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Build Log :: Project Red and Black is too mainstream ITX Edition.
FDs Semi-Interactive Server Build Log
Project Unity
Project 64:OC
Squircle [Scratch Build]
Tiny Box of Horrors
Project: Little Overkill
One Day Mod... Mini itx PC in Dental Camera enclosure (HTPC / Light Gamer)
Corsair 750D, Water Cooled, Project "Golden Night" [IN PROGRESS]
Project Abuse V2
Long time Modder 1st time BuildLog
Project Abuse - Nothing Special
Air 540 WC Build Log
Temporary Dorm Build
Mod in a Week // "APASF: CP London Edition" (Update: Campus Party)
Shinobi Black & Red
F4DE | By C4B
My first project log
Anniverasy Rebuild- Early Planning Stages
Project OSLB Colyn V2 (Old School Lan Box) (Updated: 20-06-13)
Project Professional
Alecks' nVidia & Intel build
project "eisberg"
Serve the Home
First Crack Of The Whip
Going copper(using copper pipes inplace of tubes)
Crimson Server Desk Module
Mod in a Week // "Fallout Cause SP" (Completed)
APASF "A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Future" (Completed)
Cold Winter | By C4B
Project Black and White
Bitfenix Prodigy "Mirror"
New Wooden Case Build
Slatted wood storage server and HTPC
project: Environmental monitor
Teac 500 HTPC
Budget Build
Project Resurrection [Xbox 360] E74 + RROD + Case Mod
My DIY SimVibe racing rig
Project Log: AGP benching Rig
Wall mounted water cooled bench tester
Yet Another NES PC
HTPC modding Cooler Master Elite 120 and Koolance
Project: Xbox to Linux box
Studio Project - !Pro Studio.
White Widow
[BUILD LOG] Tiny Liquid Thunder: mATX with internal water cooling!
Project Aldri Fornøyd STH10, 7990s, EVGA SR-2 & SR-X, Lots o' loops
HTPC, miniITX + water system
My Bit-Coin Rig/xbox 360(all-in-one)
Project Thief - Dual Watercooled Rigs - 3930K, 990x, 5 gpus, 8 ssds
Build Log ( well kind of ;P )
WaterCooling a CoolerMaster CM690
Noob...Ivy Bridge on a budget build!
Half-Project log
Portable HD encoding rig
Elite PC Design LLC. Personal EXTREME PC Build!
600T se White&Blue build
Project Log: Whopper!
Obsidian 800D 3x120 2x140
Htpc project.....(will it fit?)
My Attempt at a Benching Station
High Voltage. Small Case
Lian-Li First Knight Goes Green
Project Vitis
MiniITX server build
[Project Log] Liquid cooled "U" desk
[Home Made] LogicBox !
Plague V3
The Great Overhaul of 2011!
JEB CM690 Mod
[Lime Green with] ENVY
Project: Hacked Benching Station
Project Log: Custom Wooden PC Case in Maple Hardwood.
Book Media Center
Three Mile Island Revisited: E1.0
Project: Aluminum Water Cooling Case
Project Log: Server and Gaming Case
Corsair ObsidiGreen 700D
Project Storm (All in one HTPC/Gaming/Router/H20)
''Elysion'' Mod - i7-980X - Hextuple Rad - Cosmos S
External Radiator Case
Project Crosshair
Ford Mustang Cobra Themed Silverstone TJ09
Dell Latitude E1505 Remix Part 1: Desktop Edition
mITX media center (the whole shebang)
"Thideras Modded" Antec 1200
Paraflow build (moving from midtower to full)
Jumping on the Micro ITX Gaming Rig Bandwagon!
7Cubed, a mitx WC scratch build
Mini-ITX Gaming/HTPC Rig
The Classified Blue Folder
Project "Mars" - Scratch Aluminium mATX Case
[Project completed] Core i5-750 @ 3.4GHz
[O/C] Spray Off: Hands of the Gods
[O/C] The Sled - Acrylic Tech Bench
Project: Chernobyl
Project Silver
[O/C]Water-Cooled Router Mod Tutorial
[Project] A Feminized Mod
HTPC Network Hub
First Case Mod
The Black And Green Cheap Canadian Gaming Machine
Project: Impossible "800D"
Unnamed green monster
Nucleus One... Complete
Project Easy Red P182
Project: EVGA Classified SR-2 Case
Project: Bumble Bee
Project: Large Wooden Tower - Finished
"Thundering Bird" an In-win B2 Case mod
Jolly's CM-690 Case [Main Rig Revamp / Update]
The Complete Log of my Wooden PC Case.
