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bad score
[SuperPrime] - the new Prime Benchmark?
Ultra or Crossfire?
3DMark06 hanging with 2xxx or 3xxx cards [Fix]
Gonna run some CPU bottleneck tests, advice needed
Confused about hwbot
PCMark Vantage: I'm #2!
Quick SuperPI questions
Score looking wrong?
FM updated nvidia drivers
Aquamark on Vista64?
Variety of probs
2900 BIOS editor
Higher OC...WAY lower score in 3DMark03 & 01SE
Vista 8800 Ultra + Dual core 3.6ghz only 12850
Help me find the best setup for benching [on air]?
No hwbot points?
High OC on CPU = low 3DMark06 scores
My results are double counting?
Good score but dead last?
3DMark06 Score
Approved Driver
Overclocking a Radeon 7200 SDR
DirectX Re-distributable November 2007
3DMark 2008 Specs
How can I check temps while running 3dMark?
FM Benchmark Hotfixes (PCMark and all 3DMark versions)
FM approve drivers?
Memset 3.4 Beta 1
Ice Storm Fighters Game Technology Demo
For ElMaxi
added another 8800gtx, score only went up 2k?
1 GTX or two 640MB GTS
New Riva Tuner 2.05
6850 LN2 + HD 2900
8800GTS OC2 640 showing only 610MB ram???
SuperPi 32m hanging up
HWBOT down?
Faster CPU - Lower Score?
hwbot help
Aquamark fails with error message
3DMark 01 'Illegal Project Type'
3dm2k5 cpu test #2
Some help with ORB
q6600 & wprime 1024
Trying for 11k
Decent score for my system?
Help me with v-mod
Overclock Help
Q6600 G0 + HD 2900 XT
Forum Wars 2007 Champions
Tek-9 GTX
Low 3DMark06 Scores
Please Assist
Pifast- What is the bottleneck?
3dmark won't load on my system
My system doesn't like prime numbers!
trouble running Aquamark
trouble running PCmark05
hwbot v2.0 released
Yes!! 158.22 FM approved!!!
0 mb of system memory?
Running 3Dmark01?
HOWTO: Benchmarking in Linux
Official Forum Wars Scores
Want to join the benchmarking team?
ATI Tool 0.27 Beta 2
FM pulls i-Ram scores
Hows This for OLD
[hwbot] wPrime 1024m ranking
[hwbot] wPrime 32m ranking
ASUS M2N32-SLi Del. Wireless&AMD 64X2 5600&2GB DDR800 Corsair---->>
So how do I get my computer running faster?
Testing 1...2....3
how pifast is used
A Gold cup
first time through... abysmial
best crossfire motherboard
3Dmark 06 help
I have 36mark06 advanced code for somebody (free)
FM drivers?
Which OS for Benching/Gaming?
Benching comparison with a Mac??
OCForums Benchmarking Contest -Part I [May 2007]
[RESULTS ARE IN!] OCForums Benchmarking Contest [May 2007]
How many 8800's do we have?...Forums Wars...
Forum Wars 2007 [Official Discussion thread]
new card to torcher but cheap
8800GTX @ 670 / 1000
OCF participating in the benchmarking forum wars?
Vista, 3D Mark 06, E6400, X1900XT and OC :)
aircon in my shed
Can some one give some insight into working with sharder clocks and deltas
Wilds Quad 3D session
Suicide FTW!
Pi fast
8800GTS 320/Opty 170 '06 score?
OCF moves up - hwbot #7 overall
finally broke 30k in 01
very low 3dmark scores with quad
Testing begins (littledevil pots/ln2)
My stupid bad 3dmark scores
8800GTS 640 in the house
PC05 wont submit
Xp + nlight benching
E4300/8800GTS 3DMark06 Score
CPC Benchmarks
3Dmark06 problem.
Pc Mark05 Problem
Please add your signature to this Poll
[Benching Team Member] - Join the fray!
Thinking about a new Rig???
Low score on FX60?
New to this side of the forums :)
PCMark 05
Its here new rig :)
3Dmark06+ 7600GT + Vista= deep freeze?
