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Hello everyone!
Graphics Card Sub-Zero Insulation
nvidia contest
CPU drop in score with 3dmark06?
I love the new placement
E6300 + SS Last Night. GoD_tattoo, You're Next...Again!
Ode to an Overclocker
Scientists OC human brains. The secret? More volts!
Garage Benching 11/6/2010
[O/C]Hokiealumnus Live Benching Tonight
Phenom II 720 under DIce
AMD Phenom X6 1090T BE - initial results
ASUS Crosshair IV Formula
[O/C]Live Benching Tonight: Miahallen on Liquid Nitrogen
HWBOT Rules Change: Screen Shots Required!
[O/C]1st Annual Benching Team Party
'Ghetto' DICE on video card?
Socket 775 Fun
Cinebench 11.5
[O/C]Key Factors Impacting Memory Speed
3x2GB DDR3-2430 CAS8 32M
Guide to: Setting Up, and Benching your DIce Pot
Top Pick for ~ $200
Futuremark announces changes to the ORB...
[O/C] onefstsnake Benching Live Tonight!
[O/C]New 3DMark 11 High Temple Trailer Released
Going Cold on X58s!
SuperPi Sickness!
First Dry Ice Benching, i3 530 @ 5.83GHz
Livestream this Wednesday
DICE BENCHING 1090t ~ xoke
Heeeeeey nzaneb..... :D
[O/C]Bobnova Benching Live Tonight
My first vmod
Help Reading this stats
miahallen's Power Density Challenge - Winner announced!
[O/C]MyOpenPC DOMA Pro PCI Benching Station Review
My overclocking stats
Storage of extra boards?
UEFI being pushed for next OS
1st time with DICE
Bobnova benching 980x on Dry Ice, LIVE!
Can't finish 3dmark06...
benchmarking program issues
Good things may be afoot
655K..Is it worth it?
New to 775....lot's of voltages...
1st time Benchmarking
First Submission
xfx 780i
[O/C]BenchTec Toolbox: Wprime, PiFast and SuperPi Tweaker
New insulation method
Fixing team flag on hwbot.org
[O/C]Benchmark Buffet!!! Updated 9/1/10
"Sno Knows"
how do team points work on the bot?
Board won't do over 1.59vcore
GIGABYTE Announces GO OC 2010 (GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship) Worldwide Final
Microsoft technet
Official OC Forums Pifast scores thread (by CPU)
Official OC Forums WPrime 1024m scores thread (by CPU)
Official OC Forums WPrime 32m scores thread (by CPU)
Messing with S775
couple questions and issues
Official OC Forums SuperPi 32m scores thread (by CPU)
Official OC Forums SuperPi 1m scores thread (by CPU)
OFFICIAL 3DMark05 Scores thread (by card)!!!
OFFICIAL 3DMark06 Scores thread (by card)!!!
MOA 2010 - Grand Final Taipe
Need help with bottleneck, low Aquamark
Who is that masked man?
Foam for pot
Gigabyte GOOC 2010 "Guess the Winner" (win hardware)
Breaking in the new 980x 3020A457
GPU Benchmarks and Physx
[O/C]North American GO OC 2010 - And The Winner Is...
GOOC 2010 NA finals live now
Benching live in a few hours....
[O/C]ASUS Matrix 5870 Platinum Review
Matrix 5870
Any Info on MSI R5870 Lightning II?
LN2 Questions
Affordable Dual Input Digital Thermometer
Quick Question
[O/C]Moocow Live Benching on Dry Ice Today
Any Socal benchers?
Dolk got some work to do!
[O/C]Lian Li PCQ-06 Benching Station Review
Watch your back Ice
First time cold!!
Exchange 4870 to 5770, Should I?
Official Quest for 16th place on hwbot
Welcome our new member
Deanzo Howto LN2 980x and UD9 Video
BTUK Toolbox Released to the Public
Quick Linux Benchmarking - HardInfo
Welcome to the thunderdome
Fluke Thermometer Probes
super pi getting worse when oced?
Behold: Voidn's Killer Rig of Doom!
24 thread wprime. 3.3s 32m and 1m26s 1024m
board wont post
i3 540 and x800gto2 Dry Ice results
Live Benching With Bobnova (Thu July 1st 7PM)
Best Memory Quantity
Brolloks get a thumbs up
[O/C]Live Benching with Miahallen at Noon
moocow live benching on Dry Ice (tuesday 6/29 afternoon/evening)
got an MSI mobo? Win free stuff!
4890 from XFX
Busted GPU?
Kow's benching/learning BlackOps, live!
Anyone kill a core i7?
