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Rasp. PI Voltmod! WR time?
GA-EP43-UD3L CAP replacment
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So I got this dead 5770...
vNB mod on P6N ??
x850 xl pe volt mod
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GA-EP45-UD3LR - Voltage Mod
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TI Multisim 11 (Questions)
24" LG power issue
Help, I need a doctor (4890 repair?)
Warning: Not for home use! (Unless you're nuts)
Adding Vcore Option on M2NPV-MX
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xsuperbgx's Volt modding, zombies and electronics learning thread.
Capacitor Identification
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EVGA Untouchables Released
300 watt AUX would it run my gtx 570
LED control circuit
Noob needs really basic LED/electronics help
Evga Untouchables Rev0.1 testing on GTX285
Serial to USB Interface?
Tutorial how to Voltmod ati 5570
Transformer diagnosis
VID in a Dell?
Short life of a Multimeter
How to mod LED fans to control LED's illumination
Volt mod hardware question....
Four way switch..
3x140mm fans auto controlled from mobo?
Winfast gt220
laser glove project....
HELP please Video card cap installation
How much Watt=1Volt?
RGB LED: 256 colors via controlled voltage?
Circuit Simulation Software
Cant remove pins from PCI E (corsair 1000)
HELP! Power Consumption
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What happens when i make a volt mod
Frustration trying to repair a LCD
PSU pin mod and motherboard power up
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add pigtails and lay capacitors sideways on mobo?
Help with video card cap please
[SOLVED] EEPROM Programming
Building bing's 7.5 Amp Adjustable Fan Controller with Temporary Voltage Boost
Measure radiation
Question regarding capacitors?
170watt peltier
Fan Switch Mods! (12v/7v/5v)
Delta running at 5v & 12v but 7v not working
Blinking led light on hdd activity?
Understanding inductor ratings
run ccfl from 3pin fan header?
The O/C Forums Volt Mod Database
Home made fan controller
Fuses On Motherboards. Failing PSU Overvolting
Does anybody know about Motorola chargers (or usb charging in general)?
Boosting the output on a CCFL inverter?
Which soldering station
Help with some communications.
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so i went to mexico....
Making a simple fan controller
Solder tip question...
clown fans sound like im on a bomb run, how to mod?
Bad caps on an LCD monitor...
How flexible is the paint from those conductive pens?
How do I rig a PSU to be used for external PSU
12v-off-7v switch questions....
Project: PSU Tester (A Real One)
How much current can RCA plugs handle?
Homebrew 12v PSU?
What is the best way to desolder parts off a GTX280
ISL6327 pencil mood for ep35-ds3r
Heres one for ya - need help with car speedometer
Question about replacing capacitors....
Computer won't POST with a 7V modded fan?
power supply in a puff of smoke (and smell)
Quick Circuit Help - My second Eagle design.
Is it possible to mod P31-S3G for the Vdroop?
Random curiosity, adding a VRM stage to mobo?
Time for yet another cap job
More VGA/DVI/HDMI Dummy plug help, please?
x48t-dq6 vdroop/pencil mod
PSU short
Recharge rechargeable batteries from main...sort of...help!
Removing ports (USB, Firewire, etc) from motherboards
5v to 3.3v for low power device
PCB features
Soldering Help (Fan RPM Sensor)
4850 X2 hard mod? pencil mod?
Zalman MFC2 .. went BANG...then sparks...
How to change AC'97 case connection to work with HD-audio?
new cells into old laptop batteries?
Ouch, Cap off!
Light-controlled circuit...
I got bad caps!
Extreme overvolt fix?
Flashing LED
Fixing Guitar Hero Drums
Can someone please help me with my Eagle Cad?
good source for parts?
BIOS battery
Vdroop modding a Gigabyte EP35-DS3
Jukebox buttons to emulate keyboard
Anyone Volt mod A8N-Sli Deluxe?
looking for fans that can be modded for laptop
hot chips on motherboard
Quick question on 8-pin PCI-E power connectors
Desoldering a BIOS chip without a hot air tool?
