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recipe sites
real or fake?
DJ / Artist
Squid with elbows found in Gulf of Mexico
Foreigner traveling WITHIN US, need passport?
Suggestions for new car (Sedan) ~25k
Problems with POS 2005 Taurus SE
Proof CERN's Hadron Collider will be the end of us all!
Stamps dominated!!!
Wow. 1500 people watch teen commit suicide online, and do nothing.
/Rant taking up more than a seat /end rant!
Help with Chevelle
Consulting: Anything I should worry about?
Dare I say "Oops"?
has anyone noticed the new FSC laws placed on cigarettes?
Looking for a phone to use at home and abroad
Anyone any good with interior design?
Silly cat! Is this normal??@!
Perhaps the best Rick Roll I've ever seen
How should live feeds be regulated?
Need Name Ideas
i wish i had some cash to invest...
Mail delievery??
Increase in crime? With current eco probs?
Quick Question about The Da Vinci Code(Movie)
The Watchmen
Weighing major options, what kind of jobs?
The Matrix runs on Windows
Who needs ocforums when you have Yahoo Answers?
How often do you replace your car break pads?
Cat has worms...
Where to by syringes?
Who can't wait for DIABLO 3
UFC 91
Very important
15 Vehicles you want to own/drive before you snuff it...
Shuttle Launch tonight
Bone Marrow transplant may have cured HIV
fridge isn't kicking on, simple fix?
Have you ever had your laundry stolen?
Cell phones help??
Who was able to get a fake new york times?
Quantum of Solace
Cell phone service denied. Why? Can't tell you for your protection...
Victor Multi-Kill M260
Where to look?
C/C++ sscanf is killing me! please help..
some people have all the luck
Gas prices
F@H Speech Help
Looking to buy LCD TV...suggestions?
Good excuse for speeding ticket?
Heatware on craigslist?
where to find stock quotes from years gone by?
anyone here have directv HD?
WEC: Urijah Faber vs Mike Brown
Paypal can hold your funds because ebay says so!
R.I.P Michael Crichton
small text
People can do anything intellectually
Suspended License...what do I do?
Photobucket Is Selling Your Images
Most reliable way to get from New Hampshire to Vermont when I don't have a car
Dumb Question time.
Potential Neighbor Dispute
well, i got a new car yesterday
Ex-Convict shoots and kills 12 year old Trick-or-treater
Richard Feynman
What are you doing for your significant other this holiday?
Cat people - any tips? - oldish cat
question about circuit city
I need a new career field
How should I handle this? Days Inn in LA
Getting back on annoying buyers
I missed this place
Stolen Car - Tacoma Wa
Last minute comments on camera/case to buy
Something wrong with me.
Way to beat photo radar
Wee hired at last! Is it expensive living out west?
Help me find a place to rent
8 year old accidentally shoots himself at gun show
Is capitalism finally rearing its true face? Are we doomed?
Getting Into Embedded Life
World military power?
Woman kills her "online" husband
surge protectors
Looking for a budget DSLR
What font is this???
Dorm room cooking: need some ideas
Teens and/or Parents - Family Management Software?
Help with online clothing stores
Transmission problem
My car was broken into
What are you gonna be for halloween?
Mammoth backyard spider devours bird
Need Leisure Suit, fast!
A little help plz
Halloween costume help
what happened to yfly?
Rebates? Are they reliable??
Can you figure out someone's identity who posted on a forum from an IP address?
This robot is amazing
Saw this guy at school, couldn't resist taking a picture
Decreasing dust around my computer desk
Anyone good with photoshop that can do me a small favor?
need help flashing a phone
man with TREE (roots ect.) growing from his body
dumbest family ever?
Shower head broke and was replaced with one that sounds like a jet engine - gov't reg
Attitudes to alcohol.
Turning up the heat on your landlord
assaulted by ambulance drivers...
Thank You OCF!
Petrol at 99p per litre? It's more likely than you'd think!
Choosing my California Transfer School
What is that job's title?
Hate Speech? No.. targetted venom
College. Where do I go? I live in GA.
Awesome News!!
Heatware down for anyone else today?
Opinion of Kevin Smith???
