? lol
Mind blown Physics question...
New car! For my wife atleast..
Resistance: Nickel VS Copper
My girlfriend is turning 18 :) What should i get her and do for get b'day?
vehicle maintenance questions
Thinking of getting a tattoo
Youtube stops you from blocking the ads?
Anyone Care/gonna watch Tiger Woods today?
I don't know why but I ROFL'D @ this
The US Army vs. other armies
Homemade puzzel
Need help with the group and name of a song
Lady Gaga, your take on this insight from someone who..
College, ACT scores, and that kind of nonsense
Causing Obesity - 1 sandwich at a time.... KFC's DOUBLE DOWN :O
Online Jobs
Designing a stripper pole for my house...
Thought out april fools joke or real?
Final Year Project
This US healthcars thing
Texas textbooks
2010 April Fools Funnies
How hard is it to change a starter?
Looking for a portable TV...
Ti 89 Titanium question
"higher flowing" catalytic converters
Drift&BurnOut Exhibtion Feedback
I am quitting smoking today, just today
Going Green
Search Green The Daily Green Five products designed to fail early
anybody into camping?
Pac-Man in Space?
Little off topic but does anyone have good cg models?
Project Jean
Wide watch bands?
Anybody here actually "work" with computers
My very first post on OCF
The World in 2030!
Road trips?
Stupid question
MSI April Fools'?
What you didn't knew about the famous Nokia Tune
First attempt at photo morphing
1/16 scale Slash RC car
Health Care passed!
Raiding the Intertubes for ideas OR show off your work area!
Wii is 110v??
London Hospital Opens Dedicated to Technology Addicted Teens
Separate wallpapers for each monitor?
Hey guys, long time no see. Big announcement
Oorja Fuel Cell
OLD photography thread (56k beware!)
z0mg 45 minute OCF maintenance. *whew*
Undiscovered lifeform from 7k feet in Gulf Mexico
Electronic potato cannon trigger revisited
Anyone think the new movie..
Anybody else hit by the Nor'Easter up in NY and CT?
Turning a dirtbike street legal
Can you legally make your house a compound?
Where can I get a wall battery charger for a cell phone battery?
Finding stuff on home depot...off topic
'Mission: Impossible' star Peter Graves dies in LA
Why do people have 3 credit scores?
Young enterprise ideas (buisness ideas)
help finding name of film please
What do people think of the new F1 rules?
Need the opinions of the OCF community.
They are a little cesor happy on TV.
Washer bit it
Paypal dispute - HELP
Droid and Google Voice!!
Which guitar practice amp
pink floyd wins legal battle against EMI allowing the splitting of albums
Benefits issue with my company...need advice.
So this has been keeping me busy....
Chuck Norris - Happy 70th B-day!
An interesting take on modding for MPG and Performance
Lindsay Lohan sues ETRADE for 100 Million
Hitler's take on Newegg i7 920s (comedy)
Cartoon that makes 5 year olds laugh out loud: The Pink Panther from 1968
Need someone with an XtremeSystems Account
History Repeats (a toyota car reference)
A Good Article On Ad Blocking
Physics anyone?
(Sprint) Samsung Moment vs HTC Hero
iPhone-Verizon=sadness for me
size bike (pedal kind) should a tall dude get?
2004 Oldsmobile Alero won't start
Is this for real??
Shamrock Shakes @ McD's are back!
The Karate Kid (remade)
Verizon FIOS users wanted...
What is this world coming to?
In which model year did Honda Accord get automatic headlights included standard?
Comic Book Collector advice
i need some legal advice
Why do they always go to rehab?
Music like this?
New Bike owner has questions
Go Canada GO
Another random career question (PhD or MD?)
Chile Quake Thread
Craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener problem
This has been an awesome week!
Options for AWD, smaller vehicle
what to do w/ my life (career wise)
Any doctors in the house?
Canada - Russia
funny e-mail
Internship Interview
Verizon Cell Phone Shopping
Electrical Engineering HW help
The Bloom Box
Ebay Problem
Went ice fishing this past weekend
Learning the German Language
Girl beaten, security guards "observe"
Question about Filing taxes?
