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ASUS Motherboard M5A78L-M/USB3 speed issues
Questions about swapping board/cpu
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Small server board
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Asus P6X58D
Asus P5KC and 8Gb of ram DDR3
Update to F9 BIOS
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Asus P5K Deluxe
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Gigabyte RMA: Need Advice
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Northbridge on the 1155s?
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ASUS RMA on my Maximus IV Gene-Z - Not going to debug because of small 'customer
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I am the new girl
Fan Header on MOBO
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ASUS Maximus VI Formula
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Expansion Slot type
Just wanted to say Hello.
ASUS Fast boot?
BIOS Problem - Stuck at Splash Screen
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Theory - VM's in BIOS
Maximum PCIe slots, and cheap. Suggestions?
Pegatron A15 Bios Hidden Settings
Fx 6840 motherboard, i7 870 2.93 ghz processor, posts but will not install op sy
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Motherboard question
2500k on a z77 mobo
6 + 2 Power Phase Design: what does it mean?
What will I lose by going with a mATX?
Does anyone here modify BIOS files?
MSI Z87I Windows 8 USB3 Drivers
MSI Z77 GD65 Gaming question
oventrick no posting mobo's
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Anti Theft for desktop.
Motherboard Advice
motherboard go kaaplooie!
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can i paint the heatsink
AsRock's XFast LAN, USB and RAM settings?
Attempting to change to a diffrent bios chip with diffrent bios driver.
Saving BIOS Settings
Motherboard Opinions
XFX 780i mb came back to life... facepalm expert mode unlocked.
question about accer z5600 mobo
question about bios
z87 Motherboard comparison question
Best onboard video for mini-itx mobo?
MSI G45 or Gigabyte D3HP?
Multiple phase motherboards: the more the better?
time to upgrade board/chip
dell studio 540 motherboard question
Need help deciding under $175
Question about Motherboard Memory compatibility
HELP! PCI and PCIE-1X not working.....
Overclocking Pegatron 2AD5
Hard drive and ssd probs
will my mobo be eligible for RMA?
ASRock MOSFETs and Component return rates
RAM and Cooler for G41M-VS3 R2.0
found this article about the asrock
3-way SLI mobos incl older ones?
question about fans on my motherboard
Does my mobo support it?
Can I get a better Motherboard for 10-20 More??
Ideas that have made my overclocking easier.
GA-Z77X-UD5H Wifi no audio
Mobo damaged by ESD?
bad bios update no save
Motherboard may be faulty, comp won't start, which mobo to b
PCI-E 3.0 gpu
Upgrade help please
Updated hardware - won't boot
Possible BIOS replacement?
Looking for midrange motherboard
ASRock Extreme4 vs P8Z77 LE Plus
Testing Motherboard SATA controller
Motherboard upgrade question
64bit Low Power mITX board
cardboard case
Micro ATX vs ATX
Help with EFI UEFI :S
Can I do this or will bad things happen?
Sound card and PCIE slots
Uninstalling drivers
Looking for a mATX Mainbord
Did I mess this up? Solder PICTURE
Is this MOBO support enuf.?
MOBO+video card+chip and memory
motherboard battery
Bunch of Questions
quick question
CCTV lower power system
Motherboard renovating
Switched AMD to Intel; No problems
Best Motherboard for AGP x2 cards?
confused b/w chipsets for integrated graphics
Problem! help!
MOBO Won't Boot up (lights are on)
3 pin and 4 pin fan connectors on mobo
Motherboard up grade?
Asus Fan Xpert Confusion
PCIe question
AM3+ or LGA 1155 for new build?
Looking for Help In Finding a Motherboard
Possible Fried MB?
Good LGA775 Mobo for Overclocking?
boring few months for mobo...
New Mobo. 8pin 12v really matter?
Windows freezes after start up (new build)
Can my motherboard handle the GTX 660 FTW?
Pencil mod ms7254 isl6566 vdroop how?
Speaker on Asus P8Z77-V Pro/Thunder bolt
are Mobo's getting smaller?
ASRock's "Dehumidifier" Function
Worth it to upgrade for SATA3?
How to use the SS USB 3.0 ports on your case without SS USB 3.0 on your MOBO
Asus M4A88TD Realtek Hd Audio No Sound
Intel Skulltrail repair help
Help choosing a mobo
Display worked once on new pc
And another one possibly bites the dust...