Normal scores for my system?
dual gtx power supply questions
broken 3dmark?
new rig for benching :) been away a while :(
shader clocks (nvidia)
3dmarks05 w/7800gtx
-4 in my garden shed
New rig in 3dmark'06
Dell performance shootout
help with 06 setup
No GFX Card yet but want to do benching
Unusually low 3dMark06 score
Code Blue emergency. 25% hit to my 3DMark 01 score
My pc stock @ 3dmark06 :(
7600GT WR... Maybe?
tough sport sometimes
Hello 3DMark Team
gold cups on hwbot
[hwbot] wPrime 1024m ranking
[hwbot] wPrime 32m ranking
[1/8/07] 3DMark 05 week
SLI + P5N32-E results
K|ngp|n takes down 100K in 01
E6400 / 8800gts
3D Mark '05 not starting?
Benchmark INVITATION: Sciencemark 2.0 > need more benchers!
pcmark 05 ?
8800GTX Score
wPrime - hwbot edition launched
3d mark bug
Are these scores about right?
Overclocked Intel Core 2 Duo with a 7900gt
[12/10/06] PCMark 05 week
Anyone happen to know what causes Sandra to stop running on some systems lately?
97.44's are out.
Just benched marked my set up.
LOD Help
3D mark 05
Attention benchers futuremark updates
big multi tight ram or small multi big FSB
8800GTX numbers
[hwbot] SiSoft Sandra FPU Ranking
Orthos Problem
How does hwbot catch fake or harvested results?
[11/20/06] Hexus PI Fast week
Come on guys. Lets get benching!
About our Bots.
Crossfire in 3d mark 06
[Team Effort] Are You In???
What do you guys think?
Notion to use HWBot as our main team scores!
[hwbot] CPU-Z ranking
[hwbot] PCMark05 ranking
[hwbot] PCmark04 ranking
[hwbot] Aquamark ranking
[hwbot] 3Dmark06 ranking
[hwbot] 3Dmark05 ranking
[hwbot] 3Dmark03 ranking
[hwbot] 3Dmark01 ranking
hwbot signature engine released
New OC3D Benchmarking Captain!
please check my 3dmark 06 scores to my sig
Kingpin + Nvidia = FTW (Video)
low low 01 score...
Stepping Down
hwboints - the global overclocking league
Not much action in here?
dual team membership
3Dmark06 ..
Thinking about a new challenge!
3dmark Pro
Good score and approved drivers?
PCmark Does not work !!!
My 3DMark Score
7950GX2 benchmark drivers
noob wanting to join soon
7800 GT SLI 3dmark05 score, am i where i should be?
4917 in 3dmark 06... seems low to me.
Playing with SPI 1M and OS.
Saying goodbye :)
Strange drop in 3DMark05
Thoughts on my 3dmark score
new cpu bench to add?
Wanna give this one a shot?
Auquamark drivers?
All Ice
Air Ice action - XTX WR's
How good can be this score...
6404 3DMark06...Good or Bad?
How to get the most out of my 9800Pro/XT?
3x Top 5 spots on the ORB tonight (4x top 10)
PcMark05 issue
sup team! i'm back!
what drivers for 6800gs for best 3dmark scores?
You got to be kiiding ??? 3D mark score
coolbits won't work!
06 3Dmark issue
Opinions of overclock quality wanted
3dmark05 score. good or bad?
Is my score on track???
3 hall of fame spots
How do you get a better score in Game 4 Nature, 3Dmark01
Somethings not right with my 3dMark05 Score..
Whats this?
Hope im allowed to post in here O_o
Super PI what is it?
hwbot evaluation & new features
New results Higher Score @ lower clocks ?
7600GS giveaway
I broke my old record! X800PRO
Sandra 2007 Scores...
Question for 3D Mark Team
Cats 6.5 are now FM approved!
Hacked Sli Driver Avalible For Conroe / 975x
Need volunteers with CF or SLI rigs to test my PSU
Official Aquamark 3 Team Scores
Video Card Challenge CPU thread.
Official 7600GS Overclocking Challenge
first 30k 3d01 :)
is 91.28 FM approved?
Does monitor size affect benchmarks?
How do you compare to AM2?
Now accepting payment for OCF Vid Card challenge!