Wrist hurts when playing guitar
Scottrade or Etrade or others Hmmm
Oklahoma Wolf: National Geographic Legend
Google going to become... electric company?
Did i get reported to my ISP?
A pilot furious with the IRS crashed his small plane
Unsubsciding to a page on Facebook??
Health Insurance, Do you have any?
Arcade Games
Can anyone refer me to a good relationship advice forum for dating?
I got into an accident...advice?
Anyone seen my SD card?
XBox gamer alerts police to prevent shooting
Computer room smells like burning - Not plastic
Anyone watch the race?
Job/study issue.. Depressed :(
Doing a little research please help me out
Anyone watching the olympics?
Are those "No-Salt water softeners" a scam?
Like music? (DJ'n/Mixing etc)...
Microcontrollers and Electronics
sources for car listings?
Aggravation due to poor customer experience :(
Give me some birthday event ideas please
It's 4:01am here in Chicago and I think I just felt an Earthquake?
Building an amp
any tv review sites?
Enthusiast Car Parts Online Store
Look what I found in the trash!
Some UK car rental / hire questions
Superbowl 2010
Let it snow let it snow!!!!!!!!!!
Friend needs a new computer...
Paypal Issue
Dad is going back to Afghanistan...again
Need advice on building a small web site
Opinions on these flat panels.
Trance Track - Tell me what you think
Poll: Which is the best field of engineering?
Bought used PSU
Documentary Movie - The Cove
What're y'all's feelings on "Global Warming"?
PC-ness run amok again, the "R" word
Amazing performance at the grammy's.
[notice]Central USA Internet problems
Infrared vs kerosene vs ? heaters
So I've been driving a Micra...
Catching an iPhone thief
cable tv, phone, internet - how it works ?
Move over LHC, Nation Ignition Facility achieves 1Megajoule laser shot
The LAW! (funny)
Frodo's job hunt in the US
Will I incure additional fees from buying something from china
Nvidia's web site broken recently
Need paypal advice.
Short international trips
Cable splitters
Any fish experts here?
A bit of a not norm. question for here. Credit card question.
Foreign versions of Hulu or other sites
Help me find...
Thinkin bout going into PC business
Do you own a suit?
electronics in storage?
How do ppl make $ from caching sites and supplying to Google?
Just got a ticket II
can someone translate this?
Favourite 80's and Early 90's Songs.
Bands you like that have changed sounds drastically
I just got a call from my credit card company...
Nike. +1
Buying a house is a good investment... really?
Omg, what did I just watch?
Splenda sickness
sarcasm mark... do we need it?
Shows about rich spoiled kids
Dexter has Cancer :(
Just got a ticket, any way to fight it?
Out of Country call?
Millennial Tech Magnet Middle School, vice principal epic fail!
Google Maps vs Yahoo vs Mapquest vs AAA
Pack up SETI! they use flour power?
Which type do I use to run my Flux Capacitor?
Now that's some rocket fuel...
Conan O'brien show last night...
Has anyone done Facebook advertising...?
New car time!
Todays awesome ride!
Any good sites offering free online prints right now?
Interesting article on the risks of terrorism.
What's more required to be a geek?
NY property tax laws/info?
Help with air purifier materials.
"Mystery Object" in sky can be seen on Wed night over West Coast USA...
Some physics help
Sea Slug - Half Plant, Half Anmal
Trying to catch back up in math
Has anybody heard about this? its around 5 minutes from where I live
Help with a 81 F150
The A-Team - movie trailer
Help with mice in house!
Can anyone help me with some trig?
Where would be the best place to look for OEM wheels for a 2005 Mercedes?
OOOOOO AAAAA pretty! *coil gun*
Earthquake! Wheeeee...
Anyone here know Cancun, Mexico? Places to stay and go to?
Any other riders here?
Lost Is Coming.. Whos Excited?
Jury summon sent to a... cat????
Getting charged twice for the same gas?
