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Going "cold" Tonight GTX470
december we have the lead
What new toys did you get today?
AMD 955be Ln2 CPUZ runs (go big or go home) (went home)
going cold for the first time [results posted]
Bumping VCore... How to know when to call it quits?
Something weird with my 790FXT-UD5P
Anyone going dark?
Arctic MX-2 + LN2 = ?
Max voltage I can run through 1090T without killing it (for benching)
FSB PLL for Crosshair IV Formula?
Ordering from KingPin Cooling... Anybody wanna save on shipping!?
losing devices at high oc
Gotta love my kill-a-watt
My Open PC benches
The future of insulation for sub-zero benching?
Kingpin's F1 Extreme Dark - The F1EE is Back
New #Dmark 11 Best
Abit IP35 Pro cold bugged?
Is there a method to quickly "bin" LGA775?
Bulldozer CPU Frequency / How To Use PSCheck / How I Got 8GHz on Bulldozer
3Dmark for Windows 8
Please someone verify that I am not trippin
SuperPi 32M woes
e6300 today...
Friday Night Benchmarking Fight!
Bobnova's PhII X4 965BE Adventures Continue!
Petroleum Jelly: A sordid tale of debauchery and triumph with the FX-6100
Who's in on SB-E ?
Memory benchmark?
SSD benching question
AMD2000+ Thoroughbred B0
Can you see what is wrong with this?
Bobnova benched a 965BE on DIce, results posted!
Giving this benchmarking thing a go ...
Got the DIce
Setting up the bench today..
bmwbaxter Benching Bulldozer Live Tonight!
NorthBridge stable @ 3122 MHz (Thuban results)
My Highest Stable Nvidia 8800 GTS with 640MB DDR3 Overclock
3DMark11 World Record with SB-E?
Long time no see :)
Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z
GTX 460 lower 3dmark11 scores? (P2100)
Need help maxing overclock on 2 6950's an SB
Want a little more from my AMD system.
Extreme AMD OEM Heatsink benching
3 specific benchmark questions
AIDA64 new version released (4.5)
Little lost on alot.
Joining the Benchmarking team, Question
Would anyone be willing to help me out?
Don't miss this guy's first time DIce thread
LoadLine Calibration - different opinions
sculpey clay - not recommended
Pushing voltage some more on the 2600k...
Evga 570 overclocking
2600k mobo caught on fire
Overclock'en and Rock'en with DICE
xXSebaSXx Benching Live Today (Finished)
My first 1.5 points!
Help me get my 20 Boints!
finally had some time to o/c
Insulation Preferences
I gotta figure out this VCORE variability...
So... what can go wrong??
What benchmark programs should I purchase?
Simple VGA OC Question
First time with DICE
GPU Tweak and the Matrix
MSI - MOA Master Overclocking Arena - Grand Finals: Operation Taipei Oct 7, 2011
Fun benchmarking and overclocking today
Cold.nut Benching Live
3D mark vantage score!
Handy Tool To Stress Test And Test For Artifacts On GPU EVGA OC Scanner
3DMark06 Scores Nvidia 8800 GTS with 640MB DDR3, Bios Volt Mod Needed?
HWBOT supported cpu list?
Just broke a 3DM11 record
New AMD chip? 8.4ghz.
MSI z68 GD65 throttling...
system info temp, and stress test software
How to Light a BBQ Benching Team Style
Saturday Afternoon DIce! (Aborted, over, done, bah)
Best SKT775 CPU
wprime error
Bobnova benched DIce THEN! (Over)
We're #12 again!
Cube Case Benching, socket 939
Low 3dmark vantage score
HW points
Llano 3850 Gigabyte a75 Ln2 runs (over)
This is how you know you're CPU limited...
Reference Clock for HWbot Submission
Cube case Prototype Benching
Worst overclock?
MIAHALLEN and jiccman1965 live today! (980X on LN2)
Benchmark Buffet: Updated 8/24/11
Should I be getting more from this system?
