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Idea for a forum
General Chat?
Rep Ranks
Minor niggle
Idea - A Pay-to-enter Raffle
Forum pages load really slow
new members not living up to standards
User Stats Link.
Crap my rank got changed...
Portuguese Forum
FAO Inet : Possible useful mod :)
Post count question
Can Normal Members Influence who becomes a senior?
Cyber Deals - not your own personal shopping assistant
How do I change my rank?
Can we have a new age poll?
Changing the size of the Message editor
problmes conncecting to ocforums today??
Cant access classified
Disable image resizing?
Max. Subscription Limit?
Forums are becoming EXTREMELY inactive
OCforums case badge idea
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Can I change my screen name in my profile?
OCForums Bracelets
Very small font?
Congrats to Krag on becoming our newest Mod
How do you do a POLL
what do the admins do?
Thanks you fellow overclockers
Stars. Wearing white/orange instead of blue?
Problem with thread subscriptions
No desire to post ?!?
New Forum Idea: Upgrading Forum
Banner ads causing issues for anybody else?
where would this thread go...
Thank You for this great forum!
Prevent Image Quoting
An Idea I've Had...
Help Mass Changing Image Links
Lots of DB errors today
My feedback: Locked threads
Can't link to threads?
Ahhhhhh stupid "Mark Forums Read" button
Bumping threads?
Explain this one!
We REALLY need to get rid of a LOT of AMD CPU stickies..
Programming Tips and Tricks Issues...
Just a general question but I don't know the answer.
Suggestion for Forum format change.
Chaintech AMD Forum
Where in OC forum can i find info on hard disks?
Why isn't it used
Post Count
OC Forums SLOW - 5/2/05
CPU Database Forum
Thread Subscription Problems...
OC Forums turning Commercial?
Site5 superhostin?
ocForums Running Slow/Freezing????
Group Memberships
New issue
''connection to rotator.juggler.inetinteractive.com was cancelled''
Quick EDIT!
Give reps own color?
Forum Time All Screwy?
numbers of PMs increase?
You took my rank away...
Racehorse in the TECH NEWS?
option to disable "rank", "joined", "location", and "status"?
Anyone know what happened to my thread?
I was wondering if F@H and S@H could be placed towards top.
Ads on the Front Page Making a Mockery.
Why no polls?
swear filter question...
Cyber deals
Forum time is off 1 hour
Forum seems slow today?
Why can we not talk about bans?
Random thread button!
New Posts? I must be dumb.
Recent decline in activity
Delete function?
whoa! new member record!!
Perhaps an explanation of not many users online
Search Function Is F***** Up
Tracking down an Anandtech Member who owes me an XBox
Am i allowed to sell anything hee?
Overclockers.com email?
OC Forum on WAP
The forums are having issues again...
Search function madness
cant view classifides?
What is the style being used?
Do away with the general forums...PLEASE
I can't change my Avitar
New Section for Parts Advice?
click to open in new window (images)
can't access forum noob's profile?
user profile pics of system
People using the Cooling section for non cooling related questions
Collapsable Forum Sections
Forum Involvement
My PM box just got bigger
what does it take to get banned?
avatar not shown
System build gallery?
curious but not worried (56k warning)
Forum is back up
Don't laugh, but what's this??
Freebie Thread
Starting a poll?
Silent pc operation
Underwear add on the frontpage?
Who Has the Most Posts on Overclockers?
This forum needs a "quick edit" option
I really couldn't decide where to put this....
Trouble viewing threads...
question about avatar backgrounds
OCForums DB Issues and Site Issues
Advertizing via PM
What the hell is wrong with the forums?
FAO Inet: A few requests
where are all the old posts?
Database errors...again
No music discussion Forum?
problems with avatar?
What's with the crazy thread ID's?
Congrats Gnufsh..our newest senior!
Thank you to the ever present mods here
Internet Networking and Security stickies
watercooling stickies
OCForums ShoutCast Station
slight name change
I quit.
Why can't I see pics?
Group Buys?
Welcome emoticon request
where is the sales forum?
How do I go about getting my name changed??
Quotes in signatures
Yet another emoticon request
Health and Fitness - Still think we should have it!
Acronyms - define them
Forum email spam?
How to get a gif animation to show in my avatar?
Quality of Responses
How much bandwidth does ocforums.com use?
New Members
IMG tags
Post count requirement for 'Front Page Discussions'?
Stop posting kamikaze OC results.
All right JoT, what'd ya do
Search for your username
Polls half pointless
Suggestion: A new forum subsection, solely for posting independant hardware reviews
OC Forums graphics corruption
Irritating download popup...
title option
Star and Rank announcement
lightning bolts??