Soundproofing materials
ticketmaster: need tricks, tips to getting tickets
$24 Million for Pet owners who purchased contaminated food
Buying skin? CA and Southwest USA
Help finding Quote
Car question
Question about wine
Hitler and I share a birthday?
Summarise the Current Economic Status
What to get the GF for her bday?
Man caught with 6 lobsters in his pants
Shot again
fight squirrels out of garage
I am being sued for 50,000 dollars, what do I do!
New Job
If Nvidia blocks Intel from SLI, why didn't AMD block Intel from Crossfire?
How hard is it to buy stock (short term)
Help me find a GPS
eating much food; growing?
Walmart DRM email
Car Speakers, Which ones?
Is anyone ready to fight back II
Trying to figure out a simple Integrated Circuit...
Man recovering after 1st double arm transplant
College Essay?
change USD to foreign currency?
Customer Service in UK vs. USA/CAN vs. Elsewhere
Are we going to see Hoover-villes again?
YouTube in super HD
Summer job in America [Camp Leaders]
Awesomely memorable laser shows
Any of you guys into theatre? (Plays)
ug- trying to find a music video
Any stock market players here?
My '97 Golf GTi 16v
Tarantino, talented director or cheap hack?
Reading jumbled words
Super Fast Stamping
Parents [non-protracted rant]
osha and work
O.J. Simpson Convicted on all Charges
Kimbo Slice vs Seth Petruzelli
Bought myself a new home theater recliner, courtesy of Pokerstars :)
What to do in vegas?
What do you think about the homeowner bailout bill?
Longboards? Need advice if anyone is knowledgeable on the subject of longboards.
I registered to vote but I have only gotten one mail about it
The water in my toilet bowl is always low? Any plumbers here know why?
any home remidies for canker sores?
Anyone know of good antique auction sites?
Predictions of scientific computing in 50 years
Elevator to the stars!
Cheap ways to cut power usage.
Rick Roll (Rick Astley) voted into MTV by internet
Bailout passes Senate, House foes soften
Do you think it's wrong to spank your kids?
Can a Biologist Fix a Radio? [Rant]
Iron Man Bluray won't start
I hate Capital One
Where does an idea put into motion meet insanity?
Bike repair
SpaceX Falcon 1 Flight 4 makes it to orbit!!!
From one addiction to another...
Car maintenance advice
Forum Wars
Breaking down an essay, or any writing assignment.
mycheckfree.com Thumbsup
looking for cool j-pop techno or anime themes
How should the MPG of electric cars be measured?
Paul Newman dies at age 83
Making Some Money Grow
Beer Goggles!!!!!!!!!
Most disturbing thing I've seen in a while...
math function
Best 670-1 Approved Boots?
Need a bit of help with photoshop.
Live Webcams at Large Hadron Collider
Freelance IT?
*For the Mods with "GREEN"*
How to Get Rid of Tree Syrup Stuck to Car?
Well, I'm sick today
Gas Issues Still?
Private, Public, State schools: What's your opinion?
Any one else a self described poet?
Hunter shoots monkey.
What is wrong with people?!!!
Quitting Tobacco
Sub Woofer advice needed.
SA Jeepers
My new Axe [Need tips on maintainence]
Need help finding a certain type of rose..
I'm in a good mood today. Why?
Hitting the limits of pain.
Ebay Issue >-/ turned to :D
I always get dumb partners at school
Has anyone else been in Marching Band?
Shoping for a new handgun....suggestions & opinions please
Anyone know about home surveillance systems?
Cheap Travel (air preferred)
Sometimes I am a bit slow to the uptake...
Bigger tires, Higher PSI?
Why does california have such weird emmission rules
The End of An Era (modest title ftw!)
R.I.P Tara
Advice on buying a house
Bank bailouts?
How much is too much
What should I major in? I want to produce films, but
school bringing me down
AIG stock
I've been caught up in fraud!!
Anyone ever wall mount speakers?
My 3 Rants for today
Car Purchase
A little test
Cool Pen for Notetakers
Pink Floyd Richard Wright Dies
work out thread
Comcast limits monthly internet usage Oct 1st; Good? Bad?
Anyone work for the NSA?
What happens when you hit a deer going 80MPH (not 56k or DSL friendly)
What to look for in LCD TV's??
