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is a 10:8 RAM to FSB ratio bad given these circumstances?
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1:1 divider with 103.3 Pcie speed or 5:6 diver with 100.0 Pcie
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Cap replacement..10v ok?
PCI- X and PCI
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OVEN trick
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how do i find out what kind i have?
complete guide to overclocking ecs motherboards
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exact TDP
Alienware m15x PLL for setFSB
Soltek Model EQ3402M Drivers ?
Dell Upgrade List? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?
Good board for Battlefield Bad Company2
Thinking of building an oC'ed mATX gaming rig, looking for some advice.
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Comment regarding Getting to Know the Rampage II Extreme by nzaneb
16x, 8x, 4x Scaling for Crossfire/SLI
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cross flash from 4MB to 512KB
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Rewriting BIOS
Senior Foxconn management explains a high end 775 board
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Would a Asus Supreme FX sound Card work on a MSI Mobo??
What's all this "phase" stuff?
hi im buying a motherboard which is good for overclocking and opens my cores....
Question about the "Hydra" technology.
Overclocking a Pentium III 733MHZ
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Help with ECS board settings
Need help with Asus P5SD2-vm
Really interesting problem, any help is appreciated
replacing capacitors, what size solder and solder remover do i need?
GA-965P-DS3 (rev. 1002) question.
Who's using Asus Express Gate (or equivalent)
Switching Motherboards
Mobo battery/bios problem?
Abit BF6 (slot1 P3-550mhz) NO POST....
asus p6t deluxe v2 motherboard sound quality
Stable, reliable board manufacturer
Tyan Tiger MPX S2466 Motherboard HELP
DTX boards, where to buy?
Help with my overclock
asus p6 or asus bloodrage 2?
probably a stupid question
a xfx geforce 9300 775 problem
J/TPM and how does it work??
First Motherboard with SATA III and USB 3.0 Revealed.
few things
Those with the ASUS M4A78T-E 790GX COME IN!!!
S M4A78T-E 79Those with the ASU0GX COME IN!!!
Help enable HT (Hyper Threading)
ITX Build 330 Atom
Need help....ASUS M4A78T-E 790GX
EVGA P55 motherboard
BBS Boot priority warning
PCI-E x1 card in x16 slot?
How Many ppl use their comp's O/C thats not P95 STABLE ?
mobo warping
Selecting a motherboard.
P5N-E SLI "FSB memory clock mode" not working
Newbie Question Here
Questions on chipset;bottlenecking;and RAID.
Powering Motherboard Via PSU?
new mobo and ram
wet mobo
Micro ATX and x16 PCI-E
sound/PCI problems
OC, where to start
Diagnose Crashes
GIgabyte 914P
Mobo Fried?
New Motherboard
Help: What kind of motherboard?
Problems with my brand new system!
DFI Motherboards?
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Find my pll
Can you put a cd drive and hdd on one ide?
budget gaming build
ASUS M4A79 Deluxe - Broken
Successful jump start of mobo! (w/ pic)
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Gigabyte ep45-ud3r parity error
Got my mobo back today
AMD Motherboard Or Intel Motherboard - quad core or dual core?
ASRock warranty
Mobo with built-in hdmi
Computer Won't Start?
Getting to BIOS
Share your mobo tech support stories
Boot stops after ACPI controller and before DMI pool data on warm reboots.
MOBO for longterm gaming rig
How do I remove a warped MB screw?
MCP temps??
Very strict motherboard requirements, need help
Overclocking at GA P35-DS4
Question how to connecth the fans.
portable dvd player hack
Motherboard and PCI - safety?
Any news on Lucid's Hydra?
Question about XFX 780i
3 Pin Fan Connector
Question About The Asus KFN5-D SLI Motherboard
Abit IP35-E Raid setup
Bios Explanation please! : )
Mobo Shopping / How to search deactivated items at NewEgg
Building new system
IDE Drive Not Showing
CMOS External Reset Switch
Just curious
Drastic 3dmark06/performance plummets after bios changes - UD3R
P6T and Mushkin 998678 tri-channel 1600 DDR3
No Display
PCI Express x16 2.0
Looking for suggestions from those in the know...
MSI and USB Keyboards
power issue with my mobo
socket 370 mobo good for o.cing
750i FTW OC'ing
XFX 780i drivers, bios etc???
Suggestions and opinions
Which Motherboard is best?
Pico ATX?
CPUZ + 750i problem
ASUS P5K-E WIFI dont suport Crucial 2,2v memories?
Motherboard beeping
Fixing motherboard capacitor
MB suggestion for X4 9550 and 2x2Gb 1066MHz
GA-MA78GM-S2H (rev.1.1)
AMD vs Intel (Memory Module) - Timing or Frequency?
Chipset question
UMA and Discrete?
Cracking cover on a Choke cause problems?
Mobo advice
604 server and single core 2.8 xeon
Graphics Card Seperate from MB?
Noob OC a q6600 - temperatures over 100c! HELP!