Need some help finding some bipolar transistors
Practice for the big day
can anyone find a EAH4850 voltmod? (asus)
Car Trigger Sensor help
~30 dollar soldering solutions (corded and cordless)
Whats the best way to test a Capacitor?
Bad vDroop with Asus M3A78-EM
9800GTX Volt mod
need vcore mod for mobo.
Any Vdroop pencil mod available for GA-P45-DQ6 ?
ID this component!
Sound > Light
Good 100k pots for video card mods
guide to motherboard cap repairs?
Resistor question
Recapping possible
HD 4870 Mods
quick pot question
2 Pin to 3 Pin Extension/ Converter
Recapping old board (real old)
can u use a spst switch for a pc power switch
LED's stikin out of cd drive bay cover..what power do they need-sound controlled mby?
Oscilloscope help
ASUS 650i recapped
How do I make a 'switch'?
Solder Station reccomendations?
Need help modding an i-ram to not use PCI slot for power
Fan volt mods (5v, 6v, 7v) Yate Loon and CM case fans?
need Vmod for fx5500
Sunbeam Rheobus problem
Need voltmod for 8600GT
Cutting up and rewiring PCBs
modding a new power switch
volt mods for 8800GTS 640mb?
Converting ATX PSU to bench PSU, need to tweak -12v line
ccfl inverter
vdroop mod for gigabyte 965p ds3p?
Tinning the tip of my Iron?
780i vdroop mod
need a conductive glue.
USB temp monitor, anyone?
Little PSU capacitors
Check out this 3D-Rendered PCB! [No 56k!]
List sites for PCB Prototyping, Standards and Electrical data
m300 no battery charge-battery ok
7100GS-Vmod Help
Holy graphite Batman!
Modding the GA-MA69VM-S2
RPM Wire on fan
Massive electrical overhaul
P5N-T Deluxe vdroop mod? 780i
Voltmodding a 7600gt
question about shorting
LCD CCFL Replacment
Titan Amanda TEC problems
Can a PSU supply a breadboard?
Reparing damaged pins on video card?
Cable Help, Is this possible?
beowulf cluster??how
Noob in danger need help!
So I seem to be having a bad week in PC components
need help adjusting Vcore
New Iron
Time to replace some caps!
NEED help to a voltmod
Charging a 5V source with 4.5V
Powersupply cable cutting
diodes as fan controllers - any problems?
2 processors is better than 1
best pencil for pencil mods!!
Got a 2900XT and DMM?
questions about a v-mod
8800GT OCP mod?
GA-965P-DS3 (rev. 2.0) VDroop mod
Low +12V on Biostar M7VIG Socket A motherboard.
GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L VOLT MODS any out there?
8500GT Pencil Mod Found
safe to do?
I need help from an electrical engineer or something.
Domed Cap
HIS iClear Electrical Noise Filter for GPUs
Delta fan experts help!
small inline audio filter amplifer thingy?
measuring voltage?
Mod a 5700 PCI-e?
Tools to do a volt mod or two.
Modding Striker Extreme to A1 Rev
Dell Laptop AC Adapter
230v to 120v transformer dead, no idea why.
Repairing an ASUS P5K Premium for Dawgdoc
Not really a PC Volt question but here goes.
overclocking help
Replacing Transistors
ASUS P5K Capacitor Mod
my oc adventure
help with a vmod
LED Dim brighten depending on rotational speed...
Some more recapping action [56K warning!]
Recapping an Epox 8RDA3+
7900GT Vot Mod OC... 3DMark06 Scores Look Right?
electric bill
Any Volt-Mods for QX6700?
Junk Salvage #1: USB Notebook Fans
DMM is off!
Electronics Toolkit :: Soldering,Accesories,Meters, Components and Stores
Electronics Kit Suggestions?
Mosfet identification 8800GT
I need a push button
Need a datasheet for a SC2621S chip
Measure vcore w/ multimeter
A new vmod for an old board?