Project Cataclysm
Project: Threshold
Jolly's Tech Bench 2010
Sub-zero benching station
Custom Vertigo Case
The Sled Acrylic Tech Bench
Project "I need a new name"
OCForums needs content editors!
Codename:69 - Case Mod
TJ07 i7 upgrade
Yet another deskmod from me
[Project Log] Melodious Redbox
Build Log: CPINTS Cool Practical IKIKUINTHENUTZized NAVIG Tech Station
Project Heavy Metal
Project: LAN Box MAXX
Project: Devil's Dark Side
Exoframe's Little Brother (UNNAMED)
Project: Rackmount Overkill
Project: Data Control Panel
Wts: Apple iPhone 3G 16Gb : $300Usd/ Nokia N97 32Gb:$400Usd/ BB Bold 9000 : $250Usd
Project: Might As Well....
TT Armor Casemod
[Project] Tyr Case Mod
(Project) water coolong in a mid
[project] NES mITX
Mother do you think they'll like this song?
[Project] SinkHole
project gear-box
Solid Oak Bench rig
Project Anima Mundi Redux
WC Form Factor - Build Log
Jokers CM690 Water Overkill
Project - Smooth-n-Fold Cube Case Mod
The B.F.L.
Project: needs a name...
My New Rig....
[Project] Birth of a reptilian kind of thing..?
Project: High-Rise
My MK 2008
Project: Rotten FOLDING Apple
7.62mm Full. Metal. Jacket.
Project: 1948 Philco HTPC Radio
Slim Desktop
Project: DVD player pc
Project:Over Budget
CM690 Water Build
TJ07 Build v2.0: Core2Quad, 8800GTX trade-station/frag-box
Project "WTF is that?!"
Project: Water-in-a-Box
Project P180
Realguns New Case
wooden case
Project: Chromebox (56k modem superdupermegakiller thread)
Mini-Project: Screamer(RAM Cooler)
The Projects of Wizard and Fox
Project: Out with the old in with the NEW .
My Plog: "The Wooden Box"
Project: Frag's Box
Project: Full WC in Lian Li A05
Lian Li updated
Latest Furniture Mod
Antec 900 Modding, Pt. 2
Xbox Pc
[PROJECT] Airbrushed 'BIOSHOCK' TJ-07
Project: Halloween 2007
HAL 9000
Project: Infection
5" LCD Display in Lian Li V1000 Front.
Project: Fit for a "King"
Project SLI 8800ultras
This ol' trailer is too small. Time for a double wide.
My HTPC 2.0: water cooled!
SuperDave's New Rig!!
Vio1's New Project (PICS)
PROJECT: fluffy.... bunny
Homemade MAME arcade kabinet
LOG: TV Stand v1 (HQ Pic or 2)
Project: Joined at the Hip... a.k.a. Poor man's Mountain Mod UFO
Project UFO
Project "Protein Tank"
Build: Resurrection Relocation
Project "Don't Screw This Up"
Project 1UP/HYP3R SNES
Project Ryanz Reborn
In Flames Tribute
The DoomzPunk Project
Project 28:06:42:12
Woody! 2nd Try...
Project: "Desktop" Case
Blue sun project (not 56k friendly)
RM Lappy Redux
Project Log - FushZero Deuce - Case and Cooling System Mod
Project: Mystique II
Project synaps3
Project: Ogborz
Project "Secret of the Ooze"
Project Polka Dot Girlfriend
Skull on Fire "Worklog"
Project Cyborgmind: Duo
Project: School Box
Project: Embedded Mini ITX & custom lexan case
Project CMstacker.
Testing begins...
Testing begins...
Project: OMG I ruined my Stacker!!! (not 56k friendly)
Project. W00t
Project: Silent Runner V1.0
Cheiftec matrix "Time to start cutting
Project: Evolution
Watercooled Stacker
Project Log: Reincarnation [56k OK, no pics or thumbs, just links]
Project Anima Mundi
Project: SPARC_Table (Coffee Table PC)
Project: Kuya's Kase
Project: Fix the mess i've started
Project: Sexy
Project Briza Extreme
Project: Watercooled Q-Pack
My first project "X-BOX"
Project: BS! (aka Big server) (56k Safe)
PSX custom case with cd tray
Project XBOX case
Project: Grounds For Divorce
Move to Antec Nine Hundred
Think Pink....
Project: Metal Slug
Project Skinny Case!
