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Is anyone here any good at writing AMD BIOS's?
TUSL2-C damaged due to new heatsink :(
New PC: cant decide ><
microATX board in miniATX case?
PC Speaker needed?
What is "Burning in"??
Is it possible to...
The K3296-25M Power MosFET
Overclocking is a breezer
SpeedFan help please
Which boards support NCQ?
How long can mobo last?
Need Replacement bios ..
looking for Suggestions On motherboard and new CPu
Can I get a custom made bios anywhere?
Motherboards with Built in Wifi
HyperTransport and Front Side bus
Chipset Question, cant decide, dont know the differences....
Help me pick a motherboard
BIOS Chip question
Micro ATX Prescott 478 MOBO Recommend
Definition of a north and south bridge?
:( my bios wont flash
when was 1st mobo invented nad by whom?
flashing bios w/out a floppy drive?
flashing bios w/out a floppy drive?
symptoms inside !! take your best guess !!
Need help: buying a mobo
Did my motherboard just die?
FSB or Multiplier?
MicroATX replace uATX ?
Not Detected
How do you cool a MB?
Mobo chipsets?
Looking for replacement BIOS chips
Soltek mobos - only at newegg??
Best single pci-e nf4 board?
Which 939 mobo?
Looking for Best PC rig under $1000... your input please.
Help! I need to upgrade
PCI-E Boards
Ecs P4vmm2 V5.0a
Unwanted Under-Voltage on 3.3
Soltek excellent service:
AGP x1,2,4,8
help with OCing a asus p2l97
Power Supply not Turning Off
need help with bios..
need help choosing motherboard
4 pin power connector (what is it)
Quick question
What's a DFI mobo?
What Board AMD XP3000+ 400
Sony Vaio/New Mobo?
Dell? Overclockable or not?
nforce4 vs. nforce4 Ultra
Mobo powering problem, too.
Need help with the Clock settings on Albatron KX400-8XV Pro V2
board dead?
Need MOBO with High Volt for PC
Newegg listing the Gigabyte K8NXP-SLI, questions inside
All PCI slots died after a crash
cant find bios hook?
HELP! I'm building a new comp. --need help choosing parts!!
Couple of questions
Mother Board Chipset
Trigem Glendale
nforce 2 board
need advice on bad hardware buy problem.
Is there a program that can check to see if a mobo is going bad?
fixing a broken tab
Does anyone know what voltage the ide led use?
Are ECS mobos trash?
Another Caps Victim
Upgrading MOBO
Chipset question
Help Choosing
ecs p4 423 pin won't run help!
fic vb601-v pcb 1.4 with 1 ghz?!
FX55 Motherboard Recommendations
requesting input on this matter, thanks
a helping hand
A7N8X-EDeluxe Traps BIOS 1012 Problems
Looking for a micro board with OC possibilities
Planning 2nd rig, ABIT or ASUS?
what mobo
It seems that their will be sound storm after all
whats that mobo that can handle 2 graphics cards?
Odd BIOS behaviour
Switching Motherboards...
PCI-X graphics slot different how?
question about a new motherboard
What is this section? Where do I post?
onboard video PLUS add in work together?
Quick question aobut OCing
Help. what are these?
help me identifiy this motherboard please?
Overclocking USB???
Abit - Leaking Capacitors...
VIA 4 in 1 Service Pack Driver for K7 ??
Why can't I get there?
Anyone good at modding BIOS's?
Motherboard of 50$ vs 200$
pci-e and apg
how to test motherboard without a case?
Power Surge killed my psu and who knows what else...Help!?
Motherboard Fan Headers
4bit to 5 bit mod multi adjustment ?
PCI-E Question
- HELP - Dual Amd Athlon xp+
Bios beep codes..
Mini ATX Question
Can't Up Vcore?
Bios Flashing
BIOS Savior Chip not made to last? Reason for explosion?
Motherboard Type
Micro-flex ATX motherboards
91% alchohol + mobo =???
SLI motherboards
Replacing Motherboard Question
Help one who is all of a sudden behind the times...
Splicing two PSUs into one ATX Connector
Any Advices please...New MB
alienware mobo q?