Asus P5K SE/EPU. No sound?? Please help.
Is it possible?
Asus P5B, no post, GPU fan spining at 100%
some advice..
AOpen AX4F-4DN Motherboard Memory Restriction
ecs 780gm-a power issues
Familiar with BIOS for Asus P5Q?
Drivers to presario SG3209LA
help to fix it?
Intel or Nvidia chipset & WHY?
Trying to isntall new video card. Motherboard wont idsable onboard video
Help, I cant figure this out....?
Spread Spectrum Modulation ????????????
Overclocking w/ a BG7
pci-e 2.0 x16
Why do they have mini ITX, but not ITX?
Bios related restart problems?
Shoe string LAN box
Abit to bow out of Mobos
what are my choices
DTX boards?
asus p5w dh 45nm compatability
I've picked my CPU/ need mobo to match
Need another MoBo but don't know what to get.
USB Over current warning at start-up
Could frying a cpu damaged the mobo?
Does this motherboard need washers
Gigabyte Motherboard...memory RAM clips broken
Motherboard Compatible?
are there mobo's with some color
ecs g31t-m
RANT: Motherboard SB coolers
Gigabyte EP45-DS3R problem I think?
Where can i find a way to overclock my mother board?
Small form factor boards, without loss of power.
Why did they make mobos that can handle more then 4G of ram with out...
XFire Slot Speeds?
Board CMOS reset
[DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D] UPGRADE GAINS??? -->p35/x38/650i mobos
Using Nvidia & AMD - what is best
Foxconn deliberately sabotaging their BIOS to destroy Linux ACPI
Primary/Secondary Master Drive - ATAPI Incompatible. WTF?
Could a mini ITX board hande being a server?
I'd like a discussion on server and their mobos.
To RMA or Not to RMA
Intel P45 vs. Nvidia 790i
SATA 1.5 - SATA 3.0 mother boards
Intel vs. AMD?
Asus Maximus Extream bios question
Can't decide which mobo to use for my first quad
Motherboard needs more screws
How do you view the type of motherboard you have without going into the BIOS?
XFX 780i- Looking for a detailed oc'ing guide
Asus P4SD-LA (Which Code Name?)
A7V8X-LA HP/Asus Motherboard
SSD compatible motherboards?
Compatability Question
EVGA 780I FTW Final Testing Phase!
M2N-VM HDMI DRAM speed?????
suggestions for motherboard
Looking for Crossfire board with long life (Advice requested)
Things I'd like to see in every enthusiast mobo
Will remove the battery reset the BIOS?
Mobo won't turn on
Asus p5k se weird sound/noise/whine
aaaaagh dead CMOS battery
Striker II extreme 790i ultra vs P5N64 WS Professional
Help Overclocking Please!!!
Asus P5N-E SLI Help
AMD or Intel? Which one is better for gaming?
Trouble Overclocking
Buying a new motherboard, need some advice
ASUS Motherboard and ASUS RMA Question
Quick, simple question
Blond, Brunette, or Redhead???
Purpose for the motherboard "faceplate"?
CPU or motherboard problem?
Motherboard Choice Trouble?
Help me with M/B choice
Add chips to an old MOBO?
Gaming computer
amd mobo
eVGA 780i sound driver
First time builder
Restore Options?
advice please
Chipset process tech? 90nm, 65nm or 45nm?
Help! Strange Noise No Boot
CPU Clock Generators - Fluctuation
What is a healthy PWM/Voltage Regulators temp?
Pick me a Mobo
Duel core Vs Parallel Proccesing
Wondering about small form factor boards.
Need advice on swaping boards/CPU.
Trouble installing fresh XP on SATA drive
Attempt to OC Striker 2 Formula failed
My slots do no match up
How To Overclock The New EVGA 780i MOBO
Motherboard bios -ram volts
Can you run a tornado from a mobo fan header?
Universal Slots
Phenom, or wait for C2Q?
upgrading Ram on MSI 865pe Neo2, pc8500?
Newer Drivers
anybody familiar with the Fatal1ty abit FP-IN9 SLI MOBO?
RMA Motherboard question.
MSI Socket LGA 775 945P Neo3
Looking for a board
How do I tell if my motherboard is failing?
Washers on Mobo
highest FSB motherboard
Install SATA drive on P35-DS3R
What comes with it?
Urgent mobo question.
Doing a build... need to find a mobo
quick question
Nb Fan
Latex gloves and ESD???
Flexing Mobo?
Boot process stops before video is active. No first beep.
I need help!
Are voltages for LED headers under a the same spec?
L1N64 bios update?
Problems with mobo (i think)
New Mobo
Com Port bracket for a MB w/ only a header
24 pin mobo only powers on with 20 pin PSU
Overclocking on a P35C-DS3R (rev 1.x)
Award Bios, GIGABYTE, smart CPU Fan & fan fail warning
im building a new cumputer, and i need some help
new build, need help
Upgrading soon
Harddrive suuport
POST issue Intel DG33FB
Why doesn't ASUS make a badass mATX board?
