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Agp aperature size??
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Spread Spectrum?
Help No Vidio I
computer wont boot
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mATX or flex ATX motherboard/processor for a mod.
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2600m in A7N8X 1.4 screen turning off help
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Upgrade Timer
multiple sockets
FSB jumpers
cant oc higher than a 2.8 @ 3220 with my mobo
jumper for mobo
Questions about ASUS P3V133
Chipset cooling....
new mb - asus abit or soltek? also question about dual-channel RAM
new chipsets
Msi neo 2 pls oc probs???
Need a new Motherboard.
Flashing bios no cpu?!?!?!
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Wake on Lan with a p4p800... part 2
not posting!!!!!
Can I put a better mobo into a DELL box?
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Help, changed cases and now have no sound
my gaming rig
ABIT NF7-S Rev. 2 and amd cpu question?
New mobo dont want to reformant, help please
What AMD board has the most accurate temp monitoring?
My latest OC problem with my P4C800-E Delux
Is thier anyone with a P4C800-E Delux that thinks the temp is reading wrong?
p4p800 DLX wake on lan
*sniff sniff* my poor mobo..
overclocking amd 2200+ thorugh(how ever you spell it>.)
Which mobo to use? 800fsb or 533fsb
Damaged chipset?
Help with my D865PERL
my board fried
New Motherboard Question About Memory
NForce2 Vs NForce3.
Does anyone else have a problem with the limitations of the P4C800-ED?
+++Help with some oc tips & bios settings.
A64 Mobo Question...
Mobo bios
Fx5200 vs Chaintech Mobo
Unable to lock AGP/PCI frequency?
help with mobo and casing
Memory boost with new Nforce drivers
Will this motherboard work w/this CPU?
grounding prob, need help fast!
backside of motherboard question
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe question...
Asus K8N-E Deluxe Release Date?!?!
Could these symptoms indicate a damaged AGP slot?
what are dangerous mobo temps?
which board no moddin'
At a loss!
Tier 1, Tier 2... what does it all mean?
DFI Infinity or Lanparty
Shuttle AN35n Ultra --> DFI ULtra-Infinity? Worth it?
best o/c AMD mATX mobo
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NF7-M, mic problems
Abit NF7-S or DFI NFII Infinity
Abit IT7 Raid Controller
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My dad's Epox 8RGA died.....
Abit NF7-M, mic problems ??
Overclocking with a XP2600
Link on how to swap out MOBO w/o reloading Windows
Best processor for Gigabyte's GA7DXR please
Mother board O/C capability
Help Quickly!
Question about PCI lock
intel board question
NF7-S v1 Ram help
Gigabite K8N-Pro
First time Boot Problem
mobo problems
AMD 64 mobo's
Overvolting CPU At Stock
another monitor (no signal) issue
Asrock is Asus?
Mother Board Drivers
ecs 648fx
Looking for ALOT of info
Asus rma
Could you please stop in and give a guy some advice?
OC a Poweredge 2300?
asus A7n8x failed memory test
m848 only auto-detects HDD sometimes
Abit AN7 and multipler
should I replace my msi sis 648 max??
New MB
Help With O/c Abit M/board And P4
Please help...
Oh no... not another one of those which mobo threads... (sorry)
IC7 vs. IC7-G - besides Gbit ethernet & IDE to SATA adapter
Oh God, Help!!!
Looking to overclock new system
Broken Plastic Motherboard Heatsink Bracket - And Easy Fix!!!
Help with Biostar U85868 Pro
Shuttle AN35n ultra 400 compatiable w/DDR466
nforce3-150 agp/pci lock
asus a7n8x non-dx owners report in
Mobo Upgrade worth it?
Asus A7n8x Deluxe prob
VIA Pro266 Have PCI Lock?
monitor stops responding,turn off for it self
Need help ocing
Looking for the BEST available AMD Socket A Mobo
Best, Budget Priced NForce Board
General Question - Laptop repair
Support: A7S333 by asus, cant power up.
Identify a Mobo
Rig Setup
P4C800-E Delux BIOS question
a7n8x ver 1.4 200fsb posible?
Anyone got an Abit K8V Pro?
Need a small favor...
How to manually overclock on the P4C800-E dlx
How high could RAM go in this mobo?
