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Audi tt?
My Mom is a Sci-Fi addict... (need help finding old TV show)
Help with a phone?
soooo who is going to future fest in austin?!?!?
Anybody from Miami?
How much can I trust Paypal
Predictions please!
At a crossroads
Golf GPS for windows mobile
Going to a lan party!
What should I do with this thing?
GM to pull the plug on Pontiac
I thought the SR-71 was no more
Marketing salary (part time)
Where I have been and what I have been doing. 'Overclocking' my VQ30DE
Where to buy rechargeable AAs and charger?
Strange Problem
World's First Hard X-ray Laser Achieves 'First Light'
Cold Fusion is back.
ufc 97
The best Noodle Bowl
DIY shower home improvements
Cancer brake 'could halt disease'
Craigslist apartment scam
Online Bank Account
haha, amazon is pwning newegg...
Are kids really like this?
Sony HVRZ7U 1080P ?
Running window mounted air conditioner constantly?
TPS (Tire Pressure Sensor) broken during tire mounting
Never thought it would happen...
OC forums Star Count
OCF Twitter Thread
Pirate Bay founders get 1yr in jail
Flying out tommorow
"make money posting stuff to google ads" - scam or scheme?
TMobile Unlimited Plan $49.99?
Paypal Temporary Hold?
Britains Got Talent 2009 - Susan Boyle
Funniest Daily Show I have seen in a while.
USPS Package Problems
Need OCF newegg link
health insurance
Tell me if this makes sence
Even though my ad said "broken".. Apparently it didn't *Long*
Great movies: What's the big deal?
Space & time
Happy B-Day LutaWicasa
Electronic Cigarette
Jury Duty - The Day Before Exams
Will this package make it to me by tomorrow?
Having trouble with research paper - Need to interview science knowledge people
Any former WWIV sysops here?
GE's hologram windmill
Chess enthusiasts?
Thinking about selling off some of my rigs
OCF Addict, others?
Someone at my old school had a sense of humor...
restoring faded plastics
Thinking of going Solar
Gas meter
Funny newegg reviews
How to search for flight tickets
Why do circuit diagrams always suck?
Who on the forums can photoshop my truck
Credit card recommendation - Help
Done my paper!
Where to find parts for a Boss Hoss?
C2C - for anybody who likes turntablism.
Web development questions
Boatload of computer forums
Require a graphics artist
Will Scientific Discovery Ever Be The Same?
Help a brother out
Chevy 789 - Ugly or hot?
a little science/physics question
April 1st thread
any one see adult swim at midnight?
Man Re-Grows Cut-Off Finger
Watch a Video, Help me win $5,000!
6 Week Biggest Loser Challenge
Top 10,000 songs of all time? (All #1 on the music charts at some point)
Car audio help
Bleach and Windex kills mold right?
applying to college?
bank of america
Car people! Mechanical Engineers! Need some help!
My laptop got stolen... how do i track MAC Address?
Remove scratches from plastic
Best way to clean keyboard?
Raddest [read cheesiest] remix ever
Amy smart is fiming in my building
sheep are awsome
Pain managment
Anyone make a custom desk ?
a question for Jeep people (technical/mechanical)
I have an Addiction and im going to stop it.
Where can I buy camera lenses
LN2 Cooking
Good looking news cast people in your area.
Putting up a Shelf for a CRT TV
Firewire not true hot plugable :(
New Poets of the Fall Album
How big is your Gmail account ?
Atronomy... my pondering.
Selling out of America
BattleStar Ending
ATTN: anyone looking for a degree+job... Federal Cyber Service Scholarship offer
Thought I liked a song, but then heard it through good speakers
anybody know a forum for car modding?
Help me pick a matress for school.
Rule of Thumb for posting someone else's article
Internet Business
Want to Thank the Classifed Mods
Usonians, Inhabitants of the USA
My deployment got extended :(
What BluRay movie, concert, and Audio CD would you reccomend to really WOW someone?
Worst Airline in the world.
Security Cameras
I'm excited about kids...
Learning C++ for game design
How do you shop?