Problems with mobo (i think)
Guide to create a partition to flash your BIOS from your HDD (Vista users only)
Help! DIP Switch Problem!
CrossFire Comparison: Intel X38 vs. P35
whats the diff between 16/16 8/8 4/4 hypertransport widthlink?
Disabling Integrated GPU
Requiring help on overclocking
Standoffs/Cardboardy thingies
Do I need a new motherboard?
LGA775 Heatsink Mounting Holes
North Bridge and South Bridge
AMD or Intel?
Cleaning mobo
Difference between Micro ATX and ATX
Swithing from socket a to intell??
939 mobo
MSI K8N Neo Platinum wacky ethernet - help!
opteron 248 and pci-e
NForce4 question
Need MB Upgrade advice
Activateing the Nforce 3 on board firewall
P4P800-VM Bios
MSI Neo2
Help on Picking the Right Mobo.
Time for a new build...
kick arse system>?kinda maybe?
CMOS Switch
Swapping Mobo in my Girls HP HTPC Prescott..
HELP! - Best Motherboard for Intel 6850?
Boot Devices
Is This a Good MicroATX Motherboard?
Large scale motherboards...
Best software to till you mobo info and temps?
Recommendations for new Mobo/CPU
New mobo to fit my needs
updating bios, without a floppy drive?
Best Chip available for a 939mb ?
Do all new mobo run w/ a automatic PCI lock?
Having trouble installing the motherboard into the case.
Where do I connect the 3 pin fan connectors?
Is it possible to...
Flashing a non-corrupted BIOS
Advice on mobo planning to OC
OC Help Needed Plz
2 ethernet ports
Double Post! SORRY!
Overclocking on a P35C-DS3R
choosing an overclockable mobo
micro atx vs atx and mounting
looking for decent mITX mobo
Im trying to find the best motherboard for these parts; im a gamer
Whats up with the ASUS Forum????
[Noobie Question] If I change my motherboard...
Piezo buzzer to the SPKR?
Asus or Gigabyte?
Remove Dell Service tag
QUICK question. ASUS P5W DH Deluxe
Can a HP Vectra VL420 MT be OC'ed?
Motherboard Repair Service?
OK why are the pcie 1x slots
Need recs on most stable MB that overclocks!!!!
No I/o Shield Plate??
Anyway to turn off CPU fan sensor?
Motherboard problem (I think) - Asus Dh Deluxe
Selling my p5w dh deluxe,now what?
I Need An Overclocking Mobo With Integrated Graphics
Front Panel Audio connector, there a standard?
Bent pins on 775 socket
Problem Mobo - Random Restarts
A Good Problem Which MoBo To Keep
Shuttle motherboard owners wanted
EVGA 680i Differences...
Would this work to upgrade BIOS?
Interesting No post problem
BAD Motherboard or CPU? how to troubleshoot?
Not Posting
MSI PM8M3-V Via Socket 775 MicroATX Motherboard
How do you handle your MOBO?
Where the hell do you buy motherboard those little jumper shorter things
Front Audio
Gigabyte 956p sd3 question
Asus P5B-Deluxe or Gigabyte GA-965-S3
Lost threads?
Cooling fan gone south
New PCI card video ??
Screw lineup on ATX boards
Problem with DFI Board
AMD's RD790 Shipping To Partners
Micro boards
How do you justify your upgrades?
mobo problem plz help
intel 975 vs p965
mobo help with cpu fan
Can i plug a USB2PCI Express Card into my Tyan Mobo? (Direct Links Inside w/ TechSpec
asrock motherboard help
PCI bus saturation/Need a server board
ECS 755-A2 potential
help getting a new(used?) mobo
Abit forums down again?
AMD Motherboard strange Orange slot
system restarted while flashing BIOS is it possible to repair?
help with mobo switching
Motherboard Repair
presario 6207EA motherboard
FIC K8MC51G (Socket 754)
ABIT USA Forum messed up again
ASROCK K7NF2-RAID Network controller prb
I need to know if this MoBo will fit in this Case.
Current Form Factors for Future Longevity
Communication errors with serial ports
why did new sata board name h/d H ?
since the gigabyte forums are dead.....
AMD/nForce to Intel/Intel. RAID question
anyone know what the fastest chipset for 478 prescott is??
Single CPU Application, need more power
Which Pins to Jump?
Please Help...Bios Mobo Issue
new mobo problems
Mobo Advice
Wierd BIOs problem; lockup after changes
ASRock K7NF2-RAID and no screen ?
LF Good MB to OC E6600
NVIDIA nForce 650i Ultra?
Help, Motherboard.
New Computer - Best Value?
Anybody interested in buying a broken mobo?
GART problems
plastic thing around RAM chip
Fried Motherboard w/ good close-up pics! ^.^
Local Fry's has Q6600 and free board for $848
Newegg has 2 versions of the evga 680i
Dynamic Overclocking
USB power celphone charger...
Need opinion...POLL
best cpu for asrock p4i65g