Where is the sell or trade or buy section on the forum?
weird code tag bug
WTH is with the Search on forums?
Thanks for helping me out
help me fix my sig
inet ads getting reallllll, sllloowwww.
CPu Database
How Do I Get To Change My Rank Letters :D?
Me likey
Member names underlined?
This guy rips off my sticky and copyrights it!!
Still no avatar option for me?
Hello Kitty Avatars?
Cannot view pictures from Mac?
No idea where to post this..
Lightning bolts... bolting??
Lots of new pplz joining today...
Hooked on OCF
no avatar option?
Selling console games in the Classifieds
Spot for scams?
I thought religion wasn't allowed on the forums?
Why can't the mods be funnier?
Auction for OCforums?
Please come back with your results!
Kudos to the Forum and members
Broken Link: Signatures: Size and readability
sticky/forum policy suggestion
Still not able to view Selling/Buying forum
does ocforums have an irc chan?
Why is the Computer FAQ section empty?
your thoughs on slow subforums?
Spacing in my Sig
My sig and Location got owned.
Good Praise
Picture in Sig?
whats wrong with my sig?
Wireless section
Why cant i use a avatar...
I think we can afford to lose a lot of the stickies we have now.
possible to search sigs?
Just my opinion...
Is the search broken?
Hyphens after Overclockers.com
Internet, Networking, and Security - Lots of Stickies
OC-Forums Issues over the past weeks
Printing single post
yay ocforums!
can't find it...
Signature size
Got a question for a MOD or Staffer.
Page Cannot Be Displayed
No Avatar?
Old SN?
Announcement needs updating.
Forum Image Squish V1.1
Just another reason why you guys at these forums rock....
Good Luck JoT
Advertising in signature
Sig Edited: Supposedly Recruiting [Follow Up]
Where are the guests viewing Vendor Discussion coming from?
Mod help me?
"You do not have permission..." ?
Private message guidelines?
No posting links in Sig??
iNET issues
System Builder Section?
Why was my post closed?
free ipods
Placing picture in post. HELP!
Reason for outtage?
Free Ipod Ad on the forums?
Moderators vs. Super Moderators
Is our Forum down?
They're back - THANK YOU!
I found our 50,000th member!!!
menu bar goofed up at too low window resolution... fix it?
first amendment rights
Editing Titles of Threads
Are the forums unbelievably slow or is it me?
Closed post?
user ratings?
Where Do You View the Classifieds?
Trade/Resell of Video Cards
What is the most visited forum section?
Heatware HELP!!
Any sigmakers here?
Ripped of by theghengiskhan?
Staff Status Thread
Got a problem with a Moderator/Administrator? Handle it privately!
Ok, what's with all the trolls?
Luta - Admin now?
Link in the news
Firefox 1.0 Forum Home Issue
Why do I need to tell the forums who I am every 5 mins?
Need help with e mail address change.
VB Arcade
curious, whats the ratio of "lurkers" to members...
Small Form Factor topic....
slow ocforums?
Post count not working
Sig Edited? [Supposedly Recruiting?]
Excellent Moderation
Forums hijacked?
How about an Art and Music sub section?
CPU post limit?
What mod is screwin with my sig?
How To Recieve E-Mail On Followed Threads
Sig guide
Should there be a mobile forum
Forum is acting wierd when i post saying Link cannot be displayed and stuff sometime
Date Stamp
Which mod should I send to hell for 10 minutes?
Elite Speak
still no Classifieds?
conflict w/ ocforums and zonealarm?
this sucks
A question to you moderators.
Forum Upgrade: [Feedback & Bug Reports]
OCforums.com traffic/server issues?
Tech News sidebar on main forum page is bunk!
I have a suggestion for this "Games" forum
give me back my rights!!
Resending data in Forums for posts/PMs
White Screen of Death (WSOD) Again
Forums server performance.
ocforums chat?
I have an idea for a new quick link
Need more European Greens / Reds
University of Oregon hosts OCF?
Forum collapsing/expanding
Signature colors
Sticky thread problem??
Welcome back "Tech News"!
A simple request
Can we do away with pages? Please?
Slow forum loading time
Hi All!!!!
Search busted ?
Avatars and Flash
Timing errors
Search Doesn't Work
Lot of Junk in the OC Database...
Laptop FORUM.... ANYONE?
Where is everyone?
OCForums out of space?
The Forum Feedback FAQ
CPU Database
No answers to threads
:p doesn't = :P
??? Never seen this happen before...
iNet 9-11 ad
senior members?
What is the significance of....