High Quality P4 laptop for <50 bucks?
Will removing the NB HSF void my warranty?
question on mobile processors...............
ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe Advice
2. 1 pci compliant Motherboard?
Abit and Asus CPU Temps: Fact or Fiction?
P4P800 purchase
MSI 865PE overclocking Possible help for others
CPU & Mainboard Cache
Difference between socket A and socket 462?
Optical Drives not detected on Mobo? Frustration!!!!
Is there a setting in the MB Bios to change the Memory Ratio on my P4C800E-D?
Raptor Not detecting in windows install!! HELP ASAP!!!
DX6G Plus Question
What are good temp to keep my P4C800E-D mobo under?
soyo SY-P4VGA
My 1.6 duron will only go 1.2
need help fast - fsb issue
BTX and PCI express
Gigabyte GA-7VT600 & Top Performance issues, anyone?
Dead Video Card
Dr Dos
a bios question
Need opinion on a board
Abit IC7-MAX3 temp readings?
Which nForce2 MB?
Why do Intel try to confuse me!!??!?! How can I choose?
cheap, decent mobo for p4 2.4b
P4C800 Deluxe... is it the right decision?
36 Mini Itx Boards!!
Bios went nuts
A Motherboard.
P4P800 Delux
A64 HTT multiplyer, and NF3 250 Chipset
el cheapo mobo for submersion question
ic7 max3 chipset voltag?
it happend, lan party b ultra
Major probs
Will I need to reformat?
Clock chip help needed
a question for ya all ??
how would i volt mod my asus a7n8x-deluxe
When are NF3 250's coming out?
Does 845GL support HT?
AGP 8x vs. AGP 4x
Can it support THIS much power?
good mobo's
+++ pls recommend a stable, 'socket a' mobo for mobile 2600+
Anyone with an Intel D875PBZLK i875P Motherboard?
How fast KM400
how to get more fsb?
Asus k8v deluxe compatible memory
need socket A mobo advice
ABIT 1C7 causing 9800 pro problems?
Smallest motherboard
Purpose of these holes?
Every other boot no keyboard/mouse..
Problems with o/c'ing a MSI PT880 motherboard
looking for best motherboard for the money....
AMD 64bit QUESTION regarding a good mobo?
KT133 :: Architecture or Cooling?
single or duel cpu mobo
Best Motherboard for P4ht
Looking for mobo 2.4C to overclock and Must support old 9700pro
Searching OC Mainboard for P4B 2.4
Overclocking question about the jumpers.
P4 Hyperthreading motherboard recommendation?
Which NForce2 MOBO?
asus a7n8x-deluxe cant set 8xagp for ati radeon 9800pro! WTF
agp voltage k7d
Need Help finding a utility
Southbridge Comparison
Aahhh, I Wanna Break Something!!
Best Motherboard / CPU combo under $200?
Do Intel boards have these same issues?
How can i overclock my 2.4B with on this Intel Motherboard.
ahh finally
Trying to OC 7n400l & xp 2500 Barton
Most oc-able mobo?
Amd Pin-mod
New System build w/ A7N8X
Tell us if your mb is capable of 301fsb+
should i get rid of 8rga+
Help with gigabyte GA-7n400-L and Amd Xp1700
Which mobo ?
Which motherboard?
ECS 755a
Dfi Infinity Setup
aopen sis655fx motherboard?
Celine Dion and my Celeron gone?
MSI 865PE Neo2
bios oc problems
Abit AN7 Memory??
no northbridge=cost savings?
Bios settings?
Heatsink and Bracket size on P4C800-E Deluxe?
Integrated video and folding, Performance hit?
mobo? agp?
Looking for a good overclocking a64 mobo
Dodgy Corsair and BIOS
Just found this site again(a64 mobo roundup)
Funny Sound, Not a Good Thing I Think...
Help w/ Mobo Power Issue
Can a motherboard fry a CPU?
Ok stupid question but..
Help me build my new computer
how hot can a mobo get?
Upgrade or Jump the Ship?
bios hot flash
any way to get...
Motherboard Selection
asus a7n8x-x nforce 2 help..
L7S7A2 booting help :(
Very very not good....