I have reached 1000 post :)
Georgia, Atlanta
Just landed a job interview...
What do you do when...
Geek Squad "Rise and Fall"
Looking for a good bluetooth headset
$7.50 Bogus Charges
What speech do you like best? (US)
Fermilab, CERN, and new discoveries in Quantum Mechanics, oh my!
Bike owners\enthusiast - Help
German school killer told another online that he would do it
Is anything good for you these days?
secrets to getting cheap flights?
Car stolen
[Launch Canceled] Anybody here going to night launch of the space shuttle this Wed?
I was humbled... hard.
electronics: plugs/cable
It's the small things in life
UFC 96
What is the most EXPENSIVE mistake you ever made.
glad thats over
Is homestarrunner.com down for you guys
Network Music share at my office, need a player.
Vector of a Curve
I work for Bank of America, and have a chance to meet the CEO
I was hoping for good news, and
Very strange question.
Driving to Boulder
Does this sound like a malpractice case?
If you ever visited south america and watched TV...
Where to buy power adapters?
Paypal question
Recommended Solder Tools?
Wow, my sleep schedule.
Ufology/Cryptozoology - Science or Sham
New Terminator Salvation trailer
Phone number help, harraser keeps calling
need the advice of any video editors here
Help me pick my 3rd color scheme, Black/Metal/?????
A question on African Fashion.
Some funny things to pass the time
anyone here use a blackberry?
Gene discovered that grows new teeth in humans!
Medical Help
Credit/Debit Fruad warning!!!
STATIC!! How do I remove from my home?!
How dangerous is electrocution?
Anybody Norwegien?
Trying to open a computer business, suggestions needed
Car keeps throwing misfire codes...
Best cell phone you've seen
God did not make
Quality Chinese products
Remote key for 2002 Malibu just died... need suggestion
These are getting OLD!
Today is the day...
How to lose ab muscles?
Woot! Moving into my very own place for the First Time
Please post threads in the correct forums
Obnoxious Poster ever
How much do you guys charge for builds?
Amusing story about the Irish police.
Is it healthy to drink a gallon of tea a night.
5 Million recieving unemployment benefits
Dremel or Power Driver/Drill?
The best thing for rust... Ever...
Two Articles for Contrast/Compare
Unkempt Professors
What's with all the face-eating chimps?
my drunk new video...
Is this for real? Oregon plans on raising taxes for beer by 1,900%??
Crappiest Monday night in a LONG time.
Good recent article about economy NYT or LAT?
Oh halp (basic probability math)
So i want to put a tv in the bathroom
homeopathic drug specialists please advise
fixing an electrical connection
2008 Tax time!!
Magnet in your finger...
VGCats - Rant!
What are you listening too
Car Audio Discussion/Pictures
When TV goes digital in a few days
Site for reviews of services/contractors/etc
Can someone give us the gist of what this woman's issue is?
Anyone from Greece?
Soft Sheet of Aluminum?
Entertainment center/single point of failure...
MIT's Sixth Sense
Will this help
Common cold DNA deciphered...but a cure is still far away.
Anyone catch Dollhouse tonight?
Blink 182 is back!
plane crash in Buffalo, NY
EMP grenades are HERE~!
Craigslist newb, advice?
Where can I get the remote code for my TV
Mental Illness
Omg, take a look outside!
Just me, or is this ad EVERYWHERE??
Intel to Invest $7 Billion in U.S. Manufacturing Facilities
Need new desk, any current Ikea offerings good?
So, I got laid off today...
should I sell my guitar.....
How do you guys feel about Myspace|Facebook etc?
My HDTV Purchase.....
My 1987 Volkswagen Golf GTi
Battle Star Season 4
water heaters: lowes vs home depot
Looking for a black screen/cloth/tarp that has lights that look like stars in it...
Ubuntu 8.10 *latest keneral ver*
Home Theater Audio Help
Bad Cell Phone coverage
Anyone good at modifying video cards and such?
who has a portable GPS unit (the in-car kind)
Quitting fingernail biting
Cheap Snowboarding Gear Websites?