Nick (login)
Moderator Volunteers
Deleting Threads When DIBS is Called
Safari (and possibly Konqueror, I guess) problems
Another Frontpage Suggestion
unable to edit post in general discussion
Tiny Key Counter Team?
Suggestion: SFF section
Bugged mail notification
PC Specs idea...
water cooling forum
strange fader style sigs
Oni not listed as moderator in announcements
Lots of New Memebers
ebay sticky or section?
Forums slow?
Thanks Overclockers!
Humorlessness and Banhammers...
Don't like jokes, huh?
genral forum? ( where we could normaly bs )
Using avatars.
cascading ie windows
not allowed to post new thread:(
Quick suggestion
Forum Outtages/Downtime
Suggestion for small hack to the forum code...
Funny Bug...
Thread closed???
I can't access the FAQ section and I am wondering why...
Green Stars
Forum Subscription broken
CPU Forum Lockdown
:( lost 700 post
What Are the Red Stars for?
IRC why not have a channel?
AMD64/Asus K8V combo 179.99 thread ???
This Place Rocks!!!!!!!!!
Must - Have - This - Smiley!
why cant you change the title after you post?
Read Posts
Ad Error
Stealth advertising?
"Tech News"
Where did general discusion go?
Sorry to have to ask this...
splitting forums up..more
Attaching pictures in Threads
The OC Forums Skull
Don't want to vote be want to see re****s
New forum section
Why is [IMG] turned off in the water cooling stickies?
Sig Colours and Firefox not working?
Overclockers.com Down?
User name search is only for registered users: Forum policy or bug?
Why doesn't the search feature work?
Please post if you can see this.
Skip stop changing your email
Making a Poll
can anyone make any sense of this ad?
Did we just recently lose a rank?
Your signature can not be longer than 0 characters.???!?
A Little Levity
No idea where I should post this, but I think its a good idea, READ!
Avatars should have a bigger size limit
alternative modding
Stickys on every page!
This new forum program erases anything you write when you click on things...
Distributed Computing forum
If someone responds in a thread YOU’re posting in, the only way to see that is...
There are still numerous specific posts that get put in the gen CPU's section
confirmation email not recieved.
this forum owns
request receipt dialog box
Getting back my bud's SN
Search is not working in Extreme Cooling
What's with the Tech News Repetition?
Why are there almost 700 members on the forums?
Forgive me for being stupid, but how do i set an avatar?
Should we have custom stars for each of the three teams that keep the color for rank
Attaching and Posting pictures
How Come We Are Not Allowed Images in Our Sigs or Larger Avatars?
how do you change the writing under the avatar
New Forum Section Suggestion
Thread Notifications
OC Chat?
For all of you folders/setiers/mods in here
Stars above your name
The Help Forum
Alternative Modding Stickies Forum
Please post new threads in the correct Section
view unanswered posts
Search not working
Possibility for wireless forum?
Bad Forums Help!!
1000 char sig limit...
I cant post in the general computer discussion
i'm ****ed.... threads arent showing
We needs more mods in the cpu section...
Getting bored
HELP With Something
All Gaming News
Restricted Forums Appearing
classified section problems??????
Um, where did General Discussion go?
So I made a post that didn't even appear
Search limitations and errors
Solution to all the Dead Links after the Upgrade
Where is the PM button?
[MERGED] Thread about not being able to view threads
proof this is an amd fanboi forums ! [pic]
Smillies don't work.
section for everyone's computer specs?
Can't Scroll left to right
Required Download
Idea for new section
Idea...Would this work?
Debug error
Large image blowout issue
alternative modding stickies
Yay the "search" is working..
BigSmokey. I cant log in?
Admins Mods: User Situman Having trouble logging in
Uploaded images to forum do not view as read
View New Posts Timeout
image scrollbars
VB3 Discussion: Read This...
Work-around to "Guests" not being able to view the forums..
Temporary solution to searching for one's own posts
cannot PM WA2
Problem with the forums GIFs (not related to vB3 upgrade)
search - find threads started by user - doesn't work
OC profile- e-mail
Bring back the 'posted by' column
Search function screwed?
off topic.. but i don't know where else to post?
This forum is screwed up where is BeerHunter?
Nice new look...
what is with these popup baloons??
Guests viewing forum
VB3/Skin 'Problems'
Can we please have a popcorn smilie?
Forums Speak Engrish
New picture scrolls suck :(
um, WTF? I have to register to view forum now?
Bring Back The Old Skin
Invalid password all of the sudden?
Invisible Mode doens't work
Problems non-registered users may have.
Avatar problems
A few things...
Forum update