ORB takes down ALL Merom/Conroe scores
IDirect3D9 ERROR....
ATI 6.4 cats are now FM approved!!!
I quit
Aquamark3 Error/crash
Benching with artifacts?
3700+ CCBWE 0544VPMW + Super PI Mod
05 Marks, AMD XP-M
Official PCMark05 Bench Thread
Official PCMark04 Bench Thread
Who wants a video card challenge? Details Inside
Benchmarking question....
3D03 -- GT1 Wings -- Challenge
Official Captainship Poll
WTF?? Have you seen this 3DM06 Compare???
Feels like scores are lower than they should be...
Low 2003 scores, why?
Official OC 3DMark06 Team Scores
Official OC 3DMark05 Team Scores
Official OC 3DMark03 Team Scores
Official OC 3DMark2001SE Team Scores
Captain nominations
Stepping down
My new super pi 1m & 2m records
3Dmark01se/06 marks r acceptable or not?
3d mark 05 score?
Name That Program.
What happend to Aquamark?
3Dmark03, CPU Score, P4 WR
What Benchmarks should I try?
ati tool
Damn 99 won't install.
hwbot tag changes 10-4-2006
What should My 3D mark 06 be?
3DMark03 @ 5.1ghz
3DMark05 @ 5ghz
How much does a machine cost per 10k in 3DMark2k1?
6.3 Cats are now approved for all you ATI benchers.
WORST 3D Mark 05 Score.
Quick question (3dmark05)
Why o' why are my scores so crappy RE:7900GT
Here's an idea
FM Drivers not approved?
oc3dmark website update
Settling an old score...
Who is #2 forum for 3D behind XS?
3dm05 + SLI question / problem
3dmark 06 marks seem low?
Futuremark ORB finally adds 7900 series
7900 GTX 512
WOOT! my X800 Pro Finally Hit 6200 on 05!
How do i join the 3d mark06 team?
How do these sandra values look for my system?
question about Cat A.I. and benching
Problem submitting PC05 result.
Low 06 Score?
To purchase or not..
My 3DMark05 and 3DMark06 scores
WHQL Certified 82.12 Available
Satellite Pro 4600 - Overclocking
3DMark06 Score Looks Ok But The Others Are Bad
What programe
Help needed!! :)
FX60 VS 3700+ in 3DMark 2005
Help please!
Too bad there's no futuremark approved drivers for my x1900xtx. (Benches inside).
Why do you benchmark?
3dmark06 / 82.65 driver combo...broken?
3dmark06 test of stability??
Doom3 Timedemo Demo1
SLI, the Firefly Test, and overclocking...
yes finally here two 7800gtx 512mb
ATTENTION: ATi Card Owners and Benchers
Name any good benchmark prog
Cable modem causing low benchmark scores?
3DMark06 Will not use my SLI..Any Ideas
Analyze the relationship between shaders, raw clock frequency and the CPU bottleneck.
3dm k6 and k5 see my gt as ultra
Does this look right?
Bad Firefly Run in 06
10k broken in 3dmark06
How the hell do some of you have 40k+ score on 2001 SE?
Huh? Theres already a 3DM06 Patch???
usenet download 3DMark06 Alt.binaries.games
3dmark06 scores
Anyone know where a usenet download might be?
Here ya go guys "3dmark 2006 product comparisions"
PCmark05 Problem
How is this for 2 x 6800GS ?
3DMark06 + 2x 7800GTX SLI = 11.2 fps
3dmark 06 basic available jan 16th wed.
3DMark team - input please?
What do you guys think?
3dmark 03/05 Scores
My 3dmark03 Score....
Bad Aquamark3 scores, whats wrong?
New System Bench
X1900XT on FX-60 3DMark05 Performance
*sigh* LOD for all
Help, Severe benchmark point drop??
Am I allowed to post a score?
3d mark01 on a non dx8
Whats this like ???
hwbot, 18 months later
decent score for a pentium?
Lightworks Render Test
Hows This Score ?
build me an intel bench rig
Some '05 single 6600 GT preliminary results
How can one find the definitive records for single nVidia cards?
is this a good score for what i have?
3DMARK05 Crashing (why?)
School's out
need help ith riva
3dmark05 + 6800U = 5740! Whats wrong?
