Overclockers Forums
Messenger Icons
Price Checking/Value/Appraisal Section or Sticky
Can't post on front page discussions
cant delete posts anymore.
possible hijack attempt? Account on Overclockers Forums locked out
websites in our siggys?
No b/s/t/ showing?!
deleting profile
Forum Reps?
Forums not loading sometimes.
games forums has 15 threads!
There should be an official OC benchmark.
Banner ad blocking pull down OCF menu items
All-In-One Console Name List
Where is the store ?
Multi-Quoting Button
Splitting Windows Forum
My thread was deleted.
My join date changed...
"News" items...
Automatic log-out feature
help me!
Flash ads that put content in the middle of the screen
i dont see the classfieds anymore.
Educational Forum
R rated juggler ads on a G rated forum ???
Holy Smokes! I didn't think I'd ever make it.
How about creating a "New Member Welcome Center" under Overclocking subforum
Has the forum been really laggy for anyone else lately?
Tech News sidebar WAY out of date
Go enter the awesome World of Warcraft contest!
How to post pics????
Separation of "Cases and Power Supplies"
What happened ??
Can't Search
Major firefox problems with VB!
Can we stop the Vista hate??
Doing your part.....
Why was my thread in GD deleted?
Secure Forum Logins?
Should M$ OS forum be split?
OCF Gear: Available through cafepress
Sub forum idea.
Anyone else not getting subscription notifications?
Multiple threads of exact same topic, especially Vista
Why does this show as today but like a year ago in the thread ?
Simple, minor, pedantic issue about closed threads
Behavior Resulted In Ban
Proposed rule for inline images.
Am I still missing something?
Admin assitance for name change?
view unanswered
Why does the forum log me out randomly?
ATTN: Private Sale Forum Admins and Moderators
Creation of a "Building new PC, need advice" section
DFI-Street Content
Too much/not enough subdivision of forums
OCForums needs galleries!
Separate DDR and DDR2 sections would be nice.
Why is the "Games" section not show many threads?
How do you...
Forum Flash Crashes my machine:(
Um why only 500 threads?
Motherboards section rearrangement [PLEASE VOTE]
Request AND a question
Someone moved the forums around!
Is this new or something?
Handling spam?
Idea for gaming area
ProCurve/CERN + HP Banner
Forums being automatically marked read
The ads just got rediculous...
Why OCForums is the place I post, and an Apology.
Larger Signatures...
New Emoticons ?
Image Signature Troubles..
Banned from General for a week and its near a month
Quick request for the sig editing page
Profanity filter
I'm giving you all the clap!
Is anyone having trouble surfing OCF
Free PANASONIC Toughbook
PS3 Sale Ads in Classifieds
Anybody else experiencing IE7 weirdness here?
Just a thought. quarterly motherboard polls.
Hi..!! I've registered because of problem..
Ever wonder why your PM box is always full?
Change user name?
vertical advertisement?
Overclocking Wiki
Can I change the forum font color?
Limiting the size of embeddable images?
OC Rookie of the Year...
Sub-Forum suggestion
Many threads with new posts are showing as locked with Opera
somethings getting wobbly.
New Smilies Suggestion!
3 times in the last week I get notification email, but post is not there in thread??
An Idea.....
ONI is on a thread nuking rampage
If you have a project in the works, write it up!
Nifty vB Multi-Quote feature!
proposal: official OC buyers guides
Thumbnails not working?
How do get a double post removed?
Multiple e-mail addresses?
Warning To All
You guys rock thanx for the help
cant view classifieds?
Pink for October
New here and liking the site
Any way of making a html immage?
The Dibs rule: What would you prefer? [Poll]
OCForums downtime
game forum = no cheats?
Double standards.
email accounts for resgistering...?
classified section... where is it?
Cant access FS section
Problem with headers on the main screen.
Let's start an O/C WIKI!
Cannot see classifieds, what did I do?
I had 4 seperate Classifieds that were deleted?
text prompt?
Proposal for DC Teams
Display name
showpost.php View Single Thread
Disabling double posting
Flagged PMs
O/T or Offtopic discussions
How come my post counts aren't working?
Bring back the /me hack
Ad placement issues
can we fix the smilies?
possible forum bug??
fed up with this..
Trying to update my email address...
(rectified)Locked out of Account
Thread Linking?
Just hit "Member", where can I see the classifieds....
OS-related questions in General Hardware
New Font?
How many active members are there?
I hate this ad!
new members and avatars
Weird sidebar on forums
where to edit avatar ?
Regarding the recent post deletion in the Games forum
REQUEST FOR HELP: Do you know DDR-PIII's heatware alias?