920 DO with no IHS
[O/C]Live Benching Tonight: Miahallen on Liquid Nitrogen
Bandwidth questions
Ok, I got the EVGA P55 FTW installed.
I don't know how this happend
Embed livestream video and chat into your post
hwbot.org working?
[O/C]Live Benching Tonight: ghost_recon88
Welcome to two new members
Got my RMA i5 650 back
Win9x okay for Hwbot submissions?
P55 FTW and i3 chips (igpu)...
Official HWBot Team OC Forums Quest for 17th place thread
Welcome to our latest member
HWBOT Rankings
Ready for dice?
Forum Wars Forum is Up!
[O/C] To ES or not to ES? That is the HWBOT question...
Monthly OCF HW Bot Summary
3DM06 2x HD4870 vs 2x HD5850 - What The?
Can't get 3Dmark 2001 to run on my main rig
testing new hwbot rankings on ocf
[O/C] Inter-forum Benchmark Challenege is Underway
8800GTS is it worth benching
Live Benching: ghost_recon88 and whiteicelizard
S1156 P55, Dual vs Quad = higher bclk?
[O/C]Alien vs. Predator DX11 Benchmark Released
HWbot - E.S. poll
[O/C]Earthdog Live Benching 6/5/10 - 9PM EST
Issues with submissions.
[O/C]ghost_recon88, sno.lcn and KonaKona are Benching Live Tonight
Welcome to our latest Member
Live benching!
[O/C]Inter-Forum Benchmark Challenge
benching rigs in the nude
So who is getting them? 875K & 655K
Welcome new members to our team
Finally did it! 20th place on team
$89 Core i3-530 ready to kill it
Miahallen Live Benching
MSI Radeon 5870 Four-Way Turbo Charged
P55-UD4P, where's the uncore multi setting?
[O/C]Futuremark Adding 3DMark11 to its Arsenal
Prize arrived safe and sound
Welcome our new member
MSOS - trimmed, custom, unlicensed file distribution
Quest for 19th spot on HWBot status thread
I'm up to tenth on the team :D
Loading O/S on drives
Operating system for benching
Good day for parts
CPU choice
A public section FYI
What the @(* is it with me and gigabyte boards?
still here
My new benching room
Bench tag
Bench time!
/me Moons nzaneb and flashes the brights at Brolloks
Popped my cherry
Ever been frustrated that you cant bench?
Lost 1.5 points and a cup
recommendation for motherboard
GTX 480 benching
who's submitted the slowest score?
Automated Benchmarking
If you don't have a pot yet...
Have you ever been exited to raise your CPUz Score by 27MHz?
My dog is in trouble!
Hey so uhh... we kinda need to get our rear in gear here
Awwwwww yeah!
Scores from my 5/19/10 live session
Scores from my live session this morning....
How to become a Benching Team Member
4gb vs 8gb for 3Dmark vantage?
Been busy....
Thanks Miah!
nzaneb going live tonight
Live Benching - Get Your Session on the Front Page!
Please welcome 87dtna to our team
Please welcome Joeteck to our team
hwbot position
Please welcome 1kingd2 to our team
I'm at it again ;-)
ghosty is benching live tonight
Top 10 Super PI 32M
Who are the TSChumps?
How Can I Tell if I'm OCing?
Team 32 could use your help!
Go Habs Go!
System testing.
980X on LN2, live with MIAHALLEN
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Overclockers Member Testing
AMD Overclocking How-To
Intel Turbo Boost and AMD Turbo Core
Does this look edited?
SuperPi Question
MIAHALLEN - 980X & 5870 SOC on LN2 - Livestream now!
Benchmark Buffet!!
Welcome to our latest Member
Overclocking My 7600gt
All air benching???
Gold cup in 05 for 470!!!
Live benching with me!
Dolk benching LIVE, 2pm central
Proper prep
3DMark03 tweaks
New Benching Team member - Duner
From ambient to SUB-ZERO
SuperPi Competition is Under Way!
How do I submit CPU-Z for an unkown processor
i7 920+Classified e760+Dice=245.38*21=5153 and more soon!
No Points :(
icebob going live
Hey KOW! Guess what?
[O/C]A Forum Wars Journal Part 3: Very Unsafe Scores
Benching question
Benchmark help
Koolance V2 cpu pot, my tips for using it
New folks submitting for OC Forums on the Bot
Low score in 3dmark 06 In SLI ??(vantage is good)
Newest team member: jaymz9350
Newest team member: neonlazer
Beat my Bot points and get a free Intel i7-920
Free Intel i7-920 - Beat my Bot points!
