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Benchmarking Forum?
LightV2 updated menu options showing incorrectly?
What is Thread Jacking??
Trouble Accessing Site
General Discussion Forum
OCF fonts messed up under Chrome
why cant i post in the general discussion forum??
vBulletin 3.8x bug?
Forum back online: Welcome back
Newsletter = broken
Can't view thread?
Forum runs slow and crashes a lot
PM sent folder
Twitter Logo
Avatar sizes
Emoticons in forum threads don't show up on the comments on the front page
Please create a 3D Printer section
site slow and images not loading.
Wierd problem with a particular link
Team Banners
Links on mobile skin
Whats up with the classifieds?
Thank You button
[BUG] You entered an Invalid Skype namer
Access to Classifieds
slow page load time
Mobile Site
Forums are almost dead for first time since I've been here...
No attchment option for new or reply thread posts.
why can I post anywhere but the general discussion forum
Harware sale heads-up thread?
Icons blocking the close "button" for the news at the top
cryptocoins area
Thank you OCF
Animated GIF Avatars
Why no Banners?
Is a .edu or any other non .com email still needed?
Would like to see a Mac Harware Forum
Odd admin log in thingy popping at random
Poor Forum Performance (my problem, just seeing if others have it)
I've been a bad spammer, please don't hurt me too much
These forums are the best!
website slowing down or becoming unresponsive
Constant "We miss you" Emails
Condensing forums
Theirs something wrong grammetically on the sight!
C'mon Man
ARGH iNET Interactive! You evil geniuses!
Forum Server Issues Today?
Edit Signature problem in Chrome.
Other Software?
Registered user
Short Term Blacklisting
I dunno what happened, Chrome hung and gave me an error that there was a timeout
Am I blocked?
Did I just get blocked by the firewall?
description under your name
Curious about the "Alternative operating Systems" designation...
best forum around
Can't change skins
The "new" look...
The little stars under our screen names
fatal error memcache
Site Improvements: Attachments over CDN & vBulletin 4
overclockers.com is not responding due to a long-running script.
What do the + signs mean?
"Search this forum" cursor placement
Option to prevent bumping old threads
Server crash?
Mod Hotline + Recent Posts
third star
Benching Area /hwbot rankings
Can't access the classifieds anymore?
Potential Issue with Comcast?
No "Thanks" button?
Strange Popup
Auto-Refresh has gone Crazy!
Overclockers.com being reported as malicious by stopbadware.org
Email subscription notification changes?
Mobile App attachments
Poll Suggestion (Theme Related)
Connection to OC Timed out
Why no signatures for mobile?
Reply Button
Resolution for attached images
Thread Tools, missing subscribe link.
Forum change?
How can i change my title?
User profile oddities
Mobile skin "my posts" updates
time issue
Default Forum Skin
New forum buttons
could you add this
The site is Buffering again!!
Cleaned up CPU, GPU, Mobo, & Display/Sound Sections
Try something Radical?
New Feature: Thread Summary
PM error message
If you want tapatalk, spam this thread relentlessly
Inconsistencies in the color of member's info
Surfing the forms it seems faster when opening posts
Known Issue - Problems with some forum plugins
[Attn: IMOG] The DIGG TWEET LIKE frame at the top, make it go byebye?
nightly maintenance - fixed (US West Coast)
Forum intermittent connection
New thread button only shows up if I toggle between Mobile and Standard skin
Forum slow and unstable this afternoon?
Time for a "Galaxy Deals" thread?
"COTM" Computer of the Month?
Updated Forum and Thread Pages
Chrome calling some pages Malware...
Tweet Button
Can't access forum in Iron
When mobile, PM's sent dont show up in sent box
can we up the max file size for avatars.
What happened to the ads?
Broken Bottom Heirarchy banner
Everything is centered on the site
Forum wants access to my passwords......
Keep getting logged out.
Weird posting errors
Big Bold Thread Title In First Post Looks Odd/Silly/Bleh
Mobile skin
FAH/Rosetta/HWBot icon popup popping up on quotes
OCforum using tons of memory
Javascript dropdowns not working
Attachment Issue
An open letter to spammers...
FYI: Notification and New Member Updates
Paid vs non paid questions
Site problems
some how i cant post in genaral discussions
text ad back?
MIA - The Lower Address Bar :s
New Overclockers Feature Feedback
Database errors or site problems?
Where's the signature?
who added the featured link!!!
Forum skin broken in Firefox 15.0
Alias :P for :p
Overclockers desktop app
Forum weirds out in IE 9 today
Would you use "View New Posts" within categories?
Idea for other small icon/postbit thing under the avatar
How do i post in classifieds?
Can you convert a Microsoft Word document to forum formatting?