White text instead of envelope icon on threads...
Is it possible with this forum software to add an "unsubscribe from thread" link?
help admins
PM Box Proposal
There should be a dictionary on here!
Head on
Policy question from a newcomer.
RE: All Classified Users Must Read This Thread...
Suggestion for the Classies
Are we allowed.....
Improperly placed headings
whats your temp? ehh? I can't get to that!?
The news links on the right
Locked Threads
Help with search function
advanced search not all forums listed
1 small weird problem
Is this Link in sig ok?
The under used search button is broken?
post count restrictions
general section
redundant section?
Classifieds "Standards"?
Cannot load GIF avatar. New rule?
Cant add my new email address
Always says I must wait 30 seconds before posting again
CPu Database - rather out of date or ?
What's up with the Tech News section?
Ideas to increase the number of product reviews
Thread report?
Contest section?
Hello there
Feel bad about it (Adblock)
Classified Section Invisible?
Declining Interest?
Missing Games Next page Box?
how do I view the Classifieds here?
Moderator Elections
Pic resizer
Programming Tips and Tricks
Why did the SVC thread get deleted??
What happened to New Post?
missing section
firefox and the new OCF
Forum Diversity
Alternative Operating Systems
What I like about the "upgrade"
New forums look...can we use old?
Problems with/comments on the upgrade? Post them here!
New Category?
Signature question. It's about linking
Power Supply section seems sloppy
do I need permission to use the ocforums logo?
MODS.... I'm calling you out!
Bad Karma.
Names in white?
Photography section
Confirmation of a reported post
Editing Signature in Firefox
Which mod did...
Closed Thread
dual core vs smp section?
Paying for It: OCF Gear
What the ***!!
general discussion gone?
Why are so many threads closed in some forum sites?
This is for the Mods/Admins
Attachment Limits
How would you pay the bills?
Would you support contextual advertising?
vbchat ??
OCForums "State of the Union"
Thread closed
Quick Edit in Opera: No worky!
More posts per page?
OCforums donation box for contests
I am Impressed!
Need Admin help
HTPC Section [edit by David: this has been created]
Raw PHP code in Firefox 1.5 again...
post reply/edit text box, can it be made larger?
forum graphics
Cyber Deals
Where's the delete button?
Newbie question! Direct me to the classified section please!
Advertising Gaming Tournmanets
(Issue resolved) Cant view the classified section?
Asrock Sub-Forum
Am I allowed to talk about xbox modding in the way of home media centers?
Distributed Computing... Climate Prediction
HTML in signature
Was it just me or were the forums down?
cooling section
Problem w/ Thumbnails
Link to YOUR threads?
The spell check button ...
Banned from Classifieds forever?
Mac section?
request for new smilie!!!!!
urban legend on the rise
Neat Idea
Cant access forums from work...
A very interesting idea....
Sticky or Subforum in Cyber Deals for free stuff only?
Clean up cooling??
Image posting problem in F@H Section
Dont ban me big brother
membership question
Tracking cookies
Disable coloured sigs?
Video and sound card forum
New Error... Happen to anyone else yet?
Restarting Crazy Things On Ebay?
Contributing Member?
members that move?
Got my first star!
Optical drives sub-forum
Merge the picure threads?
post data in table form?
Dissapearing posts/threads
Can't get classified after 108 posts
is it possible to move the forums rating to pg instead of g
Message editor color change
Showing sub-forums in the main page.
Why I <3 this forum
how many posts?
OCForums, who pays the bills.
Log In Hassle, WHY??
Bolding unanswered threads?
Banned ?
Forums unstable?
Laptop Repair
Convenient drop down tab for signatures
AutoMatic Pm
Why do mods stay on anon??
I can't make a post in the o/community forum.
Should we have a policy on posting links that scream at you?
showcasing or advertisement?
What the heck is going on? OCF and Firefox
The poll rule
Silly Log In Query.
Whats up with the sidebar links?
Blue room thread closings?
Chat room
We need a place to talk about politics.
Moderator Issue
Can't create a new thread in ATi section?
Announcements read "10-26-05 until 12-31-08"?
Volt Modding forum (name related)
Smileys' Panel
where is sell/buy?
are the forums slow for you also?
Question about this forum
How come no post count in General Computer?
User Area
Retrieving my old forum passowrd?
cpudatabase webmaster
Completly Pointless Sticky
Help - Can't post in O/Community!
Question ~ Why can't I post in O/Community?
I'm glad for OCforums,,
pop ups?
Praise stickies ?
Site down?