KPC Summer Sandy Showdown: 2K1 ALL OUT!!
OS loadout for benching various builds
K|ngp|n Cooling Summer Sandy Showdown
Improv Water Chiller: SS Phase & CPU WC Loop
Benchmarking and performance questions.
HWBOT rev4.2 Released!
Benchmark Buffet article...
llano 3850 phasechange 3d runs (over)
Dejo benched today!
Bennoculus: 8800GTX + 57x 2600K = gold cups. LIVE!
I spy a newbie.... And he's off to a good start!
Bobnova and TsunamiJuan Benching Live Today!
More Dry Ice Action - 2500k/2600k and a continued run at the 8800GTS - 8/6/11
MicroMini-Benching Party Today!
Mini bench party Tsunamijuans stream (Ended)
Benching hardware recommendations?
Livestream: 2600K + GTX580 Matrix = Globals?!
Differnt Benchmarking Programs
E2200: Live | Join In
W7 Doesn't Have Latest Windows Media Player
Benchmark Question
A photo-tour of the EVGA P67 FTW!
My Rig 3Dmark11 Score
2D on E6600 Tonight
Cold Fusion, finished (Friday night special edition)
Benching Party II - Mvix motherboard door prize
Impromptu live benching session with MIAHALLEN...
i5 2500K + Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 issues
3Dmark06 score keeps getting lower
How is this?
Ram fan for benching?
Asus ROG Motherboard 3dMark01 BIOS
GTX580 Classy Edition
AMD Fusion e350 on Ln2 AKA Coldfusion Ice Cream Special
EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease for Sub-Zero Overclocking
Anyone see this yet?
Road trip tips and tricks
Hwbot rev 4.1 is up!
GPUz 5.4 out
Sorry to say good bay
Benchmarking - How do I get started?
LGA1154... Battle wounds, missing pin
CPUz 1.58 is out.
Team points in Rev 4 may be incorrect
GTX 285 Help
Overclockers Meetup/Benching Party Pics 2011
Limited Stress Test
LP 2D Benchmarking
Overclockers Benchmarking Party II: Where the Bell Tolls!
Thermos/pouring vessel for ln2
Ingersol, ON Canada: Fire and Ice overclocking event @ Fusion Youth Centre
AMD(ATI) cards
Janus + X58-UD3R + Hypers + 920 + 580 = Globals! LIVE!
TiN "is" Untouchable
Benching Party II: Hardware Thread
wprime - nothing in cpu list (left panel of main window)
Low bugged run?
Bobnova and TsunamiJuan benched last night
Miah & jicc Live LN2 benching (finished)
Rolla Engineers Playing with LN2
kingpin SR-2 + 4x GTX 580 SLI Livestream @ Computex
To use cpu stepping or not?
MSI afterburner goes mobile!
My next upgrade - what should I do?
MIVE + 2600K Live Memorial Day Morning
Is it just me.....
Want to know other ppls oc settings for a MSI r5870 (not the lightning)
3DMark 2001SE on 5770
BenchTek UK ln2 meet; Streaming All weekend.
Conformal Questions
Benching OS
I7 920 benching prep
i7 920 + Hypers - Livestream Sunday 5/29 @ ~2PM EST
3dmark06 scoring
3d Mark 03 score dropped
Please report this
i7 2600k @ 5700+, 108bclk + 6970 3d's (Finished)
Nibitor, editing GPU bios, changes not taking effect?
Welcome ME to the top 15 on team OCF!!!!
Hey nzaneb! (and Dejo, too)
Late Nite Benchin...
ASrock Z68 Extreme4 extreme clocks problem...
Guide: How to prepare for a benchmarking party
A glimpse into the home life of Bobnova, benching DICE LIVE!
This can't be right....can it?
PC Mark 7 scores
3dMark11 score, your thoughts
HWBOT OC Challenge May 2011: Update
Benchmarking for the first time :)
Benching Party II: Philadelphia June 17-19 | TRAVEL TIPS
Overclockers.com Benching Party II: Philadelphia, PA - June 17-19, 2011
Bobnova benched live, and got nothing done!