I sold my PLASMA TV.....Dynex® - 42" 720p Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV
Help me decide on the Prize in a Friendly Bet
Anyone ice fish?
My "New" 1991 Toyota Supra Mk3
Did my company get ripped off on their website?
IP intercom system, do they exist?
How full is your Gmail account?
Beer5 + Keybaor5d = bad sp-elli=ng
Free Grand Slams
Kidney Stones, Anyone had them?
Transfering contacs from Krzr?
anyone build a HDTV antenna?
petition for faster internet in US
Lottery Organized Raffle?
$7,500 First Time Buyer Tax Credit with new Bill?
Transformers 2 Superbowl Trailer
Who didn't watch the Super Bowl?
What band should play at the Super Bowl?
Superbowl 2009 ads!
Can a landlord evict just one person on a lease?
What's wrong with you
Energy Efficiency Tax Credit (Form 5695)
anyone here a big health nut? need some advice
where to order swiftech part?
My cat is in the vet
Who's body would you rather have as your own?
Help! zales never recived my order for the engagment ring!
Some Chem (water solution) and some physics (electrical)
Hacked? But How?
Ex Fannie Mae worker accused of vandalizing a Fannie Mae server with a script!
Talk about stupid criminals...
Issue setting up my TV
complaint : job hunting.
Have some questions about Military
Forum for Multimedia development
Game Room Pics/Ideas
Benefits of low voltage?
Video about visualising 10 dimensions
I lost my best friend tonight
Probability Questino
My neighbor was shot by the police today
newgg.com is down!!!
Relationship Problems - Jumping to conclusions or reasonable suspicion?
a question about tom tom GPSs
scotch whiskey/whisky or bourbon
anyone else here ride a motorcycle?
I cant see the classifieds
Pat Moorhead of AMD- Plugging Zune
4am CS:S Rant
Jury duty. How do I get out of it?
Diane Sawyer come on you would
Car Insurance... what the heck?
Does anyone here use Twitter?
Anyone here work in a machine shop?
London to Athens, Georgia
Magazine scammers
Search term statistics
learning acoustic guitar
UFC 94 Jan 31st
Daytona 500 anyone
fastest drying glue in the world you can buy in stores/online?
Using visa gift cards on newegg.
internet deal--reasonable or getting screwed?
lookin for decent SUV's
buying glasses online
Should I file Dependent or Independent??
Donating $$$ to OC/Forums
Demetri Marting is sooo funny
Circuit City is callin it quits?
Freezing here in Michigan...
fixing a broken laptop lcd? DIY
Wouldn't you just love to daily drive this?
Good legal way to find someone?
US Airways in the hudson!
is this site legit???
I got my first Job as a Systems Administrator
national no call list
OC Members Car Pictures Thread
First Transformers 2 Teaser
New Stonehenge?
Vince, the Shamwow Guy.. Absolutely Amazing
Antec MIR's?
Quantam Mechanics pointing to how Photosynthesis really works.
My brother VS Best Buy's 3 year warranty...
LG Rumor Forums?
Roaming? Cingular towers Alltel phone...
Black hawk down on Texas A&M campus- 1 dead, 4 injured
Wednesday 1/14 - Free Hugs Day
Gas price going back up?
Thoughts on odd sleep schedule
Be careful with the ice!
anyone here use netflix instant?
OMG Best Buy! This is LOL!
Thank You Eagles!!!
Quick photography question
scrap copper prices
Lack of appetite
How to fix an election
Whats the most needed major right now?
the baby clock, is it real?
Midwest Lan
Pay Pall question
Fender bender
Instructor's edition of a college textbook...
gonna watch the the analog go off (DTV Switch)
DSLR Question
Where's the best place to find Gas-powered RC's
Fun with Nigerian Email scammers.
is there a program for this?
I got my drivers license
Pepsi and Mountain Dew logo... ugh
whats your AFFORDABLE dream car?
Anyone see 60 minutes tonight, they now have a machine that can read your thoughts!
Going to Rome for the spring, any suggested places to check out in or close to Rome?
