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why won't hwbot take this sub??
GPU Hardware Boint Guide
Congrats Funsoul for Breaking 1K
E-power and evbot help
I think i am getting myself into trouble - newbie bencher.
Catzilla 720P Help
Taming the Hot running i7 4770K
780Ti help
Real Bench not working
Benching get together
OCF & OCA Benching
2014 Hwbot Team Cup. You can help!!
MSI MOA 2014 Qualifiers
New Member intro and new overclocker!
Looking for Custom Benching/Torture rack ideas.
Global Points Enabled for Fire Strike
mid-range build firestrike benching
help me pick a 775 cpu for 1st cascade test
need a crash course!
Futuremark, problems with all Benchmarks
Keny's 3DMark 11 giveaway
HWBOT down?
Lost the urge to bench :(
g550- spi locks up the system
G.Skill Hosts OC World Cup 2014 $10K To The Champ!
HWBOT having issues?
HWBOT Hardware Points
HWbot points not updating
ASrock Z87M OC Formula and benching on cold
pcmVantage error & help to boost score?
Not Sure If These are Good Or Not
scores coming soon
Benching Drive Setup Guide
Switching from AMD to Nvidia Gpu's for benching
2600k/MVE & 3D Benching
new to benchmarking or new to team?
My new beast.
Any Google forms/spreadsheets pro's?
Abit KN-8
Good Service I Selling cc Dumps Track 1& 2 fullz logins valid stuff available
Time measurement data not available in 3dMark05
crazy cpuz stats after futuremark runs?
QuickLOD for AMD/ATI Cards
3d mark question
CES 2014 - anyone going?
A new CPU Benchmark: Multi Threaded PI @ LINPACK
3DMark 04
Easy One-Download Benchmark Installer
I smell 6th place...
Questions of a Benchmarking Noob looking to join the game
Another 3570k bites the dust
Please Help to OC my 4930K CPU??
Shamino Leaves ASUS, Follows AndreYang In Retirement
Benchmark Help
Low clock challenge! Superpi 32M @4Ghz!!!
Made Dice pots
Hwbot's Country Cup -come here to help!
G.SKILL Sponsors HWBOT Country Cup OC Competition with Exclusive Memory
Whats wrong with my HD 7950
GTX 780 throttling on 3DM06
Unigine Valley for real!
First Venture into SLI!
Kingston HyperX Holds DotA2 and Overclocking Competitions
good old pentium 4
More Rambling-$600 to spend
6930 radeon
1156 benching
Bobnova: MIA
Watch Enough Said Online Free
Think my 3570k is degrading
Dimastech EasyXL Bench/Test Table Review
I'm retiring from leadership
Benching Table/Test Bench Recommendations
Intel x48 and P35 3D performance issues
Anyone test new Aquamark wrapper
Fermi LOD
ARM (raspi) comp on the bot
Ivy Bridge Idiot
HD 2600 XT hardware locked. Mod?
Staying only semi-cool
HWBot - Breaking! Windows 8 Benchmark Records No Longer Accepted At HWBOT
Help filling in the HWbot submissions etc!!
G.SKILL TridentX Hits DDR3 4400MHz
Confusion over Heaven scores
Video: How to Install VGA Hotwire on ASUS GTX 780 DirectCU II OC
How does the league points work
Submission not showing up
"Pointless" Benching!
HWBot.org wont let me submit PICs of my rig!
Just a Little GTX 780 SLI Fun on Air
Getting 3dm11 to run @ 5760x1080?
Catzilla Competition
lost a bunch of bionts
ASUS and G.Skill Set Records at Computex
UCBENCH11-What is MPT?
Dominator 7-7-7-20 1800Mhz 2V v3.1
Neverwet - anti-wetting/anti-icing for benchmarking
fire strike
[Anandtech] Cool article describing competitive benchmarking
Haswell Guide - Shammy Condensed
Cinebench x5 Globals
Benching questions
new pet followed me home
New member working to join
Safe voltages?
Andre Yang Retiring From OC
OS for Benching
Points for Firestrike Extreme.
OC result
Benching for Reviews
Q3'13 Pro OC Cup
Haswell for Benching.
points for cinebench 11.5
HWbot submissions
The Latest Addition to my Collection: Gpu Pot Chance Edition! 56K WARNING!
The Push for 6th!!!
Woomack's memory test list
G.Skill to Host All-Star Overclocking Event at Computex
Ln2 weekend
To OC or not to OC
New cpu-z
I want to brag... 3Dmark11
My favorite O/C crash!
Reboots with no error or BSOD
Happy birthday IMOG
Asus board washing
3dmark 11 result and questions
My 3Dmark result and Question
anyone know anything about this company?
