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Krag score in UK magazine
Ameteur Bencher...
Best Drivers for 03/05? (6800)
something wrong?
Mother nature issues
is 1544 in 3dmark 03 good for intergrated video?
wtf? can't publish 3dmark01se score?
Stupid 3d Mark Question?
Problem in AquaMark
#1 AMD, 6600GT in Aquamark3
Breaking 30sec? 3.2E (Air)
Should we **think** about changing the name "3D MARK Team"?
Sucka's Super PI Madness
PiFast CMD Prompt Exits After Completion
Would Like To Join AQM Team
Hey :D
Tops 30 in 3 benchmarks!
Question about CATALYST AI
Whats the WR for....
3DMark2005 X700 Pro #1 in the world, for OC3DMark team!
OC PCMark takes 2ND place in 04!!
win2003 64bit driver not recognized?
Give it enough GPU and 05 becomes CPU limited.
Official OC PCMark05
3d2001se 7500 !!! with two ultras
OC3DMark Team website
Problem with Aquamark
Goals are fun
Quickie Benchies
Nvidia GeForce 7
Request for a change in 6200/6600 card status
Random: Getting below 20 3d03marks? (help)
3D Benchmark comparison 1GB vs 2GB?
[mbot] / [hwbot] launches hwbot.org
is this good ?
Official OC PCMark04
Should we change the 3DMark Team section?
What Other Benchmarks? Need Feedback.
CPUMark99: Lets See Some Scores!
RenderTest: Lets See Some Times!
My First Record! w/ FX5600
Finally broke the 11000 on 3d 2005
Official OC Aquamark 3 Scores
3DMark05 Issues...
dfi nf4 sli rig
Video Card Problem
6k with 6800Gt!
Finally got new system together .On to benchies
3dmark Captain Stepping Down
Laptop results
getting wierd results on 3dm2k1, fx5200
3dm05 problem
What video hardware to get for playing here
9600se world record 10047 marks! OMG!
3700+ San Diego WR - 3513MHz
Congratulations to our new 3D Team captains!
My 3D Mark scores droped for no reason!
Official OC3D Team Captain Poll
Newb Question
Its a Bad week for my hardware.....
Which one to purchase?
What's wrong 1249
[mbot] PiFast ranking
[mbot] SuperPi ranking
win 64 3dmark05 testing
Vid card problem...
howdy all
quick run w/9700pro
Windows XP SP1 or SP2
Need help breaking 12000 w/ my 6800
Nvidia drivers - Server 03?
OC3D official team captain nomination thread
ram timings new run
Repost: Nvidia and LOD. We are not cheaters....
OC3D domination
new beast new 3dmark03 score
Would anyone like MBOT for our 3DMark area?
Aqumark 3 thread getting Revamped!
3y3z t3h w1nn4r LOL
Must break 7000.
Suggested Benchies?
Intrestring reults.
Video Card Help, Please...
Video Card Help, Please...
My 5200FX Pwnage
Non-standard benchmark collection thread.
New scores.
Well, its dead.
Passmark --calling ALL overclockers--!!!
My Benchmark Comparisons
Gigabyte 3D1 video card
Purchasing & Registering w/Futuremark
3d01 and windows 2k problems
Is it software or an hardware issue?
Can i hit 9-10k with my 9600se in 3dmark01?
new 9800pro has sad 3dmark2k1 score
Super sad 3DMark '05 scores...help!
Futuremark Driver Crisis
3dMark01: 1000 points vanished w/ no system change?
Figured I should post some scores....
low scores?
new #1 on 3d01 ( sorry delete this )
x800xl 24k . need some help .
just curious...
3DMark lockups
code creatures benchmarks
April Fools Day....
#1 X800XL 3dmark01 !!!!!!
23.6k(trying for more) at 2GHz! World record?
New toys
WOOT! Just finished my volt mod on my 9800 Pro!
My 3DMark01 score just skyrocketed
Just droppin in...
8th in the world for 9800 Pro & P4
Help me find 155 points.
3dmark lockup
First page of the ORB.
3dmark03 problems
Biggest impact on PCMark04
How does this score look?