Some REAL info on vDroop and why it is good
6800agp voltmod
P5K Premium Voltmods
6800XT volt mod = XFX 7900GT volt mod need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big find!!
Where to buy VRs?
Max voltages?
Identify Capacitor
8800 GTX Voltmod? NP!!!
Which VRs?
vDroop IP35 pro tips and tricks?
Recapping an Albatron PX865PE Pro II for Albuquerque
Vmodding GPUs
will this work?
Overvolting Fan Without Comp. PSU: How High Could One Go?
Socket 478 voltmods wanted...
Hmm, that isn't supposed to fall off...I'm thinking I need this part...help?
Epox 8KRA2+ recap for Flailboy
A case study in the impact of VRM Bulk Capacitors on Motherboards [WIP]
HELP! 8800GTX GPU Volt mod gone wrong!
EVGA 8600GT Vmod
volt modding an oem 6800
Help with identifing Caps from a 8800GTS Video card.
Got all these at a yard sale today $2
7900gt XFX volt mod cant find it.
Volt modding a Sapphire 9250
Hot glue from glue gun - can I use it?
Replacing capacitors - for those that asked
8800GT voltage mods
how much power do i need?
tired one of these in your PSU?
I've got a Comair Patriot PTB3 AC fan, and I need to power it
? about NF4 UltraD vmod
New to volt modding...
I need a picture of any and all IS7 vmods.
Abit IP35 Pro vdroop mod
8800 OVP Hipro5/Shamino XS
I want to volt-mod a video card.
Who's Vmodded there 8800GTX
Even Rubycon's can fail...
convert 12v fan to USB
asus p5w dh pulse width modulation chip. need some help plz
Power boost on initial startup for fan?
Universal AC Adapter
IDE to USB??
Random part
Making wired mouse wireless?
Street Glow neon
Wiring led rocker switches?
How do I work this? (Noob questions)
Light Dimmer
Yet another high power fan controller... RPM monitoring on NPN transistors an issue?
Where to get 5v from in PC
Rotary + push button switch?
So this IC fell off
Uhh hmm what now (6800GT)
"SLI-Ready" PSU necessary for SLI system?
**Non Computer related** - Parabolic Microphone
Upgrading caps?
Weekend Project
"mega" fan controller
P35-DS3R measurement help
Trying to revive a DEAD DFI-NF4 SLI DR (Updates in the first post)
"conductive ink"
Which resistor should I get?
Measuring actual vcore on GA-965P-S3?
I am looking to build a simple oscillator - need help
Any one Vmod the P5k DLX yet ?
Reattaching USB cable
Soldering mishaps...
Modding gone wrong....
where to get pins
TFB1212GHE - Building an fan controller help
AUX 1 Fan Help
P5B-E, Does the Pencil Mod work for this
applying 20v to a 12v device
Soldering gurus- any tips on how to repair this?
12v -> 5v
Max Safe Northbridge Voltage?
replacing capacitors.
Oh no! What have I done!?
How do you remove the prongs from a power connector?
Repairing mobile phone charger
Low Volt issue
120mm 4pin work with adapter?
Voltmod for XFX 7600GS AGP
internal usb header to a hub???
Is this really safe??
need help with a Circuit - LM317 & LM3914N
get more vcore under load: vdroop pencil mod for p5b-deluxe (pics)
7900 GT volt mod, not enough juice?
using a volt meter?????????
How to lower Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro fan voltage?
16V from PC PSU?
Is this wire okay?
Reattaching Stripped molex connector
HDD Indicator set up
Gigabyte 965P-DS3P + 7900GT volt mode problem
Splicing wires
Help Identifying a capacitor from a nVidia 6800
Need help with volt mod for 7600GS - 3D Fuzion model (with pics)
DIY fan speed controller
BFG 7800GT VMod help.
could somebody please post a general wiring guide?
help with 7800 gs volt mod
Wire or solder? Advice needed for Volt modding 7900 GS
visualizer circuit?