Blu-Ray Movies (Must Gets?)
It's raining iguanas in Florida!
Text message spam
Tax Season - Gotta love it
Name these towers?
Up in the Air making me depressed
It is official. People are stupid.
My daily diet blog. Start: 03/01/10
Did you get a new Big Screen HDTV for X-Mas?
Learning a New Language
Carbon Nanotubes Turn Office Paper into Batteries
OMG, this is crazy!!!
Joining the army - Family says im selfish- WTF??
Happy New Years!
Avatar (the movie)
UFC 108 - Anyone gonna watch it ??
Holiday Lbs.
Vacation - Cruise or mexico or ??
Question about target gift cards
Member since 02 back to say hello =D
Make rubber soft again ?
Large Item Delivery(tv)-will they bring in ?
Happy Festivus
Holiday Goodies!
OCForums featured in "The Overclocker" magazine!
Merry Christmas.
Wal-mart to buy Amazon??
Long Island Blizzard of 2009 (pictures)
Home-made microwave gun for termite extermination!
Recommendations on Scraping paint? Perhaps a power scraper?
Caught on tape: Burglars target wrong techie
Rice + Drain = FTL
Quesiton about sleep... I think I'm a robot
Tell me about "Absinth 66"
To all those who think that Xfactor should not get a no.1
Really rough times right now....
wall insulation
Online coffee?
Do you like where you live?
Falsely accused of copyright infringement on YouTube, I am presumed guilty.
Weather in Central NY state in the next few days?
Having trouble contacting a professor
need frying pans for my mom need help asap
My Girlfriend Finally Got a Job!
anyone good with resumes ?
General Discussion Rules Rev2.0
RockYou accounts compromised!
College Graduate; Now what?
Thinking about applying to the Masons, anyone know anything bout them?
Help finding adapter
Post here if you like deer hunting? Pics?
Please digg this
Winter Snowboarding Thread!
Sold old stuff to friend, Was it a good price?
Tax credit question - closed on a house in may 2009
A bit of a off question....
Which song title is this? PLease help :)
jeep people
Math challenge
Drawing offered for settlement of bills
Spiral Light over Norway
Christmas present ideas for blaze victims
What music do people here listen to?
How to get back at an ex.
Wisconsin blizzards suck
Comcast or FIOS
(Urgent) Crown Royal bags
I WON!!!!!!!
Need to make posters for our Lan Center out here in hawaii, need Pictures of ...
How to fail a common sense check...
Opinion about Post Grad Degrees
mattress shopping
1800? how does it pour a shot?
Death magnetic
Very Poignant Animation
Gators or Crimson Tide??
Comcast to Acquire 51% Stake in NBC
Holographic Display
Higley schools IT director fired for 'alien spy software'
i was sent this email...
The Pill...For Men!
I want to get my genes sequenced!
Who else will be watching as my New Jersey Nets make history?
2012 Have you seen it?
What to get for christmas...
Dyslexic ESL kids !
Kids do the darnedest things...
Robotech - all 3 generations - on Hulu
Motorola Droid
Jobs and emotional investment
Black Friday madness- anyone went?
Swine flu vaccine... anyone get one?
Sick of loud commercials
Single Cup Coffee Maker? What to get?
So you're selling a car to me on Craig's List, here's what you don't do.
Powering XBOX 360 in Car
digital camera recommendations
Sum-Of-Products Form and JK Flip Flop Help
The end of the internet as we know it..
help with an investigation
Help me say this eloquently
Can anyone point me toward a good explaination of employee stock options?
What to do with a dead TV?
I've heard of people who are married to video games...
Planning a trip to Europe ... need some advice.
For all of you out there with FPSS
Finished UC Application for Transfer - What are my chances?
going after another rig, any one got a Trooper?
Career Decision Time
My car only likes to start when its cold
yoga videos
What major shall i do!??!?!?!
Vicious chainsaw vs my leg
1cem4ns back!
Electronic Passports
Cell Phone Plan Question
Drag Me To Hell
Coming from 17y.o. point of view - how hard is it to make a living?
