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For those who like techno and breakbeats.
Anybody been to embry-riddle, or been an air traffic controller?
Any short to medium term traders here?
Outfit Ideas..
LCD/Plasma TV Companies recommendations
My Shodan test
Any Finance Majors here? or anyone else...
Neil Patrick Harris as Dr Horrible
Pipe that can withstand 400F
Memory Foam topping
Where Can i find high res CYCLING pictures
university puts SSN on postcard
What MP3 players are there that are loud enough to hear over airplane engines?
The ALL **SPOILER** Dark Knight Thread
Gas price...
For all those who say we are not in a crisis...
Sprint is trying to Stick IT to Team Rainless
Any good website to find older car parts?
"Watchmen" Trailer is Up! 2:20 of geek-o-licious goodness
Getting Mono Sucks
Help getting picture off phone
OCForums Dark Knight Thread
Bye Bye Gallbladder
Anybody here want to help out with my study?
Help one of your own win a film contest!
How would you affect change?
E for All - Worth It?
Time Warner giving me the shake down
locked out of speaking to my cable co. about my OWN account
Crack the Fermilab Code
Cellphone Data Plans question
Cheesecake Factory pushed my bank account into negative, what should I do?
50 year OIL man says "Renewable energy is the solution"
Newegg for cars?
How far would you take this?
Another Exercise Question
removing "toxic" chemical smell from faux leather
Stupid but entertaining
Jack Thompson PWNed?
beanbag question
Question for smokers
ghosts or science?
The Rainless Personal Ad
So...Toyota Prius to have optional solar panels on it's roof
Plausible Deniability? 3dGameman Rips off Hardware Canucks Copyrighted Images?
Amy Jacobson
Anyone have a newer projection tv?
please help me find the title of this movie its driving me insane
Anyone here play poker for money?
Exercise Guru's I need help
Using power cable w/o ground prong
I hate cars...
Pop quiz, hot shots. I wanna sell my PS3, what do I do?
techno/trance/house suggestions?
Best review ever maybe?
Sulu getting hitched, Checkov and Uhura attending
Red worm with glowing green spots?
Unemployment is boring
How pervy is this???
payments with paypal why dont people want a CC?
Evga step up is a PITA
Anybody heard of Asher Roth?
How to prepare/cook lamb
Don S. Davis died
[Photgraphy] The Computer Part Guessing Game............
Shambhala music festival
funniest IT vid i have ever seen!
build personal radio station
Happy Canada Day!
New Olympics High Tech Speedo Swimsuits
Did he have the right to do that?
3k oil change a scam?
Copyrighting Californias' coast
Looking for a good moped/scooter
Manufactur Warranty
Craigslist/Paypal question
Trance / House unite
Ubuntu is the most STUPID game ever...
Forex trading anyone?
word association game
Exit Interview
Another car question, Older car, mabe older experence? ('77 celica)
Fine wine
Car shaking issue, possibly transmission related
Custom auto alarm options
CS or ECE?
Transferring/exchanging $$
Dressing Men
RIP George Carlin
Any Arduino guys around here?
RIP George Carlin...
Need Help
OC forums book club thread.
You space types might get a kick out of this
Icon Dies
Please help a long time member. Please read
Weird Question
need ideas for bedding.
jet kart run at drag strip
Plastic Silver Letters
How a computer will look in 2004....
If you use the GI Bill; Read This!
Anyone make iron ons before?
US vs. UK: An In-Depth Study
dazed and confused
New office chair under $500
Get across the cliff
What did Charter "executives" say during their emergency meeting?
"husband and wife's lung slice"? Or "chicken without sexual life"?
ups shipping question
Tattoo idea
Getting into electronics
22 years ~
Pax River MD, DynCorp Int
Considering a pet bird, any thoughts?
Ebay management system
What does case modding lead too?
Watersoaked iPod and k800i: What can I do?
When you buy a car you can't just give it back...help.
Illinois declared State of Emergency, floods in Quincy
Considering buying the iPhone
You all think I'll get hit with a ticket?
Recommend me a cell phone!
A fathers day to not remember
Now do you believe me that unicorns are real?
omg awesome HDR
How to handle my raise...