MSI Z77A-G41 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard wi
micro mobo?
What is the best motherboard for llano under 85$
EVGA SR-2 and PSUs
Asus P8z77-v Pro/Thunderbolt build
Thermal sensor connections...
Server motherboard bios
Symptoms of a dead mobo?
ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Overclocking?
Processor or Motherboard
AK39N drivers source needed
Gigabyte endless boot loop - solution
Gateway SX2800
Asus P8h77-I not starting
MSI H77 Fan control
MB.G8101.001 SX2800 Motherboard
Motherboard for 1155
Socket 478 and Registered ram
should i pay more and go for a LGA1156 or just get LGA1155
is my CPU socket broken?
Gigabyte z77x-Ud3H problem
First time setup for ASUS P8Z77-vPro
save me
HELP! Remove Sellotape Residue safely from motherboard pcb?
4-pin PSU to 8-pin motherboard
Updating BIOS
Video and Audio over HDMI?
Need a Reference :)
Sabertooth Z77 vs P8Z77-V PRO vs ASRock Extreme4
Does Sabertooth Z77 armor help cooling?
MOBO replacement for dell inspiron 518
whats the bang for the buck on the AMD side?
Sabertooth Z77 vs Maximus Extreme
Board attached fan yes or no?
. . . looking for advice!!!
Asus or Asrock
Can we split x16 (physical) to x8 and x8?
smallest motherboard with agp 2x
How to test used motherboard?
ASRock Mobo have Audio problem ? ?
Lets talk ports a moment.
Help in choosing Motherboard VRMs ???
Memtest and a graphics card.
Is HD 7770 compatible with ASUS P5G41T-M
Mini-Itx Board Instantly Shuts Off
What does CPU VTT voltage do?
What does CPU PLL voltage do?
Maximus iv gene-z/gen3 Set Up Probelm
Pre-Purchase Question
Old SATA vs SATA 3Gb/s
My Motherboard And My Case Will They Fit ?
Is M-ATX a disadvantage ?
pcie 2.0 vs 3.0 performance
Dell Inspiron E1505 Mobo Swap
Decisive Choices...
Suggestions for a cheap NAS
ABIT Fatal1ty Fp-IN9 SLI drivers?
which system information tool should i bellieve?
Has anyone bought a Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3 from amazon
Which LGA 775 chipset/Mobo
USB pin connectors
Won't post
Motherboard Dead? Please help.
USB 3.0?
Bent pins
what drivers? :S
chose motherboard
Lost screw to northbridge heatsink
Can u Crossfire Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3 ?
What to look for when buying a Mobo
Mother board evolution
Gateway Research Doubles Chipset Limitations
Rampage III Formula wont boot
BIOS, how do you usually start
PCI Express
OC MY asus Sabertooth x58 1366socket with I7 920 2.66hgz
chipset options?
Forgot Standoffs
No POST Beep
BIOS Settings vs OS Software
Motherboards keep dying
asrock extreme 3 gen 3 ivy bridge
Mobo+sata 3 6gb
AHCI option??
Motherboard shipping help
mobo/hdd combo problem
Mobo standoffs
10 + 2 phase power delivery - WHAT IS THIS?
Power SW not working.
Please help, new computer does not power on!
PCI Express 3.0: impact on performance
Raspberry Pi
Motherboard Customization Limits
Help/opinions on new mobo selection strictly for O/C-benching
Black Screen & then Blue at idle?
Magnets on the Motherboard?
lenovo 9632 wcf
X58-UD3R or Asus Formula IV 890FX
OCing Northbridge?
Don't know why I said yes to this junk..
intel board overclocking Q?
Just a quick question
Asus and My RMA motherboard
Motherboard keeps blowing every few months :(
Simple mobo question.
Asus p8p67-pro Question
MB errors 30 and 80 but not problems
Why do mobo manufacturers do this?
need Mobo help
Mobo w/ UV reactive components?
sabertooh 990fx, can not get into safe mode
dell mobo
Is this a good motherboard
whats's a regular desktop and a high end desktop mobo?
Overclock on a supermicro board
Changing or Upgrading Motherboard
All I can say is... What?
How to edit/modify motherboard bios
BIOS Update Failure
Replacing CMOS Battery
what's the main advantage of a z68 over a p67?