Looking for an engineering internship. help?
24 hours of Lemons, Arse Freeze Applooza, who's going?
Black hole machine destroys itself
Lodi, NY area, how is it?
Shuttle Launch Today (11/16) at 2:28pm EST
Long-hair football
9 year old performs sex act in school...
Why even have them?
There's cheese... er water on the moon!
Finally, there's proof that I'm not the only one this happens to
Yahoo wants me to set...
Do you ever get bored and wish people would post things faster?
i was listening to the news
I saw a Coyote on my street..
I have problems throwing away product boxes.
Why Fox news is so awesome....
what do you do when your having a hard time getting an assignment done
Happy Veterans Day
Any Raymond Feist fans here?
i just had the weirdest dream ever...
Holy crap this is scary!
Where's the finest, cheapest :) place to go with a boat/ferry from south Florida
Tell someone who is being cheated on?
Slow Rock that's not Romantic Sounding?
What kind of rock is this ?
Odor Removal via Titanium Dioxide lights and other means?
Student credit card should i get one?
good hand moisturizer / lotion?
Looking to buy/rent some dvds...
Living in the UK sucks!
Fort Hood Texas Shooting
Great SciFi movies/shows
My 4month old...
60 Minutes Puts Forth Laughable, Factually Incorrect MPAA Propaganda On Movie Pi
Comcast's new throttling plan
Flying? What's the Pilot doing in the cockpit... Let's see..
You see funny stuff when you don't sleep much
X Prize gets $5.5M of economic stimulus money for 100MPG car
My kid has swine flu and the news turns it into the plague
Does the grading system condition you to worry about scores instead of learning?
Hardware Sites - Rank 'em in order of believability
Numbness and Tingling in Fingers WTF?!
Need advice for repairing plastics
Did I get a good deal or...?
Need quick help: Resume template and tips
Paranormal Activity
Stargate Universe
14 year old cat
new movie Avatar (December)
Late bills
110v and 220v electrics question for you power experts
Cali awards $16million in Wii contest death
Free Laptop? Call a Lawyer? What?
I`ve been suckerd like an old `n stupid fart :(
The Man Who Didn't Sleep
is this a good motorcycle?
I had a nightmare last night
Good Bye Dad I LOVE YOU
NBA Season Opening Night, Here We GO!
What is considered to be a "Good Breakfast"
Ares I-X Demonstration Flight Test
Worried about my Girlfriend...
What price should I expect to pay?
Do you still list grades you got when you did academic renewal?
GRE questions
How do you do non-cc paypal?
Anyone ever expierence this? Possible Medical Condition
Today I get my Truck!
5 year old muscular kid...
Real way to test an OC
Help me find info on this researcher
Watching Nascar P:ssing me off
Day light savings time, time change when?
Medical insurance, where to ask about it?
Our silly pets
Boondock Saints II
Burger King promo for Windows 7
Where do you guys shop for clothes? (Budget style)
People of Walmart.com = Greatness
15 minutes till I get to go home from work...
Messing around with scammers....
Anyone verify the Fake Toll Booth Scam?
Explosion in Puerto Rico
Potato Cannon
Finding the safe deposit box this key goes to?
Need an opinion about college
WII controller vs TV? PS3 vs 50" Bravia!
Silly costume? or racism?
which language
Physics hurts
I won it on ebay!
Good & cheap health insurance plans a person can buy?
[Reason] Why am I pink?
X Prize thins field for $10M, 100MPG green car award
The Venture Confusion
Meteor shower tonight
How do you sign your name?
please help me for Music exam? - post a link to a song you like
Translation Please! (video)
Pre-nup LULz
Black holes!
legal question
The movie Sunshine
Bugs Bunny- I miss you.
People really are this stupid
Bike color scheme suggestions
California considering ban on Plasma TVs
Selling cellphones? Be wary
6 Year old Kid seizes control of experimental craft (Live feed)
Three Internet certainities ...
Assistance: Recording a Phone Greeting
Center of Mass Question
Business or residential address?
What a storm here in the Big Valley!