I need a crash course in Algebra 2 (in stages)...
Using a nuclear weapon to kill a grasshopper
Worst Ebay / Paypal phishing attempt stories, post 'em here!
I want one of these ...!
flipping Ebay people!
Will The RIAA Sue Judge Kozinski For Sharing MP3s?
How Old is "Middle-Aged" in America?
Tim Russert dead at 58
DAMNIT! (Cat problem)
What happened here? Missing member..
Very Cold vs. super-ultra Cold: Who was Right?
I need a security camera...one that can see at night.
Are they serious?
Yet another vinyl (record) thread.
How it really went down...
Best place to find sound clips and share compilations
How much for a window ac unit?
So the gas companies control the economy now
Lost another hog's worth....
ebay alternative?
SquareTrade anyone used it?
Corporal Jones reporting Mr Mainwaring!
Flood + No Flood Insurance = SOL?
Good basic camera?
EuroCup 2008
I love the National Weather Service :)
3G iPhones announced...now only $200!!!
i guess its progress
1 2 3 test?
2004 Navigator Problem.....
Toronto Maple Leafs Future
Fixing that oil leak!
Apartment Issues
Time Warner Starts Metered Internet Service Test in Texas
Good car alarm recommendations
Does anybody know the name...
Got a stomach virus :( help?
University shows example of Casimir Force
If you had $2,000+ to spend frivolously...?
anyone have a CONSUMER REPORTS account and can help me out?
Looking into the past?
personal loan
I'm just now realizing Jeff Foxworthy was right
pain mamagement(help!)
What computer Forums do YOU visit?
Car problem... place your bets now.
Help me find this alternative song
I love speeding tickets
Gov't discloses investigation of crude-oil market
Electronics question.
DHMO... The great debate
pranking one of the room mates with mail LOL.
Best Headunit for $100? iPod/USB
Elite XC FTL
Need some help tweaking my resume
Prison Break Season 2 Bluray
Shuttle Launch 5:02pm EST (5-31-08)
One more new car thread
Alien caught live on videocamera
Google Android is coming!
Fatwallet Deals Forums crack me up
Speeding ticket + deferral program +insurance doesn't find out?
Monkeys and Typewriters
No computers?
'03 Civic Si odd behavior.
best way to approach situation with rude neighbors?
Effects pedals?
FHA Loans
A more efficient amtrak system?
Don't know what to do about getting A/C fixed
Can it get more expensive living in NY? Now NewEgg to tax us?! BS!!
Looking for a new Point-and-shoot digital camera.
The last thing we need is a discussion about gas prices
Math / economics problem?
recommendations on re-organising me AV eq?
Any of you guys into sci fi?
Any DJs/Audiophiles? Technics SL1200's
I've come to realize something, am I stupid?
NEWS - Music and film industry to get police force - Inq
12/02/01 internet comedy gold was born
FDIC insured up to 100k. But what if...
Has anyone here used Colorware?
What is resistance/conductivity of 10M NaOH?
Venture Bros Season 3 on June 1st
Incredibly amazing and frightening robot.
How many of you have ventured...
Urgent need a exposer crutch from you guys.
Adding another child to the family
Fun day at the Piru Dirtbike track
Tired of having to reset your cable TV box? The $10 solution!
Man gets busted for kiddie porn on computer...
EU Court to Hear Case Granting Human Status to Apes
Drunk Driver Calls 911 on Himself
[NEWS] Killer app: Game consoles contain hazardous chemicals
Summer Time?
Don't call it an El Camino, Please Don't. Thats Chevy's
Fellow web designers: How should I structure prices?
I hate Jobs
General Discussion
Helpdesk opportunity
What an a-hole. I was just curious.
could someone recommend a good workout using this equiptment?
"So I saw the new Indiana Jones last night..."
'Made in Canada' guidelines to be tightened
getting a paint ball game together in colorado this weekend! come join us!
Women.... gah
Indiana Jones.
American Idol
Great Wall-Mart
Naked City (TV Show)
Who here is good at transcribing?
debating if i should replace bulb on DLP
how to not strip aint from skrews?
w00t - Married on Saturday 17th...
Starting a Landscaping Company
Ambassador Kitty
Learning a Foreign Language
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
Any other UK members starting their GCSE's???