DICE this!
What new Benchmarking type toys did you get today?
FYI -- Race Time! -- FYI
3dmark Android Edition on Google Play
Farmington event
Post your max CPU-Z for your AMD FX CPU
3d mark result
TRP Competition: Last Man Standing
DICE too much fun
I'm creating a "Bench Warmers Enter The Game" HWBot Pro Cup Team. Interested?
Question on 3DMark11 Score - Good or Bad?
issues benching over 4224mhz
MSI TF III 7950 + AMD 960T Typical Benchmark?
The "shutdown /a" tweak
Triple Gold Cups & Props to Bobnova
NVIO chip cooling?
plx - performance hit on older cards?
can i submit this for the teamcup
setfsb not working on hp desktop
New to this kinda stuff!
What are benchmarking programs missing ?
Order a P4P800 but got a P4R800
first dice run this weekend
K|ngP|n's latest insulation guide
First ever DIce run
heaven and valley trouble???
Unigine Valley 1.0 - The result thread.
New Unigine "Valley" benchmark
Heaven 4.0 now available.
Announcing Hwbot's 2013 Team Cup
Boggles my Mind
Buying 3DMark on steam
Overclock Nvidia Geforce 105M
3DMark key giveaway from Galaxy US!
Futuremark Launches 3DMark Cross-Platform Benchmark
Raspberry Pi Benchmarking
platform for benching T5450
MSI 7770 no overvoltage ... ha ?
Congrats, we broke the 30K Boint barrier!
AGP x2 GPU and ATi Rage 128 ultra
anyone still using aida64
New Folding / Benching Rig
LOL Futuremark System Info...
my 3Dmark11 benchmark doesnt seem up to par.
Problems downloading Download Heaven DX11 Benchmark
PCMark05 Rules Change (again...)
Troubleshooting: 3DMark 2001 SE
FFXIV w/ 680
EK Water Blocks and SF3D OC Partnership
New benchs Hyper PI 32M and mohi
Bench Meetup Near St. Louis, April 13-14
FX-4100 benchmark results
Q9300 Benching Results
Opteron 6168 Results
unable to take AM2NF3-VSTA Athlon 64 3500+ FSB 220
3DM 06 won't launch
Laptop i3-2370M Benching
Dice Prices
Streak of Suck Is Over
OC Evga GTX 650 Ti 2GB
3dmark Vantage and 11 on sale on Steam (wut?!) for $5 (ea)
Grats to Woomack on breaking 3k
Where to start ??
first off gratts on 8th
Really low Aquamark3 scores
HwBot CPU Freq. submission
dont know what this means
Need you(r benches)!!!
Back from the dead :)
New Benchmark and Competition: CatZilla!
HWBot Rev. 5 ProOC = F1OC
C clamp+ CPU heatsink + GPU= sweet (PenguinsPal probly shouldnt look)
My matrix 7970 platinum isn't dead!
You need moar cold!! (A Benching History.)
Maximus IV Extreme - Can't change BCLK?
Is this screen ok?
unable to load saved pcmark results files
Need help
3dMARK 06 reported again
Supplementary SuperPi Competition!
New 3DMark Trailer released by Futuremark
Soo close need help with 3d01
in need of a modified bios to enable overcloking in my motherboard
The road to becoming a member...
anyone got 3d 01 and vantage to work on 8?
How to Overclock an i5 3470k?
HWBOT Country Cup 2012
Why is my 3dmark 11 score so low? (3570k)
breaking 8k in 2011 with my 460's finaly! woot
Live 11/22: Maximus V Extreme + 7970 Matrix Platinum on LN2
How-To: LN2 Insulation for ASUS Matrix HD 7970 Platinum
Using MSI Afterburner
Cinebench change processor compares
Strange problem with super pi
What program is this ?
Announcing Sandy/Ivy Superpi Challenge
8120 benching session
Benchmark results of Intel Celeron G550
Paradox with CPU Test...
Check my submissions.
How to contribute team points ? (non team member)
aquamark error!
Hwbot's "Fanboy Duel" -November Event
Bencmarking on Far Cry 2 , question.
October HWBOT contest
What's wrong with this
Best benchmark tool
ok benchmarks hate me..... 3dmark 01!
getting error on HW Unigine Heaven
is there any hope for lame i2100 cpus?
Is this 3dmvantage score to good to be true?
KINGPIN Releases a New Pot - VENOM 6.66
Where do you guys get your insulating foam?
Post your Unigen Heaven results
HD 3450 3dmark 2003 competition
Really confused with 3DMark11 Results
Looking for Mobo to bench AM2... Input?