Scores about right?
hmm anyone?
To buy or not to buy
Dunno about this
hmm can you say bugged score??
Can Stang8118 have his Rank back?
Prime95 benchmarking thread (new v24.14)
Overclocking X1800XT
SuperPI or Prime95?
XS takes over superpi mod and validation
Anyone up for a competition?
CPUMark 2.1
How much, on average do you guys spend on computer parts?
how about having a single card top ten
Shamino hits 43k in '03
81.85 Drivers fm approved
Benching XT
terrible 03 score~
10180 3D03 marks on 6600GT :Update:
CS:S VST Benchmark thread
OC seeing no difference? normal?
These 3DMARK05 scores any good????
New to OC's.com
rivia tuner problem
What is a good 3dmark (2003) for the system in sig???
3D mark05 stutters
The Next 3DMark, 3DMark06!!!
Screenie of next 3DMark!
3dmark 03 Project log
Hows This???? I have no clue....
Up'in my 3dmarko3 scores
!Everest Thread!
#2 6800LE for OCforums
Just getting into benching, 2k1, older rig...
[hwbot] SuperPi 32m ranking
Intel / AMD: 32Mb SuperPI Calculations!
Linux benchmarks
40k 03 broken 50k 01 broken by Kinc
how do I UNregister 3dmark03?
Celeron D 3dmark benches
FFXI Benchmark
AMD64 3500+ Score too low?
hard drive benches scsi/raptor/ide
Goodbye team..
PCMark05 score...
pcmark05 v1.1 patch available now!
Contest @Xtremesystems.org
3DMark question
SuperPi Annoyance
My first 3DMark and Aquamark Scores on 1st OCed x700
VERY BAD 3dmark05 score
3dmark videos
3d mark03
Athlon XP "ONLY" 3dmark Scores!
5500 Aiw
Particle Fury
Mega Prime95 stable....!!??!
3DMark 2005...score "varries"?!
10018 3D03 marks on 6600GT
Low or no PCMark05 HDD scores.
The fastest radeon 9800 in the world!!!
My 3dmark 2003 score.
New Build. Suckith score. Help wanted.
Low scores?
REALLY low 3dmark03 scores!!!!
problem with 3dmark 5
Problems with CPU test in 3dmark 03 and 05
Any one in contact with Sucka?
3700+ SD & eVGA 7800GTX on AIR?
Finally Maxed it all
Some Super_Pi Fun (Tweak Thread)
Winrar benchmark
How do my marks compare?
What Do you Know About Rivatuner
3DMark05 - Post Different Card Speed Than Run Speed
Windows Shell in Benchmarks
1st day of testing, 1st place in 3DM05 on 7800GT SLi
best OS for benching
Interesting Test I'm starting this evening
Teh New System 3dmark scores
Low 3DMark 03 score
woohoo! got the #3 official spot in 3D03
seen the R520 (pics/thread) yet?
My 3DMark05 Score
which ocz ram will give me the highest 01 score?
3dmark03 being wierd?
Any Ideas when the 77.77s will become approved?
3Dmark score for a 7800GTX.
Is this good score for my setup
...New System...comments?
phase cooled 1x7800GTX /vmod/ benchies 56k warning
New System Coming Soon, #s to break.
X800XTPE issue with ORB
Here we go
They're getting closer
hwbot superpi mod1.4 required & fancy graphs
multiproc/multicore superpi
PCMark05 results not displaying processor
Aquamark Site
The .DLL file for x8xx series cards
Unofficial | 6800 [AGP] 3DMark 05 Scores
my score sucks,any suggestions?
My first benchmark
AM3 scores!
Low 01 score?
regading 3dmark 05
The linux SUPER PI thread!
Not Exact In Round
BH-5, TCCD what's better?
A section for laptop benchmarking?
Cool hwbot features added!
FX-57 Smokin
what the heck ?
cpu scores low. why?
breaking 30.00
Winrar benchmark
My first attempt at benchmarking
3D mark crashes after blimpgame test
Request: HDTach benching thread.
No Linux Benchers?
Ok whats the deal... really low PCM04 scores... does my Northy just suck??
PNY 6800 first overclock
Does this look right?