Pentium 2!!!!! "Extreme" OC lawl
Project Log: NCUV Blue
Project Oracle
Project: Stacker 1.0
Project Overlord (Update) *56k warn*
Project: SLI in SFF
Project: Smart Saving
Project Log : More airbrushing :) - enermax CS-718
Project: CM Stacker | Watercooling+ conroe update
Project: OCD (One-off Case Design)
Project: Silent Beauty!
Prjct: Armor Rv2
Project: "Final Phase"
Project: [~Doplatek~]
Project :gateway:
Fileserve/HTPC 2.0 - Finished
mDPX: Senior Project
Project: Compulsive
Project Tokara The 3rd.
Project n00b
One who kicks catkicker WC'd Kigwin SK-523 Silver Mid-Tower
Project: Cursed Treasure
Project: Black I
Ultimate gaming pc
My Cmstacker case mod..
Project Goliath
[ Project: Omerta ]
Proj. WC defender
Project: -CoRe-
Project: Fatman and Little Boy
Project: Logic
Project _-=TimberWolf=-_
Project custom wood case II- Danger Den
Project Clear
My totally custom PC case. *lots'O'pics*
Abominable Chenming
Project - *** Blackened *** (56k BW)
Universal External Water Cooling Case/Solution
The WaveMachster: Prommy, water cooled, dual cores, dual cards
Woody! Project
Project: Briefcase mATX Noob
Project: One for the missus ( more custom paint / airbrushing)
Lian-Li Case project
My first case mod project
SuperCinema: >60" HDTV/LCD Projector
-•=» Project: Illuminati Unleashed «=•-
Project: Passive Aggressive- silent overclocking
Intel PII to AMD AM2 3800+
[PROJECT] The XPS600 Annihilation!! - Help Needed
Project: Ultimate HTPC / Home Theater
Project ghetto PC #2,452 (I'm sure there have been lots of these)
Pimp My Comp (Changing the look and performance of my crappy computer)
The Simple Box PC
Project Flaming Silverstone
Visual PC Mods -JET GREEN-
My Latest Creation.
First true mod, looking for input.
Project Three Mile Island - Revision D2
Arca's Rebuild: Wire Management+Liquid Cool
Project: Jet Black - a Full Tower
Projects Cyborgmind, Fei & Regis Mark V- aka, making my house WIRED!
CDRW UV/Window Project
Now I'm Just Having Fun: Project Three Mile Island - Revision D1.5
Poor noob's midi-tower WC
Project: Custom Wood HTPC Case
Maviryk's Modding Services
PROJECT: ? (56k=ded)
Project: Phoenix
Adam's Ultimate Gamer Mouse - PICS
My first extreme mod
"MegaRig" Case Mod Part 2...The Panel
Project Double Wide
Project Car Rad: Custom Wood Case
Project 0ver|ord
Project Elipse rev.1c
Trying to Build a TestBed
Build/Mod Project: "MegaRig" (Pics included)
OMG! Another HTPC Thread
Project: Azz-Tech
630 build
Custom Cube Part Deux (56k Be Afraid)
Project Log: Lian Li Window
7800GS+Sonoma = King of AGP
Project Three Mile Island - Rev. D1 (Oh God!)
aquapcforum project no name
Senior Project: Rackmount Desk
Re birth of a HP Tower
Project...Copper Beast (case build)
Smoothie Mod
Project: HTPC
Abominable Chenming - [Watercooled Tower]
Project Nyx
Ipaq Makeover
Project: External Water Cooling
Project Venture I
Project Log: Industrial Strength Velcro (no case)
Project Dell is Hell
PROJECT: Custom Woody:
CM Stacker Bay-Crammage al'a SenC.
watch me build a car PC
Project Three Mile Island - Rev. C3
Organized Computer Recreation Area
Project P180 BubbleBox
Project Shades of Black
Project - Old Blue
Out of the ghetto
Worklog: External Watercooling Enclosure
Project: Blue II
Case Mod: TTX
Project: Passive Agressive
My little toy. 56k
Got Board with some Card Board *PIC HEAVY*
Full ATX Tower Case Mod (Going Brushed Stainless Steel - With Pics)
Project: FreeHTPC
Warriors Mod
Black Dog [56k warning]
ShellMaza's First Custom Kit.
Project: OverKiLL by BlueBall
mATXvs [Video Server]
Project Clear Rack
Centurion 5 Project Log (56K warning)
{Sliver Angel}--(Build Log)--(56K warning)
Start of my minilog...
Lian LI Aquacomputer project
Project: A Muffler for HAL 9000
Project: Stanley
Project: Dreamcast
Project - BioPhreak
Project: My attempt at a Psuedo BTX Case
Project: xbox
diy watercooling total casemod
Ev0one gets a facelift
Project: Warranties are for Dorks
Screaming Deltas (A Work Log, 56k Beware)
-·=»‡«=·- Project Vector -·=»‡«=·-
[JOURNAL] Birth of ?????