What exactly is the smilies limit?
Can we mention how much we paid for something?
move "How much should I sell this for threads" to the classifieds area?
View all Subscribed Threads
Mods sure are quick to jump to conclusions
Possible woot.com sticky? (cyber deals section)
need classifieds Help
wow... this is unbelievable!
Can't post an avatar? Find out why!
Is is just me or is that CPU database down?
Project Log Stickes
"welcome" emoticon
Full circle
OCforum spyware?
question on a MODS sig
Advanced Text Editor Not Working (For Me)
My Email address was changed....
Multi-paragraph quotes
Any way to keep threads "new" for longer?
I must be blind.
Search issues
Thank you ALL
No avatar?
Error Uploading Avatar
the little things that count
Isopropyl is not ion the spell check function.
Wicked slow/timeouts.
ahh classified
Skins ?
Spyware/Adware/Trojan/Malware Help Section?
"Tech News" Section
Politics = No No
RSS Feeds
post padding
2 questions- Heatware and Sig
Posting a poll?
Sort functionality to the pm box?
Register! All of you! I command it!
How about a signature search?
"Report Bad Post" Button Question
TCP Errors and DNS Failures
A feedback forum for private sales.
classifieds problems
Just wanted to say thanks...
could we get this as a feature?
Front Page Discussion Threads
Longtime Member's classifieds revoked?
What happens when you get banned?
Ram polls
Allow links to CPU-z verify.
Not exactly on subject but, disqusting
Inbox/Outbox Error Msg (when full) from other members - Grammatically Incorrect
Honourable Seppuku System
Lighter skin/theme?
Signature Rules...
Post Count & Un-Subscribing to Posts??
Images in signature, where?
Recent Posts?
Random Question's section.
Getting Access to the Seller Section
Anyone having a problem with heatware??
Firefox/Opera incompatible with OC Forums PM form
I cannot view the for sale section anymore
email question?
The [Solved] partition/frame?
I'm a member so where's the classifieds?
Anyone else with this problem?
rants ( mods )
Stupid, stupid question.
Blank Search
Quick Links
Making a new poll, questions??
Have the colors of the rounded off box things been changing?
IMG in Posts
How can i put Avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Opera display issues on Overclockers.com
A thought brought about by the Game split thread
Auto Merge Feature.
avatar questions
search issue
Why was this closed?
Plans for a Mac Section
Weird scripts on forum -- My PC or OCF?
changing username?
Split Games Section?
VB is cool, but any way to use spaces at start of sentances?
Search problem
PM Limit
PC related Gripes and Moans section
We need to start welcoming!!!!
Political debate?e ru
Kinda ironic observation...
Can't change my avatar
Signature Poll
Someone is using MY heatware on Anandtech!!! Pic inside!
Thank You
Verified Paypal CC?
Same attachemnts can't be uploaded twice, how do you post old attachments?
A section for current events i.e. the hurricane
Spell check
Iv always wondered why?
Too much cussing or swear filter workarounds
I have some questions about PSP ? where should I place my post ?
no sig
Hello lil' fella
Forums acting up under Firefox...where's the problem?
Maybe a news subforum
What is the default font on the forums?
How about an Official OC Forums IRC chat?
Bizzare Email "Rules" to register to these forum
Are we no longer able to make polls?
Avatar limit size
I see a lot of out of spec signatures
64 bit section anyone?
Spam allowed section!
Lost Subscriptions...
How about a HTPC section?
Random selection
flaming allowed forum ?
New section on "building new systems"
3 stars after 4 1/2 years... just wrong!
Cant post a Avatar
Forum Navigation
new catagory? ~~ hook-ups ~~
Is anyone else having a problem connecting
Triple Click "Back Button" Bug
PNG test - see if this renders properly
star colors?
Dates of polls
Why can't i seem like a ninja anymore?
RSS feed
Red, White, and Blue...
Automatic resize of big pics?
Quick Edit..?
Do we have strikethrough feature?
All Classified Users Must Read This With Regard To Classified Users' E-mail
FAQ could use a little love perhaps?
So no IMG code for sigs huh?
Helpful points?
Seriously need to ...
More post stats?
Sig update
Editing my user name
Smilies selectable in Quick Reply box?
Where did that old sticky go? - Retired Sticky List
Can't see pictures..
Subscription Issues
minor annoyance
What IS going on?
Forums in FireFox: royally screwed
Whats up with the overlapping text?
Forum typo error
Got a question for the greens
Closed thread...
spellcheck broke again
High Contrast Option
BIOS section?
What has happened to the reveiws???
Firefox error when editing post.