(Finished) My first DICE Experience - Now with Pictures!
Ram Overclocking
Futuremark Releases PCMark 7 Today
Live benching i7 2600k 5500+ runs, On DICE (Finished)
Did the Hardware Truck Arrive?
I can haz team badge?
Best way to remove ram heatsinks
Rev 4 Beta Server is Up (Almost)
Cinebench score dropped?
5870 on Liquid Nitrogen, Live Benching
The FAH team needs help. Lots of help!
DONE - [LIVE] Bennoculus - P5Q + E6750 + DICE
Subzero Video Card Preparation Videos
Benching XP won't install?!
Which ram to get?
i7 Benching System?
This is why I can't have Nice things (A big fan story)
Birth Announcement
30L dewar - ln2 coming in the future :D
Gigabyte 5870 on Liquid Nitrogen 8:30PM 5/1/2011
Lowest score 3d-Vantage gold cup ever?
A big thanks to all team memebers.
Can I wear the benching team banner? (gratuitous frosty pic bribes inside)
Maxi, Gautam & Deanzo Doing Well in MSI MOA 2011!
OC via Android
#2 3Dmark 2001SE on SB
Liquid electrical tape experience
i7-2600k and MIVE results
Speaking of board insulation methods
Easy Tune work on P67?
hokiealumnus Benching Live April 23rd - DONE!
Torturing an i7 870 LIVE - Saturday, 4/23 NOW! See Frontpage Thread!
Cold Gpu Preparation
[LIVE] - Q6600 + P5Q-E + DICE
Well, its time for my FIRST LIVESTREAM! Come help my noobish self get 6GHz!
Lets try this agian: Dolk + LN2 + 975 = 7Ghz
Hwbot submission assitance
I need a crash course on Sandy Bridge.....
intel benching memory
MSI MOA Europe is LIVE right now
Dolk Benching Live Today - April 15th at 6:30pm EST!
The Phenom II Master is Back Live LN2 4/15/2011
[xXSebaSXx] - Live Benching - AMD 720BE + 790FXT-UD5P + DICE (finished)
Just joined OC Forums on HWBot, Looking to get started
Old school gaming discussion
Overclocker Magazine - Issue 14 -- Please check the back cover.
TRP's Burnin' Down The House Competition is Going Until the 17th!
Torin3 livebenching 4/10 from 1pm EDT (done)
Pennsylvania East Coast Benching Party Photos
Benching Team Members LIVE Saturday, April 9th! (Ended)
Help finding a dewar
ChanceCoats123 Doin' the Sandy Bridge Thing
Alienware M17x R2 Notebook on Dice.
Small Benching Party Live in PA
PA Benching party live 4/2/11
[Team.AU] Benching weekend with the boys, lots of OC, records and fun
HWBot Sued!
PURE Insane Vantage
If you guys want in on the joke...
Liquid nitrogen benching party in eastern PA
Benching contest to raise money for CRASH's work in Japan
Problem with i7 2600k
dice with Chance and Scott
Asus GTX 580 Direct CU II
Bobnova's first time Cold on SB. Friday night, was live
Camera for streaming....
LIVE NOW!!! E6300 + REX === What to freeze tonite?
E6400 + DICE + P5Q-E = HW Boints -- xXSebaSXx - Livestream
NB could use some help
Geekbench 2.2 Beta Testing
A64 3200+ Winchester CPU-Z help
500 GHZ Chip!
I love it when the mailman brings presents!
[O/C]Futuremark Announces PCMark 7 for Windows 7
GPUz 5.2 released...
ES chips = Good overclockers?
Maximus IV multiplier >51
Sub-zero Questions
Need some advice on GIGABYTE boards
ln2 benching with Chance and Deux
Maximus IV and CPU Multiplier Help
xXSebaSXx --- Live Dice Benching - E6400 + P5Q-E for the Benching Octagon....
nzaneb Benching live Tonight 3-17
Bobnova benched and voltmodded for most of the 17th
Much better scores now :)
[O/C]3DMark Vantage 1.1.0 - Basic Edition Now Free!