Ok Time Break 9K (01se)
Almost to 12k (01SE)
decent 2001se score 2500+ barton & 9600xt ?
3DMark03 - AGP 0X, loss of over 2000 points
Finally broke 14k with 6800Gt!
3dMark03 won't install!
Are my 2001/03/05 scores good?
only getting 16.5 in 01!!!
Okay scores? new to 3dmarking
AAArrrgh!!! 70 marks away!!!
27K Broken in 01 with Non V-Modded, Air Cooled 9800 Pro
9800xt 05 bench good or bad.
Moving to ati, need some info on drivers
Think I got a decent XFX 6800GT
Can't connect to futuremark?
YEAH FINALLY BROKE 9.8k and 4k w00t
3D marks 03 sound problem
Question about benchmark scores...
Is this normal
Not so good numbers?
Large drop in Nature demo in 03.
Joining 3dmark team
Aquamark ARC Scores
3dmark Scores
Oh its good to be back by 32Mb savage helllooo
Best Driver?
6600gt scores?
Woot #1 3dmark03 score for 5600nu!
new borad cpu card and memory finally
Aquamark or 3DMark?
3DMark05 scores from XP retail to SP2...interesting
post ur highest 3dmark 04 scores
What's wrong with my system?
Finally broke 14k
low 3DMark Scores
How are scores calculated/weighted (05)?
OPP did it again! 43353 marks!!!!!!!
Why are they so bad?
6800nu unlocked 01se scores
3DMark 05/03 Scores
horrible scores
'05 cpu tests
newb 3dmark03 question
what if the best hardware weren't an issue anymore
ROFL@My 3DMark03 score
3dmar033.5 update problems
Highest scores?
Darn, can't match up to an AMD 64.
Are these good scores for stock speeds?
nice score on 3dmark 01
My 6800gt OC
9700pro fun before the x800 arrives tomorrow
3DMark 03 scores. Need some opinions from the Pros.
my scores going crazy?
need some higher scores
I did it (Finally)
4700 in 05 good?
Wierd dots in 3dmark05
5944, In 05.
Is this a decent 05 Score?
are my scores alright for what iv got?
6k in 3Dmark05
With my new overclockin check out the boost
Is this the right 3dmark03 score?
Question about '05 score...
my 2001 score
you better not pout, you better not cry...
I have gotten 15k 3d mark03
Horrible 3dMArk 05 scores
Hows my 3d score
What about these 6800OC scores?
This Rig
6800GT Problems 3dmark2003
well, there goes the neighborhood
which software
3Dmarks05 not doing something right..
Beta driver = low score
3dmark2k3 runs w/ bfg 6800 oc
3DMark03 350 patch
low 3d mark 2001SE and amd64 3400+
which tests when looping 3dmark01?
wtf? 553 score?
I`m trying do reach 14K in 3dmark03
3DMark03 not showing video card speeds
A good score?
Low 2001 and Cpu Scores
ti4200 to a 5950 ultra only 750 more points in 3dm2001?
Is this good score
9484 in 03 with a 6600gt
Over Clocking My X800 pro
10.1k in 3dMark 2003 with 64bit + X800
Why are my 3dMark scores so low.
Good score or Not?
Overclocked rig doesnt score as expected
12.5k on 3dmark03
good 05 scores; horrible 01 scores
Is this a right score?
nvidia driver
x800pe, 2.9ghz 64, and bh-5 should not= 24000 marks. duh.
socket A 3dmark record
3Dmark01 dosn't like my system.
FX-55 & X800XT-PE Scores
Low score on my A64 system..?
sapphire x800xt non-pe results
New Nvdiia drivers
Benchmark help please?!?!?!
What is most likely the cause of this 3D instability error message?
Just started tweaking..what do you think?
2001SE doesn't work with DX9?
need some advice from the guru's
got 7555 3dmarks
what are currently the best ATI drivers?
nvidia 4200 drivers?
Do I have really low scores? Or is it Just me?
2k1 330 Won't Load
got some new toys
Uploading 3dmark03 scores.
3dMark2001SE low score w/ fx
Why do all the top benchers use only 512 megs of RAM?
Drivers for 9800Pro?
