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The title line is not for typing the first
Hubberts Bell - Peak Oil Theory
What I've been up to over the summer
Lockerz.com free stuff - not scam
Biggest /facepalm ever
need a company name fast!
Tree Burl question
What to get the gf for our 1yr?
heres an odd one. how do you get urine out of carpet?
Is Liveleak.com considered porn on these boards?
Michael Jackson - This Is It. Thoughts?
I decided to do a little pimpin!!
Need to move a lot of crap from florida to New York - (<1000lbs) Need 1way cargo
One way cross country car rental?
Really Torn: LCD or Plasma for Xbox360
Advice for buying a used car with no title (!) which died 2 minutes later
Small business owners/experts
Mathematics question
the werid of werid....Playboy Cover
Can Someone Buy and Ship This To Me?
Good RX discount card?
demise of the u.s. dollar
Joomla/e107/CMSMS/Drupal themes. Come in if you want to help.
Nasa to shoot rocket at moon TOMORROW *Friday Morning*
Over half the links don't work...
Headphone for MP3
WTF dial up? connection pop up... im on cable!
insurance deductible
Do you believe in good deeds?
Watch CCTV, report crimes, get money
Looking for new digital camera
"Cosmo quiz" for nerds
To bleach fans
computer products (TIM) for car applications
YES winter is a commin!
There goes Hulu...
Spray Paint tips and tricks
Good RX drug discount cards?
Magellen GPS said to make a left turn...
Online Texas Hold'em Poker sites.
I have never seen talent like this before.
Sony KPR-4110
Last Year of School.. What Next?
Surface area of an irregular shape
I used to wonder why girls didn't date guys in school
Need ip recommendation's in Overland Park, Kansas
new arrival
Trying to find new hobbies or entertaining stuff.....
No drivers license since 1993
Computer Helpers
For people who have had children... Cost of babies?
Multi artboard AI doc to flash book?
motorcycle suggestions
modding a swiffer vac
More school: Possible curtail of summer school
Need some idea's for a vacation to Europe
Satchel school bags
Shanda IPO coming up
physical (doctor exam)
cheap road bicycle
Anyone know any good books about labor law?
While I was stumbling
OMG check out this car white Gold
My new motorcycle!
Who has a HTPC? Need a favor
Online Educational Videos
Jump the connection? (A/C related)
Family ruined over their kids' bathtime pics
This scares me.
Crash Test: '59 Chevy Vs. '09 Chevy
Someone tried to scam my grandma!
Sunday Football....
My very first migraine
Need uber coffee pot cleaner
Amazing Youtube video I found about animation
Staying in Minnesota (3 nights)
Making a Daddy proud!
Site to upload video
Strange WoW graphical interface.
New television..
Am I the only one that dislikes Seth MacFarlanes brand of humor?
Emergency math help?
Need help with a purchase
RIP Norman Borlaug (1914-2009)
Patrick Swayze dead at 57
old maglight to LED?
Ending of three lives and beginning of two more
Sickest quitar solo I've ever heard!
noticing certain things more, like 128,256,512...
Filming by my house ( Al Pacino )
Getting Genius on Ipod Classic 160gb
Tips for Udine, Italy?
Need some help making a TV Antenna.
Buying my first (used) car tomorrow! Anything I should know? Any advice?
Whats happened to BOFH?
Take a notebook to shave beard
Eye twitching (stress?)
Is the world going to end?
How do you clean your keyboard?
Google Maps + Hasbro = Worlds Most Epic Monopoly Game
Comcast problems
Mercedes people, how do you like em.
the hobbit film
Need to buy a new Digital Camera Suggest please!
HELP with PP charge back
how important is school in regards to the future?
What NOT to say to a girl
Model Elevator... with cardboard?
Is she on roids?
Uber Off Topic...
Ahh..the cable company
Work wants to play hard ball? I have a better batting average.
Epic win, classic pixeled Mario made of...
How NOT to ship anything valuable...
Credit Card Off Topic
How are you suppose to make it in life?
Question - DVD Backup
Planning a garage sales?
Green tea = lower cancer rish or heal cancer? Oh and general green tea talk.