ABIT Website To Go Completely Shut By End of February
EVGA Untouchables Released
Dual MB anyone ????
Long time sitting till BIOS screen comes up.
Recover trace with fingernail polish?
[GUIDE] Forcing backup BIOS on Gigabyte motherboards.
Via epia-m board problem
will these be compatible?
Ok.. So i built my system... Now what?
Older motherboard with a lot of DDR ram and ATA slots
2.0 vs 3.0
Swapping my motherboard
Motherboard vendors putting unnecessary PCI-E slots on motherboards?
Maximum processing power.
Help Swapping motherboards
Sata III, what is the point?
Front panel connector problems.
Installed a new heatsink so I could OC, now my keyboard wont work during BIOS
Constant beeping-R/W FSEG Test F000h segment shadow
UEFI and boot times, does it change anything?
Urgent Question
Asus P9X79 models
Do MoBo Manufacturers' RAM Compatibility Lists Mean Anything?
USB 3.0 to Motherboard
P5N-T Deluxe help...!!
Where Get Screws. What Screws Needed?
What Does Post Mean?
What Are PCIe x1 and PCI Slots For?
Does Linux Work on All Motherboards?
ABIT Motherboard
BIOS flash / overclock -> internet problems
Some questions about my Foxconn Mobo
Help update my bios
Asus Gen3 board help
Overclocking Acer Predator
pcie 3.0 ready board
Weird Observation: OC Unstable w/ many USB items connected?
question on reset cmos on evga x58
biostar G41 mother board with one IDE slot.
Chaning the motherboard without reinstalling windows
can i sli/xfire with this mobo?
Cooling fan loud noise
Need help deleting drivers
Need MB purchase help.
Gigabyte p67-D3-B3 maximum multiplier is 37x.
MSI mainbord wont accept PCI-e GPU? + BIOS issues.
Looking for an old I/O shield....help!
Server Motherboards compared to SR3 and others?
Shipping a Motherboard
Two sets of BIOS settings in GA-EP45-UD3P?
3 USB 2.0 headers
New Motherboard for upcoming Sandy Bridges
Asus Driver Agent
BTX Mobo's?
I'm torn.. what to do..
Supported CPU watts
Whats the hype around UEFI?
Best Intel or AM3+ Mobo ~ $200
90 Degree 24pin plug/adapter/thing
Raid 5 or Raid 1, opinions?
bios flash failure .:no screen:.
uncle bob
bios flashing app
MoBO help
Mainboard broken or not?
PCIe 3.0 on the south bridge and the x1 slots
Gigabyte Attempts to Debunk MSI's Gen3 Claims
Slow booting
If money was no option
nForce, why are they gone?
i cant find advance clock calibration in my BIOS
AMD or Intel Motherboard Purchase
Non-resetable BIOS password protection?
Cleaning A MB
can this MOBO handle this GPU?
ASrock Z68 Extreme4 (gen3) vs. Z68 Extreme3 (gen3)
Am I killing the board or bad RMA unit?
Motherboard Questions
Mobo "Caught fire." A few (questions.
What is the safer and better to Memory use To Maximus IV GENE Z
At what else should I look when picking a MB?
Quad monitor set-up with ASUS board
best type of capacitors for recaping mobo?
CMOS settings wrong after overclock.
HTPC, what to choose.
Replacement for P5N-E SLI?
Micro ATX Measurements?
Need a big RAM machine
What happened to all the motherboard brands???
are motherboard traces conductive?
.1 VCore Droop!!!!!
is my motherboard faulty?
Socket 775 Defect?
Cant turn off Amd c1e and crashing
Help I think I static'd my motherboard.
Will this fit on my GA-870A-UD3
Crazy Asus M4A88T-M problems
Mobo recommendation?
Intel vs Amd
Dual or Quad core
New rig Need motherboard help
Looking for a solid Motherboard for a Media Server
VERY wierd PCI-E glitch
Gigabyte Sata Cables
Need to Build Small Form Factor - mini ATX vs mini ITX ?
Using 2 GPUs for dual screens
3Gb/s MoBo with 6Gb/s Hard Drive
thinking of an upgrade...lga 1366 or lga 1155??
Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H x.x correct voltage and timing?