Recommend some easy guitar songs!
More requirements means well-rounded students
For your R/C Airplane & heli guys on ocf
Blew a tire at Walmart, what to do?
Just got a new Sharp LC-52D62U ..and its broken
Right Size Smoothies
selling your gold... Isn't this a ripoff?
Awesome group for fans of electro/synthpop
Little killing machine.
radon questions
How to make a Photo Hosting Site - Like flickr?
What's with the bile?!
Canon G9?
Chicago/Illinois museum goers
Gretting ready to start my own small business in the summer
Perpetual motion Project
Cha Cha
Where to buy nuts/chocolate/fruits/teas online?
House: 4-Part Season Finale
Physics Question
Anyone worked at a bestbuy before?
Charter must die..
Skydiving Paramotor
Chicago's Foie Gras Ban to Finally go Down Today
Looking for a new watch
anyone else seen this/tried it?
We'll have our $4 gas this week or next...
Help with a paper
First Myanmar now China
Physics (Kinematics) Test Problem
What other then Computers are your Hobbies?
Holy freaking awesome NES controller coffee table batman!
Preparing to Refurbish my El Camino
New Car -- Suggestions?
Why is US Contribution to Burmese relief so low?
Sodoku in Flyers?
new bike, help
Trying to figure out some music, would like help!
Benny Bennassi is coming to Chicago May24th! (Sold Out) How can I find tickets??
Photobucket passwords compromised?
got a free 44" DLP - worth it to fix?
Looking for someone who lives in TURKEY, yes the country
Delicious Tasteless (StarCraft)
jet kart update
Attacking the handicapped on the web
Marijuana - Opinions, thoughts ..
Remember ForumOC, anyone around?
what is your preference for word processor and graphing utilities; engineers?
Replacing pots in a guitar?
Modern Macbeth - Our English Project (Movie!)
Thinking about playing electic guitar. Any tips?
BMX Bikes?
Horse Racing: Racing to the Grave
Wire tag fastener
the big date, i am freakin
Hey overclockers! Team 32 needs your help!
"Myanmar death toll could top 10,000"
Making my Hat look 20 years old?
Remote Control Aircrafts
Hockey fans...
Heavy drug use and it implications
no sleep, 2 days!
No wonder costa rica is so behind on computer crap!
PC refresh program?
how are your knees?
Is anyone ready to fight back yet?
So the brakes on my car broke....
math question
Homebound car stereo courtesy old PSU.
LSD Discoverer - Albert Hofmann Dies@102yrs
So THIS is how Planet of the Apes came about, scary
We just got 25 million dollars. I say: SEND IT BACK!
Car Electrical
Carfax froze my unlimited account. Is this legal?
Car sound system advice needed.
I am about to go postal
How to make cold coffee?
Is there a power strip extension cord with more than one on/off switch?
Getting rid of Eczema?
Live Webcast of Coachella Courtesy AT&T BlueRoom
Help me ID this font please!
Safe Spray for Killing Bed Bugs
This is soooooooo funny!!!
GEEZ!: Arby's buys Wendy's for $2+ Billion
How does this work?
OC Forums 2008 NFL Mock Draft
Do you still spin vinyl (records)?
Can I do this? Auto Financing.
Craigslist grouses about eBay lawsuit
A ? about cameras that use FILM! (OMGWTFBBQ) 35mm camera knowlegde please
Question in Computer Architecture
Simply amazing Delta Blues.
What model Pagani Zonda is this? (1.5 mb jpeg x2)
What happened here?
Can we afford to let this happen?
A few guitar questions - some tips, some info, some technique :-D
Tonight I bench pressed 450lbs, have proof!!
Anyone here play the stock markets?
question on motorcyle/charging system
Attack of the Show on G4?
Should I mod my car?
Thank God, American Idol has just about run its' course
So our school blocked Wikipedia...
Honda Crf50 cheap engine mods!
I thought this was pretty funny.
Bending them Bluez Notes
Multicultural Music
Logic Help (Identity and Descriptive)
Freaky weather
Anyone know jewerly, specifically what its worth?
Panorama of my City
Gym Sacks - fashionable or not?