Requirements for n00b'z to add a signature?
That's more like it!
2012 OC Feedback Survey - Share Your Thoughts With Us
Can't start a thread in the motherboards section.
Freebie section?
Service Status: Temp Outage 6/30
please add tapatalk
Profile Image
New Section: Mod Hotline
Forum could not get better!
[code] tag, select all doesnt work
OCF IRC Server?
cant view the classifieds
Anyone having page loading issues today?
New Feature: Post Templates & Share Your Templates Here
Volt modding Area
Input Device forum
Trouble with secured http
Image re-size issue with fixed forum width - just chrome?
Randomly being logged out
Getting search errors when clicking My Posts
User Created Content Subforum
Some Sigs broken
My account is jacked up
can i permanently disable subscriptions?
No sig option for new members?
New Light Skin - Now With Less Blinding White!
Ahh, no images in signatures?
Storage and Memory
Option to Filter Sent (or Other Non-Inbox) PMs?
can't see classified section
How long have we had themes?
Rather large theme issue on OCF
You guys messing with the themes?
Social Groups
Help a Noob (signature question)
BF3 stats signature...
Site loading issues 3/5
>> Important: Dibs Rules Update Effective 3/4/2012 <<
Lot of nonsense lately...
Do i need to be activated?
How do I add CPU-Z Validation banner?
Network hardware forum?
Classified question- OEM software?
Let Me Google That For You
Forum color error...
Suggestion for spam bot
What's happening in 2012?!?
Anti troll rule needed
Attachment resizing
Need help joining news team
Need help setting up my info
Another back browser issue
An idea... Find My Classifieds Threads
Forum Censorship?
Why can't we even buy/search in classifieds?
Intermittent Long Delays?
Can I post?
Postbit Changes & Improvements - Show Off Your Team!
Ignoring People
My Posts and Attchments on Android phones
Nice job.
Custom OCF Computer
Tapatalk/Mobile Users: Input Needed
[code] CSS
Forum Dashboard Navigation Menu
Classified wierdness
Cool feature to add
So, will OCF welcome OCN refugees?
i dont know where to put this
Custom titles?
My Posts and Unanswered links disappeared
Question about a Poll.
group membership in user cp - only one shows up
Can't access classifieds
Lost ability to see Classifieds
Where's the thanks button?
Trouble adding or updating posts
Where isn't Social Networking a category in Software.
Can't access the Classifieds
Silly question I'm sure
Why aren't we on Tapatalk? :(
General Technology forum?
New "New Thread" button thoughts
How to Create a Poll?
Did I miss an upgrade?
bbcode for tables
Ignore - Forum Feedback Test
Anyone else missing new post email notifications?
Classifieds - Private?
Old Threads --> Dead Threads --> Locked Threads
Attachments in PMs?
419 scam, report a PM?
Tacky little censored icons... why?
Has the forum been down?
Account Deletion?
Question about "COLUMNS" bbcode feature.
Wide signatures
Classifieds: Mobile Computing (Laptops, PDAs...)
Huge Attached Images
Google "+1" button?
cant access sales
Redirect old old forum links
Odd prob. with thread??
Anyone getting blank pages or errors the past couple weeks?
Admin Promotion
Marketplace access V2
The [SOLVED] prefix
Problem Viwing on my iPhone
post not showing up?
Forums slow
My Posts Link
getting 404 on "you have # unread posts", ok what you change now ?
Heads up, vBulletin quirk
Who has read your thread?
Classifieds broken?
Posting Pics
Forum default skin when using iPad
Getting lots of Internal Server Error 500's today.
IT Professional/Certs/Work discussion forum
can't post in general discussion
Save PM as draft/outbox
First Overclockers Newsletter!
Can you add this smiley?
Outage 6/16/11 8PM Eastern
Community Newsletter?
HTTP 500 Error
Anyone interested in posting interesting threads/news to @overclockerscom?
Trying to upload some pics to my album
Site Encryption
OCForums New Versus Old?
Replayed subscription emails
Site Slowdowns
HTTPS site, certificate broken
Can my younger brother join?
Home mods (computer integration) forum
Back at Overclockers.com after several years
Forum layout/table issue?
Can't view classifieds?
Why isn't my avatar changing?
Forum RSS/ATOM feed
forum is now mobile !
Message box reduced by 1500
Thermal paste sub-section in cooling section?
New smilies?
How i set my signature ?
Just a little info on logging in.
Can we get a user cp option to remove the twitter/fb/rss/rules?
Is there an apprails section somewhere?
What kind of rep system is here?
not a question, a thank you!
updating e-mail!!!
Non-logged in members can't view this post
Why was my post deleted
Spam IP Ban Lists opinions?
e-mail fro classifieds
Posting links with no actual post..