Stealing our childrens creativity
Why Hank Likes to Chew Copenhagen
GPS units again
Beatles Remasters Out 09/09/09
So, I might get fired; fun times inside
The Credit system and why it sucks
What Movie To Go & See?
Will there be a tour? Rock of Ages
As I sit here in the dark....
Fuel EX 5 or 6 (2010)?
I need new music!
Cell phone i gues... Which one?
Microscopes zoom in on molecules at last
Need home security advice
This isnt a auto forum but....
Boundary between art and design
Xbox 360
Your cell phone
Can Someone Buy and Send Me "Time" Magazine
Cell Phones and Brain Cancer - Report
In the market for a new bike!
Cash for Cheesers
Magnetic Therapy?
Survey for Game Developer
Why Walmart/Sams Club Annoy me!
learning to sign.
Jobs is full of hot air.
Sprint Simply Everything --Anyone got it.
jackie Chan... Rush Hour making... Videos...
Why do they do this?
Could this fool and Xray machine
Those gettin' higher edumicatshun this may be of interest
buy or not to buy: 97 VW Golf
just got an iphone
Internet slowly wakes up to PayPal's quiet fee hike
Its been a while, but im back!
James Cameron's AVATAR
Kenmore 4-burner Grill (2 months old) having issues :(
Kid left the car door open in big rain, how do I get that rain smell out?
Detailing your car...
Help me NOT abuse my newfound position of power over women
How dumb can you get?
Nostradamus... Do you believe it?
a question about old books
So my dog swallowed a chicken bone.
Buying on Ebay? What should I know?
Motorcycle recommendations?
Any Smokers Out There?
Looking for a project car
new ford vehicle
District 9
Mass murderer to be freed?
Gi Joe
Bob Dylan
Commuter Bicycles
CA smog check.... is a JOKE!
The jobs I get stuck with..
Unofficial OCF Hookah thread
Polyphasic Sleep
Excellent TV drama
chemistry question: calculate H2CO3 needed to change pH
Vacation in October, suggestions?
lumix dmc-fz18 camera question
Learning to play CRAPS
Second Skin
Caffine and nicotine :(
I'm Back - this will be my college journal
Friendly reminder to anyone calling technical support
Identity Theft Concern
Thinking of buying a new car
Craigs List Selling Tips/Advice?
High Schoolers, NASA, Intel, AMD needs you..
Question regarding blogging
Your favorite movie...?
HVAC: window AC unit repair
Bestselling musicians of all time
Looking for a stock photo site with very specific search options
Someone dreams someone is dead. What that could mean?
Any OTR (truck drivers) around?
Thinking about getting a water bed
hooking up a thermostat
Houshmandzadeh: 'I'm not playing Madden no more'
One of the best Director/Writers of all time passes away: John Hughes :(
this normal for a wasp bite?
My "new" ride...from 1955 (video)
This isnt a job, its a scam.
thinking about buying this 85 325e! bad/good idea?
When you know your addicted to OCF
I would like to borrow your humor
Need career advice !
Jury Duty
Let's cull the skunks. Seriously.
What to do? (Girl Situation)
unsecured loan for car
Sore Ankles.
Another one off the steets.
New Toy
Masters Degree?
Harry potter! :(
Volvo people?
Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day
problem with my new job.
Fewer than 10 ET civilizations in our Galaxy
Television Reviews?
Brilliant Woman! (sarcastic)
Need help finding some knives
help with cb radio. Antenna tuning.
Insomnia strikes again
Finish this scenerio. Seriously (A new spin)
Economic BattleBots - Supercomputers, Algorithms, and Hypertrading Oh My
Office Fax -> email
Quick question about oil!
Will the toll road save me gas?
Jogging for exercise
Buying an HDTV off Craigslist
Anyone here from Japan?
Should I pick the job that I find most interesting or most safe?
In His Caravan, The Future Man....
To view the International Space Station..
AT&T blocks 4chan!
I'm going to rick roll all of you, and you'll like it!
prepare/enrich marriage counseling
15 years new ring
do you need a txt plan to send mms messages?
Looking for small electric DC motors
Found laptop?