8 Myths about Credit
Way Off Topic...
Book: Anathem: Neal Stephenson
Just a house spider?
Action Pics -- Post 'em up.
Long distance calling
Now the world is going to end...
What have you done that was dumb?
Good Times
Big Hole on the Casing for Driver Side Tailgate
Where to find good Chinese Recipes?
Gas prices
who works at best buy here?
really dumb question
amateur publishing?
Hurricanes in Houston SUCK!
Never knew of overclockers.com
Piano players; i need advice
Microsoft starts its new ad campaign...
Calculus Problem Help -- Frodo?
OCTeamDenmark - Law Suite Over Name Dispute
so whats your guys take on this?
Rock Carving.... anyone?
Ya this is amazing so watch now
Settle or wait for someone better?
girl problem...kinda
can an iphone data plan to be used for laptop wireless card?
Girlfriend is Studying Abroad; What do I do?
Vandalism Charges...
Can the U.S. Government Dissolve Congress?
Seth Rogen is the Messiah
anyone here with rc's
Forced to keep the lights on?
Freddie and Fannie
Happy Birthday nikhsub1
Selling PC Games(new and used) in Classifieds
Do you work on your own vehicles?
BS or not? HL Security act.
Cooking on the cheap (recipes)
Anybody refinish wood before?
Consolidated "Upcoming Movie Release" Thread
Anyone know Silver Lake Hills in CA.?
XtremeSystems.org Down for a while now
How to deal with bees.
NCO financial system Debt collectors...
If you were world leader for a day?
Another one of my stupid questions
Magnet Shielding
I've come to the conclusion that girlfriends = WIN.
Need Micro Stereo Shelf System Recommendations
after a map... (trying to figure out the largest empty area of the U.S)
Woot, first car accident.
Stolen identity. What next?
Shipping Socal Security Numbers?
So PayPal is compulsary now for everyone selling on eBay in most categories in the US
Wine bargain...
Carhartt ?
FOR SALE thread
VW Rabbit and Scangauge 2
Kidney stones
How do I draw a circle?
Final Test a Success @ CERN's Large Hadron Collider... Activation Sep 10th!!
Can really high blood pressure cause mood swings
I could use some laugh
WTH is happening to Stargate Atlantis????
Loud neighbours
pill chemical question
Selling stuff on eBay...
International power strips for travel
Quick Favor
Options for school?
Looking for the Best FM Transmitter
gotta hand it to the USPS
what is your natural high?
lookin at a VW Rabbit GTi, thoughts?
Sour deal - insight?
Warrant Officer Flight Training Program
should I sell my 32" LG TV and buy a 24" monitor?
Globus hystericus
Lost a cat today.
name this movie
What does this say?
Another Vista Bash???
Intel Perfects Tesla's wl electricity/AMD goes under tomorrow
Point and Shoot camera recommendations
All time classic forum question.
FINALLY!! Comcast users somewhat rejoice?
Anyone thought about investing in AMD?
Car Question, involvs welding (possibly)
Rosetta Team Push!
Best place and best thing for woman defense
Classifieds forums
I'm starving because I'm from the future
Retagging mp3's automatically?
Where can I find old news articles or propaganda pamflets?
Nuclear Power - How can France make it work?
Looking at for advice on a used car: 2001 Jetta
Britain at the Olympics - What is happening?
Dreadlocks ... Anyone else got em?
Help me choose a flashlight so I can rubber-band it to my camcorder
I just cracked my windshield...
[HELP] Decide my future? No, seriously...
Anyone been on the metalmetroid site?
What happened to Xplay
Interesting Time Magazine Article about Minorities in America
In case you didn't know: U.S. broadband SUCKS
Finally finished car upgrade
How much is my Dell Ultra Sharp 2007FP worth?
Why don[t people like CC playpal
Hey guys, look at the 9800GX2 I just bought
The Loop
another load from the interwebs: bigfoot
Alienware Likes the Copypasta!
math question
Someone put a screw in my tire...
Bind Blowing Virtual City: CitySpace
will a retailer exchange these?
Find a NASA Trailer recently?
