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DFI LANPARTY PRO 875B vdimm anyone?
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Voltage and Serial cables
anyone find a
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I need some help: Volt modding my 9800 Pro's core.
is this to much????
AC to DC Adapter to Plug Into Vantec Nexus Nxp-201 Fan Controller?
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8RDA+ Vmod Questions
question about vdimm mod for nf7-s
After Vmods what is the best way to check the voltage??
IC7-MAX3 vTT mod by custom circuit.
First go @ volt modding tomorrow
Need help in Montreal
im burning pots on my vtt mod any ideas??
Anyone know a cheaper source for SMD grabbers for Canada?
was wondering
ASUS P4C800-e Deluxe droop mod
NF7 VDIMM mod (need advice plz)
yippieee!!! im finished
kt266a chipset mod
new find... has anyone tried it?
9800xt vmod
Help w/ GA-7N400-PRO2/ 2400+
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Spray painting cables?
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9800pro Vmod kit
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Running Vdimm off +3.3v?
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Pot life span
athlon volt mod
2 mods down 3 to go
Gigabyte K8N Pro Volt mod EVERYONE LOoK PLZ
how do i.....
Solder guns
Is it possible to kill a card with a multi tester?
Punch amp mod 400 watter!!! Help me PLZ
Keep it simple
V-modding Shuttle AN50R questions
First Volt Mod!
Increase VDIMM om NF7-S 2.0
Increase V-core
IS& vdd vmod with pics...
Dual power supply mosfet mod???
Gainward/XFX FX5700 Vmod
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2cents on safe guarding your vmod
just finished 9800 vmod
Volt modding a slocket or Slot 1 board to produce a lower voltage
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Where to get voltmodding supplies online
Vddr 9800np mod questions!!
9600Pro voltmod.
a7n8x cpu volt mod..
AGP voltage freak me out!!!
EPoX 8RDA+ rev 2.1 Shutoff fix...
VDD mod for IS7?
fan volt modding questions
Good Multimeter
are there any mods for the ati 7200
Does Higher OHM = higher voltage?
Volt Modding AI7
OVP mod on 8RDA. How hard to cut is the pin?
mod vcore on p4p800-d
Anybody in Richmond, VA help me do the vmod?
winfast Geforce2 GTS vmod
Memory voltmod for a Gigabyte 8KNNXP MB?? WHERE can I find it??
FX 5600XT voltmod help pls?
Ic7-max3 Problem
energy ripples
Palit Daytona Graphic Cards volt-modding
Anyone in Southern-California willing to help me vmod?
Visiontek Xtasy GeForce4 Ti4400 128MB DDR
Anyone do a vddr mod for the GA-K8NNXP?
+5 Volt SPike?
help - laptop
9600 np volt mod
nf7-s r1.2 vdd mod.
Aopen AX4B 533
Looking for GA-7N400-L Volt Mods!!
GFFX 5200 vmod
What if ?
Overvolting Panaflo?
9600xt volt mod?
Overclocking My Gigabyte Pro2 & Athlon 3000+
Does mbm5 read proper vdimm after a volt mod?
Looking to overclock and dont know where to start please help
my fx 5700 ultra is running at 1.79?
NF7-S 2.0 Volt mod
When I do a vdimm mod does mbm5 show it?
Volt Mod
An7 Voltage Mod?????
did i buy the right stuff.
Crazy volt mod
volt mod a geforce3 ??
Modding 8500LE
feasable psu mod?
VDimm mod needed ?
How to solder 101
iwill dpi533
voltmodding laptop processor
How to solder?
help finding Vdimm and Vcore mod for leadek K8N
radeon volt mod
fx5800 volt mod
GFFX 5900 volt mod?
How to Volt-mod your GeForce 4 videocard
How to Volt-mod your ATI Radeon videocard
How voltage modding works. Can't find a voltage mod guide? Read here!
Volt Mod Horror Stories
Got a couple questions concerning volt mods...
Motherboard volt mods
New section!
Volt mod success !!
A7N8X VDD (Chipset) Volt Mod GUIDE! [Retired sticky]
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