Upgrading Joesixpack Emachine
Stupid mistake,need advice....
Refub Boards from Newegg Post ur experiences!
All Input Devices Gone
what mother board is in the new alienware liquid cooled pc?
APIC mode??
Locking AGP/PCI speed
Little Help from My friends please...
Multipliers and frequency
Why no Miniatx board for intel or Amd
It's be done 6Ghz...
OC Noobie need help
one RAM slot not working?
are there mobos that control fan voltages?
Weird question
What system monitoring software do you use?
Dual channel mode
BIOS issues when changing mobos?
Desperate Question!
I need a quick answer!
Best budget motherboards??
agp 8x scrap my game please help!
Sata Ii?
Can't get Audigy2 to be picked up on motherboard
OC programs
Games on a via mini motherboard.
OverClocking help
MSI Boards, AMD & Intel.. Also Asus NForce2
HELP: getting new mobo started
SFF with PC133???
Help! What is the better motherboard?
Hang on Boot with USB hub plugged in ??
Motherboard replacement problem
Safe Investment: AGP
Bad usb or bad driver
Thermal pads or thermal grease?
Re-install XP after mobo change?
Are newegg refurbs worth the chance?
Power socket/connector melted
What would you like to see in your next MB
Shoot me in the head... or help please :)
IDE Cable error at Boot
Are your negative voltage rails way off? Read this!
HMonitor or MBM?
Error on prime95 in first minute...
Bios Flashing Probs!
Capacitor replacement done the lazy way!
CPU Diode = 110 celcius bad?
Power Problems on New Computer
Vcore mods backwards
what mb?
Changing Mobo, Please help
strange problem... mobo at fault?
-12V is at -13.19V!!!
Whats a good OC'able mobo
why wont my radeon 9800 pro work with my asus k8v se?????
Mobo need grounding?
PCI-E + AGP, why it wont work?
amperage draw from average mobo?
Increasing Mobo Memory Limits?
Dual Channel on newer motherboards
Fixing Bad Bios??
48 New BIOSs Out
i need help quick with new comp
should I oc at all?
Bios problem !! Help !!
Motherboard Cmos settings Resets
avit is7-e temps
need urgent help with a p5gdc-v deluxe board
Help, I need some advice
Phoenix BIOS Beeping- Not on Beep Codes
Enough cooling?
Sound output has static
What to do about a broken CPU lever?
motherboard temperature control
Board FAILURE (pics)
Available BTX Motherboards?
Going from one Mobo to another Help Please ?
hp -modified MB
do i have to activate sound storm?
When will we see a mobo capable of SLI graphics?
Great sight for beep codes !!! All of them !!!
Please help, boot looping :(
Abit AA8 BIOS issues
n5010 fujitsu what mobo?
Mobo with ddr/ddr2 and AGP/PCI-express
what is I/O voltage for?
Programming ABIT uGuru, getting specs
Looking for a microATX mobo
New System
Having issues installing new motherboard
Ergggggg, Lol
adding a northbrige fan
What is cpc?
No OC possible with this setup ?
which processor for maximum compatability
gah i cant decide between these need opinion
asus p5ad2 audio problem
what are they and where do they go ??
Bios Update from Hard Disk?
rookie needs help
Usb Problem
Urgent Please Help!!!
how to tell what motherboard ??
Capacitor tops blown
Is this the right section to ask this question?
BIOS checksum error
Be Carefull with NB coolers!!!
Need some help on picking comuter parts
BIOS resetting to defaults by itself!
DFI vs. Abit
what do ya think of my new setup
Abit Rma
Help me please, Don't want to Fry anything.
HELP !! Ive crased and cant stay stable !!
nooo nforce2 overclock failure
Via Epia M PCI Bus Speed?
cheap intel vs amd system
What happened ??
BIOS options?
MOSFET/PLL Sinks + Crazy Glue = Stroger than some may think!
Do Mobos affect speed or just the chipset?
why is my mobo's plug area loose?
Need help with my Bios password
Clockgen and Win XP....not working as it should?
I need a small board
is my mobo short circuited?
Anyone found the PLL on a FN41 v2 mobo?