SCREW the nba owners and screw clay bennett
polygamist trials?
more range of pc games
So I played at a talent show....
350 Lawyers
Case for iphone/ipod touch
Cell phones how to get stuff on them?
need some quick help w/taxes
What really annoys me on the phone
Can someone hack into your MySpace easily?
Funniest One-liners You've Ever Read/Heard
How long to Paypal disputes take to resolve?
metro pcs in CALIFORNIA?
gasoline question
Suggestions on seat cushion?
Am i doing the wrong thing?
ebay display settings
Hong Kong Trip Ideas?
good carrot cake recipe?
Refurbished mp3 players?
Mario Theme song performed with an RC Car!
I'm forwarding my spam to FBI
Need cheap replacement cell phone.
Video cameras
Is fast food unhealthy even subway?
California Weather past few days
Hydrololisys of water.
Ways to enhance music, can you put back what's missing?
Podcast 15: I want to date a tech girl and drink wine now...
Moral/ethics quandary
Does epoxy give off fumes after it's cured?
The Last-Ditch Attempt Saloon
Social Environments and OCForums
Tobacco Pipes
Customs questions
a really good spray adhesive?
how/should i go about getting this guy to lose weight?
AA cancellations, Frontier bankruptcy, Mesa in Free Fall
dressing like an "adult"
Looking for a new cell phone...
Need a cheap but decent Bluetooth headset
I need some help deciding on a college...
Maybe they should just cancel/move the Olympics
Rate the rig above you.
Hey cool, 2 articles about me!
One million signatures to shut up Uwe Boll
Two and a half men.......
items more $ spent on = more meaning
should i bother paying this parking ticket?
The blues question?
Contextual adds..what we can do as a group
New no-fee paypal alternative
Found a baby bunny, any vets around?
Dog crap?
help my friend get into WPI
Member Site
frustrated with doctor
if you could party with ?
WTF? Banned from ZIRC? Cant Connected to #octeams :(
Indoctrinating kids :)
This isn't your typical 'you know you're getting old' thread...
The Foot Fist Way movie (Comedy)...
Skyrocketing Average Height?
Should schools teach critical thinking skills?
Saudi man killed daughter for using Facebook
What's to see in Wales?
pay pal question
Career As A Pilot
Is gambling in skill based games illegal?
Question for active/ex-military
I have one coupon for a free Blockbuster Rewards card. Anyone intersted lemme know.
Calculus question
Apologizes to people here at ofc.
Battlestar Galactica returns tonight *SPOILER WARNING!*
Bye everyone.
Need advice on buying a new mattress
The Overclocker Bushido code
what to replace a relay with?
Calling all engineers
Research Paper Topics
How long do you think print media has left?
Petsafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter box, anyone here own one?
The front fell off....
OCF Science Discussion: Part I
Lens for night photography?
Work at Best Buy or Circuit City?
To those who have been to Chitown mainly Wrigley Field
what do you do when...
Deciding to buy a used car....
What are your favorite beers?
Wisdom teeth
Help... My GF lost her wallet in FL, on Spring Break
Names of Plants
Need someone to photoshop this for me.
looking for help searching for songs....
Baseball season has OFFICIALLY started (photography)
Do you need a new car?
Anyone in Puerto Rico?
Someone hit my car in my driveway.
Finally: UNC vs KU
And you thought G4 TV couldn't go lower...
My new website, would like people to see it and tell me what they think
What stuff is foolproof these days?
GPS-Snitch, MY New Protection
Need air purifier for 600 sq. feet room
The Zoo that was Travel This Week
So I got mugged, but fought back :)
Stupid Things
The OC Forums Dollar 2008
Scangauge anyone? (or similar)
TopGear ROCKS.
revising the Shyness thread ( update )
Dubai pics continued (56k)
Dubai pics (56k warning)
got a scammer/419 email
MENTAL ILLNESS: Apparently we all have it because....
Earth Hour 2008 (please participate.) 8PM TOMORROW
Getting back into skating
First light tonight woohoo.
Paranoia at its worst...
Web Graphics Design?
Can something that is random be predicted???
filing taxes for under 3k?
Guitar Question.
Any software that makes caricatures?
This is a beautiful thing...