[Performance Mode] in BIOS
mbm5 question, need help
can't boot up computer!!! (bios problem?)
PCI locks effects on southbridges
Time dilation effect
Sappire A3-M27e mobo prob
My journey into DIY motherboard trace repair
Good Mobo
Computer-Building advice wanted!
good but cheap mobo?
What is the Best Motherboard Monitor Program??
Settings for Overclocking P4b533-3
SOLTEK KT880 mobo
A few motherboard questions.
Problem with motherboard
OCing my 2500+
Sugg for a good mobo with Nforce4 video
Voltage Rails Dropped After Switching Motherboards
best ram for MSI K7D with 2x2600+ mobiles
building a computer
Motherboard purchase (help deciding)
looking for pci lock mb
refurbished mobos
abit or asus for P4??
question on fsb!!!
Mandatory format with New Motherboard installation???
Old Biostar Board Question
Problem with Shuttle mobo, cpu or ram? Haven't narrowed it down...
"CTX" Mobo Standard
New NF7 owner, New 2400M owner
Upgrading Mobo but not CPU need to make sure...
What is the best Nforce2 IGP Micro ATX board?
Blame it on the P2B or the new CPU?
Buy Athlon FX now or later?
mobo issues still
PC133 Motherboard?
FSB speed
Link to NVIDIA drops SoundStorm from the upcoming nForce3 250 chipset
MSI K7D Master help
ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe Audio / Firewire connectors
noob FSB Question
865 vs 875 mem bandwith?
Asus A7N8X SATA probs...
Looking to purchase a new motherboard
Help me overclock please
Can install OS on with this mobo
Got any info on new RDRAM boards?
where to buy an IWILL MPX2 motherboard?
Fried my motherboard...
someone help me find the right bord?
higherst fsb attainable with intel 865p chipset?
Is my NF7 gimp or what?
Changing 400FSB to 533FSB
Can you get an Nforce MicroATX motherboard with onboard VGA?
Overclocking problem
sata connector...
finding what type of mobo i have
NF7-S power problem?!
Dfi Dfii400-al ?
Help with overclockin a P4P800
What mobo should I buy for my newbie friend???
AI7 or IC7-MAX3 or P4C800-E Deluxe
Info asap :d
What are the symptoms of a bad bios flash?
Need Desperate Help - :O
Help selecting a MB/CPU/MEM
Killed my NF7?! Please help diagnose...
****! My agp slot is broken!
Gigabyte GA-8I875 Ultra
pc chips lottery/whats my clock gen ?
Should Iupgrade with PCI Express on the horizon??
NF7-S wouldnt boot up
True PC envy!
Pentium 2.4 or 2.8
Vcore, vdimm, psu rails, software monitoring and DMM's
Soo.. Can you retrace motherboard traces?
Vdimm mod question... pls help
Gigabyte 7DXR/DXE AGP/PCI Divider ?
any ideas?
Upgrading to AMD64 from xp1800. please help me pick a board
Need Suggestions for a new Motherboard
BIG NF7-S Problem
Help with an Asus P5A-B, please
a7n266-vm overclocking woes
Brand Comparison
re:Epox Nforce2 Ultra 400 EP 8RDA3+
Nf7 wont work with ABIT EQ
ASUS A7N8X-E - Supported RAM?
Old mobo, sb82437vx, need manual
Fried the caps on old skool 4BDA...
Fast Writes on IC7-G?
New Ram and a Gigabyte Motherboard.
God Please Help
VIA PT800 & P4 3.4ghz problems
First time builder needing help
KT600 or GeForce2 (with no northbridge fan) to replace KT400
Old Kinpo KP6IBB MB
How to get the computer to see dual 2400 xp processors
Hello Again Quick Bios Questions?
NF7-S or NF II Ultra Infinity
Best Nforce2? - Abit NF7-S, DFI NFII Ultra Infinity or Epox 8RDA3+
Bios ?
New Build Need Help!!
What is going on? PLEASE help...Drive issue, Windows Restarts
Motherboard overheat?
Oh hell, please help me!
What Motherboard Do I Have?
New motherboard standard?
Which MB?
What is the best motherboard for Pentium 4?
K7vta3 V5.0
A7N8x-VM/400 not recognizing Barton
Albatron boards?