Is this Motherboard still good?
help needed, no vga
How to tell if the cmos battery is low...
Mini ATX Overclocker board?
what are the chances of my mobo getting ripped off the plate?
Need help Identifying.
Bios Saver
I need help please!!!!!
Undervolting? (noob)
Are there any motherboards thats let you go over 2.85v with out a Vmod???
help anyone please blue screen!!!!!!!!!!
Best A64 (939pin) mobo to use with duel Corsair 3200XL Pro mem (CAS 2-2-2-5)?
possible upgrade from AMI to AWARD?
Mini ITX without video?
How do I boot-up a mobo outside of the case??
What is "midi port address" in the bios and what does it do/affect?
Need help with BIOS flags
BTX Question
Removing Spacers
Universal VDIMM Mod
I like my motherboards well done...
Were can i find delta-l cd?
Faaaaaasssst FSBs?
dell motherboard
hsf mount problem
What went wrOng?
what you use to extract bios chip
smbus temperature monitoring
gateway motherboard in new case
DELL PRO'S help!
Abit Is-10 Pll
ATX 12V Power Connector
Powering on MOBO w/o CPU or memory - is it safe to do?
Can certain chipsets cause poor PC performance?
Programs to check AGP/PCI frequency?
When will the PCI Express boards be out?
Updating Bios On IDEQ200S
Taking out old motherboard
SBC questions
Scraped mobo traces?
Motherboard Question
Best Mini-itx motherboard
I Need Help Asap
soooo... BTX still not out?
Looking for manual/info for Azza PT-810DMC
Is there ways to overclock without using bios.
I need help with Heatsink Problem!!!!
How To Recover Ami And Award Bios.
Something Quarky
Will ATX motherboard fit in dell 4550 cas
A little bit of the Old, with a little bit of the New???
Sis R659?
Step-by-Step Tutorial on HotFlashing a Corrupted/Non-Working BIOS Chip
Help me pick out a budget MB
Black I/O Ports
Installing a motherboard?
ASUS A8V Deluxe vs Abit AV8
Help Please
Fujitsu Siemens SCALEO 400 mobo FP connections?
Foxconn break the fsb lock?
motherboard: fan speed control + 4 mounting holes
Strange CPU Fan twitching
HELP! scratched a trace!!
Abit AA8 or any other with 925 chipset ?
Installing Retaining Module/Clip
Static charges removal
Need help with USB Drivers for Asus P4P800SE
cheap PCI-X board
I need a Micro-ATX board with good OCing options
just wondering
troubleshooting problem
Intel vs. New AMD chipset?
Anyone had Promise Data Corruption? (Any MoBo)
Asus K8V or Nforce 3 250?
How much is 258FSB
Horsepuckie. Dead dfi?
Front audio
Albatron PX875p Pro?
The story of The Shuttle XPC SN85G4
Arrggg Pls H
Arima Hdamc Amd8111
Suggestions on mobo?????
help, weird problem
well what one is better of these 2 ?
Which board is better ? plz help
Cheap no-frills socket-A mobo?
Any new boards to come for socket 939?
is the ic7 g and the ic7g max 2 the same thing?
old mobo bios flash help
AMD 64 bit sockt 754...
I Need Help with my PCP800-E Deluxe
MSI KT4V (KT400) Memory slots question
Asus P4P800-VM any good?
VCORE limits on ABIT NF7-S & Epox 8RDA Series
Via Drivers?!
Best Socket A motherboard out?
I need your help!!!
Silent and powerfull - possible?
could I?
someone please help me with this 8rda boot error
How can u clean the AGP slot?
EPoX "EP-8RDA3I" Good Overclocker?
Socket 939 Boards?
Gotta give props to Asrock k7s41gx mobo
I need some Wisdom...
Good (available) P3 Motherboard?
P4p800-e Deluxe, AI7, or MSI Neo-2
motherboard help msi
best old boards
Intel recalls?
Computer autoshuts down after load
System lock up, could it be my mobo?
problems powering down computer
Best mobo read plz(o/cing A64 3200+)
Serious Problem...
775 motherboards
PCI Bridge
Asus P4P800...How good is it really?