Sci-fi series recommendations
Brain can re-wire itself?
What is the view like over Mt. Everest?
WW2 vet/MoH recipient death
First 419 scam!
Humanities greatest invention?
Fluorescent bulb overheating
How do I go about securing investment funding?
Rebuild a manual trans?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?? [SPOILER ALERT!]
Migraines.....what do you do about them?
Is web ads getting stupidier?
In the mix tonight
I couldn't resist this one...54000 miles 1 engine
Cash for clunkers Gov't car program
anyone have a weather radio?
ISS laptops anybody know what they are?
Age of "can move out of house"?
Mental Exhaustion
Tanker explosion in Detroit Metro area
$23,148,855,308,184,500.00 bill!
Fallout , ON TV!
Need circuits homework help please! (AC LRC circuits)
Header Gasket
Swine flu, a real threat or simply white noise?
Wiki page Schrodingers Cat is confusing, LOL
Moving to Tampa Bay ?
6:51pm Launch in 18 minutes
Going to try to get a job at Gamestop, recommendations?
TWKR on ebay?
Gotta love sneaky eBay sellers
Best site to find someone to take over a Celluar Contract
ear mites waht do i do???
Imageshack pwned?
Hard to find auto part challenge... scav hunt
I actualy saw a truck pulled over by CHP...
Math Placement Test Need Help
CNN Article on Canadian Health Care
Video card naming standardized!
no use watching the news today
Help me with Global Warming discussion
105cc. or 125cc?
Sub $300 compact digicams with manual controls
Best place to view shuttle launch?
R.I.P Steve McNair.
Painting my car
WTF?? Fraudulent charges from sparechangeinc.com??
I'm a sailor...
Is there a standard format for a game's written plot and cinematic script?
My Fellow Americans..
SG1 - Aaaaa aa aaa aaaa (metriod load/save music)
Stop me from buying one, PLEASE!
Blood poisoning from a speder bite
Going to USA in a few weeks...take the opportunity to get i7
Anyone ever dine in D.C.
boys or girls
Can't figure out squeaking noise coming from dash?
NHL Free Agency starts today.
My Mom sent me this in an email..I'll share
Barrel Monster Bust
X-Ray Oddities
More car repair. Brake replacement
Amature djing?
Worlds Ugliest Dog 2009
Car Problem.
Getting beer in Canada?
110 degrees today....
Quick Help (Which Website Color Scheme)
RIP Billy Mays
Problems on my commute
Should I text her back (1st date question)
One mans trash is definitely my treasure
Michael Jackson is dead - RIP
RIP Farrah....
High Performance Unlimited Free Image Hosting
Coverage in Iran
Bike tyre and wheel size question.
do you txt using dictionary or not?
anyone here work in or with medical imaging?
A healthy take on time
16-year-old discovered plastic-consuming microorganisms
Heatware Question?
Ed McMahon has died today
best "that's what she said" you've come across? (or is that not G rated)
Jury duty questionaire (First timer)
Getting pretty sick of sweeping geographical generalizations on the internet
Needs votes for my baby
OCF is now a blocked site at my work..WTF
Syfy == Sci Fi Channel
Anyone here good at math? - Fractals
Implications of internet content later on in life
Jurassic Park, Possible?
What should I do? Time Is Ticking.
Off to a bad start.
Please everyone, be careful on the road.
CLR? Oh my fuggin lord
Thinking about.. Dentures..
Projector set-up for a church
Finally Contacted by a scammer... lets do some baiting
Anyone deal with Panic Attacks?
Using escrow to buy a local car, locally
CERN/LHC Restart As Early As Late Summer
Step Up!
Court orders Jammie Thomas to pay RIAA $1.92 million
Detroit : Next to Host Burning Man?
Name this book?
NASA planning to Blow up the moon...
Hell of a way to wake up...
how do i make thumbnails appear on images?
Hissing from freezer
What do you call this effect?
Helping a family member cope with a suicide
California bu$t! It needs some ideas...
People need to learn how to FREAKING drive
Camera for a Future Pro
any one here do Free to Air sattelite tv?
