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can you check if a cap is good with a dmm ?
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super glue as "solder"??
Msi 6600gt Pci-e Vmod Help Please
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were should i start to learn to volt mod video card
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Practical Electronics Mini-Reference
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The Cold Heat soldering iron.
anyone wanna verify my calculations?
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Overclocking and system freezing
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How do i volt mod this card.
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EE Help Needed: Motherboard tray docking circuit
power invertor...car question
homemade powersupply
Where would YOU tap in for 3v?
Safe voltage for 875p?
Need some help
quick advise
anybody seen a mod guide for the nvidia 6800go?
What the heck is vDroop?
Need help in choosing resistors for mod
Pencil mods
How can I get a custom built LED circuit pulse to the music?
pc-dl mem 3.3v wire mod
DFI NF4 Ultra & SLI Vdimm & Vtt mod
tips before i vmod my IC-7
Search, No Luck :( Need Vcore Volt Mod for MSI K8T Neo2-F
12W pencil point soldering iron too small?
caps replaceing..
9500 vmods question
MADCAT1968 IC7-MAX3 VTT Fix For Sale?
7800gtx vmod compleated
Anyone added a powerplug to a X800XL?
Any vmod service in the UK?
I couldn't resist the temptation of the VoltMod
X800pro Pci-e Voltmod
quick soldering question.....
AIW 9600np Vmod on core.
Successful vDroop and vOfs Mod
Another IC7-G Mod Question
need 4.5 - 4.7v from 12v or 5v
Successful Caps Mod !!!
Tiny soldering - How I do it.
K8NS Ultra 3.3v Rail VDIMM Volt Mod?
k8v se deluxe/evga 6800gt voltmod ?
Asus K8N vcore mod?
Where to find resistors?
Burned Circuit on R9100
Finally got my DFI UI modded
P4p800-se V-dimm
Undoing the 3.3v memory mod on A7N8X
Variance with Cermet Potentiometers?
charge a PALM Vx with a 9v?
AN7 Vdimm mod gone Bad, need help!
Digital multimeters amperage?
power conditioners
Pro Volt-Modders~Critique me!
9600xt pencil voltmod
Is this droop?
video card volt mods
ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Voltage Mod!
Looking for a volt mod for a Gigabyte 7N400L
Sucsessful "but" non-productive 6800-U PCI-e GPU volt md!
Is There a Volt Mod For nVidia 6800GT Cards?
vmoding a fx5500
9 volts ??
up voltage with software?
Epox 8RDA mods
How to voltmod a wireless router and wireless NIC for longer range?
128mb x800se volt mod?
What mods...
should i turn up the 5 volt rail or the 12v rail in the psu ?
Volt mod Help Please NF7-S Rev 2.0 .. Urgent at this point!
Abit IS7-E droop?
p4c800-e deluxe vidimm question
hey guys total noob question
6200 pci-e volt mods
vdroop how much is too much
Help Please !!
First foray into volt modding
What does it mean..
NF7-S Vdmm Vtt Mod Problems
Is this right?
ECS KT600-a vcore,vdimm?
LED/Resistor question
VGPU mod for X800XT/XL all in wonder???
multimeter question
PSU Rails
is there any volt mod for my 9550???
question where to measure voltages with volt meter
6800U max voltage.
Is there any voltage mod for BIOSTAR M7NCG 400?
time for a droop mod?
volt mod..
Fluke 73 DMM $80 - is it a good deal?
Nf7-S VDIMM mod questiosn
In the market for a new station
oc'ing the 9600SE
p4v88 vcore
MX 400 V-mod
Vantec Stealth 520w psu Vmods
Vagp mod for AI7
Anyone seen a droop mod for a p5ad2-e premium?
Help me with v-mod
Modding 6 fans into one 3-pin?
Cold Heat + Eletronics = Death :O!!!
Quick responce needed v-mod 9800se aiw
VDIMM mod on the EPoX EP-9NDA3J
9800 XT (Pro) Volt mod, AGP vddq?
I'm thirsty for electricty
Get 3.6V from 5V Rail
All fans on 5 volts OK?
External power supply output modification unit thingy?!
help with vcore mod!
How to mod my OCZ Modstream's 3.3v rail?
resistance needed to get 1.5v on x800xl
Overvolting & wattages?
WANTED: Vcore droop mod for MSI 865PE-V
esay Pencil mod for BBA x800XL
6800U gpu Volts HELP!!!!
droop modded my p4c800e-d
Reducing 12V or 6V feed down to 1.5 V
My 9800 Voltmod adventure
Chipset voltage too low??
1.7 vlts on a X800pro, safe?
x800 volt mod
Albatron PX865PE Pro vDimm/vDroop.
9600xt vgpu mod gone wrong...maybe, pics inside
DDR and AGP Voltages
Soldering Help, First TIME!
ATI Radeon 8500le vmod/vgpu mod needed
Wanted: 875P-T volt mods
mods for albatron px865pe pro v2.0???
help needed volt modding an 9800 se Aiw
how to reduce 12v to 9-10v
measuring watts with a multimeter - help?
Guide to the 7v Fan Mod
Using a soldering iron.
Ami Bios Editor
Wanted VDIMM mod for AI7
X700pro volt mod needed
3.2v VDIMM droops to 3.07v under load...Abit NF7-S v2
6600GT volt mod?