Back at the Bot
OCF Members scoring big
300+ woot!
Moving up!
1st Medal
Dicing an e8500
Miahallen in 16th!
[O/C]Live Benching Now With MIAHALLEN On Liquid Nitrogen
Deanzo in the top 10!
Newbie with a benchmark question.
[O/C]DIMASTECH Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Review
Top 20...we can do it
Ross vs IGP Challenge
Before One Starts Benching...
Heaven 2.0 Benchmark
3d mark vantage
South bridge died *after* benching?
Welcome georanma to the team!
Welcome Brutal-Force to the team!
SLI Hack - SLI on "Any" Mobo
Bobnova benching LIVE
T32 needs our help!
Look what finally showed up!
Hey Benchers, why is there no more Prime95 > Advanced > Password ?
Newbies and vaguely interested people: Feel free to ask questions!
The results from my very first Dry Ice cooling attempt
Forum Wars
Ran 06 @ 1920x1080 and was suprised
3dmark Vantage Crash n' Burn physx problem
What exact settings to use @ 3dmark06/Vantage
965be 3Dadvantage CPU Score.
[O/C]A Call to Arms: Overclockers Forums HWBot Assault!
Team OC Forums recruiting drive. We need YOUR help!
S1156 choices...
Ultra Fail
[O\C]Forum Wars Journal Part 2: "Safe" Scores
Dry ice is kinda cold... Anything special i should know for dice benching?
Need Help Getting a Little More Out of E8400/E8700 on Air
Any way to benchmark my dedicated physx Card????
Deanzo, a single 5870, and another record
DICE newbie, i need guidance for my first session
Welcome to the three newest members, d4rkst4r, MattNo5ss, and onefstsnake
New Bencher.
Doing some live benching
[O/C]A Forum Wars Journal Part 1: Stock Scores
Just Started HWBot
Why do my benching drives keep dying?
Cinebench 11.5 Just Released
delete this
Memory for Phenom II
4.3 stable, but wondering about GFlops
[O/C]Benching News: Two New Benching Members
Official Forum Wars Scores (Winter Wars 2010 )
First time benching a 775 rig (c2q)... need some tips/advise :D
[O/C]Benching News: Sno.lcn Jumps to the Top Spot on the Benching Team!
Benching News: nzaneb Back In The Top 10
[O/C]Benching News: Ross Moves Up To 1st Place On The Team!
[O/C]Official Forum Wars (Winter Wars) 2010 Thread
Can't find SuperPI XS anywhere
Article request from benchmarking team
60GB Vertex Benchmarking for Review - need expert advice
Benching Steps
forum wars thread deleted?
3d03 bench
3dmark 06 gains on xfire 5850's
How to Create a bootable USB drive
3dMarks05 Bottleneck?
hwbot rev3
Looking for "in between" cooling
[resolved]Something went wrong with the mass thread move
Physx question
Well I broke it
The Raptor Bowl 2010
something wrong with my 06 score?
Forum Wars 2010 - Winter Wars
Can anyone get this (Virtualmark) to work??
MSI Afterburner Overclocking Competition
3D mark Vantage keep crashing...
How to Bench a partition?
ASUS Crosshair 2 slow in 3D Mark Advantage
i7 960 or 950
4th Annual TRP Team Competition
pcmark vantage
Out of curiosity, who has the fastest stable personal computer today?
Looking ahead
windows 7 vs windows XP benchmark article
Rampage II Extreme initial impressions... with benching in mind
X58 maybe
A little fun with i5
Vantage i7 bios setting question
3DMark05 Low Clock Challenge
Congratulations OCF!!!
Vantage ranking not updating
Official Forum Wars Scores (Summer Wars 2009 )
Forum Wars Scoring Example
Good Luck OCF!
Which XP Service Pack?
Forum Wars (Summer Wars) 2009
Issues while installing Sysmark2007
Low aquamark score Plz help!!
Benching Event This Weekend @ The CTC
i think my 3dmark03 score is bugged
e8400 @ 4.5 in 3DMark06
The best aquamark score on hwbot is by...
Had the day off...
GOOC 2009
1743 in 3DMark06... no, I didn't miss a digit
Everest Cache & Memory Benchmark
4870 drivers
3dmark6,is this a good score?
apps list
[hwbot] PCMark Vantage ranking
Peacekeeper Browser Benchmark
Little request
Need Help
How are these Vantage scores?
Congratulations OCF!
HWbot question
only 15k in 06
Vantage Key
How do i Join 3d benchmark team?
Score seems too low, any ideas?