3dmark03 low scores???
help me brake 20k in '01
Huge score differences on '05 on runs with identical hardware settings
This is cheating right?
What is "average" this day in age?
What am I doing wrong?
Wow, a vmod (no mhz change) does this?
Why does 3dmark03 crash on cpu tests?
Looky what I just got
3dmark03 results
Best setup for 3dmark 01, 03 & 05
does this seem right?
I was bored LOL
Boyaah! 9500!
what is "total agp memory"
Best video card settings for 3DMark2001se
Benchmark Standards?
19.7K 2001se with a X800 PRO??
Such thing as 3dmark02?
3dmark05 wow my score stinks
What exactly does 05' test?
3dmark03 shuts down after first test
I get an error when I run 3dmark05 (pic)
Operation 6k 3dmark2005...
HIS 9800 pro 128 3dmark scores low?
Official OC 3DMark 2005 Results
New stock score with 3700+ and x800xt?
9700 pro and 3dmark question.
3Dmark01 LOW Scores....
Can settings increase my score?
Big stuttering problem with my 6800GT and 3dmark03
How do you submit?
3dmark Score For 6800gt Users???
Is this a bug?
Is 3Dmark on crack?
Help to reach 20.000
Good score for my rig?
Put my mind at ease! (9800Pro 3DMark03 results...)
Where are all the FX59XX people at??
Almost 17.3K with ti4200...
Weird happenings in Benches
3dMark vs FSB
is this ok?
13xxx on a 9800@XT speeds and 3.2P4.
need some 2k1 help
21805 in 3d01 on Windows XP... Any tips for 22k?
3D Mark 2005 In 2 Weeks
OMG! 2 points from my goal...
3dmark01 What's a good score for a 5900NU
I just lost one third of my 3dmark 03 score, help!
3D Mark 2001 Scores
What are your HIGHEST Cpu mark?
My new Achievement !!!!!!!!
Why only 23975 in Aquamark on my 9800pro Oced?
Any Good?
What is the best way to run 3dmark2k1?
I took out 19k with my ti4200, 20k is next
first time using 3dmark03
9800pro/xt modded screwed up with 3dmark2k3
12,694 in 3dmark03...but is that a little low for my system?
Finally broke 24k
3400 on 3dmark2k1 and 7800 on 3dmark2k3, normal?
New personal best :)
3DMark 2001 SE: No increase after going from 512mb to 1Gig of RAM?
How do I join the teams??
Better card?
aqua mark
x800 pro
Can i join the 7k club?
my comp + 3mark = low score
New a64 rig stock score is quite good
Inaccurate 3dmark Specs??
Sucky Scores
3Dmark2004 Preview!
Custom Stars
New 2k3 thread
powercolor 9800 pro 128 3d mark
3DMark03 Sound Error
Is my scores low?
3.8 Cats?
Will my system simply not do 20k?
3dmark settings
Verdict on this system?
Sandra scores....low?
New Nvidia Drivers!
3dmark01 acting like Vsync is on...
Is 7509 3Dmark03's good with a 9700P?
Only 8k in 3dMark 01 for Ti4200 ??
3dMark03 scores thread
Official submission qualifications: Game tests or Full tests?
3dMark Scores on a silent Budget computer (woot)
12k 3dmark03 score!!!
A64 3400+ and 6800GT crap CPU score
hows my 3dmark score?
7,256 in 3dmark03!!!!
Good scores for 9600XT?
X800Pro Flashed to X800XT-PE
I want 20K!
OC'd my card
My best 2001....work in progress!
DX9.0c? Anyone tried?
3Dmark Question......
Gonna try Longhorn and 3dMark 2001...
card buyer's guide images in Firefox
flashed to XT
It's this radeon 9600 pro score ok?
9500np=6418 3dmark03
Why so low?
strange score ?
Really dissapointing score....
6570 3dmark03 Radeon 9700 Pro...Finally Front Page for All 9700 Pro's!!!!!
Finally Top of Ti4400 in 2k3
pcmark02 error..
Shouldn't I be getting a higher mark than this...
What should I get? 3dmark guru needed?
broke 6k!!! w00t!!
To All 3D Mark members please take a moment to read this
Can't break the 20 000 mark....