My WC upgrade and case mod...
Blake's Project: The Way a Cooler Master Cavalier 3 Should Be!
all custom aluminum case water cooled
Project Three Mile Island - Rev. C2
I modded what?!? (A 56K Killer!)
My Xbox project...sorta ;)
Project: Green Silence
Project: AMDpple
Project: Antec
Project: Electric Storm
USSR - Ultraviolet Suspended Spherical Revervoir
Project Plain Black .
Project Car Rad: Black and Blue
Project: custom oak case
Project: Alpha
Project=It's a Cane Thing (56K WARNING!!!)
Project: Pyra-Tek
Project: Circus
Started to mod YY-0221
Project: Moving a USB Port (on a Notebook)
Project- Custom Wooden Case w/ dual Opterons
Project: HAL9000-A 2U Modding Odyssey
Project Small but also Tall
Ruhe NMP -[No Moving Parts]-
Project: WOODY
Project: "Oh Hell" [56k? NOT TODAY!]
Mk.6 EMP -Experimental Modular Project-
My Water Cooled Project: Tower 1
Projekt Phoenix! Arise from the Ashes!
Project Blue
BOSSHEMI another 'stang-themed mod
Ancient PC: Retro style
modding newbie ~dom...
Project Angel [56K Beware!]
Ghetto HDD Cooler ( Cheap! ) + Pics
Project: Denali EC's Extreme New Case (like you would expect anything less)
Project Irukandji (formally 1666)
Project: Black Magic
Project beige case
Project Candy Apple Red (Car Theme)
Project Ubermensch (Beating Dell At Their Own Game)
My first proper mod please don’t laugh
Project "Fire & Ice"
Mini-HTPC Server
Project: Haxor-Jr.
Project: "Remora" -[Conceptual Stage]-
One Month Project
Project: Cheap mans UFO U2
Mustang Bullitt PC project
Project:Liquid Case
Project Log Rules
Project 'ink'
Just completed.
Side window project ...
Antec P160 + Water = Fun
Shuzzy's Lian Li V1200s Water Setup
Project: Dragonsteel
Project Treasure Chest
Project Silent night
The Big Black Beast - My Prometeia/Peltier Cooled Case Project
The "fastest" computer (or rather carputer) ever!! (56K beware)
Cheap Ebuyer Case mods
Project:. Clear Dvd/cd Rom Drive.....
Devil's beast remade
l3ored's Project Log
Air Filtration - Anyone done this before ?
Project BTTB: A minor mod job
New Project: Ugly to Uber?
Making small Copper ingots (Billet) from scrap ...
beginning my first project!
First Time WC/OC
The Ultimate College Student Mod [Death Row for 56K]
Project-First mod (need a window design)
Logisys Acrylic Case
Project: Lian-LI PC73SLB - Aluminum Fabrication!
Project OCC
WeldZilla 2 "A New Beginning" Actual modded case!
My major case Make over
SewerBeing's new home
Project F22
Project: double case/water cooled/built in monitor
Project: Obelisk
Project Log - B&B (Black & Blue)
My New Winchester Rig
~| Project Gremlin |~
Four Machines ONE Case
At SpeeDj's request...
***PROJECT SPIDERMAN*** 56k Warning!
Baby mk.V - Slow Project Log
Dereks Work Log *Project BluSteel X*
Project: .Arctic. (modding on a budget)
Project Aqua Di Acciaio
CypriUm - The Ultimate Water Loop Case
Project: Nameless
Project ET - LAN PC
Project: Black Avenger (v2000b)
Project: Router from the Abyss + IT LIVES! 11.08.04 Update!
Project: Wall mounted wood PC - 56k Unfriendly
Project: -= t0m's b0x =- [Total System Mod] Pics!!!
Check it...
Project: OptPrime Rev. 2.00 "By the books" - Update 11.01.04
Alienated! Alienware Mod
BRAINIAC: Dually loaded rig gets a new home
Project: Bumble Bee by IndiMint & OLMI
PROJECT: Blu pics, pics, pics
Project "I Wanna Be Like Shayne"
-Vio1's Lian Li V1000- *(Project Silver)*
My mini gaming PC- (my first fully modded rig) *56k warning*
Mod a Case With Me......... LOTS OF PICS
Project: OverMoD by BlueBall (Custom MODS!) *tons-o-pics*
My Car PC (divx/mp3/navi/etc)