3dm11-extreme hwbot submission error
3dmark 05 gives me BSOD
Benching Get Together Oct 26th-27th... Now MO. vs OH. vs CA. vs. TX
Seebs is back on line now... :D
Bench app HT settings?
How to test my new rig - thanks
AIDA 64 new release...
HWBot is down
Informal (short!) benching competition!
How to check hwbot when it's down
Strange happenings
Help oc-ing a 3820?
Need help oc-ing a pair of rigs
Heaven score showed no increase with OC?
Warning about Soft and hard volt mods!!
I'm ranked 2nd in the US.
benching a hd 2400pro (pci) low cpu scores
TJuan and Bobnova benched LIVE Friday Night!
Annoucement: Benching Team Leadership Change
HWBOT Heaven Problem
The Legacy lounge: questions and answers about benching old hardware.
Where to buy thermal pad?
Hmm...ideas? Dead motherboard.
Submission check please- pcmark05
7970 lightning insulation
got a 'reported submission'? what do i do now?
Set Voltages to Stun - NE Ohio Meetup Aug 2-5
Benching Civilization V?
Who knows DFI
computer to play with (first post)
Am I doing it wrong?
Rig o' The Month - August 2012 (Concluded)
Quadro goodness!
Help me get Rivatuner working in 7 x64
Heads up! New cpuz.
artifacts in 3D03
Asus Maximus V Formula and Extreme are now in stock at the egg
UCBench vs Wprime
Ivy Bridge benchmarking Meme
My cinebench result is normal, right?
OCN Michigan Grand Champion Overclocking Event
4CoreDual-SATA2 keyboard issues
OCSnap to automate loading CPU-Z, GPU-Z and screenshot
March to 2nd Ranked Overclocker in the US
OCCT Update Available
3d2001se: Failed to create direct3d device
Smiles Benchmark v2.0
DICE:The first attempt
live benching now ;) 775 stuffs [results finally]
3770k under LHE @ Absolute Zero (w/ Asus)
Who is going to take down XtremeSlowness?
3dmark CPU score drops with SLI enabled?
What has been your last moment of "uuuh... I am stupid"?
Semi-OT - Cleaning Dewars
Ram not playing
Dilema !
Preparing for first time benching on K7 platform
Top 50, and my latest submissions...
Phenom II X2 555 Unlock and Overclock To 4GHz guide
Quad SLI GTX 690's and unable to overclock.
New 3DMark Coming in 2012
This isn't too bad right?
Unigine Heaven errors
Bobnova benching LIVE for HWBot Team Cup
now that my pc is ready to fry
Ghetto Ram Pot
The Benching Team needs your help! (Post here if participating)
should i even try? lol
8800 GTS 320MB on 3770K@6.2GHz@1.7V
Benching Full Pot!
Clock generator needed
What do you think about this score ?
SB-E same as SB for Max Multi?
PCMark '04 and '05 failing to run
$$ Bounty: Rampage Extreme P4 BIOS
Cheap benching fans
What is your most trusted web source of GPU and CPU benchmarks?
Ivy Bridge Mobo Coldbugs - Maximus V Gene
Benchmarks, Popular, What Do They Mean?
Got a deal on a dewar, and LN2 actually...
How to bin Ivy Bridge on air
I have a hardware addiction and decided to quit
The Overclocktagon. Benchmarking Throwdowns!
Efficiency Fiends and RAM Gurus - XS's IVB SuperPi 32M 5GHz Challenge
New here from NBR..with the worlds first m18x-r1 with dual 7970m cf
Penguins You May Beat Me
Livestream Alternative: Google+ Hangouts On Air
Ivy Bridge PCI-Express Scaling with HD 7970 and GTX 680
Anymore Headroom Overclocking Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti
Help with getting more than.1 pts on HWBot
should i?
guys ****ing crazy but if you want to help
10 Day Racing Invitation
Glorious Leader!!! I challenge you to a duel!!!
messed up hwbot submission?
Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3
For those of you with MIVE's
3dmark11 user mix-up...
First Taste of Ivy [3570K] (Bandwidth Warning)
Welcome to the Top 10
Bench Marking on AMD?
Is there a benchmark software that logs fps vs. time?
z77 mobo choice
What NB Voltage - Rampage Extreme?
Bobnova (done) Benching Boringly on Air and iGPUs, LIVE!
Who is getting IB?
Highest SP32M CPU Frequency Ever
My 1st LN2 session - AMD Phenom II X6 1100T and AMD FX-8150
Need help determining why physics score is low
Asus EAH6850 | Soon to Come
Could anyone tell me if my 3dMark '11 score is terrible/good? 6,006 @extreme
prime95 error
XFX 6970 throttling problems....