I finaly broke 20K in 3DM06 on Vista
[US] Tom's Hardware AMD CPU Virtual OC Contest
need a download link to 3dmark
Will 3dmark Vantage run on 1440x900 resolution?
Forum Wars (Winter Wars) 2009
Vantage question
Lower 3d mark score with better card?!
Just starting 3dMark...
I broke it
Merry Christmas!
New Vantage World Record
Posting SS
Does anybody use Everest Benchmark Utility?
Benchmarking my Rig.. strange results...
First Competition of 2009!
[12-1-08] Vantage Bench Week
My first bench,trying to become team member. Screenshot question.
i940 results
MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2008
i7 + 260 gtx sli results - Nearly 27k 06
3DMark Vantage not Working
My 9600GT arrived today!!!
Free 06 key for first reply with 5 or more stars
Miah's gone off the deep end...
Experiences from the Summer Warz
who will be the first to get a Cray?
Let's Talk about some of the problems we are having with Geekbench
How do my 3dmark vantage scores look
SuperPi 32M problems
The Overclocker - Issue 2
Question for the 3D guru's
Forum Warz Submission for Albyno
Forum Wars Submission for Gomeler
Issue with 3dmark06 score
37" of 3D06
WPrime error in Vista
[hwbot] 3DMark Vantage Ranking
Laying down the gauntlet - community challenge (New bench)
IE Error
What do yall think of LinX?
Hwboints for 3DMark Vantage to be enabled next week
AM3 problems
2 for 1 sale
ok a few questions jus to check on something.
Tropics 3D Benchmarks - A real GPU Load Test
Official Forum Wars Scores (Summer Warz 2008)
8800GTS SLI AMD X2 6400 only scores 10700 on 3dmark06 ???
Anyone else in the team ride?
Gautam cashes in - 43K+ 3DMark05!
Our Team rocks!
[Official] OCF 1st Annual Bench Event
Forum Wars 2008 (Summer Warz)
Bench noob private krag reporting for duty~!
OC Forums First Annual Bench Event
3DMark Vantage to be added to HWBot?
Mark goes on a Rampage and gets single GPU '05 WR
#10 here we come!
Whats the wait for?
Old P4 Benchers?
Whysolow on 3dMark?
Random bench conversations
Advanced Overclocking Championship (AOCC) 2008
Crysis Bench
Nuclearus Multi Core Benchmark
3d mark vantage free or...
Bi-monthly Benching Revolt!
OCF takes out the US leg of the Gigabyte Overclocking Events
How to get 3DMark01 to run in Windows 2003?
How do you run Vantage?
How do i join System Benchmarks Team
Official: What Have I Killed Benching Thread!
HwBot help
PCmark2002 scores please
Aquamark rules for hwbot
Vantage hotfix is here
tweaks for 3dmark01 nature
Gautam screwin around, 114K 3DMark01
18,012 in 3Dmark06 on my specs.. weird?
HWBot thread update issue
My best
3DMark06 Scores
Here comes Vantage
cinebench r10?
CPUMark 2.2
Winter Warz 2008 official winners - OC Forums!!!
Damn it 3dmark06 error! Need help!
How do I join the benching team?
Beat this 3DMark 2006 score!
Same score with performance or high quality
OC3d is back and recruiting
SuperPi and iMacs
HDD Speed- does it affect 3DMark performace?
Best way to overclock CF setup?
first time in here i think
stupid 03 run
8800GT not much better than 7900GTO?
9600gt mark03 problems ?
new HD x264 video encoding benchmark
New member coming soon.
Radeon Bios Editor released!
Rivatuner 2.08 is out
check out 03 score very strange !!!
Overclocking 2X 3780x2's
3DMARK Vantage
new drivers work :) 87089 3dmark
The ATI 8.3 cats are out :)
Future Mark hot fix
ati drivers
Prelim DI testing w/Foxconn Black Ops X48
Forum Wars (Winter Warz 2008)
Official Forum Wars Scores (Winter Warz 2008)
Ati tweaks for 2k1?
3Dmark vantage RC0 screenshots...
Not too bad but could be better
ORB Futuremark
hwbot not recognizing my 8800gt properly
Monitor goes to sleep on 3DMark05/06
Messing around with 2001SE and a crunching rig.
Paging file on seperate hdd causes errors?
Do monitors effect 3Dmark scores?
13k almost 14k @ 2.41ghz Crossfire?
3dmark crashing @ splash screen?
"CPU Unknown" - What???
2nd place single card 3DMark05
orthos prime goes from 300mb to 1.6gb page file
URGENT (honestly) PLEASE HELP on PiFast! [SOLVED]
Hope this is correct spot.
bad score