Is It Dead Please Help!!
how do i make a CD bootable?
Should I or Shouldn't I?
Hybrid Booster - a safe overclocking feature
im stumped!!! any ideas??
Bios for Soyo Dragon KT-600 ver.1 needed
Motherboard selection
Best replacement for my dead EPOX 8RDA3+ ?
wiring the board right ..
ABIT IC7 Problem - Turns on then right back off.
Can I change my Mobo #1 LPT to act like a #2 LPT or know a Mobo with 2 LPT Port?
Overclocking on Tyan Tiger MPX motherboard
newbie ocing my ASUS P4C800 Deluxe w/ 3.2Ghz and 4x512 Infineon cas 3.2 ram
Celeron500 with intel ca810
Chip Needs to be overclocked ?
Need help with my new comp badly
Overclocking shuts onboard sound off!
[COLOR=red]SOYO:[/COLOR] [B]To be or not to be.....[/B]
SATA not recognizing on KV8
Problems updating BIOS
Updating Bios
Asus TXP4
Would a new bios chip fix CF error on 8RDA+?
dfi lan party 875b pro
Dfi NFII Ultra Infinity Vs Asus A7n8x-e Dx
Question about USB bus power driven HD
Asus A7V8X-X + 2800 XP BARTON HELP please
A7V8X and 1700+ cant overclock?
Old Asus P2B motherboard, diffrent revisions?
Dont know which p4 mobo to buy
First tweak NF7-S
URGENT AI7 Pics needed
Troubleshooting FAQs
Board for This System? HELP
Motherboard Beeps!!!
price/value/performance micro atx motherboards? (w/ cpu clock multiplier & volt)
If the AGP and PCI busses are locked, then...
ABIT KX7-333 and 9600XT
URGENT : Motherboard/memory problem. New Infinity MB
BIOS chip swapping between boards
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe "Turbo Mode"
whats the best overclocking mb for the a64
A first look at an nForce3 250 board by Chaintech for your Athlon 64
Abit AI7 boot issue.
ahhhh i dont know whats wrong
Soyo KT400 Ultra Mobo
Is this a good mobo?
Dual Tualatin mobo?
$200 mistake
MS-6323 switch SW1
P4PE-X Flash P4PE's Bios
Onboard sound Vs soundcard?
Sensor problems.. Dissapointing.
Abit Ai7 or 1 of these Asus boards?
help with a msi km4m-l mobo
Could my MB or BIOS become corrupted from changing DDR timings?
dfi infinity
Motherboard Compatibility for HP
I'm looking for a new board with the following:
Unruly Motherboard
help with Delhi-III Mainboard....
Can you flash bios with a CDR?
SATA Raid mobo support UATA Raid?
synchrnous or not?
mobo for 2800+
asrock K7S8XE
ummm i messed up
ASUS A7N8x-E deluxe VS Shuttle AN35N-ultra
Motherboard Selection
Do you NEED to cut traces?
Basics of Overclocking......
i think i fried my MB :(
MSI BIOS Update procedure.......Sad!
Sound problem with A7V8X-MX ASUS MotherBoard
Abit IS7 Great deal for $50
Bios Updates For Week 10
A7V8X-X Won't POST.
i need help
CMOS jumper.
o/c with asus-a7n8x-e deuluxe
Asus website is stupid and never works. I need Asus Utility!
ABit vs Asos
The new MotherBoards
Aopen AK79G-1394, max. FSB?
Cannot get fsb to 200mhz A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
need advice
Bios Savior question..
Company and RMA
Asus P4C800, what RAM???????
How to overclock FSB? I swear mine wont.....
I'm getting the is7-g
System won't POST. Long persistent beeps
Need documentation for an MSI K7T266 Pro2
Power Supplies Are More Important Than You Think
dmi pool data???
Replacing motherboard...
Will higher voltages damage the processor?
One little slip. Protect your mobo.
IC7-Max3 or P4C800-E Deluxe
Need help! touched aux fan + - now no power
I'm a little confused...
mobo and cpu questions
kd7 nortbridge cooler
Help on my New System for overclocking..
asus an7n8x-e deluxe dual channel question
Uh oh! Leaky caps?
NF7 Divider Help Please
Dell 4550