T-Minus 20min before I get COLD!
3DMark Vantage 1.1.0...come get it.
New Rank, Same Thread - #10 in the World, Here We Come!
What have I done wrong with DICE?
Spontaneous voltage death on AMD
Cold bug or just a dud chip?
Results from My Cascade Benching
Live Benching tonight (Saturday 3/12) (and Sunday night) (and Monday night 3/14)
SB XP install
help me stabilize dual 6870s
Random LN2 Rig Pics
theoldtimer is Looking for Thuban Week Numbers
Welcome New Team Member
570 needs moar juice..
Closing in on 15th & 14th
Stummerwinter at Cebit - 2600K on LN2
Live now... (March 6th)
1090T vs 2600K comparison?
Any central-ish texas OCF members?
Need a few tips from you pros on how to get some boints
OCF wins the 2011 Forum Wars!!!
xXSebasXx Live benching (Dice)
Liquid Nitrogen Live Benching 8PM March 4th & Noon March 5th (Eastern Time)
Is more insulation needed?
[O/C]Bobnova Going Sub-Zero Live Tonight! March 3rd
PCMark 05 Benching
GA-EX58-UD5 (rev. 1.0) - Any good?
1156? Jiggy?
SuperPi begs for mercy
Sorry Chuck.
What computer *don't* the competitors have?
Bent 1366 socket pins
SB on the bench
What thermometer?
Wprime WR for the Warz!!! - "Just messin' around"
ChanceCoats123 Live!
first time with LN2
LANDogs.com "Dogs of War" Liquid Nitrogen Demo
Official FW scoring thread
Companies that sell LN2
Cheap dual input thermometer
The Quest for a few more Sandy Bridge Boints - Now With 3D!
Validation is required?
How to tell if it is a reference card?
FW benching
Crosshair IV Extreme fails various benchmarks, input needed
PCmark 05 thread?
Team Leader Appointment
[O/C] Sandy Bridge on Dry Ice - Watch Live
cold.nut | got cold? going cold 2/19/2011
Pot Advice...
Age old questions.......
Building Points
Messing around with 7800 GTX
My first pcmark vantage run Thoughts?
Anyone here with a GTX570 on an AMD hex core?
looking forward to this weekend!
Joined HWBOT, help please 20 boints?
Messed Up Superpi submission
Perks to living in SD
Live LN2 benching 1PM EST 2/12 until ???
LN2 Benchmarking 2/12 1PM EST
Torin3 benching today - 4/13/11 (finished)
voltages in afterburner?
So whats the fastest you have killed a piece of hardware?
Question for a Pro ;)
Bobnova benching (desperately) LIVE, NOW!
Benching with rdrash this weekend
Interested to go on dry ice
Riva Tuner Errors
What Benchmarking-software for clear results?
Dejo and Dejo's Daughter vs. HWBot
In the dumps...
REX with Corsair Dominator-GT 2000Mhz???
Silly question about 3Dmark05 submissions
My Setup
Forum Warz Dry Ice
[O/C] Impromptu Benching Party Streaming Live
Forum Wars 2011 - Official Stock Scores
Best overall benching software?
Is my mobo dieing?
Heaven Error
Clock speed and temp question
Forum Wars 2011 - Benching rig pictures thread
RAM cooling on vidcards
9800 GX2 good for boints?
Ln2 this friday
Captain Edmund making moves
WPrime 32 Do Ram Timings have no affect?
Low score vs Other GTX 470?
Quick Question on HWBot and 3dmark 11
Hi. I'm new here.
Cold benching tonight
heaven benchmark error
SB Laptop
Achievement not unlocked?
Thermometer and temp probe
Aquamark3 on AMD
Help me reach 1000mhz core!
Getting back into things
Show us your benching rig!