3DMark Score
has anyone broken 20,000 with a 9800pro w/o OCing it?
ewww 931
Benchmarking, relative to real life
9800pro - 3dmark03 - 5110 >.<
Score problems or just normal?
X800Pro and 3.0c benchies
question about windows xp ?
3DMark2001SE won't work with my downgraded drivers
x800 pushing 12000
Looping Nature test, does this show stability?
A few questions to pump up my 3DMark2001SE score.
Oh My God It Works ! Thanks Gautam.
9600 pro = 6138
Please help i got a few ?'s
Cat 4.6 BETA 1st Run..
Add Another Name to the List
6k in 2003 on my fx 5700 ultra!
Which Driver ver. for GF3Ti200
Futuremark approved drivers
Is this good score?
20136 2k1...
What 3DMark2001 score should I expect?
Framerate decreases rapidly, Help!!!
Problem with 3DMark 2001SE
19286 2k1 marks :)
finally broke 6k....
3d mark and linux
Broke 7,000 in 3dmark03!
2k3, my results and.........
Why can't go further 6K?
Where are all the GeForce 6800 benches?
is anyone updateing the data base?
Did I break something??
x800 bench runs
What should my system score in 3dmark2k1?
Low score I didnt expect
What is 3DMark all about?
x800 coming in about a week or so...
Going for #1, Do you think I'll make it?
Broke 6k
Only the 14000
Am I blind or why is my score so low
Need Help
3d mark 2001 score
Got 21K on my 9500np
24k Finally!!
20,000 3DMarks, with a AMD Athlon XP clocked at 2200 MHz, with a stock heatsink.
What can I use for my MX440?
score dropped after gpu core MHz increase!
post your pc mark04 scores
Low 3dMark 03 Scores
Strange But...
New to 3dmark 2003...help!
xp sp2 higher 3dmark score
3dmark Score
OCFORUMS 8500 Top spot
New score
What to aim for?
3dmrk03 vs 3dmrk01 - problems
Why is my 3dmark score so low ????
Holy Processors Batman!!!
Strange problem with 3Dmark01
Wow, never expected that......
8k in 03 at last
What score should I be getting with this setup?
finally done it 7500+ mark in o3
How can I join the team?!
How are these scores?
Do any of you 3DMarker's Fold?
How to improve 3DMARK03 score?
How's this?
My first benchmark.
How Are these score's ( will be updated as time goes on )
Ice sir ohhhh yes please
is my 3dmark score good
just thought i would give it a go 03
Finally broke 20k!
How 3DMark Works (what effects the score)
How are these scores?
Wahhhhhooooooooo !!!!!!!:):):):)
Help w/ athlon 64 plzzzzzzz.
Help w/ athlon 64 plzzzzzzz.
How does this score rate???
Will Coolbits work with 5700 Ultra /56.64
Hmm, scoring a bit better now.....(3DMark03)
Now THIS is a 3dmark score
3D Prophet IIMX Fun?
What is considered a good score on 3dmark03?
3Dmark 03 help?
Submit online scores?
3dmark confused..
wtf?? format and lower scores??
3dmark01 score..need help.?
Best Optimizations for 3D Mark
How are these numbers?
need help with 3dmark
strange problem with 03
Dx9.0B and 3DM01se
Which benchmark tool to use?
why is MY score so low its a 9600xt
Got some new scores, will try to submit my highest later on tonight
Core Clock
Weeee I did it
Noo! Someone beat my Radeon 7200 score!
Just took Number 1 spot - oc3dmarkteam
Is this an average score??
Will the Audigy 2 sound card raise my 3DMark03 scores?
my new 9800 pro
General Performance Improvement Settings
Why are my 3dmark03 scores so LOW?
Score Confusion
3D Mark04
16700 3dmark2003 score, w/optimized settings =/
Scores disapointing.. but maybey this is good for me?
Improving scores?
Diagnosis of my rather low scores
Lower scores after fresh install.
How much points does norton rob?
Journey to 20k
Prime95 Test - Critical or not?
Sapphire 9600NP 3dMark03/01 scores
5900 SE with minimal ocing marks posted
New To 3dmark - why are my scores dropping?