TiN's Guide to NVIDIA GTX 680 Modifications
Things that make you go #@-*# while benching
Futuremark Games Studio acquired by Rovio (Angry Birds creator)
AMD A8-3870K & GIGABYTE A75-UD4H LN2 overclocking by froxic (WRs inside)
GPUz 6.0 released.
non xfire better benchmark? (3DMark2001SE)
PASSMARK results!!!
HWbot runtime error '5'
Sub zero doesnt like my board
seeking teacher for benchmarking
Is this too pricey
12th place in the world
hwbot submissions broken?
You can overclock yourself!
i5 2500k wPrime score
Sempy reference clock?
USA: 9 out of 40
The Jelly Saga: Breaking Dawn
CPU Benchmarking
Bench All The Things! The LGA775 Challenge ...
Let's see if someone here can help me on this one.
How to intentionally burn out a processor?
Trying to submit a world record score for mobile cpu?
Ivy Bridge looks to dominate the benching wars :)
3D Performance without catalyst drivers
Not sure whether to be happy with these scores
im new
3DMark 11 Low Score???
Preparedness is next to godliness
Clock generator number for setfsb
Benching Music - What you listening to?
Help with overclocking for benches.
Cheap must have Winter benching device
HD7950 volt mods?
OC/Bench marking competition.
Benching multiple Windows installs on one SSD?
Finally passed 3000MHz on DDR3 ...
Identify this
Benching Sandy Bridge with gigabyte
Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark Cooling Pot Review
PC7 Mark/Cinbench 11.5 FX6100 only 3 cores
EVGA Untouchables Released
2012 OCF HWBot Benching Team MVP/Month Thread!
PCMark05 3 Core World Record (Live 1/23)
Benchmarks, what you get?
My Highest Stable Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti 1GB GDDR5 Overclock
Benchmark disaster
getting the best out of my build
Tossing my numbers in the mix
Rolla Engineers are at it again
Overclockers first world problems
X6 WR attempt live
David's Learning and Rambling Thread
Livestream: pcmark05 1x world record attempt
Hello from New Mexico, noobie bencher!!!
hokiealumnus Benching LIVE, Monday, January 16th @ ~9:30AM EST
Flashed GPU now vantage wont run
safety anyone?
Heaven Settings?
OCF HWBot Member of the Month for December, and Standings for January
[GUIDE] What HWBot is and how to join our benchmarking team.
Kingpin F1 Dark Preview
High Wprime times.
Laptop vs Desktop
Little advice needed
Extreme Thermal paste
7970s now listed...
Llano 3870k Ln2 2d/3d runs(Over for today)
HrdWareInfo - Linux Benchmark Thread
Tips on multi testing.
OC Forums needs 19.99 more points to beat OC-Lab.
HWBot submission help
Finding 2600K Max Multi Without a Bootable OS
Gentleman, it is time...
competition or challange?
ddr2 D9's?
HWBot link below your avatar
vantage ?
Liano a8-3850 max overclock
Value in benching uncommon components?
Impromptu 7970 Livestream - Completed, Results Inside!
pc mark 05 error, please help
Convicted1 goes cold for first time. E6400 C2D on LN2 Livestreaming NOW!
SB/SB-e require Vtt (VCCio?) to be within .5 of RAM voltage?
7970 domination
3dMark11 on Laptop
Why no Livestreams lately?
The Raptor Bowl - Begins February 10th, 2012!
Where do you rank?! Official Overclockers.com Benchmark Scoring Threads
5870 Decoder Ring - 3x/4x Crossfire
Received my New-To-Me 5870 in the Mail Today
Was just looking at HWBot, and I found...
Is it normal to only get .1 points for each submission on HWBot?
Help fixing a bad wprime1024 run
Ram killed board?
Why does superpi take different times?
Sempron 140
did a passmark
check your ram IC's please!
2600K OC Cinebench linearity/scores (screenshot)
3DMark 11 Updated - 12/14
How to compare a Dell PC with custom made PC
Heaven Benchmark Record?
Will a SSD make 2D benches faster
So you want to know what ICs are used on a particular kit of RAM?
478 and ddr2?
2D Benching OS
screenshot help please
Back on top in Dec. challenge
Bring Opty back thread
Got my boints!
Bobnova benched on AIR: 2x5830. RESULTS POSTED!
Convicted and Sebas take on PCM05 on Livestream
benchmark scores dropped????
Northwoods, nostalgia, and some slick music
Good Score?
OCF Benching Team Intra-Forum War, Coming Soon!
Is my cpu underperforming?
Going "cold" Tonight GTX470
december we have the lead