London ON Canada :: LN2 Overclocking Event @ UnLab on UWO Campus
Free Computer!
Uh oh. Killed power supply?
3dmark 11 Overclocking Questions
Big Brown Truck showed up
Help me join the benching team!
Look what got here just in time for Forum Wars!
[O/C]2011 XtremeSystems CES Party
Asus P5B or P5k?
Timer Multi Core_x8a: A Cpu Test Program with 8 cores support...
It's I.M.O.G.'s fault
I7 950 overclock question
Tools for Benchmarking
Aquamark screenshot issues
aquamark3 - fails with exception access violation
3Dmark06 - CPU tests hang with very low frame rates
5870 lightning
windows media encoder 9, can't download it
Sub-par benchmarks for a 6970?
HWbot Country Cup
Look what came just in time for Forum Wars!
Low 06 score?
So I was at the egg
Cant boot from USB?
Forum Wars team planning....
SetFSB question...
Unboxing SB?
Experience with Radeon Bios Editor? HD4650?
Goin' Cold...again. :)
Geekbench 2. See if you like it.
Aquamark3 for ATI people
nVidia CPU... this could get interesting :D
Can Evga FTW3 boot off PCIe?
To anybody who doesn't think their single boint matters
getting new card for boints
(Un?)Official thread for displaying HWBot sumissions
Which voltage should I trust?
How to up 3DMark03 saved results?
Forum Wars 2010 - Signup thread
We are # 15 !!!
Attempting to join OC Forum Bench Team
Stupid low aquamark score?
Did I bench properly?
The Raptor Bowl
Benchmarking Team Dropbox Account?
No boints (yet)...but 3DMark 11 is up on the bot!
voltages with unlocked multi's...
new 3D01 error
Old Tech - Pentium D - Voltage?
ASUS Maximus III Extreme - Any good?
Safe Clocks & Memory Clock for HD 5670
merry christmas all
12G memory settings?
I want to join the fun!
Unigine heaven
HD6870 Crysis benchmark
My first adventure into Benching.
OFFICIAL 3DMark11 Scores thread (by card)!!!
First OC in a very long time - 1090T w/ TA890FXE
Legacy hw fails...
Current Forum Wars
Am I just blind? (No points on HWbot)
The OFFICIAL certified Benching injuries thread
Benching @-10c
Phen II 555 - 4ghz @ 300mhzFSB
video cards affect mb/cpu ocing
Amd's on the back page.
Help - New to overclocking
New The Overclocker issue...#12
New team member
PCMark05 fail
Custom backplate for heatsink/pot mounting
A brief note on submitting results with unlocked cores
Question on unlocked cores and HWBot submissions...
3DMark 11 issues
HWBOT and Hydra Chip
Breaking my Bios
Super Pi 32m Crashing?
problems with HWBOT
[O/C] Futuremark Release 3DMark 11
Interested in the team.E5400 cheap and good?
Finally using DICE
Traded some of my benching stuff
need help again!
Digital thermometer with USB interface
Overclockers.com Benchmarking Party - Summary and Pictures
Hard drive benchmark went down with overclock?
ChanceCoats123 Live!
New bencher question.
Whoooooot under 9 sec 1m pi on Air
Madness is the gift that has been given to me
Live bench
The score that doesn't count
How to become a Benching Team Member question?
Future of overclocking
Party Pictures!
[O/C]Overclockers Benching Party - Nitro Engaged!
Bench Party Pre-Game LiveStream!
[O/C]Futuremark Announces 3DMark 11 Release Date
[HOW-TO] Liquid Electrical Tape - removal
[O/C]Overclockers Benching Party I: The Line Up
3dmark06 low score with new GTX 460
GTX260 early vantage results
Tek-9s arrived! w00t!
Home Made Industrial Size Dewar "thingy"
I need benching videos
[over] Friday night benching...
OCF Benching Tek's
Goals for the benching party
Hello everyone!
Graphics Card Sub-Zero Insulation
nvidia contest