My car club is official!!
help finding name of book from tv commercial
Kid tries to scam shop for $16k of work done on his mom's car
Looking for information on an OLD phone
Honda FCX Clarity- only in California!
What is your forecast?
college grad having hard time finding employment.... two choices...
A pac-man horror spoof movie I made
Do you remember where you were when this happened?
google check out, still have 10 bucks off?
How much cotton is used in a scarf?
Olympic fireworks faked
Question about a GPS Receiver
basic cable?
Car A/C shows full but not blowing cold???
First Bernie Mac, now Isaac Hayes :(
What is your favorite Command & Conquer series game?
website/flash design
Fair trade stores online or off?
Can not find this song!
RIP - Bernie Mac
Drove a new VW?
What ISPs are planning on limiting or throttling the internet?
Mexican cartels running pot farms in U.S. national forest
2008 Olympics
Cold war part 2 ?
Today's Date
It's my turn, I need some advice. What would you do?
WTF? My case on a Brazilan Nvidia site???
OCF Free Fantasy Football League 2008 season? Let's do it!
Is Facebook "all that"?
Anyone else's spam getting really bizarre?
Annoying DRIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why such ignorance??
Irresponsible or scared?
Should I buy this laptop?
Cool general chemistry topic to write about?
small claims over internet sale?
Cell phone repeaters
Home Depot Scam (Beware)
The Alphabet Game
Frozen Yogurt
weed and dogs
Ionized Water/PH water >7.0 Anyone uses the machine or drink or knows anything?
credit cards
Looking at getting a USAA credit card...feedback?
Anyone else work in retail?
Anyone into lelectric RC Cars?
"Classifieds" FOR SALE
*sigh* Where did the summer go???
Olsen Twins Kill The Joker
Why is Seth Rogen always playing The Stoner ?
Trying to impress the ladies?
Craigslist scam, help me understand it.
Bought a new car and thought I'd share :D
Buttoning down tonight....(Hurricane party)
Anyone ever made a sugar rocket?
Miracle fruit
Anyone here record/edit home videos?
Good State to live in?
How did you know what you wanted to be in life?
Staying in touch with technology.
If someone from Florida/Miami can help me...
I could use some help choosing a new video camera...
question about right on red laws/red light cams
The girl in the Window
Feds now arrest your laptops at border
Random Ebay/Paypal question
girlfriend is grumpy and moving away...
Going to Copenhagen
SpaceX Falcon 1 to launch tonight, live webcast
Need hilarious Youtube vidoes.
OCF member's gender?
I want to buy a house, what are my chances??
Solar Eclipse
Strange Few Days
Car stopping distance question
Saw a video of homemade multitouch; it this for real?
New Star Trek movie 2009!!!
Who here uses higher octane fuel than the manu. recommends?
Toy Helicopters
Fuel Efficent Cars
Any "mystery solving" books you can recommend me?
Vegans/Vegetarians in OcForums?
Dr. Horible is on Hulu
rogue trader?
Any suggestions for affordable health insurance?
Funny ass shark movie
SoCal quakes
Time for new music, help! No 50 Cent!
Doom 3 vinyl album signed what's the value of it?
NYPD Knocks Cyclist To Curb
X-Files: I Want To Believe
A Good recliner?...preferably made in America
Guitar Tablature sites are getting sued again? Most websites down!!
Cuil = Dominate Google ?
phone question
Car Audio Question
simple question from a guy who just moved out
Pandora....anybody use this? (its awesome)
Hobby thread- what is your hobby other than computers?
Something kind of interesting to watch and waste time
Who here would buy the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe?
How do you score?
Loss of appetite
I just picked up a "new" car! Audio suggestions welcome.
How important are good manners to you?
Trig Question: If a trig equation has one answer, how many answers will it have?
[NEWS] YouTube Must Give All User Histories To Viacom
RIP Randy Pausch
1 thing that would have made The Dark Knight better...
Another Girlfriend Thread
Need fast cash, HELP!
Smiley Face film
The greatest comedy ever may have a sequel
Ford Posts 8.7 BILLION Dollar Loss
Latin help
At least OCforums doesnt do this!!!!!
Where to find a *newer* cell phone Li-Ion battery?
I think someone's trying to scam me...
How many people here don't have cell phones?