Everything has been solved!
Forgot New Username
Um email used for forum changed?
PM email notification not working
can't post in general discussion
Who's selling me out?
New options under Today's Posts
no post count
Social networking bar?
I think somebody's been messing with the CSS...
Just a General Hats off to the MODS here.
Pink user names?
April Fools Pink Stars and names
Real-time updates?
Reporting seniors..
Ads getting adda control?
New Touchscreen Skin
Forum RSS Feed
what happen to my Cyber Deals thread?
A rant
Press Release Subforum?
OCForums dot com Decomissioned - Redirects Implemented
"Thanks" feature
SSL Login: Public Hotspots/Airport/Starbucks?
What's going on section: Currently Active Users
Photography section?
Profile view change?
Returned after a bit of an absence, and....
Mobile forum not working?
Deleting Posts in Classies
Front page articles need more visibility in the forums
Forum is S-L-O-W on iPhone
Is this forum slow to scroll for anyone else?
Attitude in the forums
Great forum - however disappointed
List of supported Affiliate Link Sites?
Subscribe to users thing
Hacks ?
Happy Xmas
Grammar in the Forums
Remember Me
how to get more stars by my name?
Mobile forum
club icons
No emails?
Skimlinks is causing issues for me, i think
Lost Account
Community Development Program Survey We need your input!
Search Suggestion: eliminate timer on failed searches
No close (X) button for top header notices?
Blank ads
flashing new post thingys
Links in posts appear blue instead of usual white
blue font
Keyboards and Mice Section
Back button
DIY section?
shopping links in articles/posts - skimwords is coming
Disable the thread preview box?
Forum "Notices" - feedback?
COOL! Thread Title Change -> Forum Thread View
Thread Flow: Signature Formatting
Finding threads with the most views
For better or worse? Live forum updates
Change titles by double clicking?
O/Community redirects
Getting access to the classifieds
Report bad ads here
Forum Revenue Generation Idea
An ad I just saw on the top of the page
Finding my Post
Thank you for all the information!
Two Things
Outbound links aren't working
Classified's please!
Formatting tool recommendation
Formatting/Font Question
Why'd we move the "View New Posts" link?
Stealth spam
Expired cyber deals
forum really slow today
Thread/Forum Read Marking Type - threads appear differently
Why can't I rename my threads?
Locked thread template
Signature Columns
Why can't i access the buy/sell section?
Easiest way to clean out your PM box?
What happened to the Applications sub-forum
Top SETI Banner: Rotate for all teams?
Almost 2 years
post count
Rep Based On Helpfulness?
Subscribed Threads Limit?
Founding Admin?
The Ignore List
Change in view new posts function
Turn Off Mobile Skin
Forum Issues
Discovery: Viewed Thread Cookie Limit
Forum RSS Feed
big blank space under my sig
Lost my signature?
The Little Things
So I wandered into O/C Community...
PM Sent items
Renaming the ATi sub forum.
Similar Threads gone?
I can't "Edit Signature"?
Don't anger the mods
user CP and PM's dissapeared on mobile version
Malware on tinypic.info?
How many post until you get to see the classifieds on here?
Why so much Image Verification???
Anyone know where my sig went..? **POST HERE IF YOU HAVE SIG ISSUES -hokie **
Voice Chat Server
profile pic
I have to log In twice
Thanks Bar
Animated Avatars?
OCF live?
Signature Length limited by input box width
Members being rude
Where did the Classifieds go?
Forums up and down?
Old posts
Sig small text
Post count not ?
mouse back/forward buttons don't work properly
Can't stay logged in
Sticky request - Cool idea!
What does this mean?
Private messages not showing up.
Keep the correct flow (request)
Link to Forums Rules
page numbers not adding up:
Can I post press release in vendor discussion forum ?
Threads with Polls update everytime someone votes...
VBulletin Database errors
Small images in sigs?
Applications subforum?
Dark Header no so Dark
Cyber Deals suggestion
Double posting, quick reply, thanks button
pictures not showing when using attach bbcode, problems posting pictures
How do you ignore someone?
'Thread Starter' under the title of the thread starter?
Extended Smilies Pane
Dead thread notice
User Control panel request
Amazing technocolor-vision-orama stars
New Features - How to announce them?
2 issues, thanks system and subscriptions (read/unread threads)
Team Banner Titles
Notifications not working
I think the "my posts" button is broken.
Couple of small things.
[BUG REPORT]Server Migration - May 20, 2010
Downtime Tonight
Were did the video card form go
Small suggestion.
Can't stay logged in
[new features]The plugins are coming, the plugins are coming...
Redirects and Article Announcements in "O/Community"
Jobs/Help Wanted?