Heading to Spain
Recommending a Good Multimeter--Around $50
Finding an apartment
Easy low cost way to advertise a business?
Cell Help, Moto Razr V8 or Rokr z6
Buying a motorcycle... Need guidance.
Looking to move to New England
help thread
All digital TV now, radio next?
How did you get your online name?
Shuttle Launch Sat. June 13, 7:17 a.m. EDT
Anybody here happen to know about home A/C systems?
What happened to my bike :(
bye NTSC...
help me find the name of this cartoon
Mathmatica 7 - Anyone here use it?
First Kaka and Now Ronaldo to Real Madrid?!
Excessive force? 72-Y.O. tasered
Waterboarding isn't a big deal.
Futurama is back..
Probe set to hit Moon soon
Should I start looking for a new job?
Video I made keeps flickering I don't get it
Tattoo vs acne
Gift for GF.....
forums been dead lately?
America's best selling car...
Should I get a Blu-Ray?
Kimbo Slice now with UFC
Remembering those who fell on this day, June 6th 1944
Instrument Buffs
Good Guitar capo
No more dreams
Prisoners getting less to eat in Georgia
"The Hangover" absolutely....
GM to sell Saturn to Penske
shopping for car insurance
Goodbye Koko
Breaking into the IT field?
David Carradine Dead
Anyone know anything about security systems?
US Air Force launches Space Plane in 2010!!
Any tree expert here?
Think your good at puzzles? Lets get OCF to figure out this!
It's good to be back!
Calculus question
HUMMER, now made in China...
online classifieds
Gmail and spam?
losing familiarity(goodbye family dog)
Put a sub into my car today (pics)
Legal or any advice for a freind of mine
Quick Question?
$700 to replace gaskit...
Bicycle rant
Foucault Formula, help needed
Help me find this book!
Solar energy on the cheap, or another %&@#$ scam?
Air Compressor
Do you guys think I'm a troll?
Need a bit of help with an LED idea....
Time-based insomnia again, this really ****es me off
Need some help from subaru people on a Loyale
Anyone ride a Triumph Street Triple?
Car Audio Advice.
Its back CC.com
Traveling to Spain & France
RIP buddy, you'll be missed
Terminator Salvation: Great Kinda?
Moving out - living with a stranger?
[Mountain] Biking.
-+=OC Forums Musicians Club v2=+-
Tetanus vaccine .. ugh
Half pipe...
Reccomend me some electronic music
I need to gripe :( Microcenter Fiasco
Internet Icon Richard Stallman Interview
Can I check text messages online?
Chevy Wheels/Rims
Friends are all leaving....
Ford Sync Help
What do YOU do to unwind?
6 month in a few days, cheap date ideas?
Getting a car inspected for saftey/emisions
Unlocking a Motorola Krzr
Any Coldplay Fans want a free album?
Shifter Cable for 1996 Plymouth Neon
best monitor review EVER
Can I use a protection diode for this?
people search
Need to buy a first bike for a 4-year-old, what am I looking for & where?
Funky Music for Video
random ? for those south of the equator
Housing Market
-+=OC Forums Musicians Club v2=+-
Anyone as excited about the 2009/2010 NFL season as me?
Tron 2, (the movie) started filming in April 09!!
Need help with my speech on HIV!
Space Shuttle Atlantic Launch 2:01PM EST
Screwing with the engine....... Again.
Crashed my bike, I think I'm going to cry now
Smelly Spray Paint
Worst day at work ever...
Completely off topic - what's double clutching? what are the advantages?
I did it! graduated!
Can I get a loan for car "work"?
NBA Playoffs 09!
AYDS Diet Pills - its not a stimulant
indianapolis 500 - does anyone still watch?
My college situation... what next?
Need some help
Where can i find geek girls?
shoot the banker LOL
Idiot of the week thread!
I'm going to be gone for a while
PC installed in your car?
ACA says Bandwidth Caps are coming like it not
X-Men Origin Wolverine
no tools required but you'll need this screwdriver.
Places to search for IT jobs.
how often is the forum indexed for searching
New Phone, Need Some Help
Cool things in Silicon Valley & Palo Alto