A64 Mobile Compatible Socket 754 Mobo
Intel 865 vs 875
Which Socket 754 board?
could youve of been wrong?
Flashing Bios with a USB Floppy drive?
4 Phase Power
motherboard help!
Where the next mATX for A64?
The new ABIT MB may be good overclockers
I have a friend who needs help
DDR2 and Socket 939
Dual Socket A?
I dont no hat to do
how do you remove the power-on password on my IBM ThinkPad 600E?
Newb question, agp lock
845PE vs 915
Differences between motherboards?
Where could I find...
Check this out
Which of these 2 motherboards should I get
Problem with AN35N Ultra
AOpen AX45F-DN : Not over 1.6 Vcore?
A64 grand overclocking mobo
New mobo? Promise Cntlr? SATA?
Abit Ic7 Max3 Or Dfi Lanparty Pro875???
different mobo quality in different companies?
Whats a good motherboard for my computer (AMD 64)
In the market for a new MOBO, what do you suggest?
Critical Errors
Main-board or Memory?
So my BIOS ship is fragged...now what?
Max Fsb
Mobo Temps Soltek 86spe-L
IC7-Max3 Or P4C800-E - First Intel system
decent, cheap P4 mobo
More GeForce to IC7 Problems
Power Problem
HELP! Can't install XP!
Which to get: IC7-MAX3 or MSI NEO-FIS2R?
Mobo cache?
Going Intel
Need mobo/ram, have a lot of money
SBC problems!
Are DFI good boards?
Would this mobo work with a celery 2.8
No POST after BIOS update
Gigabyte GA-VT800-L, Prescott, burnin software
abit motherboard testing pictures Very cool
How Accurate is MBM5 and your Mobo Sensor?
Stupid Mobo!!!!
Resetting my BIOS or CMOS
HELP With VERY old board
Mobo Flashing Help
Old K7T Turbo question
What makes the NF7-s a good overclocker.
Repairing/Replacing Laptop Mobo
New AMD motherboard...dual socket!!
Um, this may be a really noobie question..
Does anyone know of any Athlon 64 939pin Mobo's that will be released soon?
pci express mobos info
What size/kind of screws do I use for mounting motherboard?
Wow, Epox RMA / support sucks.
PCI Express?? what is it?
Seeking a little bit of opinion/info blended together lightly. :)
When are the new Intel Chipset suppose to come out ?
Can't POST, memory beep codes! HELP!
How much Arctic Silver 5 between waterblock and chipset
Problem With AGP/PCI Lock
Lanparty Ultra B problems
cheap good oclock p4 board?
Onboard Surround Sound?
Is it Possible????
Pc 3500 ram in a 400 FBS mobo?
Getting close to complete rig...need some help!!
What is better.... A7V8X-X or an A7N8X-VM/400?
Microstar oc
Help ! Asus P4C800 -E Deluxe
Abit IC7-Max3 and Thermalright Heatsinks
need help to cancel pat in ic7 MB
Abit AI7 guru
A64 Mobo
Possible to get >1.6 vcore on MSI PT880?
Poor overclocking NF7-S??
capacitor question
Asus p3v4x
Well... A new mobo didn't fix it...
OC'ing a dell 4600
Where do I plug this in at?
No audible beep!?
PLease Diagnose My MOBO
GA-7DPXDW problems
Asus P4P800
MicroATX board with dual nics?
overclocking a QDI P6I440BX mobo
lapping a chipset
nf7 weird boot problem
ABIT manufacturing website?
MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR: Modded bios? HELP!!!!
Quick motherboard/ram question
Motherboard Beeping
Best Budget/Mid Range AMD Board
Is My MOBO Toast??
can blown caps cause video errors
Black screen, my PC wont boot :( whats wrong?
What is this plug for?
Dual DDR tech.. I need *two* sticks?
fan speed control? cnps7000a support?
NF7-S RAID Question
DFI Lanparty OR Abit For AMD ocing
Getting a new mobo and case, would like some advice...
ABIT N7F-S and XP-M 2500+
Available A64 motherboards and their features
IC7 and ram speed setting
Disabling Riad drivers