Mars Rovers 5th year on the red plannet
Market share
Any good movies out in theaters right now?
Marriage and tax time
Its crazy how much we rely on our internet now
Cheap VoIP?
crazy "job interview"
Now this is a helluva an idea.
palpay and prepaid cards
Ronald Jenkees anyone?
Help with paypal
How to create poll and dash words?
Time doesn't heal all wounds...
disney world fingerprint
happy new years!!!
Time warner and viacom
Wierd Al
Can I get a GPL patent?
What would you sell it for?
Smart phone ?
The Evils of Corporate America
Electric guitar
who checks up on craigslist buyers names?
Blue tooth?
TV Help. HDTV Channel Help!
Frys VP caught embezzling over $65 million!
Dental surgery - input wanted
2002 honda civic lx upgrade log
Canada computer stores?
Where to buy protein?
Leasing a car, anyone have experience in it?
Just got a nice screen scratch on my new phone
What kind of Phat Loot did you get this year?
Need name for company
car shopping questions
I can't believe what I found while I was shopping...
GI Bill Question
Ideas about warming up my basement?
Places to find LCD wall mounts?
X-Mas trees, Real or Fake?
Two fired for not becoming Scientologists
Need a bit of Info...
How cold are you?
California displaying its collective stupidity
Will this gift offend?
What did/would you do for your eighteenth birthday to make it memorable?
Anybody live in the Midwest?
Hilariously ironic (if slightly sad) story
Carb tuning
Where to buy signal switch arm for Ford Explorer
Nikon S60 Camera. good or bad?
Chrysler shutting down production for 30 days
A Diff EQ problem!
the real Cooler Master
I feel so stupid
Alot less OC forums :(
How exactly does melting ice cause sea levels to *rise*?
How do you guess on tests?
How do you post a Poll?
Need a new bass amp
Extreme Sports
Student called 911, help came too late to save her
I have $9,000 for a one time certification, help me chose!
Any One know where I can Find These?
Just got offered a job need input
Ah I am so irate right now..
Car Amplifier Question
strong magnet for bottle opener
OPEC says: "Woe is me"
Wait :15 between searches - Please try again in :43 (lol)
Java Assignment: Need help
Christmas gift for my brother....Mountain biking stuff- advice
Is this a 'condition'?
3 methods of heat transfer?
Should I buy a B-stock Bass
First time home owner
This old man is my hero!
Warning: Always wear a seatbelt kids!
Need really funny pick up lines.
Power Saving Tips...over on Nipsco Budget Plan
i need a super awsome paint stripper
Wow, take a look at this guy
How tough is it to land a job as an econ major?
Anyone have experience with patents? How do they work?
control systems (EE problem)
New Terminator Salvation trailer
Need a new point and shoot camera...
why cant i see the classified section?
A Quick Question on LCD TVs
Video: Multiple Kill Vehicle..anti-missle
are you freak'in serious ebay?!
is the human race getting lazy?
The older I get...
Job offer
Itchin' for a physical hobby
English help!
Need a photoshop of my AV...
Cat won't stop urinating on our bed...
You will laugh
Calling all Digital Artists
buying a watch
Sharp LCDs?
Car help: 2009: Lexus GS or Lincoln MKS
the legal system worked
Need help with trading stocks.
any one here into Laser Discs?
Anything from BBY up to $50, what would you get?
Office Water Filtration/Purification Systems
crazy craigslist people
Physics Question - Advanced Calculus Kinematics
Look up in the sky Jupiter and Venus + Moon = Sad face
fud says nehalem has TLB
A little help please.
Help, my English is degrading
Someone please read over my short essay for college application
OCforums IRC channel?
Should I edit my TA's comments?
Tenant with girlfriend always over..
The Most Pain I've Ever Felt
Black friday SUCKED
calling all apartment dwellers
People are animals...
Questions to ask when leasing office space?
Getting paid from ChaCha, is there any risk in this?
Stock market & acquisitions
Tom Hanks & Bill Murray, separated at Birth?
(un)Official Happy Turkey day thread 2008
recipe sites
real or fake?