NO ONE has MSI GeForce 7600 GS!!! I need pencil mod!
PCB Pad repair
DTT3500 needs to "warm up"...
Voltage change calculation
How to stress test power supply?
Temp Sensors
Safe to chaneg Voltage when pc is on ?
need help - digital display
Noob question - M2N-E...
[Tutorial]: 120V AC to 12V DC Circuit
retrofit for car: Sequencing+braking+running
laptop power, to the max
Circuit design help
6800GS Volt mod
5volt mod harming fan?
Cant get the voltage to change when using my 10k pot.
Soldering LEDs to motherboard
variable relay?
P945 S3 V modding
Dead motherboard?
Copper Trace Damaged
Voltage conversion help needed
Gainward 7800GS+ 512 mods?
When +3.3V goes to +2.56V...
How do you fake a PS2 keyboard is present?
x800Pro PCIe - Any way to add a PCIe Power connector?
Computer controlled pump timer build
Hey, I need some verification on a 7v fan mod. thanks
4pin Fan to floppy power cable
1.55v Mod for 7900GT giving 1.585v actual? Should I be concerned?
Vac to Vdc?
Temporarily supply more than 12v from an ATX PSU
how do i make a 12V filter?
Klipsch 5.1 amp dead. anyone have a DIY repair guide?
(request) Please tell me what cap is on a Theater 550PRO
The Ultimate Fan Control Link
need CMOS 4006
What to look for in a multimeter?
Got another one up and running.
PCI parallel cards work with custom made adapters?
need someone that knows how electronics work
MCD Value of LED's
ASUS A8N-E VDroop mod
Wattz: P5B Deluxe Vmods (Your PM box is not working)
Reading impedance
4 pin to 3 pin
Wire Supplier
I need some help under standing
Wire gauges...
epox ep-9npa+ sli vdroop mod
6800GT volt modding help
7800 GT HELP!!!
Resistor help
Soldering iron oxidizing
My Cpu Volateg is way too high!
Volt Mod Guru's I need your help
Replacement CCFL invertors
need a soldering iron - 60w/30w switchable ideal
How is NiBiTor?
Low voltage shutdown?
Modifying robotic controller
Voltmod guide and advice required
Plizzz help vmod Radeon 9000 atlantic 64mb/128bit
Where can I read the voltage values???
Simple switch for fan
Help identifying broken Motherboard Component
How to run 6 fans on one rheostat?
Vmods for Abit Fatal1ty An8
cable elimination
Asus M2NPV-VM ram volt mod
nForce2 Volt Mods
Using USB power; DC-DC Converter
RIP x800pro
115v to 240v Mod?
P5B-Deluxe Vcore droop Mod Help?!
Inverter + soldering Help
crystalfontz 635
Looking for a schematic for a S2055M transistor.
More random projects/updates.
abit il8 vmod
8800GTX Mods
AW9D MAX vcore/vfsb
Controling the Tornado 92mm
When you stack resistors, do their ratings just add up?
Kept another one alive - PII 400Mhz system
Blown PSU?
Electronics experts: Trying to make a simple Resistance (Ohm) Meter with LCD readout
Modifying a PS2 keyboard for use with a MAME arcade machine.
volt mod for a abit il8?
Squirrel Cage Blower
simple but newb question...
Modifying a UPS backup for use with a Deep Cycle 12v battery.
Basic Soldering Questions
MSI NEO2 Plat 939 Need english Volt mods
Any motherboards that don't require vmods
My latest project.
(Resistor) Mod a Laptop fan
Needing a vmod for my board HELP
Busted a Cap
Recommend me a good Soldering Iron for less than ~$40
Looking for a replacement Diac. Details inside.
Reverse polatiry SMA 90 degree connector.
Starting to vmod - desperately in need of help
The OCF-Voltmodding Projects Team
Looking for a soldering solution
PinMod Laptop HDD to IDE?
toroidal cores
All you voltage gurus...
Need to Identify MOSFET
9v DC to 9v AC
Clean electricity