Need Budget Motherboard/CPU/Memory Combo
Possible to change OEM bios?
Looses bios settings when unplugged
Socket 939 or socket 775?
Advice on video editing motherboard
Do I need to reinstall windows?
Single phase,8x2 etc...What does this mean whith Motherboards?
Will this be alright?
Will this board overclock at all?
MB comparison sites
Need Old School Advice for a build
simple question
Mobo NIC dead?
0hn03z! I scratched my Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R...
gigabyte et dll
Buying a Motherboard Diagnostic card
PCIE Frequency and volatge - What, Why, how?
X58 SLi Le / Broken Track
A tale of removing a heatpipe cooler
Bios default
Memory upgrade for MCP61PM-HM mobo?
Is this Normal for Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 2 MB
Having trouble with settings on my GA EP EXTREME
help with GA-PH67-UD3
Are these SB mobos legit?
x4 bandwidth...
Want your opinion
Need Help for a good OC
In the market for a Sandy Bridge motherboard
Best brand?
Start up Screen
AsRock P67 Pro 3
Mobo ram support
A question regarding onboard video
PCI-E 3.0 When to expect its arrival.
FIC KT-400-A Pro Multiplier problem
No CPU/PLL setting
unsure what mobo
How good are ECS mobos?
Overclock Help (Asus P5KPL)
ASRock is the third largest mobo manufacture
The new beasts on the sandy bridge
Asus P55D-E LX RAM??
what is the difference between these models of asus p8p67?
NB voltage option equivalent on this mobo?
Micro atx boards and overclocking
Questions about PCI compatibility!
First post here...
Suggest a good board for my existing hardware
Is my motherboard damaged / warranty broken because of these scratches?
MSI Big Bang Marshal
motherboard cracked?
where did they go
Is there a MFG that still makes MB's in Taiwan?
Overclock Help Needed
Motherboard/CPU recommendations please
Upgrade from Striker II Formula?
Abit IP35-E Limits/Temps
Abit ip35 pro - bios inaccessible and no screen output of bios activity
How do I know if I got a used motherboard?
X58 or 890X?
pci x4 slot
Need some help please
Extreme frustration with gigabyte.
Baking a MOBO?
Caps on board general question
So I think my mobo is dead
What Motherboard for Gaming?
A games machine - MOBO wont start
Abit ICH7-MAX3 beeping problem
Help explain this tool!
BSOD and Dump files problem
PCI-Express x16 port doesnt work!
Replacing Capacitors and General Motherboard Repair
old trick re-discovered
Temperature sensor looks high
Westmere internal PCIe link vs HT 3.0 NB one
What's a nice MB that'll work with..
USB3 not working on X58 FTW3...
asrock k7vm3 found
upgrading asus P4V8X-MX
Help with probably Bottleneck
Replacing BIOS battery in P5Q-Pro
No dc amp probe
ASUS P6X58D and Corsair 1866MHz ?
Front Panel connectors help
AMD or Intel
Foreing Mobo??
mobo opinion
What form factor is Asus P5K-SE?
mobo base clock
Overclock on ASRock 4core1600-GLAN
Help trying to Overclock the Asus P5P43TD Motherboard
Assistance please: Looking for lowest power setup with multiple PCIe (and PCI)
Motherboard I/O Shield
ABIT fatal1ty sli card switch?
If I buy motherboard abroad, will BIOS be in foreign language?
Hard drive problems because of the motherboard?
Need help overclocking a Asus P5Q-EM
sata 2 and sata 3
Biostar nios update
PCIe Enlightenment
Evga x58 ftw3 or regular x58?
Front Panel Connector Help
Brand Perceptions 2: Least Favourite Motherboard Manufacturer
Brand Perceptions 1: Favourite Motherboard Manufacturer
[O/C]Load Line Calibration and You
What is the deal with all the Biostar hating around here?
1156 and 1366 memory ratios in bios
AMD based Sli or Xfire mobo
New Motherboard - should I reinstall?
Help me Choose a MoBo
Intel E2160 on Conroe945PL need help ?
Safe Mobo Temp
What should BIOS look like?
is a 10:8 RAM to FSB ratio bad given these circumstances?
INSTANT BOOT: Hibernating MEM image in BIOS
Mixing ATI Nvidia cards on a motherboard okay?
XL-ATX Holes??