Any volt mods for the 6800nu??
Is this the right variable resistor?
Newbie looking for a simple way to volt mod
how to use a volt meter
voltmodding 9600pro
Just finished A7N8X-X Vcore mod...
Strange Volt mod anomaly-ga7n400pro2
7v Mod on Tornado Fan w/ OCZ 600w not working?
How to 7 volt mod a 80mm case fan ? ? ?
Need help volt and droop modding a P4C800-E-D
NF7-s pencil vdd mod questions
Geforce 4 Ti4400 modding guide??
Any memory volt mods on MSI neo4 Plat?
P4C800-E deluxe droop mod resistors!!
wish me luck
newBIe!!! HELP!! PLZ!!
5900 volt mod using a POT
Why does this pot have 5 terminals?
nf7-s vdimm mod question
Trying into an Abit Radeon 9550
Powercolor 9800 pro 128mb vmods
Serires or parallel
How to check VR?
3.3vdimm mod = no power up
Volt Mod Nvid FX5200
Help with 5900 volt mod.... it's not working
Need vdimm,vcore for ga-k8ns ultra-939
Finished modding my 9600 Pro
Would A 350Watt PSU Power This Lot?
first volt mod finished
9800 SE with TSOP II memory
VI/O to Vdimm on MSI K8N Neo2 Plat...
Question about the NF7-S VTT mod.
can someone with ic7 measure mosfet voltage please
headache part2
ATI 9800pro 256mb VGPU Mod Question
9600XT - broken leg on ISL6522CB
Droop mod IC7-G / help
Good place to get resistor's in Canada?
Guide To V-Mod a 9800Pro
I'm looking for a VAGP volt mod for the NF7-S Rev. 2.0 / other voltmodding questions
gf2 mx400
Is this acceptable?
NF7 Vdimm MOD
Desperate for a Abit BE6-II Vmod....
How to fine the VDDQ for Geforce 5900XT?
where to get this in canada?
How high can one "safely" push the 3.3V rail?
DFI Lanparty 875B Rev.B
FX5700LE mod?
Well, I just added a FDD power connector to my 9600 Pro
Well, I just did the VDD Mod on my AN7
Vmods on 9800Pro today...borked?
Gonna v-mod my 5900se, wish me luck!
Need help understanding a voltmod..
need voltage or bios junkies
Droop mod help on p4c800 e deluxe and quest for 4ghz with 3.2 EO SL7PN
voltage problem! I'm scared
volt meter
Vdimm Mod for A7V8X-X
Anyone here ever done a 'marathon' mod?
i have a headache!!!
Epox 9NDA3+ Volt Mods Exist??
Vmod albatron fx5600ep
Vmod for 9600 non pro
MSI K7N2 Volt Mod
Vmod for 4600Ti?
A8V Core Volt Mod Or Bios Mod
Volt Modding Help
Modding my Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra to have a 333MHz fsb
Piggy-back mosfets
Time to volt mod my TNT2!
Replacing Capacitors
I'm a noob. Is OCZ Booster enough for A8V ?
Resistor settings for chipset + memory
Vdimm mod..questions
Psu modding, making rails stable
MORE power on 6800 GT!! 2 Molex connectors! Pictures
heat from a resistor
Volt Mod on M7VIG Pro
A7N8X-E Northbridge voltmod
ATI x600 volt mod question.
How to use a volt meter?
AS8 droop mod
Vdimm on a A64 rig
Vmod for 6800nu
Confused about volt-modding
IC7MAX3 anybody done the VAGP mod?
Need answers for 9700PRO Voltmod
9800 Aiw Problems
question about 4ns samsung tsop mem
Push V-Dimm past 3.2v on Max 3
volt modding rx9800pro
newbie question
ok can someone explain...
VTT voltage mod for the NF7-S 2.0 - a bunch of questions
VDIMM voltage "fluctuation"?
Volt mod for 9800 pro?..soldering?
v-dimm mod????
Amperage levels for mobo jumpers?
9800 pro 256 mb pecil mod?
antec 480 trupower.does it have adjustable pots??
Looks like I killed my 9800pro :cry:
200V 50hz AC pump on 110 AC 60 hz?
Enduro's Guide to the NF7 rev.2 VDD Volt mod [Retired sticky]
Any Vcore Mods??
voltage drop on MOSFETs
Need help with sapphire R9550 (128bit) mods
9700 Pro Volt Mod Question
GPU voltage readout on X800Pro VIVO
I broke ABit max 3 how to fix it
9800xt gpu vmod idea
vbt pot or vbt=vref on nf7-s?
pencil mod guide for X800 XT PCI-E
vmem mod
want more vcore on a7v333
Alternative to 9600 ffd mod?
worth replacing all my caps for my board
Replace VTT on NF7-S V2?
Help with Volt Modding
How do I unsolder the fets from a dead mobo?
9600xt voltmod problems
restart problems
OMG - check out this voltmod and OC results!!!
Urgent: FX 5600U voltmod!
Best method to turn off VR trimmers
9800se voltmod?
nf7-s maximum volts on mods?
Droop moded finally!!
P4P800 more aggressive VDIMM/VAGP MODS?
Abit VH6T V-mod/Tweaking Help
vdimm and other voltages
Failed Solder Joint for vMod, RMA?
Power supply volt mod: I give up